I have been looking on web sites to see if there are other married couples that have had sex we other people involved. I was surprised to find out that there are many other married men who either have or want to have a threesome with their wife and another man because they like watching their wife enjoying sex. After reading stories here and other sites I could tell some were made up but that some were true also. So I decided to tell you about my experience.

My husband and I are in our mid forties and have been married for twenty-three years. We have talked about us having a threesome with another man. Although I was hesitant about it I knew that Greg wanted it but we hadn’t pursued it until one weekend when we went fishing and camping with a friend of Greg’s.

We have an overhead camper and a bass boat that we use often and one weekend Greg had Tom to go with us. We go to a camping area at one of the lakes in southern Missouri and go out on our bass boat and men being men just pee off the side of the boat. When Tom did this I could not stop myself from looking to see what he had and for the rest of the day I could not stop thinking about what he would look like hard plus throughout the day I would catch Tom looking down my blouse when I bent down to get bait for my hook.

That night we had supper and took a shower at the shower house the three of us talked and Tom would mildly flirt with me. I had a nightshirt on and we went to bed around 10:30.In case you don’t know the table turns into a bed and that’s where Tom was going to sleep. Once Greg and I where in bed he started to play with my breast and he said he wanted to watch me having sex with Tom, I didn’t say anything, then he told me to go to the bathroom and then tell Tom that he was asleep and kiss him. I laid there for a couple of minutes thinking about the day and how I wanted to see Tom naked then Greg said go ahead and do it.

I went to the bathroom took off my panties and when I came out I still didn’t know what I was going to do. There was light in the camper from a street light in the camp ground, Tom was lying there with only jersey shorts on with just the right amount of hair on his chest, he looked good for being 45 years old. Then I saw he was looking at me and smiling. I looked at Greg he pointed with his finger to go.

We have known Tom for a long time his wife left him about six years ago and he doesn’t date much. I’m telling you this to let you know I’m not a whore who jumps in bed with any man. Besides my husband I never had sex with any one else. Its just the things around me had me horny I guess.

I walked over to Tom bent down and told him Greg was asleep and kissed him. Kissing him made me feel like a girl in high school, when his tongue entered my mouth it send me over the top. I put my hand inside of his shorts and his dick grew in my hand I then pulled his dick out and started sucking on him as he pulled his shorts down. It filled my mouth and it tasted good. I stood up and took my nightshirt off and there I was 5ft 7inch 195 pounds with this gorgeous man looking at me and when he reached out and rub my leg I about cumed right there.

I climb on the bed and straddle him. The head of his dick entered me and when I was half way down I started to cum. I dug my fingers in his chest and it was all I could do to keep from screaming so the other camper wouldn’t hear me. Then I sat all the way on him and I could feel him deep inside me deeper than I ever had been fucked before. Tom was looking at me and squeezing my nipples I bent down and kissed him while I fucked him. My nipples were rubbing on his chest his dick was going in and out of me and it made me feel incredible all over. Then he grabs my head and kissed me hard and pulled his dick out until only his head was in me. I started to cum again and you could hear my cum hitting his body.

I rose back on him and he told me he liked that as he squeezed my nipples again. I looked at Greg and saw his cum shooting in the air. Tom pulled my head back down and starts to fuck me. I was getting fucked deep inside me and I didn’t want it to end. All of a sudden Tom pushed his hips against me grabbed my shoulders and pushed down I could tell in his face and eyes that he was going to cum in me. I could feel his dick swelling in me and then I felt his warm liquid shooting in me and I cumed again and clasped down on him.

He said he hoped Greg didn’t hear us and Greg said something to him to assure him it was all right but I can’t remember what it was. It felt like I was coming off some kind of high. I got off of Tom and I felt the head of his dick pop out of me and as I was putting my nightshirt on I could see our cum on his dick and hair. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up then climbed back in bed. Greg pulled my nightshirt up and started fucking me he told me how good it felt and that Toms cum was on his dick and cumed hard in me and I cumed again.

The next morning while I was laying in bed still half asleep I heard Tom apology to Greg for last night. Greg told him that he liked last night he always wanted to watch me having sex and said that they should fuck me again before we left. But people were moving around outside and I didn’t want them to hear us.

The following weekend even though I didn’t know he was going to Tom came over around lunchtime. While we sat at the table talking I could not stop thinking about the weekend before so I got up to make sandwiches for lunch to get it off my mind. While I was standing at the counter Greg comes up behind me and turns me around and stands behind me and starts to unbutton my blouse. I start to stop him and he tells me to put my hand down.

Greg unbuttons my blouse then pulls my bra up over my breast and starts rubbing my nipples. He tells Tom to look at how hard they were and to come over and feel them. Tom came over and cupped my breast, Greg told him to kiss me then he pulled my hair back and started kissing the back of my neck. Next they started sucking my nipples and rubbing the inside of my leg, I was getting horny and I blunted out that I needed to be fucked.

We went in to the bedroom and got undressed Greg laid me on the bed and they both laid next to me on both sides sucking my tits and kissing me. I could feel Tom’s hand rubbing my pussy while Greg caressed my leg. Greg told Tom to let me suck his dick. Tom came to me and put his dick in my mouth and Greg started licking my pussy I squinted cum on Greg face when he raised up I could see it dripping from his chin, then he licked me some more. I was so horny I was going crazy I looked up at Tom and told him that I wanted him to fuck me now.

Tom had me get up on my hands and knees Greg got under me so I could suck him while he watched Toms dick going in and out of me. I felt Toms dick spitting my pussy and that feeling of getting fucked deep again. His body was hitting my ass Greg was rubbing my clit with his fingers I was sucking Greg’s dick and I could tasted his cum then I exploded, I never cumed like that before I all most passed out it felt so good.

Tom and Greg started to moan Tom fucked me faster and harder Greg cumed in my mouth and Tom exploded in my pussy. I cumed hard again and we collapsed on the bed. Tom then sucked my nipple while Greg wiped mine and I think although I’m not sure a little bit of Toms cum off his face and watched Toms cum drip out of me, god I felt good that day.

Tom has started to date someone else and we haven’t been able to get together with him. Greg has suggested that we get someone else but I haven’t made up my mind if I want to do that yet, we have great sex together but it is different and Greg likes it.

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