We’ve been married for twenty years now.
I’m a lean woman with a still nice body, and gravity has lost its battle against my breasts until now – my husband never stops to admire them. My legs are long and elegant, and I work-out a lot trying to keep my butt on a proper shape.

My husband is older than me, but his mind is still as wild as it was when we were younger, and his imagination has no limits, specially in what love and sex are concerned.

Of course we don’t make love as frequently as we used to, but we started to expand our limits some years ago, and we have found a new interest when we started to use all that paraphernalia that we can find in a sex shop – vibrators, dildos, blindfolds, handcuffs and flogs (hmmmmm, flogs…). We also love to tease each other while making love, saying nasty things to each other.

We specially love those mind games when I go from a submissive slave to a dominating and nasty queen of my husband the sexual slave. I get incredibly wet when he grabs my hair and fucks my mouth, while flogging my butt and calling me his bitch, but two minutes later I can be riding his face as if I was a sexual maniac, while I slap his rock hard cock from one side to the other. What I mean is, there isn’t a real submissive and a real dominant here… even if I feel he gets really, really excited when I treat him as my sex slave, and I’m almost sure he would love if I’d assume a real and definitive dominant role! But no, sometimes I want to play the submissive role myself, and the truth is, he really acts then like if he’s really enjoying the dominant role!

My husband and I have joked and teased each other over the perspective of having another woman with us, with him just watching. That’s the way I see it, I’ll have him just sitting there, watching us (what a sensual and exciting idea!!), and I don’t want him to interfere between me and the other woman unless or before I say so! This always gets him hard as a bone, and I didn’t know if the cause of his excitement is just for imagining me with another woman, or if there is something more – the power game, obeying my orders, watching but not touching, that kind of mind games… Anyway, I have agreed it would be fantastic, but I told him it would take me some time to give the first step. Just two months ago, my husband tried to organize a threesome, but I said that I was not prepared… I know, I know, I’m behaving like a coward, but it will happen only when I decide to.

But recently, while we were just kissing and caressing, he asked me wouldn’t I love to have another MAN with us! I never thought my husband would propose a thing like this to me, as my husband is a very heterosexual guy, and the opposite of my notion of what a cuckold is. So I told him no, that I’m not prepared for that scene, I called him a pervert and I slapped his arm playing as if I was mad at him… but the fact is, after the first shock and denial, my mind started to run wildly with thoughts of having two men serving me…

My husband kept caressing me and kissing my breasts, my belly, returning to my neck, to my eyes… and while he was caressing me, he started talking in a low, smooth voice, teasing me with that same thought: ‘’Can you imagine? I could just sit there and watch… as you’d want me to do if you’d be making love with another woman… can you imagine?… grabbing his cock while looking into my eyes? Licking its head while staring deeply into my eyes?’’ he had his face between my legs by then, and he would only stop teasing to lick me, rubbing my clit with his nose and sliding his tongue from my pussy to my butt hole… and then he would restart … and stop…and restart… he kept teasing me either with his tongue or with his whispered words… asking me if I wouldn’t love to be served by two men… served as a queen by her two sex slaves…and he would start licking me again, putting his nose inside my pussy (oh my goodness!!) and licking my butt hole… and after a while I was so wet and horny that those stops had become a torture, so when he stopped again and asked me to tell him I’d love to have another man with us, I yelled as I grabbed his hair and pulled his face to my wet and hot pussy: ‘’Yes! Yes! It would be fun to have another man with us!!! But don’t stop, you son of a bitch, lick me, lick me, drink my juices!!!’’

But that didn’t stop his teasing, and he kept whispering between two licks: ‘’Have you thought of someone? Who’s your fantasy? Who would you like to fuck? Tell me, my queen, tell me!’’, and I forced my pussy onto his face, trying to keep him from talking!

My mind was running wild, and I’m sure he didn’t have a doubt about how horny I was with the thought, as he went on and on ‘’what about Joe?! I know you like the guy… wouldn’t you like him to fuck you?! Wouldn’t you love to take Joe’s cock in your mouth and suck Joe’s juices out of him?! Tell me the truth, my sensual and bitchy queen, tell me you want me to watch you being fucked by him!!’’

(Joe is a friend of my friend Sofia, a handsome guy my husband knows only superficially, but who I meet from time to time, when Sofia organizes her dinners or something of the kind. He’s pretty nice and easy going, and it’s easy to see he likes me. My husband has teased me with him, saying Joe eats me with his eyes, but never asked if I liked him – which I’d never even thought about until now…)

Meanwhile, my husband wouldn’t stop caressing me. He was kneeling between me spread legs and I had my feet on his shoulders. I could see how excited he was, his cock almost exploding, its veins bulging out as ropes, its head red and shinning… He kept whispering: ‘’Can you imagine? Being fucked by another guy while I sit by the side of the bed and just…look?? Taking his big and hard cock in your mouth or licking its tip while you stare directly into my eyes with those blue eyes of yours? Huh??’’ Meanwhile, he kept caressing both my legs, and I rubbed the back of his head with my toes, while he closed his eyes and whispered and moaned…

By now I was very, very wet and I wanted my husband’s mouth, cock or fingers inside me, and fast, but oh! how I was enjoying this moment…

Caressing him with my feet always gives me a sensation of power and domination that makes my pussy melts (My husband loves my feet, he says I’ve the most beautiful feet in the world, which maybe it’s true, as my feet are really beautiful! eheheh). So I started to caress his chest with my right foot, while I kept my left foot firmly holding the back of his head… Pushing him with my right foot, pulling him with the left one… keeping him under control, not allowing him neither to move forwards neither to move backwards. With his eyes closed and his hands now holding his cock and his balls, My husband’s moans made me sure he knew I was in command now…

His breath was getting faster, as his mind was now running absolutely wild, feeling I was in command and I was his mistress… As I rubbed his neck, his chin and his cheeks with the sole of my foot, I felt like a queen, now was my turn to assume the command of the mind games, now it was my turn to tease him and make him confess… but confess what?? Was he serious when he said he wanted to watch me and Joe?? Or it was only teasing talk?? Oh no!! I was going to force him to confess that this was his own wish, so it wouldn’t turn against me after the heath is gone!!!

So, I started to whisper ironically and teasingly, while the sole of my foot was caressing his neck, his cheeks, his brow, his nose, sometimes with just a bit of brutality, like if I was kicking his face: ‘’So you want Joe to fuck me, huh?? And what would you be doing while I fuck his brains and his cock?? Do you think you can handle this situation?? Don’t tell me you can, because I know you can’t… You’re too much of a macho to stand it, aren’t you, my love?? Tell me!! Tell me if you want me to allow you to lick my precious toes!!’’

He was trying to resist me, with his eyes closed, just smiling and keeping his lips mouth closed, so I started to caress his lips with the sole of my foot, saying: So you think you can resist me, huh?? So you think you can keep your lips shut like that??? I’ll show you that you’re powerless now, that you are under my possession, that you are on my hands now…or rather on my feet. Open it!!

I was by now rubbing my clit with two fingers, while I caressed my tits with the other hand… and with those last words I’ve said, I put the tip of my toes over his lower lip, slightly opening his mouth – just a tenth of an inch maybe, for he was still trying to resist me – while I kept whispering in a malicious voice: ‘’I’m not going to force my toes between your lips… Oh no, I don’t need to… You love my toes, don’t you?? I know you do, I know you want to kiss them and lick them, so it’s you who’s going to open your lips on your own, and grab my toes between them… so you can lick and run your tongue between them… I know, and you know, that’s what you really want now, so…for how long do you think you can resist me, you son of a bitch??? I own your body and your mind now!!! You’re my slave now!!! But you Iwon’t allow you to have my toes to kiss and lick before you’ll tell me WHY you want Joe to fuck me, that IT IS YOU who wants Joe to fuck me!!! Open your eyes and look at my pussy, and say it!!!’

He opened his eyes to stare at my swollen pussy, and I slide two fingers inside it and put them between my lips, smelling and licking them with an evident pleasure, in a way showing him what I wanted him to do with my toes. This was more than he could resist, and with a loud and long moan, he opened his mouth wide, and tried to grab my toes with his lips, which I didn’t allow him to do, quickly taking my foot back, and putting the whole of it on his face, pushing him firmly backwards with the sole, while I held his head with my other foot behind his head, and I said: ‘’No!!! What are you doing??Tell me what I want to hear first!!’’

It was too much for him to resist. Holding his cock and his balls with both hands and with his wild, horny eyes staring at my swollen pussy, he whispered in a rough voice: ‘’Yes!!! Yes!!! Ok!! It’s ME who wants to see Joe fucking you, and you blowing him, and swallowing his cum!!! Yes!!! Ok, It’s me!!! We’ll only do it when you’ll decide and under the conditions you decide to impose, and I’ll do whatever you want me to do!!! But I want you to look into my eyes while you cum with another guy’s cock deep inside you!!!

And he engulfed all my toes deep down his mouth, like if he wanted to deep-throat my foot. He couldn’t take his eyes of my fingers caressing my swollen, pink vagina, and he was licking my toes and running his tongue between them like I had told him to do! It was wild and it was absolutely and amazingly exciting, and I wanted him to lick my pussy clean, with his face absolutely quiet so I could rub my clit against his nose, choosing the pressure I’d want!

So I took my foot off his mouth and put it, together with the other one, on the back of his neck, and with both feet I pulled his head into my pussy – or I should say ‘’against’’ my pussy, because I was feeling so excited with these mind games that I wanted to hurt him a little and give him a small demonstration of how powerful I was feeling.

His tongue was licking my clit the way I like – with slow, smooth and repetitive moves, without changing neither the pressure, nor the zone and nor the rhythm – as I was grabbing his hair to keep his head from moving, and I started to moan louder and louder and yelling: ‘’Eat me, you bastard!!! Lick me clean!!! You love my cunt, don’t you??? You love my juices, so lick them properly, like a dog would!’’

My husband felt I was loosing control and it was his turn now to take the command. So, he suddenly stopped licking me, he turned me upside down on my belly, passing his arm under me and lifting my ass up, leaving me on my knees but with my head down on the bed… He immediately restarted where he had stopped 5 seconds earlier, but now he was holding my buttocks apart, and he was licking me deep and long, from my clit to my little hole while I was just moaning… and trying not to think about nothing, but the fact is, excited as I was by then, that idea of having another man with us was growing inside my mind…

My husband only stopped to lick me for some seconds, pushing three fingers inside my pussy, just to restart with the smooth, insidious talk: ‘’So it seems that you like the idea, huh?? So you think Joe’s a good fuck… I’d love to watch you blowing him, caressing his balls, and watch your eyes getting wilder and wilder… while you feel his cock pulsing, preparing to explode inside your mouth… and see you stroking him hard, anxious to feel his hot cum in your mouth… You’d like that wouldn’t you, my precious and bitchy queen??’’

And between each phrase, my husband was giving quick but strong licks around my butt hole… I was breathing fast and loud, and I was as near to have a monumental orgasm as someone can be… And when my husband, holding my buttocks apart, continued to lick my ass in smaller and smaller circles with his tongue around my but hole, with me getting crazy with the anticipation, each circle nearer its center… he stopped for two seconds just to tell me: ‘’Answer me!!! Tell me you want to fuck Joe while you’re looking into my eyes!! Tell me!!’’ … and he inserted his tongue deep into my ••••••• while inserting three fingers inside my pussy, making my spine shiver and all my body shake, while I cum so strongly I thought I would die!

And while I was cumming like a fountain, I started to cry:‘’Yes!!! Yes!!! I want Joe to fuck me!!! I want him to cum in my mouth and all over my face!!! Yes!!! And I want you to watch, yes!!! Is that what you wanted to hear, you son of a bitch?? Is it???’’

And my husband whispered ‘’Yes!! Yes!!!’’ while I fall down on my back, trying to regain my breath. He still hadn’t had his own orgasm, and his cock was shinning and red and swollen, with all those veins sticking out as if it was going to explode… But I didn’t do nothing for him, first of all because I was almost dead, and second because I though that a fantastic hard-on like that shouldn’t be misused, and my mind was still running like a wild worse…

My husband too, he was into more pleasure. We lay down for a while, with me laying on my back with my husband laying on his belly and between my spread legs, his face right above my pussy, his breath feeling warm on my genitalia… after a while I told him I had to pee, and he asked me not to clean my pussy neither before nor after that… and he come after me just to be sure I wouldn’t wash myself after I’ve peed! I always wash myself after I cum, and I always clean myself after I pee, but the fact that my husband didn’t want me to clean myself made me feel hot again…

As he followed me into the bathroom, I grabbed his hard cock and I pulled him like if I was pulling a dog… and when I was going to sit to relieve myself, he put his open hand under my pussy and told me: ‘’No, my queen, I’m hard and hot and wild, my mind is running crazy, give it to me, give me your champagne, give it all to me!’’.

I was amazed with his demand, I never thought he would dare asking me this, but he was really excited with all the mental teasing, and while he was talking he was going inside the bathtub, pulling me behind him, his hand still covering my swollen pussy… Oh my goodness!! It was such a hot situation!!

And suddenly the shock was gone and I felt that I really wanted to do it, to use his mouth as my personal latrine in a demonstration of my power over him, to make him feel like nothing more than my self slave, and to allow him to know the intense pleasure I was enjoying! And as he sat down inside the bathtub bottom between my spread legs, I open my labia with two fingers while I grabbed his hair and I said ‘’Open your mouth wide open, then, I don’t want a drop of my pee spilling onto my legs! Open it wider! You said you wanted it, now you’re going to have it all!

At first, with my pussy 8 or 10 inches away from his mouth, I thought I wouldn’t be able to pee, because I was so hot and I felt my pussy burning with desire, but then I felt the pee coming down to my pussy, and when I started to pee, I had an enormous pleasure sending the flow directly into his mouth, while I was pulling his head backwards grabbing his hair, and I was saying ‘’ Drink it all, you son of a bitch! You like it, don’t you, you like my champagne’!! Oh my goodness, I was feeling powerful and wild, and I felt that on moments like these I could do whatever I’d want with this guy, and for the first time I BELIEVED that he would love the situation he had been teasing me with for the last two hours, and as I was finishing, I pulled his open mouth against my swollen and pee wet pussy, and he started to lick me franticly, cleaning each pee drop from my pussy as if he was drinking the last drop of water available in the world!

He washed his mouth and we took a quick shower teasing each other a little under the water, but I didn’t do anything about his hard on – I had different plans!

So I got out of the shower, I put a towel around me, and I went to bed again, waiting for him…

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