We have been swinging for several years. one night my wife and I were laying in bed talking about the lifestyle and making sure we were both ok with it. she asked me if I would mind if she fucked her boss. she said just for the sex and help with the upcoming pay raise…..lol I asked her why she would want to and she explained that the boss flirts with her and has approached her several times. I was thinking that jerk. so we talked about it and she said she would let me know when and etc.

well about a month later she calls me up and asked if she could come home later her boss wanted her to “work” late. I asked if this was the night she said yeah. I said ok. he took her to a motel across town and they spent about 3 hours or so in the motel. she said he was not bad actually better then she thought. She gave me the details when she got home and we fucked all night.

well she would do him about once to twice a month. then the real fun started. he asked her to join him and several other managers to come to the annual corp. meeting in Dallas Tx next month. She said she would talk to me about it and let him know. We talked about it and said yeah let her go.

well the trip came and she flew out to Dallas with four men. Now I knew she would fuck him while being out there and in the back of my mind I was thinking who else.

The first night she calls me about 11 pm. She said her and him played a little but was real tired so he left the room. The second night she called me about nine and said he was coming to her room in a few and if it was real late she would not call me I said call anyway and she did about 130. she said he was on something because he stayed hard all night.
The next afternoon she called and said they were all going out for the last night and going to a club and she would call me when she got to the room. They had a late flight the next day home so everyone was going to have a great time. well she did not call me until 330 am. and here is her story.

They went to dinner and then to a club. Her and 4 guys. well the club was the Texas gentlemen’s club. her boss got a VIP room and they partied all night. she went along as seeing hot naked girls turned her on also. They had several women come in and out of the room giving dances and partying. The men were starting to get too frisky with the ladies and a manager came in to ask to slow down. The boss said they just wanted a blow job joking, he said that was off limits from the girls, but anyone else can and looked at my wife. everyone laughed and went on partying.

About an hour later she said she started getting horny and was rubbing herself as the lady was dancing. Then she notice the guys were watching her. she stopped. they left the club and the boss invited everyone to his room. they all went up and he had some whisky brought to the room and they started taking shots. she said she was hanging with them as two guys passed out. the other guy was on the couch about out and her boss was still drinking with her. she said he wanted to fuck, came out and said I want to fuck you now, She said with them in the room he said yes and started kissing on her.

She looked around and all guys were out. she said ok lets go to the room(bedroom, it was a suite) she said I need to call Husband and that was the 330 am call. she told me then she was drunk and in his room so call her there in the am I said ok. She did not tell me she had the others with them. Well she and the boss went at it, they fucked and he passed out she was laying there and decided to shower and go to her room, so she stepped into the shower.

A few minutes later she saw someone come in thought it was the boss, instead it was another guy and he was naked and just got in the shower with her. she said he was hung like a horse did not say a word, bent her over and started to enter her. she was wet from fucking said it hurt but felt good, she never said anything and he started fucking her. he released his load and told her sorry but I watched you fuck the boss I just had too. she said she went down on him and got him to cum and stood up and said sorry I never had such a large dick I just had too.

Well she got out of the shower and her boss was up and asked her to come back to bed and ask the other guy to join them and she started having sex with both. They took turns eating her as she sucked the other. The guy took her and put her on top of him while the boss got her from behind and entered her ass. she said she was just being drove crazy. then after being fuck so hard the guys kept pounding her she notice a third dick in her face. she said she did not even look to see who it was she just started sucking it. everyone came at the same time.

She rolled off the guy and then another guy jumped on top and took her leg over her head and started eating her pussy out. then he entered her and started fucking her, when he was done the forth guy did the same took her legs over her head and jammed his dick into her. she said one right after another then just took turns. she said she crashed after them were done. all the guys did too.

She woke up about 830. looked around and saw the 4 guys that she fucked all night. she said the smallest dick was about 7 and thick, the large was about 11 and thick. she went and got a drink of water, the guy with the huge dick woke up and asked her if she was ok, she said yes and asked him to join her in the shower, she went down and him until he came, then he got out and her boss came in and she sucked him off also and the boss also fucked her.

She came out of the shower and her boss said they wanted another round, and she said ok. this time they bent her over the bed and fucked her doggie style. the big guy did her first, then her boss fucked her then pulled out and fucked her ass. then another guy fucked her and then the forth. about 1130 the boss said look we have to check out at noon. then one guy picked up the phone asked for a late check out and said now we have till 2.

well they said she was under their power and just continued to get fucked. all one time she had two dicks in her pussy, they did dp with everyone. she slept the way home. her boss dropped her off and she came into the house looking like shit. for 5 days I could not touch her. she would just suck me off every night.

a week later she came home walked up to me and started getting me naked. she fucked me all night. then we were laying there and said it worked. I said what worked. She said sex
I said what are you talking about. she said a $10,000 raise starting Monday. I was like Damn! she said but you know what? I said what? I want those four guys again. I said this time I want to be there. She said great!

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