I had a lot of nice comments when I wrote about my last experience with Tom, the one about camping. I want to thank you. First let me tell you that I love my husband plus Greg gives me great sex and he treats me like a queen.

So one day last week we were sitting just talking Greg asked if I decided what I wanted to do (The thing with Tom just happened and I was uneasy about planning with being with someone). I asked him if he really wanted to see me with someone again. He said he did but if I didn’t he understood but wish I would consider it. I asked him who it would be and he said Ken (someone we know that lives in the next town). I thought about it for a few minutes then said to go ahead and invite him over on Friday night.

The next day Thursday afternoon, Greg left the house when he came back he started caressing my body and told me he went to talk to Ken and he would be over tomorrow evening. I felt a little nervous but excited too. Greg said when he finally got the courage up to ask, that Ken was stunned but said he would and then Greg told him that I might change my mind. Ken said that he wouldn’t be upset if I did and Greg said he wouldn’t neither but hoped I didn’t. Greg and I had sex that night and we went wild talking about it.

The next day I stayed home from work to clean the house. I would start to think about the both of them enjoying my body (mainly I thought about Tom enjoying my body) I almost had to give in to myself that afternoon and masturbate, but I didn’t. That night Ken came over about 7:00 and we sat and talked for a while and had a few drinks. When Ken went to use the restroom Greg told me to go put my sexy nightgown on. (It is wine coloured with spaghetti straps low cut and shows a lot of cleavage and short, I’m no Victoria secret model with watermelon tits and long legs but I think I look pretty just need to lose a little weight.)

When I came back to the living room and stood they looked at my body, I was nervous but getting turned on by the way they were looking at me. Greg asked me to take my breast out so I lowered the straps took my breast out and my nipples were hard. Then Greg asked me to go sit on Ken’s lap, I walked over and straddled his lap. I could tell he was just as nervous as I was because he just sat there with his hands at his side. Greg told him that it was all right to kiss me.

Ken put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me to him and kissed me lightly at first then he cupped one of my breast and kissed me more deeply, he started to caress the inside of my leg I could fell his hand against my pussy as he stroked up and down my leg. Ken started sucking my breast and his hands massaging my ass, he moved one of his hands back to my pussy and slides his finger in me. The sensation of Ken rubbing my ass with one hand fingering me and sucking my breast was making my body quiver all over. I pulled his head against my breast and stared moaning. We did this for a long time with Ken kissing me and sucking my nipples and Greg watching.

Greg said lets go to the bedroom now. Ken puts his hand on the side of my face and kisses me deeply before we got up from the sofa. When we got there they undressed while I watch, (I had lit some candle earlier) they were hard. I laid down in the bed and they laid on both side of me and sucked my breast and kissed me. I could feel their hands rubbing my body, their dicks rubbing on my legs and I was extremely horny. Ken put his hand between my legs and massaged my ass again while Greg rubbed my clit. They would take turns sucking my breast and kissing me Ken had a finger on the button (didn’t know what to call it) of my ass gently pushing in and out and Greg had a finger in my pussy and asked if I liked what they were doing to me. I can’t explain how good it felt it was so sexual my body was tingling all over.

Ken got up so I could suck on him, while Greg devoured my pussy. Greg licked me until I came then Greg slide his finger in me and watched as I sucked Ken. I could taste Ken while he was pushing himself in and out of my mouth. Greg got beside me and sucked my nipples and fingered me while I sucked Ken. Ken pulled out of my mouth and got between my legs Greg French kissed me and it was sexy because I had just sucked another man’s dick and he didn’t mind.

Greg got up and sat on the dresser and Ken raised my legs up and licks my pussy first, drops my legs kisses up my stomach kisses my breast and enters me, god it felt good. Now I’m not saying that Ken is a better lover than Greg because he’s not and neither was Tom, but there is something about when a different man enters you that drives you over the edge and it didn’t take long for me to cum. Ken sucked my breast and kissed me while he moved in and out of me, he told me I was pretty that I had nice breast.

I looked over at Greg who was on the dresser watching us with this look of awe stroking himself. I saw Ken’s ass going up and down between my legs in the mirror on the dresser. Greg grabbed his dick and said oh no and shot cum on the both of us. At the same time Ken lays on top of me grabbed my ass moaning and fucking me hard. I wrapped my arms around him and dug my nails in his back. He pushed himself hard against me and said in my ear I’m going to cum!! I’m going to cum!! and started grunting and shooting his cum in me. That set me off and I exploded I mean exploded. Ken laid on me a minute or so panting stroking himself inside me.

Greg put a hand on my knee and said that looked good sweetheart did you like that. I could not believe how good it felt having another man’s cum ooze out of me as it ran down the crack of my ass. I was a little nervous about doing this at first and there were times during the day on Friday I thought about not going through with it. Trust me it was good sex and Greg and I want to do it again soon.

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