I was surprised one day when my best friend from childhood asked about my sex life with my wife Deb. At first I did not know how to respond, but James finally confessed that he had always had the hots for Deb and wanted to fuck her silly. I could not believe him telling me this, but at the same time I was turned on too thinking of James lusting over Deb.

Over the next few weeks the subject of my wife and sex seemed to come up more and more between James and I. I asked James if everything was ok between his wife and him and he assured me that everything was great and that he only had been thinking about Deb and wondering if she ever mentioned him.

The following weekend James’ wife had to be out of town and James was over for dinner. After dinner we sat around having a few drinks and just having a good time. By bedtime we were all feeling pretty good and I invited James to stay so that he would not have to drive home. He agreed and soon, more as a joke, we had an old John Holmes movie in the VCR and we were making fun of the facial expressions of the actresses. As the movie played on I became aroused and I could tell James had to. I teasingly said to Deb “Hey, I bet James would love to see you naked for real.”

Deb was feeling pretty good and just laughed and replied back “Yeah, sure. I’m sure James wants to see some middle age fat white women naked.” And before I could reply she was up and off to bed. Now, Deb may be middle aged at 39 years old but she is definitely not fat at 5’4” and 116 lbs. I hollered in after her; “just because James is black does not mean he does not want to see you naked.” James and I laughed and turned back to the movie making fun of the action.

About 30 minutes later James said he had to go to the toilet and I told him to use our bathroom. I went into the hallway bath and James headed toward our room. When I came out I saw James standing in the doorway looking in. Deb was lying on top of the covers still in her baggy sweat pants and white t-shirt lying on her stomach. I told James she was a very heavy sleeper and told him to go in. He said he already had and that she never stirred. I laughed and we headed back to the living room for another drink.

Two more shots of Gray Goose and I was feeling really good. The idea of James seeing Deb naked was on my mind and my cock was rock hard. I told James I had a plan and back to our room we went. James stood at the door and I sat on the bed beside Deb. I rubbed her head and spoke to her and she did not move. She always slept soundly and had grown used to my touching and even undressing her in her sleep. I moved down and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her sweat and pushed them down exposing her panty covered ass as I looked at James who was smiling from ear to ear.

I moved her sweats back up and got up and went to James. I told him to sit where I was and pull her pants down himself. He looked at me and then moved into my position. I moved close to react if Deb woke up and James hooked his thumbs into the waistband of both her sweats and her cotton panties. In one swift push he had both her sweats and her panties down past her knees. I held my breath as I looked at my wife’s creamy white delicate ass against James’ dark black hands. She did not move and I slowly began to breathe again. I could see the huge bulge in front of James’ pants as he moved his hands up and slowly and softly ran them over her soft bare skin. Deb moaned lightly but did not move as James became a little firmer in his movements and spread her tight little cheeks exposing her tight puckered little starfish looking anus.

I motioned for James to move out of the way and he moved his hands and got up and went back to the door. I took his place and gently eased her pants the rest of the way off her legs letting them drop to the floor. I then spread her cheeks apart and slowly ran my tongue up her crack brushing over her tight little rosebud making her squirm and moan out. Still she lay still on her stomach. I pushed my hands into her t-shirt and pushed it up over her head and maneuvered it off of her. Now my wife was lying on our bed completely naked only inches from by best friend since 3rd. grade. I rubbed her back and as I neared her ass she would moan a little. I got up to free my own cock and James quickly sat down in my place.

James rubbed his large muscular hands up Deb’s back and then back down parting her cheeks and lowering his mouth to lick her sweet anus and hot pussy. Deb squirmed and moaned my name. James reached down and keeping his head buried in my wife’s crotch go this own pants off. His large 10” shiny black cock sprang out and stuck out in front of him fully. He licked his way back up my wife’s crack and then up her back kissing her neck making her squirm again and moan out even louder. I got my pants off and motioned for James to let me back in.

As I spread her cheeks I could see that Deb’s tiny brown hole and her puckered little puffy pussy were wet and slick, the movie must have had an effect on her too. I rubbed my cock on her ass and then teased her pussy with the head of my cock for a minute as I looked up and saw James stroking his cock as he watched.
I got up and James and I both went our and I poured us each a double shot of the Grey Goose. I told James to let me go and see what would work out. James stood in the doorway as I crawled into be and Deb looked at me opening her eyes and said “You naughty boy, you got me all worked up. Now quiet or James will hear us.”

I turned her over and lifted her legs and began to lick and suck her swollen pussy lips. As she got excited I darted my tongue in and out of her tight hole. I moved up after getting her wet and opened up and told her that James really did want to see her naked. At first she passed it off and as she continued stroking my cock and kissing me she said she thought it would be exciting if he were to see her nude. I told her I thought it would be neat too. James was hid around the corner of the door and I told Deb I really wanted another drink before we retired. She said that sounded good and we got up to go into the kitchen. Deb reached for her robe and I told her to leave it, James was probably asleep on the couch passed out and it would be fun for her to be naked in the house with him there close. She giggled and as I heard James make his way down the hall I opened the door fully and we walked out.

I poured us each a drink and we walked into the living room where James was lying on the couch playing out of it. The tape was still on and old John Holmes was getting a blow job. Deb laughed and then said “Oh ••••.” She was starring at James’ rock hard 10” cock. “Look at the size of his penis, I have never seen one that big.” She explained. “Damn” I said it is pretty big. “Are you sure he is asleep?” Deb asked. “are you kidding with all he had to drink, he probably fell asleep watching that movie and is deep in dream land.” I replied.

Deb got closer and just looked at James’ massive black rod. I finally casually said “I’m sure he won’t mind if you want to touch it.” Deb looked at me and then back to James and back to me. “Are you sure he is asleep and won’t mind, what if he wakes up?” she asked. ‘From the looks of his cock I am sure you touching it won’t bother him.” I laughed.

Deb slowly reached her slender white hand out and touched the tip of James’ massive cock head. It twitched and a large drop of pre-cum oozed from his slit. Deb backed up and then reached back and took the base of his massive cock into her tiny white hands. She could not get her hand all the way around the base and it looked so hot seeing her tiny hand wrapped around James’ massive black rod. James moaned and Deb stood still not moving her hands. I quietly said “Do you want to taste it?”

Deb surprised me when she looked back at me and shyly said “Are you sure you won’t mind baby?” I was rock hard as I replied “No, go ahead he is out to the world anyway.” I watched as my wife bent over and slowly stuck out her tongue and licked the top of the huge black cock of my best friend. Deb giggled and began to really play with James’ cock. I moved Deb over and straddled her above James’ head so that her pussy was only an inch or so from his face. I knew she could feel his hot breathe on her puffy slit as she began to really enjoy his cock taking him fully into her mouth. The sight of my wife’s pearly white delicate skin with her tiny delicate mouth wrapped around James’ huge shiny black cock was driving me wild.

Before long Deb was really matching the blow job being given on the TV. And James had began licking her swollen pussy driving her wild. James’ began to blow his massive load of hot thick sticky white cum and Deb pulled him from her mouth and his load went all over her milky white chin and tits. James never acted like he woke up and After he came Deb got up and asked if I thought he would be mad. She said she did not mean to make him cum and did not know what had come over her. I assured her it was alright and that James was asleep and would never know.

We went back to the bedroom and Deb still covered in James’ cum began to treat me to the same blow job that she had treated James too. When I finally sunk my cock into her hot wet pussy it felt like it was on fire. Within minutes we both reached our climax and rode them together. After we separated Deb asked me if sometime it would be alright if James were to join us? I said sure why not as I smiled and winked at James who was again standing in the doorway stroking his rigid cock.

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