So I’ve been talking to my wife for a while about how exciting it would be for me to watch her fuck another guy or girl. During sex that’s all I’ve been talking about for the past year or so and my wife’s a good sport. She knows it turns me on so she goes along with it and says things like, “I want to suck a big cock and get fucked from behind.” She even indulges my lesbian fantasies by telling me how she’d lick my ex-girlfriend’s pussy. The fantasy talk was good enough for me for a long time and it did the job. But of course, I eventually wanted more.

A few months ago, during sex, I asked her if she REALLY wanted to do the things we talke about. She hesitantly said that she’d love to fuck a hot guy with a nice big cock. She seemed really embarrassed and asked if I was mad. I assured her that I wasn’t mad at all and that since she was a virgin when she met me, she really deserves to experience more cocks.

Quick background on us. We are both 35 with 2 kids. We are asian american, Korean to be exact, and live in Los Angeles. We’ve been married for 7 years. My wife is 5’6″, 130lbs, small perky tits, firm ass, and very pretty face. She looks about 25 and guys find her extremely attractive.

Anyway, we had no idea how to make her fantasy of fucking a hot guy come true. We weren’t going to join any swingers clubs b/c we really want to keep our identity out of it. We also didn’t know how to “pick up” a guy in some public place. Lastly we had no interest doing it with someone we knew b/c that would fundamentally change our relationship with them.

So what I did was I hired a male stripper to perform for her. We rented a nice hotel on the beach, had a very romantic dinner, and retired to the room around 10pm. As we were getting into the mood with some light kissing and caressing, we heard a knock on the door. My wife was very nervous as I answered it.

Scott walked in, a tall 6’3″ guy about 27 years old. He was cut, you know, the hot male model type. After we got acquainted and took care of business, Scott began his routine. My wife was seated in the middle of the bed and leaning back against me. Scott began his show at the foot of the bed. I was cupping her tits and slowly started to massage her pussy thru the lingerie she was wearing. Within minutes, she was soaking thru her panties. I whispered in her ear if she wanted to show her pussy to scott and she nodded yes and pulled her panties off. I told her to spread her legs like a dirty slut and she did. As I held her legs open, she began fingering herself.

By this time Scott was down to a tiny little g-string. His rock hard cock was poking out of the top. He then removed his g-string and came up on the bed. I asked my wife if she wanted to touch his cock. She was nearly breathless as she moaned, “yes”. She started jacking his cock with one hand while continuing to finger her pussy with the other. She then turned her head and asked me if she could suck it. I said go ahead.

My wife then went crazy. She nearly jumped forwarded and gobbled his cock. She was now on her hands and knees and sucking his cock like it was the tastiest thing she’s ever had. I began fingering her from behind. She was such a slut, sucking that huge swollen head, licking his balls, and licking his shaft from balls to the tip. Watching her doing something so naughty really turned me on. I began licking her as*h*le while I continued to finger her slit. This sent her over th edge as she had a really nice orgasm.

She kept sucking his cock like a starved woman and rubbing it all over her face and licking his balls while she shook hard from her orgasm. She then said that she really needed to be fucked and laid down with her legs spread wide open. Scott looked at me and I smiled at him to go ahead. He quickly put on a condom and thrusted his cock all the way inside her in one stroke.

I laid down next to her and kissed her and rubbed her clit while Scott continued to pound away. After a few minutes of this, she flipped over and he fucked her from behind. It was amazing watching another guy fucking my wife like that, with his balls slapping against her ass. She was in ecstasy and wanted to suck me off while she was getting fucked from behind. I was so turned on that I came so fast, probably in 30 seconds or so. My wife swallowed every drop and licked me clean. Meanwhile Scott was fucking her so hard and so furiously that I thought she might get hurt. But she loved it and met each of his thrusts with a thrust of her own.

She finally had another orgasm (it’s hard for her to come from just straight fucking, she needs her clit to be licked or rubbed). Scott was on the verge of cumming too so he asked her where she wanted his cum. Before she could answer, I said cum all over her face for being such a dirty whore. She smiled and nodded her approval. Scott gave a few more deep thrusts and then pulled out, ripped off his condom and just unloaded about 5 or 6 spurts of cum all over my wife’s face. She wiped the cum away and licked the very tip of his dick just to get a small taste of his cum. She then took some of his cum in her fingers and rubbed it on his a*sh*le.

Scott really liked it and she continued to finger his ass. I was shocked by this b/c this is something that she’s never done before. After a few minutes, she made him totally hard again just by finger his ass and lightly licking the tip of his cock. She got another condom and put it on him and then got on top of him. She rode him to another orgasm before collapsing onto the bed. At that point, Scott said that our hour was up so he had to go.

I didn’t like the fact that he was a paid professional, but it was still a really hot night. Besides, my wife would not have fucked some average looking guy and it would have been really hard to find someone as good looking as Scott. I don’t know if we’ll repeat, but it was a great experience that we’ll relive over and over again.

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