The following is the God’s honest truth. My wife is pretty good looking, 46 yrs old, 5’4″ 150# shoulder lenght brunette hair. Every once in a while I get the urge to share her. So while on vacation, she agreed to try it again.

We were on vacation in York Beach, ME and decided to drive to Portsmoth, NH to visit an adult bookstore. In the back of the store were XXX movie viewing booths. We went inside and in no time two men were at our door looking in. The first one stepped right in and started making out with my wife. He then pulled out his cock and she started sucking on it. The second guy nudged in and started playing with my wifes tits. Guy number 1 moved to the side, knelt down and started eating my wifes pussy. What a turn on this was. Guy number 2 pulled out his cock and while my wife was being eaten out she started sucking on guy number 2.

This back and forth sharing by the two guys went on for several minutes. All the time my wife was obviously enjoying all the attention, her moans proved it. Finally, guy number 2 took a condom and started fucking my wife right in the booth as guy number 1 played with her tits and was still making out with her. THinking we were almost done, I handed guy number 1 a condom. He looked up and asked if we wanted to go to his place. Taken by surprise, we said yes.

We were both a bit nervous as we drove a short distance to his place. When we got out of the car, stood around and chatted for a few minutes and had a beer. We felt more at ease after chatting with him.

As we stood in the kitchen drinking the beer, he kept eyeing my wife and then at me. I nodded as he looked at me, giving him the ok to do as he pleased. He pressed his body up against my wife and started kissing her and feeling her ass up. She was wearing a skirt and tank top and nothing else. Within minutes, her top was off and he was sucking her tits. I walked up to them and she began stroking my dick. After a few minutes, she looked around, to see where the best place to sit or lay down was. The guy obviously knew what she was thinking. He spoke up and asked if we would like to go into the bedroom.

So, into the bedroom we went. My wife took off her skirt, and laid spread eagle on the bed. He didn’t hesitate a bit. They started making out, then he moved down to her tits and finally to her sweet pussy. I came over to her and she started stroking my dick. I was so excited that it didn’t take long for me to get a raging hard on. A short time later, I told the guy I had to fuck my wife,,,and I did,,,hard and completely. When we were done, he proceeded to do 69 with her, licking and cleaning up her pussy as she was sucking away on his cock. THey rolled around in the bed a couple of times and she ended up on top sucking his cock to a full orgasm.

When they were done, we got dressed, shot the •••• a bit more, and then we were gone. It was one of the most exciting adventures we have had

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