This whole experience started a few weeks ago, when my wife started to go out with a GF of hers to the casinos about an hour away. I’d been with her a few times, but it doesn’t really interest me that much, so I stay home with the kids (we’ve got four) and she’ll go and have a good time. She’s 31, about 5’6″, 125 pounds with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, a great set of tits (36 D’s) with big nipples, a very smooth bald pussy and legs that were made to wrap around you when you climb between them.

So off they would go–they’d get something to eat, maybe hang around the tables for a while, check out some of the clubs, but nothing with another guy. She tells me everything, so I believe her. She would certainly flirt with the dealers, and some of the guys in the club, but that was about all.

Well—about 2 weekends ago, she and the GF went to one of the snazzier clubs. They had been comped for a room at a hotel down the street, so they stayed over night. She got back Sunday morning about 9, crawled into bed and began to tell me about her evening. She said the place was packed, and they immediately got chatted up by a couple of guys from out of town–I think one had just gotten out of the Army. So they started dancing with the guys (her guys name was Brian). As she’s telling me this, she’s getting sort of hesitant, but I tell her to go on, it’s okay. Well, she tells me they were really getting into the dance, grinding against each other, he was brushing against her tits, she brushed his cock through his pants, and pulled his crotch into hers as they danced with him behind her. I’m really getting aroused, and so is she as she’s telling me, so I start playing with her, and she’s stroking me slowly.

Her GF disappears with her guy (the guys had a room at that hotel) and comes back in about half an hour, both with huge grins on their faces. I kept asking her if she fucked Brian, but she said no, she felt guilty and was thinking about me. They danced the whole night, and she was really turned on–she said they came as close as they could to having sex right there on the dance floor; she thinks she actually came.

Well, I was primed for action, and climbed on top of her. She was really hot and started to cum right then; I tried to hold out as long as I could, but I flooded her cunt pretty quick. As we lay there, she said she was sorry. I said no, I love you, I’m not mad, you telling me made me hot as hell, you didn’t do anything wrong. We talked about it a lot that day. They finally left the club about 4 am, she gave the guy her cell number and a quick kiss. We had sex quite a bit that week.

So, last Thursday night, she and the GF decide to go out. I asked if Brian was going to be there, she said no, he was in town for that one night only, and she was really just tagging along with GF because GF wanted to hang out with one of the cute dealers she knew there. Cool, I said, and told her to do some more dirty dancing. She laughed and said okay.

They didn’t get back until 6 am–luckily she had the presence of mind to call her work that morning and tell them she wouldn’t be in. She crawled into bed, and said she needed a few hours of sleep, so I got up and got the kids off to school. I got back about an hour later and went back to bed with her.

She gradually began to wake up, and she tells me, “we got kicked out of the bar ’cause we were dancing too provocatively.” We laughed–in a club full of people dancing and partying, why the hell would they throw somebody out? “yep, me and GF got kicked out.”

I know she’s had a fantasy of being with another woman, and I thought that’s what this was about. But she said she had been dancing with this guy called Don, who was a dealer that she had flirted with a couple of times, and who was friends with GF’s “date.” Both couples had been dancing provocatively apparently.

She said she really got into it with Don; at one point he had his mouth on her crotch (she did the same to him) and the touching was much more obvious and aggressive (okay, sounds pretty provocative to me). She was really hot, so when they had to leave, Don suggested another place nearby. They left in 2 cars, and my wife let Don drive (she was pretty tipsy).

They climbed into the car and drove to the next club, she pulled the top of her shirt down so he could play with her tits. She sat real close to him and she opened his pants down and took his dick out and stroked it. The club was pretty close, so not much else happened. They were at this place for about an hour, dancing and partying; the four of them decided to go to the other guy’s house for a little while.

For some reason on the drive over to the house, she didn’t play with his dick but he did play with her tits and rub her crotch through her jeans. She said she felt her pants and even she could feel the wetness.

They got to the house–the guy showed them around, then they all sat down for about half an hour to shoot the breeze, but she said the air was pretty thick with sexual tension. Finally GF and guy head upstairs (to “look at his etchings”, as they say, LOL!).

Don stretches out on this sofa, and she immediately lays down on top of him. She unbuttons his shirt, and sits up to take hers off. They played like that for a few minutes, and then he opened her jeans, and reached down and stuck two fingers in her and finger-fucked her. She said he was kind of rough, but she really liked it, and came hard and very loudly (she’s pretty noisy when she comes). Now she’s kneeling over him straddling his pelvis, her tits hanging down in his face; she unbuttons his pants and pulls out his cock. She rubs it along the top of her pubic mound where it ‘s peeking out from her pants. Then she started to stroke him, and told him she wanted him to jerk off for her (she finds the sight of a man masturbating extremely arousing). So both she and Don jerk his cock, slowly at first then faster, and he finally comes with a loud yell. She said he had a huge load of cum, most of it landing on his chest, but some got on her hand.

They layed there for a few minutes, caressing each other, then they got cleaned up and dressed; GF and guy came down and it was about 4:30 or so, so they had to get back home. She and Don exchanged cell numbers, and she left.

Of course as she’s telling me all this, we’re both getting worked up. I’m so fucking hard thinking of what she and Don had done (and at the same time jealous–it’s a weird feeling), we end up fucking in the middle of her story. She said she didn’t go all the way with him, again because she was thinking about me.

Well, tonight, she’s going back to the casino, and they’re supposed to hook up again. I told her not to feel guilty, that she should do what she feels like doing; if she wants to fuck him then she should. I’m not telling her to go do it, just that it’s okay if she does–as long as she tells me everyhing that happens and that she comes home to me. I’ll post a follow up to this story in a few days, and let you know what happens.
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