Not wanting to brag, but gifted with a large cock, I have to tell a story about one wild trip to Vegas a few weeks ago. Being big and black, I’ve pleasantly discovered how beautiful white women are attracted to me. Not bragging, it’s just a physical fact of nature, I guess, and well, Wifelovers is proof of how physical and sexual people really are, even if we don’t all admit it. Women LOVE big cocks and the blackness of my cock just adds some color contrast as I shove it in a shaved white pussy, and white women and me both love to watch! Black skin inside white skin, ahhhhh….

Married women, I’ve found is what I love to prey on, especially those in their mid-30’s to mid-40’s who reach that stage in life where they want one last fling while they still are hot, without any commitments. Hot sex with no ties – a perfect match for a hot black 30 year old man!

I was on a short vacation, just hanging out at the bar in a Vegas hotel, when this hot woman walked in by herself. You know how some, maybe 1% or less of woman you see, just stand out, well, this woman I’m sure lit up every room she ever walked in to. Brunette, straight hair, down to her shoulders very natural looking, not this fake dumb blond stuff which doesn’t appeal to me much. Later, I found out she is 37, married and has two kids. She was on a “business trip” alone. Petite, maybe 5’4”’ around 100 lbs with a tight, athletic body, medium size tits big enough to just jiggle a little when she walked. I loved watching her cleavage and her nice round tits jiggle, and her nipples showed through, even poked out of her thin, white, dress blouse with the top button undone, and just 2 or 3 other buttons keeping the thing on her. She had a short black skirt and CFM’s for shoes, with fantastically tanned perfect legs and cute little feet standing in them.

It was a little crowded, so I just happened to bump into her as I walked by, and I apologized so politely, the white bitches love that polite attention from a big black guy, and she just ate it up. Well, I offered her a drink, and after a couple, we wound up on the dance floor. Her short black skirt, had a nice long slit in the front on one side going up in a direction that was almost up to her slit. She was so damn hot, and kickin up her heals and when she raised a leg high enough, I could see almost all the way up! Finally, a slow number came on and I wrapped my arms around this baby, found out her name was Denyse, and she wrapped her arms around me. Women have this way of somehow grinding their pelvis into you, you know, right against your cock, and well, she was slowly grinding into me, and I’m sure she felt my cock getting harder pressing into her.

That blouse! Ahhhh! It was open at the top and from her left side I could look down and see a white laced see-through bra just barely covering her nipple. How that small pink round spot lures us down, amazing! Reached my hand up, and she didn’t stop me, so I kept going, as we held each other tight, my left hand slid inside her shirt and between her breasts, and I stretched my fingers and cupped her right tit in my hand. She moaned softly into my ear, and encouraged me to slide my hand deftly under her bra and touched, ahhh, Nirvana, her naked nipple, and it was already so damn hard as I touched it, and so long, it must have stuck out damn near an inch. What is it that’s so fascinating about a womens tits? God, I love them!

I softly stroked her breast, and especially her long hard nipple, sliding my thumb and finger up and down the length of it and squeezing it slightly, feeling how soft, smooth, and hot it was and so very sensitive. We swayed in a dance as if nothing was happening. My right hand reached down to caress her wonderful round ass, pulling her grinding pussy even more tightly against me, then down past the bottom of her skirt to touch her bear leg, long slender and athletic as it was, I couldn’t help, but let my hand crawl up under her skirt to play with, oh my, her bear ass! I reached around further to her crack, and was surprised not to find even a thong! I grabbed her cheeks and slid my hand up and down her ass crack, finally touching her asshole. And I pressed my finger in her ass for awhile.

She let me go on forever, and I think she was more than a little tipsy and/or just horny as hell. Then just as I reached around the curve of her ass, sliding further down her crack and just glanced my fingers onto her wet pussy lips, she shuddered and held me tight. Then she started grinding hard against me as I slid my middle two fingers up her cunt and pushed them inside her. Oh, that feeling of having your fingers in a hot fucking pussy! And that pussy was so hot and so tight, and was squeezing onto my fingers. She gasped in my ear that, right now, we needed to sit down together in a booth near the back of the bar, where it was a little more private. I took my dripping fingers out of her cunt, and sniffed the sweet aroma, and then sucked my fingers into my mouth tasting her sweetness as we walked to a back booth. She just stared at me as I did this, and I think that might have turned her on just a little more, knowing that I loved the taste of her pussy so much. Ahhh, how I love the taste and scent of a sweet pussy, and I can never get too much pussy to eat!

We got to the booth and locked onto each other as she was shoving her tongue down my throat the waitress came by. We ordered a couple of wine coolers, and when the waitress returned Denyse slipped the waitress two 20’s and told her we needed to be alone for awhile. The waitress smiled and stared at the bulge in my Khaki shorts and said to whistle if we needed anything. Denyse sat to my right in the booth and stuck her hungry tongue back in my mouth and my left hand moved back into her blouse and I played with that wonderful nipple again. She slid her left leg up over my right leg and the slit of her dress moved up almost high enough to see her pussy. My right hand dropped to caress her fantastic thigh that was resting on my leg, and I worked my hand up and down the smoothness of her thigh, up to her inner thighs, and then briefly touched her wet pussy lips. Embarrassed slightly I moved my hand away, then her hand caught my hand and moved it back up to her wet pussy and I knew she was mine!

And man did I stroke that wet pussy! I reached down with my left hand and went to town and I slid my finger between her lips that were so damn wet and hot. I love to feel pussy and slid my fingers up and down between her lips. I looked down and could now see her pussy fully exposed to my hand and see her lips were so swollen and long and pink! God I love pussy! My finger slid up and rubbed her clit that was sticking out and swollen too, begging for me to rub it. I loved the feel of her cunt and stuck my two middle fingers in her cunt while my thumb slid between her lips up to find her clit. I pushed my fingers deep inside her hole and squeezed my fingers inside her rubbing the front part of her cunt on the inside while my thumb rubbed against her clit on the outside.

Not forgetting her tits, I was multi-tasking using my right hand on her tits as she turned to face me, when her hand finally reached down to my hard cock. She squeezed my cock through my shorts and broke off our kiss so she could look down at my cock, then while watching my hand stroke her pussy, she unbuttoned my khakis, my cock leaped out, and she reached in to find I wasn’t wearing underwear either and nothing got in the way of her touching my black hard cock. Her hand slid down my shaft measuring its length, then weighing my balls, then moved back up again to find the big throbbing head of my cock. She gasped and took a closer look at me, then looked in my eyes with that look I’ve seen a hundred times, and said “I’ve never seen a cock that fucking big! It’s so black and hot and so dam fucking beautiful!” Then the inevitable, “I want you!” Well, ok, I guess, if I have to, though I didn’t have time to answer her yet.

Perhaps thinking about what was to cum inside her later, she started humping my hand harder and harder, thrusting her cunt onto my fingers, and begged me to squeeze her tits harder, and told me not to stop. And why would I? I love to see a beautiful hot, white bitch cum on my fingers, or on my cock. I love to watch a hot woman cum. And she rode my hand like a bronco rider and it was a physical challenge for me to hold my hand so tightly up inside her while she rode me. And her pussy started contracting and throbbing, grabbing my fingers so fucking hard my fingers almost shot off inside her, and she bit my shoulder hard as she tried to stifle her scream as she came on my hand. She humped my hand hard for so long that my hand started to get cramped from fucking her pussy so hard!

Finally, she stopped humping my hand and collapsed in my arms. Here I was, holding my black fingers in this hot white, married, chick’s cunt, with my hand in her shirt squeezing her tits, while sitting in a booth in the bar. What would her husband think if he saw such a sight? Vegas, gotta love it! We did get a few looks from across the bar, but it was fairly dark and secluded.

Then she begged me to come to her room, and being the nice guy I am, well, I said “ok”. She helped me stuff my cock into my shorts and grabbing my ass, led me out of the bar like a prize, through the lobby to the elevator. We got inside, one of these glass walled elevators where it was open to the inside of the hotel with the bar just below us, and she punched the button for the 22nd floor. She stared for a moment, then looked me in the eye with this evil look, and said “I love your cock!” and dived to her knees pulling my cock out while we were going up! I’m sure we put on quite the show as she gripped my cock and forced the head of my cock into her mouth, with her tongue licking my head in circles while she held it in her mouth. Her mouth felt so good on my cock, I grabbed her hair caressing the back of her head, gently encouraging her to suck my cock deeper into her mouth. It felt so good as I watched her mouth take my shaft in, and her lips slid down and up on my cock, sometimes licking the head with her tongue on the way up and on the way down. I couldn’t stop my hips from swaying, thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth and fucking the face of this beautiful woman, watching my black cock go into her hot white mouth! Oh, the feeling of having your cock sucked!

The elevator stopped at the 15th floor and she just kept sucking me as couple of guys joined us. I’m guessing they may have seen from one of the interior rooms or balconies and wanted a close up look. She had the ‘I don’t care I’m in Vegas and no one knows me’ attitude and looked up for a moment and grinned at them both, then proceeded to slurp and suck on my cock in the loudest and most aggressive manner, I think for effect on all of us guys present. If she didn’t care, I didn’t either and I looked at the guys and shrugged, and they nodded in complete understanding. So, I started fucking her mouth again with my cock. They grabbed their cocks by instinct and just watched with eyes wide open, as she watched them back, I think a little amused and turned on by having an audience. And she looked up at me seeing the pleasure in my eyes, as I adored her sucking of my cock, and she obviously enjoyed feeling my hard cock in her mouth too.

The 22nd floor arrived, and I almost did too, but she whipped my cock out of her mouth, didn’t bother to put it back in my shorts this time, and stood up and led me cock-in-hand out of the elevator to her room. She just smiled at the two guys as we walked away. They stared, not knowing what the heck to do, but gawk away!

You know, I hate the stories that have several parts, but I need to break this up a bit. Will tell more later if anyone is interested.
Here I am walking, half running, down the hall with this hot white woman pulling my hard black cock by her hand, down the hall. We get to her door, she fumbles with the key and the door opens into her room and both our hearts are pounding knowing what’s going to happen in here, what we’ve both been waiting for.

Sometimes I love frantically tearing off a woman’s clothes, sometimes I love a slow strip tease. We both threw the door shut slamming it tight and tore into each other. I tried to go slow, unzipping her skirt from the back, ahh the feeling of unzipping a skirt slowly, but my hands were fumbling I was so about ready to explode. It zipped down, snagged, then pushed all the way down and she wiggled a little to help me slide it down. I undid 2 more buttons on the blouse and opened it up to see all of her and she helped me shake it off of her. Always the dilemma, go for her tits, that pussy, or her ass, she didn’t give me time as she went for my shorts, unbuttoned them and threw them down as fast as she could to the floor, while I took my shirt off over my head. Then we gasped, me at her, all naked and all mine, and she got a full-uninterrupted view of my 9+ inch thick black cock staring up at her. I love that look, when they see me the first time and just stare! She paused a moment, not knowing what to do.

I grabbed her, put my arms around her picking her up tightly next to me feeling her breasts pressed to my chest and locked my mouth with hers as I carried her over to the bed and, while I tried to lay her down gently, we both were in such a hurry, we so ungracefully fell onto the bed bouncing until my head lunged down between her legs. I so wanted to tongue, suck, lick, and taste this hot wet pussy, that only my hands so far had touched. Her taste on my fingers was just an appetizer. Her full blown naked pussy lips I dove into slurping and sucking and licking up and down. I love to eat pussy and make a woman come so hard on my face, almost as much as fuckin. I pushed 2 fingers inside rubbing her cunt hole inside sweeping all around, inside and out while my tongue licked her lips up and down and up to her clit round and round, sucking her clit gently into my mouth, sucking and licking slowly with my tongue going around her clit as I sucked. My fingers then rubbed hard on the upper side of her hole, behind her clit, she was so hot and fleshy there. My other hand found those hot frickin tits and I noticed she was pulling her own nipples, rubbing them and twisting them. I love to watch a woman playing with herself.

She came, my god she came, she howled and grabbed a pillow and screamed into it, and her pussy gripped my hand so hard, like in the bar, and her hips did that wonderful dance thrusting her clit up and down on my tongue. And she trembled, and trembled and finally became still, just laying there panting so still as I watched her come down from where I had sent her. And she smiled and looked so peaceful, and I was still so hard for her, making her cum twice so far and it was finally my turn! I kissed her and she loved the tastes of her own pussy in my mouth. I told her I wanted to taste my cum in her mouth next and she got this crazy look as we stared at each other for a moment. Then she sat up and lunged for my cock as I stood on the bed on my knees.

Oh, a blowjob, yes! She loved my cock. She absolutely loved my cock. Just like in the elevator only now I could finally unload on her without fear of getting caught. She went wild and I couldn’t believe how her tongue flew up and down and all around my cock and both of her hands were going wild on me grabbing my balls caressing and squeezing, grabbing my head feeling me all over measuring how much she loved and adored it, then brought the head to her lips and paused. Kissed my gently, looking at me in the eyes as she so painfully and slowly pushed my cockhead between her lips and sucked me into her mouth with a big, big slurp! My balls were hanging down and with both hands, she reached underneath and tickled my balls pulling me up to her mouth and deep into her mouth. She bobbed up and down and sensed that we were both a little uncomfortable in our position and layed down on the bed dragging my cock in her mouth to where she was laying down and I was standing on the floor. Fuckin her face, or she was fuckin my cock with her mouth, I told her to reach down and touch herself. She hesitated, but I told her we were in Vegas, who cared? Besides, I love to watch a woman play with herself, especially when she is sucking my cock.

She didn’t hesitate and acted like she needed the relief, again, as if she hadn’t come twice already! Her left hand went to her pussy lips and her middle two fingers slid into her cunt while the palm of her hand rubbed her clit as she squeezed her self while thrusting her hand in and out of her self. I told her, oh yeah baby, that’s it, fuck your self. She seemed to be excited by my watching her do this, wasn’t it so naughty? Her right hand grabbed my shaft, and she shoved as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, and pushed the head of my cock down her throat. She was gagging and moaning, and a muffled scream came out as she tried to push my cock down her throat. Her right hand went around and grabbed my ass, went between my cheeks and a finger pushed in to my a-hole. I started thrusting, I couldn’t stop, thought I might choke her to death, but neither one of us cared. She kept pulling me into her mouth, I kept pushing, and her hand kept fuckin her pussy making sucking sounds she was so dam wet and hot. I stroked her hair and face with one hand and played with those incredible nipples, rubbing them, pulling them gently and roughly, and cupping my hand feeling the incredible roundness of her breasts, squeezing, caressing, and rubbing them hard at times.

Time stopped. I was in heaven and so was she. I fucked her mouth, she fucked her self. I asked her if she wanted to taste me. She told me she wanted me to taste my cum in her mouth. She wanted to make me cum with her mouth, she wanted to see my sperm shoot out. She started thrusting her head up and down on my cock, her mouth was so hot and so wet and she was sucking me so tightly down into her throat. She must have felt me getting close, and she squeezed her pussy so hard and so fast her hand was a blur and my cock in her mouth became a blur as I thrust into her, then I slowed down and felt it about to happen, and my hardest cock slowed down and went into massive long and slow strokes as every nerve in me exploded and my cum came out in her mouth and she grabbed the base of my shaft with her hand and stared, squeezing hard and milking me with her hand going up and down my hard cock with her mouth holding the head of my cock between her lips and tongue and I came and came onto her tongue. The first wave she swallowed, the rest she kept in her mouth on her tongue and her eyes smiled up at me as she obviously enjoyed watching me cum. My massive cock had finally erupted and she held me tightly in her hand and continued to jack me, milking every last drop. You know how at the end, you can just be held forever and always a good woman can get a few more drops out of you? That’s what she did to me!

And I looked down at her and she smiled, holding her mouth partly open with her tongue out, and motioned me down to kiss her, to taste my cum in her mouth. I bent down and first the tips of our tongues met, then I tasted my salty wet cum and her drooling saliva filled hot wet mouth, and my tongue plunged into her mouth as we enjoyed a hot, sultry, wet, salty kiss, sharing the taste of my cum in her mouth.

My cock hadn’t even been in her pussy, yet and that was just the beginning of a 3-day fuckfest! Can write more later, if interested, and if I find the time. God, she was hot. Definitely a woman to remember. It’s too bad most women don’t really let loose all of the time. But we were in Vegas, and she was finally fulfilling her black man fantasy, and I was happy to oblige.

I kissed her wet cum covered mouth and we got ourselves going again. I loved the way she sucked me, and we both watched my black cock slide into her mouth. Black cock in a white mouth, mmmmmm…..And she loved the way I sucked her pussy and at the moment, her cunt started humping my leg as the blow job turned her on again and she still wanted more. She had made herself cum on her hand, but her hand hadn’t satisfied herself like she knew my cock would.

She parted her legs and looked down between her legs smiling as my black cock was bulging again pointing to her wet sloppy pussy hole this time, instead of her mouth. I touched the head of my cock to her pussy lips and she was literally drooling my cum out of her mouth watching every moment, anticipating the hard blackness going inside her. She’d been dreaming of this moment since she first grabbed and glimpsed my cock down in the bar. And I’d dreamed of slamming my cock into that wet pussy, ever since I first had my fingers up her hole while on the dance floor.

My cock pushed between her lips oh so slowly, and she pushed me away slightly as I entered her hot tight wet pussy, until the head of my cock disappeared inside her. I must have been the biggest thing she ever had down there she was so tight as I pushed into her slowly and her cunt hole was so small, it tightly squeezed my cock and made me want to cum already, squeezing me so hard as if to suck the sperm right out of me. So I went slow to make it easier on her, but mainly, to keep from cumming so dam soon in something I wanted to be inside of for so long.

Gently, slowly I got half way in and held still, and so did she. I love to tease a woman a little (and tease myself), at that point when she is both afraid to let something in that’s so big, and desperate to have me inside her at the same time. So I tease her and ask her if she wants me to stop and she can’t talk as she leans forward staring at the huge frickin black cock stuck half-way into her white pussy. I’m so hard I’m throbbing and it’s so hard not to move, but I stay still and watch her, savoring this moment of high anxiety, dread, and longing for me to bang all the way, balls deep inside her. Just when I can’t stand it any more, she thrusts her hips up shoving her pussy further onto my cock and I lunge deeply into her cunt. Ahhhhhh, we both scream and yell and pant and it feels fuckin good to have my cock fully and completely inside her tight white cunt!

I push in to the hilt, up to the balls and won’t stop, can’t stop fucking her now! Her hips keep thrusting up at me and she’s fuckin me as much as I’m fuckin her. A white woman that doesn’t just lay there is somewhat rare. I hold still for a while and she wraps her arms and legs around me and is fuckin me from underneath. Ahhh, I love to be fucked by a hot married white woman! We stare each other in the eyes, I love to watch the look on a woman’s face when she’s getting it so good and I especially love to watch when they cum. Her hot hole started squeezing my hard cock and she started to cum on me and I held mainly still and just let her fuck my cock with her pussy. How she screamed again, I thought someone might start knocking at the door to find out what was going on! She came and came thrusting hard on my cock, grunting and screaming, before becoming still. It was soooo hard not to come inside of her, but I wanted to make this last and give this good cunt the fuck of her life! I held still a moment as she came down again and caught her breath. She lay there panting and staring down at the still hard massive black cock between her legs. Then she looked up at me and smiled and said “fuck me, fuck the •••• out of me, I love your big black cock!”

And so, I said, “well, ok”, and just busted loose fucking her as hard as I could and she couldn’t help but start screamin again. I was fuckin her so hard she was sliding across the bed, and I threw her legs onto my shoulders to get even deeper and harder inside of her, while holding her hands down to keep her from sliding as I banged away at her. My balls were slapping so hard against her ass cheeks and my cock went down into her balls deep, and I must have been starting to bruise her ass with my thrusts. You know that fuckin feeling when every part of your body is in tune with the woman you are fuckin and every inch of both of us was feelin so good. Together, we became a fuckin machine. I wondered how long I would be in heaven with each thrust, when I stepped it up to the highest notch I could and fucked her so fast and furiously, our motions became a blur. Her head and body were bouncing on the bead, and I had her pinned down holding her there. She grabbed my ass with one hand and her bouncing tits with the other and screamed for me to cum inside of her and that was all it took to feel my cum start to rise up my cock and that feeling just before, ahhh, knowing you are going to come (and she knew it too) and then I went out of control like an animal just cuming and fuckin and cumin inside of her again and again and again! She screamed out too, I felt her cunt spasm once more on my cock, but this time it milked the cum right out of the cock pounding inside of her. She screamed, I screamed, sweat and cum were flying everywhere, until the last drop she milked from me.

The after cum fuck, is a treasure, and my hips uncontrollably, like a machine, continued to thrust my big, though softening cock, sliding like a slippery piston out of gas, in and out of her slowing to the point where we just held each other, my cock still being held inside of her by her precious cunt muscles. She wanted to keep my dick in her, and I was in no hurry to leave. Usually, waiting a few moments like this makes me get hard again, and even after cumin in her mouth once and her cunt once, I was getting hard again, just laying there still inside of her cunt. And she looked up at me, kissed me on the lips, and smiled softly again at me, knowing that I wasn’t done fuckin her yet. And I wasn’t. One more lay good night, if you want to hear more.
“You want me all night baby?” I asked her. She grinned and said “Yes!” I then asked “You want me all day tomorrow?” And she said, “and maybe tomorrow night too!” I had her. She was mine. This hot white wife was addicted to my black cock and she wanted more and more. She might kill me, I thought, but I’ll give it to her until I drop, if I have to, I guess.

My cock was still inside of her dripping wet pussy as I lay on top of her. She asked me if I wanted to bang her from behind, and I told her I’d love to fuck her butt. She said, “no, not IN my butt, just from behind, you know, doggie style?” She said she’d never had a cock in the ass before, and that she wanted to feel my big frickin cock slide into her pussy from behind. So, well, ok if I have to, I guess.

I reluctantly pulled my cock from her pussy and it was unbelievably wet and sloppy with sperm and pussy juice, it slurped when I pulled out and we could feel all the cum drippin. I looked down at her wide open, just fucked cunt, swollen clit and pussy lips spread wide, with my cum dripping out of her cunt hole, between her lips, and down her crack to her ass hole. I couldn’t resist, I was thirsty and I love the taste of my cum when it’s inside a hot wet pussy. Her scent drove me crazy and her sweet pussy tasted blending with my salty cum, I licked her up and she couldn’t believe I was doing that, though it must have turned her on a bit as she started fucking my mouth with her pussy. I didn’t let her cum this time though, and I slid up and kissed her with my mouth full of all of our wet juices, and surprised her again with this. At first she pulled back, then she started ravishing my tongue sucking our cum out of my mouth and into hers. She was pulling me up to fuck her again, when I broke the kiss and quickly turned her over, pulling her up to her knees, and pulled her ass up high pointing at me.

I leaned down, couldn’t resist eating her again, and sucked her pussy, then licked her crack up to her a-hole and stuck my tongue in there. Our cum had dripped into her rear hole and I was tasting us there too. Again, she initially resisted, saying no one had licked her there before, then she started moaning as my tongue worked on licking her a-hole and then pushing inside. Her butt was so tight I thought my tongue would get caught there, but she started rubbing her clit with her hand while I buried my tongue deep inside her rear hole. Never had your butt licked, fingered, or fucked, huh, well, time to change that.

I couldn’t wait anymore, so I took my cock and shoved it into her pussy from behind. She let out a gasp as I gave her little warning. She started humping the heck out of my cock and I wet my thumb on our juices still filling her crack and pushed gently into her a-hole. She initially resisted, but I stopped fuckin her and slowly pushed my thumb in anyway until she finally relaxed, and started humping my cock, and now my thumb too. Her a-hole felt so smooth and hot and wet, almost like another cunt, and eventually she loosened up and I was able to shove two fingers up her butt, as she started chanting yes, yes, yes!

It was time, so I pulled out of her pussy and pushed the head of my cock into her ass. I just got the head in when she screamed and pulled forward, then flipped onto her back. I just looked at her, almost pleading, and she cried that it hurt too much. I kissed her gently, she looked down at my black cock between her legs and started thrusting again, this time though, I had a surprise for her, and I couldn’t wait anymore to get into the only hole of hers I hadn’t cum in yet.

Quickly, I lifted her legs on my shoulders again, then slid my cock down her crack and a-hole, and she was so dripping wet I quickly was able to slide the head of my cock between her cheeks and into her a-hole. She screamed, and cried and begged, and I slapped her ass hard several times and pushed her arms to her side and held her wrists down on the bed, holding her legs on my shoulders at the same time, as I thrust my cock swiftly into her ass. Oh, she cried and screamed, and tears ran down her face, but her ass felt so good clamped around my hard cock. Finally, I got all the way in with my ball laying on her butt cheeks, and held still, allowing her time to accommodate my big cock. She begged me to stop, then I told her how great her ass felt, and had her look down to see my big black cock stuck up her butt. Crying, and still struggling, she looked down and was mesmerized. She stopped crying and just gasped, then stared intently as I moved ever so slowly in and out of her sweet butt. One last tear ran down her cheek as she looked up at me and smiled and said it kinda feels good.

With that, I had her. All 3 holes in one night, and she loved it. She started asking me to thrust harder, to cum in her ass, to rub her pussy at the same time I fucked her a-hole, and so well, if I have to. I let go of her hands, and went to her pussy, laying so open below me and it was so wonderful to watch my black cock fuck her white ass. Those wet juicy pink lips were so hot, and wet, I flicked her clit until she took over the job with both of her hands. Here she was, this woman crying about me fucking her in the ass, now urging me to cum in her ass while she rubbed her pussy frantically with both of her hands. The site of her touching herself and her moans, and sloppy wet sounds of her pussy, and my cock in her ass made me pick up the pace and start to pound the living crap out of this white married whore. “Tell me you love my cock in your ass!” “I love it!” she said, and added “Cum in my Ass! Cum baby, cum, fuck my ass! Fill my ass with your black cum!” Well, if I have to, I guess, and I couldn’t stand it much longer and started to feel that familiar wave come over me, and she could feel it too and started yelping and screaming and flicking her clit, until my cock sliding in and out of her ass, it was so fun to watch, shot my last load of the night up her ass. She squirmed and wiggled and I held my cock all the way deep inside of her as the last drops of cum dripped out. Then she held me there, wrapped her arms and legs around me, her ass tightly holding my cock inside her. We laughed in the mirror the next morning, at all of the bruises on her butt, and our cum everywhere. We had a totally fuckin good night.

A couple of more fun days with her were had, another set of wild stories of sex on the balcony, in a car, and nearly in front of her husband, but perhaps another time for those. I’ve had many white married women in my day, Denyse though, was the best and the one I will never forget.

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