Isn’t it funny how life springs surprises on you. An innocuous evening spent with my wife in recent months was, unbeknown to us at the time, to change our sex lives forever! You see ‘L’ is generally quite reserved when it comes to sex. Sure, she’s willing to try most things, given a few glasses of bubbly and some encouragement, but she’s not the most forthcoming when it comes to taking the lead, or being demanding. Passive I suppose. That is until a few weeks later.

We had arranged to go out for dinner this particular evening last summer. It was warm and balmy and although she is reserved as I’ve already said, when she’s in the mood, my wife does like to dress for sex! She’s got a lovely figure, short mousy hair, and a trimmed pussy. Tonight she wore the traditional little black number, with just a black lacy bra and matching thong underneath, complemented by a pair of black hold-up stockings. Gorgeous! Dinner was lovely, washed down with two bottles of champagne. And yes, ‘L’ was a bit tipsy! The taxi duly arrived and took us home, about a 25-minute ride. During the journey I whispered to ‘L’ that I wanted to take some pictures of her and some video of us both, to which she immediately replied ‘Yes please’, which surprised me somewhat. We have a collection of naughty pictures, but no video.

When we got in, I opened another bottle, put on some music and got the digital cameras out. ‘L’ stared to dance very seductively whilst I set up the video. I set it running, and started to snap away with the stills camera whilst trying to grab parts of her anatomy that she was pointing at me provocatively during her dancing. She came very close to me at one point, leaning over to kiss me and pushed her tongue deep in my mouth. Enough was enough! I unzipped the dress, which fell to the ground revealing this wonderful creature in black underwear and stockings! Snap, snap went the camera, whilst the video continued to roll. ‘L’ was now playing with breasts, and pushing her hands into her knickers. “Go on” I said, “Show me what you’ve got!” And she did……..! What a wet pussy! Lots of photos here. I hoped the video was capturing all this. Off came the bra, and then she said, “I want the video to see us both, not just me. Get your clothes off too”.

‘L’ helped me out of my shirt, licking and sucking my nipples as she did so, and then removed my trousers. Not an easy task as my cock was now rock hard! I am lucky enough to have what ‘L’ calls a ‘manly cock’. It is average in length (about 6 inches), but it is thick, particularly around the glans. ‘L’ pulled down my shorts, knelt in front of me and started to suck my engorged dick. I put down the camera and enjoyed the sight of ‘L’ on her knees with my fat cock in her mouth. I shuffled her around a bit so that the video could get the full picture too. She was struggling to fit my cock in her mouth. ‘L’ then stood up and bent over a nearby chair, and ordered me to remove her thong with my teeth. I came up behind her, pulled her arse cheeks apart, and hooked my tongue under the thin material. I purposely took my time licking up and down her crease, and ‘L’ was moaning like mad, so she was clearly enjoying it. The video would have a great view of this I thought, and with that I bit hard on the material, and pulled the thong down to her ankles. No time to waste now, I got behind her, rubbing my cock along her pussy until she shouted at me to fuck her. Without going into too much detail, we then fucked in every position we could think of. To finish, I wanted to get a close up video shot of me cumming on her tits. Not this time though. She wanted it dirty, and wanted to suck my cock and let me cum directly in her mouth, which she had never done before. Who was I to refuse! And the video captured it all! If I’m very excited, I do tend to gush a bit when I cum, so she not only got it in her mouth, but in her hair and a rather good facial too. Shame she wouldn’t swallow my jism, but then it was a first (as far as I knew). We both enjoyed reviewing the video a few days later, and were pleased with the result. ‘L’ however swore me never to show it to anyone else!

Now for the bit that changed our sex lives. Being a bit of a bastard, I did lend the video to a mate of mine called Sonny, on the strict understanding that it was for his use only. He had told me a while back that he really fancied ‘L’, so I warned him that the nearest he would get was this video. “Take it away for a few days, and wank yourself stupid”, I told him. Little did I know what he would do with it!

A couple of weeks later, I got a call at work from a woman calling herself Frances. She told me she worked for a company making Amateur Videos, and had been shown a clip of ours, which was posted on the Internet. “What!” I shouted. “What website is it on, ‘cos I didn’t put it there!” Frances told me the address and I logged on whilst I talked to her. Sure enough, there it was, entitled “A & L from Surrey – their first time on video!” Fucking hell, I thought. If ‘L’ finds out she’ll cut off my plums!

“Where did you get my name and telephone number from?” I asked.

“Sonny G” she replied. “Look”, she said. “It’s a good video, and we’re interested in signing you both up to make some for us. What do you think?”

“My wife would never agree to that” I replied, thinking about how I would murder Sonny when I next saw him.

“Actually, she already has”, said the woman. “We spoke to her today, and she’s already here at our studio.”

“Does she know about the video?

“She does”, was the reply.

“Where is the studio, I’m coming down there right now to sort this out!” I snarled.

She gave me the address, and as it was almost 5pm, I left work and headed for London. I arrived at the address given, which wasn’t a studio at all. It was a posh apartment near Bond Street, with an entry phone. I pressed the button, and was greeted by a man’s voice, with an American accent, asking me to come to the third floor.

When I emerged from the lift, I was met by a muscular black man (the American), who ushered me along a corridor and into a huge apartment, where lo and behold, there stood Sonny and ‘L’, with another attractive brunette, whom I found out was Frances. ‘L’ and Sonny were both wearing bathrobes, and I asked what the hell was going on?

Frances said that all would be explained shortly, and led us into another room, where a large screen had been erected next to a large bed. There was computer paraphernalia around the room and the big black guy, Clive, switched it all on.

I was looking at ‘L’ whilst this was happening, and she was holding hands with Sonny! Odd, I thought, not realising what had been going on.

“How long have you been here?” I asked her.

“Since lunchtime” she giggled nervously.

As I was about to ask her what she and Sonny were doing here together, the screen lit up as a video started to run. I turned and watched intently. Clive appeared on screen and introduced ‘the studio’s newest couple’. He waved two people into the room, and as they turned round it was Sonny and ‘L’. They were both smartly dressed, ‘L’ wearing a cream suit and black blouse that I’d never seen before. ‘L’ turned to camera and started to talk about the video we had made, and how it turned her on. Sonny joined in and told the camera that he had borrowed it from ‘L’’s husband, and that he had been so turned on, he had to fuck her.

Sonny eventually got up and started to kiss ‘L’ passionately. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing here ………. my best mate with his tongue down my wife’s throat! Mind you, my cock was beginning to stir, so it was having an effect! Within a matter of minutes, my wife was being royally humped by Sonny, him on top, her on top, from behind, and it ended (or so I thought) with him splattering cum on her tits and neck. Now I naively thought this to be the end of proceedings, but suddenly, a naked black man appeared in shot. I looked across at ‘L’, and she smiled back at me and winked!

This man then came into view. It was Clive, sporting the biggest dick I’d ever seen. It was at least 9 inches long, and thick as a baby’s arm! He came over to ‘L’, straddled her midriff, and started to shovel up Sonny’s cum from her tits and neck on the end of his cock. He then fed it into ‘L’’s mouth, which she not only swallowed, but also seemed to enjoy as she begged for more. Clive used this as an excuse to fuck her mouth, and the sight of this shiny black dick sliding in and out was almost too much to bear!

‘L’ begged him to fuck her, but he first dived down between her legs, and started to lap at her pussy, causing her to squeal! I have never seen her like this before. Not only was she enjoying other mens’ cocks, she had also swallowed cum, and was enjoying people watching her! The pussy licking went on for some while, and didn’t stop there. Clive’s tongue disappeared into her bottom at one stage, and stayed there for a few minutes, wriggling about. The expression on ‘L’’s face said it all, and she had a massive orgasm whilst Clive’s tongue was still in her anus.

“Fuck me there”, she croaked. “It’s nice and wet now”. This I’d got to see……another first! Clive slid round behind her, got her up on all fours and stoked his cock up and down her crease, before nudging it into her bottom. It took an almighty shove, and about half of his black rod disappeared into her bum. “Say still for a moment” she whispered. After a couple of seconds, he began to thrust, quickly speeding up, until he was going like a train. ‘L’ was just gasping. Nothing else, just gasping. She suddenly took a deep breath and roared like a lion as she climaxed. Clive pulled his sticky black cock out of her bottom, and started to wank it, until he too roared as he spurted cum up ‘L’’s back, and over her arse. She reached round behind her, and rubber her fingers through the splatters on her back, before sucking her fingers clean.

Remember that this is the woman who was very reserved not a few weeks ago. Not any more! I told her how fantastic the video was, and that she was a star! She asked me if she could continue to make the videos. Ok, I said, as long as I get to watch or participate, and we get to keep the videos. No publication! Well, what would you have said!!

Our own sex life was never the same again.

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