My wife and I live in central NY state. We have a good sex life. She is a willing participant and likes more than basic sex. I worked in sex toys to our bedroom fun with her enjoying rubber cocks. Soon after enjoying DP’s of one in front with mine and also traditional DP’s of one in front and one in the rear. Sometimes with her submissive nature I’d have sucking a big one while I filled her completely with a DP.

Well the next big step was to talk her into doing a 3-way and take two real cocks. She was horny about the idea but hesistant. We worked out her concerns which revolved around her being very discreet and private about her bedroom fun. She did not want someone she knew or was from our area. She did not want to socialize or chat with the guy either. He was there to be a tool for her fun to be put to xxx use. We agreed that I could add someone to the fun by setting up a dark bedroom with some candles lit and then when she was in bed and warmed up the other guy could slip in naked and join the fun.

So I found a guy thru an ad that I was OK with and I knew would fall into the range of being acceptable by my wife. Among one of her stipulations was that his cock had to be the same size as mine (7) or larger but not any smaller.

Then one weekend afternoon I took my wife to another town and made arrangements for two adjoining hotel rooms. The other gentleman met me at the bar while my wife changed into her attire. We then went up stairs to the rooms. I went in to mine, stripped and got on the bed. I started kissing and rubbing my wife followed by licking sucking her big tits. I pulled off her panties and rubbbed her gently.

Next I got up and went to the adjoining door and gave a couple knocks. The other guy came in already sporting a big hardon. We then knelt on either side of her head and I put her hands on our cocks. As she eagarly stroked us we continued on with her massage. I then told her to suck our cocks. She alternated back and forth licking and sucking us. I then motioned to the other gut to move closer. We put our cocks right at her mouth so she could lick and suck us both easily.Next I slid down and tongued her pussy while she continued to suck his cock. I then slid my cock into her and fucked her a bit while she gave this guy a good BJ. Then I had him lay on his back so my wife could ride his cock. While she was grinding away I fed her my cock to suck. Now I was getting the good BJ. I even grabbed her long hair and and pumped her face firmly but careful not to gag her.

While she continued to ride his cock I went behind her and started tonguing her hot ass working it good while he pumped her pussy and she pushed her big tits in his face. I then lubed and fingered her asshole. Next I pulled her deep on to his shaft and knudged mine into her pussy along side his. I got it sunk deep then held still while I told her to to hump our cocks. It felt good and hot for the tree of us. Then it was the mens turn and we got a rythem going as we DP’d her pussy and I fingered her asshole. I then pulled out, lubed my shaft and pressed it into her rear. I was careful to go to slow as I eased it in deep. A few minutes later our two cocks were getting into a rythem as we DP’d her. As she began to moan she was saying how good it felt and not to stop; just fuck her more. We kept from cumming some how and were thrusting her quite well. It felt great. I then stopped long enough to lay on my back for her to ride me.

This time I had her suck his cock which looked hot as her big tits swayed back and forth. I then had him go behind her and work his cock in along side mine as we repeated the front DP. This was hot as I whispered dirty thoughts to my wife as I encouraged her to fuck the cocks good. I then handed the guy the lube and told him them it was time for more ass fucking. He had no trouble sliding it in deep and we were soon giving it to her good and hard as we made her cum and told him to go ahead and cum big for her.

After he with drew from her we had previously agreed he would go back to his room so we could be alone again. I then flipped my wife over and started tit fucking her. I didn’t last long before I shot a big load of hot cum all over her chest and face. I then slid down and rammed my cock into her for some strokes while still hard.

So our session went well and she was happy with keeping it discreet. We have a mutual fantasy to act out later this summer. I would take her to the hotel where I’ll have arranged for two or three men to come in that she does not know. The wife gets to play slut for the day in private by taking on all at once. I get to watch the hot action as the the horny men have their way with her for some no holes barred fun. Picture yourself in control of this sluts activities and in charge of two other men to help you give her a work out. Send an email to this submissive wife with your itinerary of what you would plan for her from start to finish for her session. To: Mrs. K. Also cock pics will entice her I’m sure.

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