Some weeks passed by. We kept our fantasy alive, teasing each other constantly.

Each time we’d play with my dildo, I would insert it into my pussy, and after it was soaked with my juices, I would take it off and put it inside my husband’s mouth for him to lick it. He never hesitated to open his mouth wide not even the first time I put this very soaked and realistic rubber dildo between his lips, and now, after some days, I always fuck his mouth with it, having it covered with his saliva before I put it back into my pussy. Oh how it teases me to fuck his mouth with it!!!

He asked me once if I would like to do this with Joe’s cock, and I almost cum on the spot with that question, as I was fantasizing with this idea for a while… We also tried a fantastic position, with my husband laying down on his back and grabbing the dildo with its rubber balls between his teeth, and I lower myself onto this thing, with my husband’s bulging eyes staring as my wet labia embraced the dildo while I went up and down on it… I felt absolutely great!!

Two weeks ago we decided to go for it, and we agreed it would be me to choose the occasion. My husband told me he wanted to know in advance when it would happen but I said no, I said it would be under my rules and not his, and he finally accepted.

My husband has been abroad for some days, and the day before yesterday I had a dinner with Sofia and her friends. Joe was there, and when I saw him I immediately felt my pussy becoming wet and pulsing, not really because of HIM, but with the anticipation of the intense moments that me and my husband would live if only I dare to take the initiative…. Has he noticed something?

Sofia had told me she knew almost nothing about his life, because he was so discreet and never talked about his private life. The fact is we flirted a bit, and his eyes were getting really greedy, so I decided it would be now or never, and when he asked me if he could call and invite me for dinner (I told him my husband is frequently abroad), I answered with a smile: ‘’Maybe it will be sooner than you expect! Don’t call me, I’ll call you. You can bet your ass I will!’’

So today, after my husband called me saying he would be home in two hours, I told him with a smile not to be late because I wanted him to be there real fast! I’m not sure if he guessed that tonight would be THE night, but he knew there would be wild sex waiting for him, and he said he was ready for me… so I called Joe and invited him to come and have a drink at my house. He was really excited with the idea and so was I, he must have guessed it, but he didn’t have a clue about what was to come!

About half an hour I’ve called he was at my door, which was really good, as my husband was supposed to get there in one and a half hour.

I was wearing a skirt and a top. Five minutes before he arrived I took off my bra, so my lingerie was reduced to a mini thong my husband adores and makes me feel really sexy. I was feeling as nervous as I was feeling horny.

He came up, we drank a scotch each, and we immediately started to flirt, laughing and touching slightly now and then, one hand, one arm, those signs that make one feels comfortable because both know what is going to happen

After some ten or fifteen minutes of laugh and innuendos, I had taken my shoes off and I was rubbing my toes lazily while we talked, and he looked at me and told me how beautiful he thought my feet were. That was the clue I expected, I guess, because my husband adores my feet, and I thought it was a good sign. So I raised my leg and asked him if he really thought I had pretty feet. His eyes were getting greedy when he said my feet were perfect and deserved to be worshiped and adored. So I put my foot on his leg and gave him a big smile, while I asked him: ‘’So why aren’t you worshipping them, you lazy man?!’’

As I imagined, that was it! My skirt was barely covering my thong. He started to caress my foot and then my leg, and then he stand up and come to sit down by me. I guess I was too nervous to be really aroused by his caresses, but the idea of what was going to happen when my husband would arrive was taking charge, and that was making me really wet!!! His breath was normal, but mine was really fast with the anticipation, and when he took my face in his hand and started to kiss me gently, I open my mouth immediately and we started to kiss passionately and sucking each other’s tongues.

When he started to caress my naked breasts, I put my hand on his crotch just to feel the real size of his cock, and it felt like a very nice and hard one! But before things went further, I decided to tell him what really was in my mind!

I told him everything very sweetly and carefully, caressing him gently and kissing him once on a while. He was really shocked and even afraid at the beginning, but after a while the whole idea started to please him and he finally agreed with it, after I assured him that my husband was looking forward this too and this was HIS fantasy but it was also MY fantasy, and that everything was going to be great and really exciting.

So we decided to go to the bedroom and get naked. As we got near the bed, I started to undress him while he was undressing me, and we begun caressing and kissing, but I didn’t want to start nothing too serious before my husband’s arrival.

I told him how I had planned things, with my husband just watching while we would fuck as if he wasn’t there, and how I would command and lead my husband as if he was my sex slave. Joe was really amazed with the thought of it, and asked me if my husband was gay: I laugh and told him no, that my husband was simply sexually crazy and wild and he was absolutely open to new sexual experiences. But I advised him about my fantasy of grabbing a man’s cock and order my husband to come and kneel and open his mouth wide, and then I would put the man’s cock inside it and I would order him to suck it as a slut would!!

He laughed about the idea, but I saw real excitement in his eyes. He told me he didn’t believe my husband would suck him, but I told him: ‘’Oh yes he will!!! And you too you’ll do whatever I tell you to after I’ve put my spell on you, you can count on it!’

We caressed for a while with our hands and tongues, I even took his cock into my mouth because his scent was driving me crazy, but then I stopped, waiting for my husband. He kissed my neck and licked and bite my back downwards into my butt, but I told him to go slowly, because my husband was just arriving and I wanted him to watch everything.

So when my husband arrived, Joe was really aroused but he was very nervous too, and after he and my husband shook hands, his cock lost his hardness quickly.
By then my husband was quickly undressing, already hard with the anticipation of what was going to happen. Joe was laying on his back by my side on the bed, and I put my hand over his soft cock, just leaving it there so he wouldn’t get more nervous.

When my husband got naked and was preparing to sit down on a chair, I called him: ‘’No, no, come here, I want you to look at this beautiful cock, and I want you to watch me putting my spell on Joe. You are my slave here, so you won’t touch us both before I tell you to, do you understand? And I want you to watch me attentively while I kiss Joe’s balls, and I want you to watch me as I caress his cock with my hands and with my tongue… This is what you wanted to see, isn’t it?? So now be quiet and try to handle this situation as you told me you would!!’’

While I was talking and kept caressing Joe’s cock, it had started to get hard again, which I’m sure was a real relief for him! I put my lips around it and moved sideways as if I was playing harmonica, and it reacted immediately, growing bigger and harder. I pulled the skin down and put my lips around its head, making small movements that made it go harder and harder.

My husband was now getting really wild and was stroking his cock, so I raised my head to tell him: ‘’Stop that! That’s mine!! Make yourself useful and come here and lick my ass the way you know I like it! You can touch me with your hands but just to open my buttocks apart, and don’t you dare to touch my pussy before Joe eats it properly!! Joe will love to lick my pussy when I’ll tell you to do it, won’t you, Joe??

My husband seemed amazed with the way I was conducting things, but he was really excited too, and he looked at me with his eyes full of love and lust, while I went down on Joe’s cock again. My husband took the occasion to slide his tongue deep inside my butt hole, and I thought to myself I should have started with these threesome scenes long time ago!

By now all I really wanted was a cock inside me, but I also wanted to know if Joe was a licker or not and anyway I wasn’t THAT wet yet and I needed a tongue in my pussy, so I sat on his stomach and slide my tongue inside his mouth, after I told my husband to sit down and enjoy the show! Then I sat a little bit up on Joe’s chest while I rubbed my breasts on his face and open lips. It was as if me and Joe were having mental contact and he knew exactly what I wanted, because he put his both hands under my buttocks and lifted me onto his face, opening my labia wide for me to sit directly on his mouth and nose!

Oh my goodness that was good!! Rubbing my pussy on another’s man face with my husband as a spectator was really wild!!! I looked into my husband’s eyes and asked him: ‘’Are you enjoying my ride?? This is what we have been fantasizing about, isn’t it?? So how do you feel?? Do you feel like my sex’s slave??’’ And he answered ‘’oh yes!!! I’m so horny and my mind is so crazy now that I would do whatever you tell me to!’’

‘’You would, huh?? So come here and kneel between Joe’s legs!’’ I said.

He immediately stood up and come to the bed while I kept riding a very, very excited Joe. My pussy was so wet and I was enjoying such a physical and mental pleasure that I was shivering and behaving as if I had become a sex maniac. I didn’t imagine it could be possible to enjoy such a fantastic pleasure for so long, it just felt like I was enjoying a half an hour orgasm!!

‘’Take Joe’s balls and cock in your hands, I want you to prepare Joe’s cock and balls for me!! You’re going to smell them and kiss them and lick them and suck them for me, I want to ride that beautiful cock after you’ve done what I’m telling you to do!’.

My husband looked at me in amazement just for a second, but I knew he would follow my wishes!

And while my husband bent down onto Joe’s hard cock, I got from Joe’s face and started to lick my cum out of it as if I was a big cat, while I grabbed my husband’s hair and forced his head down on Joe’s groin in a chocking deep throat!!! Then I kneeled and still grabbing my husbands hair and moving his head up and down, I whispered at his ear in a mean voice: ‘’Do it properly!’’ and I slapped him while I repeated ‘’Can’t you hear me? Properly, you son of a bitch’’’ and with each slap my husband would moan louder and louder, and I knew I was realizing not only my fantasy but also his! Oh my goodness that was a fantastic scene, and while my husband kept moaning and sucking Joe, I felt I was so powerful that I almost cum just with the feeling!

Joe was staring at me in amazement, but I winked at him and blow him a kiss, so he relaxed again and enjoyed the blow job my husband was giving him. Joe was really hard now, and I felt it was time for me to go for it.

(Me and Joe had talked about self protection, and we were both pretty assured that we were both clean and safe, as we both had made very recent AIDS tests. Anyway my husband had told me that this wouldn’t be half as fun if there were condoms involved, so we decided to take the risk).

So I pulled my husband’s head from Joe’s groin and said: ‘’That’s enough now, you’ve done your job preparing Joe’s cock for me, now sit down and watch me fuck his brains off!” and I sat myself on Joe’s cock. It was throbbing in me and burning me through, and it was not long before he cum, shooting a big and warm load inside my pussy.

(Unfortunately Joe seemed like he doesn’t know that a woman needs the a man to stay absolutely still when fucking in this position, so he moved too much and I wasn’t even close to cum).

But my mind was running wild when I turned myself to my very excited husband and told him with a smile: ‘’Come here, my dear!! Come here and clean my lover, come and lick his cum and my juices of his cock… and make it gently and properly, I didn’t cum yet and I want him to get hard again so he can fuck me again and make me cum!!! Show me what you’re able to do for your queen!!’’

And I suck Joe’s tongue in a very wild kiss, as he spread his legs as if he was inviting my husband to come and suck him again. Apparently, Joe was enjoying to be sucked by another man.

I grabbed my husband’s very hard cock with my hand and slapped it, while I asked him what was he waiting for!! He immediately kneeled between Joe’s legs, but I grabbed his hair again (he loves when I do this!) and pulled his head up. I grabbed his chin with one hand and I grabbed Joe’s cock with the other hand, and I whispered to my husband ‘’Open your lips, stick your tongue out and receive my lover’s cock in your mouth, it’s me, your queen and your wife who’s going to put this beautiful cock inside your mouth!’’

Joe’s cock was really a mess with all his cum and all my juices and I started to clean it against my husband’s tongue and cheeks and nose and brow… Wow, my pussy was now dripping wet, my husband was breathing at a very fast pace and Joe was getting hard again! I felt like a sorcerer leading a fantastic ceremony and I couldn’t imagine a situation more exciting than this one.

I had put Joe’s cock inside my husband’s mouth again and he was engulfing it in a very exciting way. I was really hot again and my pussy was swollen and burning of desire, and I felt like I had a gallon of cum inside me.

My husband was so excited that I knew he would do anything I’d tell him to do for me, and anyway I wanted to test my own power over him, because I had discovered that testing my power and pushing the limits of this testing higher and higher, was even better then riding a man’s cock!!.

So I grabbed his hair and I pulled his head from a very hard and beautiful Joe’s cock. I ordered him to lay down on his back, and I grabbed Joe’s cock and told him to stand up with his feet each side of my husband’s chest.

”I want to suck Joe’s cock now, but this time you won’t be able to see’’ I said, ‘’because you have another job to do!!’’ And while I was positioning myself over his face, I kept giving my instructions: ”I want to suck Joe now while I seat on your face, and I want you to lick my cunt clean, you hear? You’re going to open my labia apart with your fingers and you’re going to drink all Joe’s cum flowing from my pussy and I want you to swallow it to the last drop!’’

My husband smiled at me, because he knew I would love this. I sat on my husband’s face, to find Joe’s cock just in front of my already open lips! As I start to lick its shaft with very long licks from the base of his balls to the tip of his cock, I felt my husband’s fingers spreading my labia apart, allowing his tongue deep inside me, as I felt all that cum dripping directly into my husband’s mouth!! I started to rub myself on my husband’s face like if I was possessed, while stroking and sucking Joe’s cock, and after just some seconds of these frantic movements I started to cum again, almost biting Joe’s cock, and he started to cum too.

I let the first shot into my mouth (hmmm, it tasted gooood…) and then I received and spread the rest of his seed all over my neck and breasts, and while Joe fall down on the bed completely exhausted, I roll down on my back and told my husband: ”You’re almost there, baby!! I want you to fuck me hard now, but first come here and give me a tongue bath, I’m covered with Joe’s cum and I want you to clean me properly, will you do it for me?”

My husband immediately started to lick me, taking the occasion to give me a real tongue bath, from my chin to my toes!!

By then, to our both amazement, it was Joe’s who was grabbing my husband’s cock and trying to put his lips around it!

I saw that my husband was going to stop him but I winked at him and whispered at his ear in a very low voice ‘’Let him suck you for a while, this way we can be sure he’ll keep this for himself… it’s like a silence pact, you see?’

So we allow him to suck my husband for a while, but before he got too excited again, I told him not to do it, that now I wanted my husband only for myself and that I was going to fuck my husband real hard as soon as he would leave.

He got the message and dressed in a minute, leaving and thanking us for the absolutely amazing night.

When we heard the door closing, my husband had already finished licking me, so we started to kiss wildly, sharing another man’s cum in our mouths, covered in sweat, and so I laid my husband down on his back and I sat myself directly onto his cock.

We fucked slowly, and when we come my husband yelled like if he was mad, and after a while he gave me a big smile and thanked me for sharing with him this wild fantasy, and told me it had be the most fantastic sex scene he had ever been through, and told me that final orgasm of his had been the closest he had been from death, as his total loss of control had brought him into a nirvana stage that he thought it was only possible those five seconds before dying. I thanked him too for the fantastic night and for not giving up of getting me into this scene.

We closed the light, and we slept for hours.

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