The one thing I didn’t count on was the baby powder. That small detail blindsided me and caused no small amount of panic. And I had been convinced it was a stroke of genius, the whole thing. A masterful plan.
Sarah was tethered to the bed quite nicely. Each wrist was bound by a tie, affixed to the feet of my king size bed. Her arms were stretched out to each side like angel wings. A sleep mask secured with a scarf blindfolded her sufficiently. The room was dark, with only flickering candles breeding dancing shadows.
I pulled my pants off with haste and climbed onto the bed. Althought I was excited to set this plan in motion, there was a degree of arousal already humming in me and threatening to make me bumble.

I placed one knee on each side of her head, looking down at her in awe. Sarah has an incredibly sensual mouth and as I guided my cock toward it, I was swept a bit by the adolescent feeling of eagerness. Her mouth felt my cock and opened for it. Her tongue poked out and licked at the head, filling me with electricity. I wanted to move slow but couldn’t. I pressed forward and Sarah took me in. My cock slid inside her warm mouth and she sucked, moving her head back and forth as much as she could. The moist feeling of tightness around me tempted me to close my eyes and let go — to experience it in all it’s richness. But no… I couldn’t. I looked down at her and watched her incredible mouth taking me in, sucking me with such finesse. I watched and drew out. I watched and pushed in…
It took will power — mighty will power — to pull myself away. I gingerly pulled my knees away from her head and stepped off the bed. I quickly walked through the door before she could question me and made for the kitchen. Any thought of covering myself was long gone as I moved to carry on with this wicked plan.
Randy was waiting on the porch, stepping from one foot to the other against the cold. I opened the door just long enough to beckon him in with a wave of my hand. He stepped in and started to speak. I held a finger to my lips and pointed toward the bedroom. I gave him the thumbs up. His face went blank but he started to undress. I stepped into the living room to give him some privacy. Ha! Comical, given the plan that was now underway.
Randy left his shoes and pants and shirt and coat in a heap on the kitchen floor. He walked into the living room and I pointed at the socks. Everything had to be the same. She might feel a sock rub up against her and think: hey! That wasn’t there before.
Randy understood and pulled his socks off, tossing them mindlessly toward the heap of clothes in the kitchen. I pointed to the bedroom door and we stepped toward it.
I pushed the door open and motioned him inside. This was important — Sarah was blindfolded, not deaf and rendered dumb. Any long hesitations at the door or sounds of fumbling would seem very suspicious. I had told Randy exactly how to position himself and now he needed to do it.
Randy complied. He stepped into the bedroom, saw Sarah sprawled on the bed and looked at me wide eyed. She has a gorgeous body. The curves of her hips, the shape of her legs, the swell of her breasts, all were visible in the candle glow. Randy, like myself, marvelled over Sarah’s body. Had so for years, eyeing her fully clad and wondering about her nakedness. I had been awarded the glory of seeing her naked, of course. He had only imagined it or seen glimpses in taunting photos.
There was no time for all this insight. I motioned again toward the bed and this time Randy went straight for it. He carefully climbed up and manuevered his knees around Sarah’s head. The bed squeaked and Sarah shifted. I stood in the doorway watching, seeing Randy’s cock springing very close to her mouth.
“What are you doing?” She asked in a playful yet curious tone. Randy looked at me. We had predicted this and decided on the only course of action possible: silence. I gave him the thumbs up and he turned his gaze back to Sarah.
He took his cock in one hand and moved it toward her mouth. My heart was jackhammering and I felt faint. This was a gloriously sexy scene and yet nerve wracking as it gets. I again wondered — frightfully — if there would be a glaring difference in the way he felt to her. The size and shape of our cocks appeared very much the same to me. But what do I know? I’m a guy and all cocks look the same. Maybe Sarah would perceive some very noticeable difference in contour. Maybe the taste is dissimilar or the skin temperature.
I had not thought about aroma until this very instance. Panic seized me just as I saw the tip of Randy’s cock press against Sarah’s lips. Did he use cologne? Some exotic soap? I was about paralyzed with panic when I saw her mouth open. The tip of Randy’s cock glided inside her mouth and she began to suck it. I saw the shaft move in and out and I saw the sheer joy on Randy’s face. He squeezed his eyes shut and rocked his hips forward. Sarah moved her head to accomodate his cock and she sucked mightily. Now, the feeling returning to my extremeties, I allowed myself the thrill of watching this. Her sensuous mouth worked magically on him and a range of emotions ran their course. She believed it was me hovering over her face in spite of the strange silence and weird departure I had made. She sucked on Randy believing it was my cock in her mouth, just like a fantasy story we had both read and both buzzed over.
Or maybe she knew it wasn’t me. Maybe a phantom odor or a strange contour gave the trick away. Maybe she sucked anyway, trusting that I was there orchestrating this and that all was safe and well. Maybe she was secretly and silently delighting in the strange cock that slid across her tongue and between her lips.
I watched for several minutes and then waved my hands to Randy. Only after several moments did he look over. He did so as if coming out of a trance. I tapped on my wrist as if I wore a watch there. Reluctantly — very reluctantly — he moved away from Sarah and stepped off the bed.
“Where are you going THIS time?” she said.
Silence. As planned.
Randy and I met in the living room but speaking even in whispers was still too risky. I pointed to myself and too the bedroom. I was going back in there. He could stand in the doorway a safe distance away.
I started into the bedroom and Randy followed. When he moved, I could smell on the air the clean, high aroma of body powder. BODY POWDER, for chrissakes! What was he thinking! Surely, she smelled it too, when he moved up over her head…
I’d think of something later. I looked down and saw that my erection was still strong and full. I looked at Randy and he was in the same state. Too bad we couldn’t both get total satisfaction this night. He understood — we had discussed it before.
I moved on to the bed and straddled Sarah once again.
“Which one is it THIS time?” she said. Still playful, still curious.
“It’s me, of course. Waddaya thinking?”
I kissed her neck and played with her tits. Her lips parted in a sigh of pleasure. I wanted to keep this going for her delight, my delight and Randy’s delight. But soon, my hips were moving toward hers. My cock found the warmth between her legs. It was very wet down there and I slid inside easily. Sliding into her was always heavenly. This was no different. I pressed myself all the way in and she gasped lightly. I began with short, even strokes and then glided all the way in. I grabbed her hips and pulled them to me, driving my cock deep inside her. I glanced over at Randy and saw him standing in the doorway, watching Sarah’s back arch, watching her undulating hips. Randy might have been stroking himself. It was hard to tell. The light was low and I was half blinded by the feeling of being inside Sarah. I wondered vaguely how she would react if a warm cock pressed against her lips while mine was buried inside her. Then the thought dismantled itself and we were fucking and time sort of stopped making sense.
By the time I rolled off her, I was lightheaded. It had ended too soon, yet it felt like an interminable amount of time had lapsed. I looked toward the door. Randy was gone. Still, it might do to give him a few extra seconds, in case he was fumbling into clothing.
“Wow,” I said to Sarah. I pulled her blindfold off. Slowly, I went to work on the ties that bound her wrists as we began to discuss the pleasure of the experience. Soon, I knew, she would ask about the way I excused myself from the room, not once, but twice. Soon, she would want to know why I remained silent for a duration.
And as I unbound her wrist and threw the tie to the floor, I knew she would have stronger questions, too. Questions with no easy answer.
Even now, in the afterglow, the clean, high smell of body powder hung in the air.

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