I’ve been a shared 34 year old wife for about a year now. However, it’s been about six months since my last encounter. You always wonder how things will go meeting someone in person that you have only talked to on the net.

I began talking to a guy who lives not far from us. He sent a picture and was a very attractive man. He immediately became my favorite of all my “Gentleman Contacts”. This past Saturday we were talking and found he was free and hubby and I were free. We set down some preliminary rules and agreed to meet at a motel halfway between us. Hubby gave me the checkbook and off I went to buy a new outfit, lingerie and shoes! We checked in and I started to get ready. Hubby readied the digital camera and began drinking wine.

My playmate wanted me to dress and act naughty, so I fixed myself a drink featuring my favorite Rum. This always loosens me up and makes me horny! I started doing my makeup and pulled on my fishnet pantyhose. I pulled on a short black skirt, and a green chiffon blouse…no bra to hide my 40Ds. The final touch was my clear high heals, dangle earings and all the accessories. I sat down on the bed. Hubby said I looked terrific. Now we waited for my playmate to call. He was to call when he got close.

It was thirty minutes later than he thought he would call. I was getting a real nice BUZZ….but would it all be for nought? Hubby took some shot of me all fixed up to settle me down. I was really nervous! My previous shared experiences were with an old friend of hubby’s so I was not that nervous. Just when I was starting to think I was being stood up the phone rang. My heart jumped into my throat as I said hello….

….It was my playmate. He was about 20 minutes out. God I was nervous. Hubby calmed me down. We were sitting and talking when the knock at the door came! OH GOD…WHAT DO I DO? I went to the bathroom and hubby went to let in our visitor. They sat and talked and got introductions out of the way. Then I emerged from the bathroom. He was just as good looking in person as he was in his picture….even MORE!

Hubby introduced me and I walked over and kissed him lightly on the lips. He and hubby were sitting on chairs, so I sat on the bed and crossed my legs. (pretty good thinking there on my part!) My playmate and I looked each other over and we obviously liked what we saw! He fixed himself a drink and after a few minutes of chit-chat, hubby told me to take off my blouse. After a few weak protests….I did.

My playmate dropped his shorts (no underwear) and it was time for some SEX! I excused myself and went to change into my new red negligee. When I came out, I sat next to this hunk. We kissed deeply…I laid back never breaking the contact. He started feeling my pussy and slid a finger into my already wet cunt. After kissing for a while, he went down to eat my pussy. Heaven! This boy knows what he’s doing! All the while, hubby’s going nuts taking pictures.

We shifted positions and I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking it eagerly. MMMMMMMM it tasted so delicious! Soon we could not hold ourselves back and he removed my lingerie. As I laid there on the bed…he came over me and slowly slid his wonderful cock into my anxious pussy. Oh it was so good. He fucked me like a pro! He was slow at the right times and fast at the right times. All the while, he talked…telling me how naughty I was…and I was!

There was my husband sitting there watching his bride of 10 years getting screwed by a total stranger and LOVING IT! The Rum and the dick was a wonderful mix and I was building to a climax fast. I came with a shuddering orgasm as he came too! As good as it was, I thought was it over this soon? As it turned out, I need not worry. My newfound lover fucked me for 4 hours…..in the pussy, ass and mouth. I came 3 times and he came 4, or was it vise versa? My nipples and tits were carressed and kneaded all night.

I still have sore muscles in my thighs. We are keeping in touch as I want him again and again and apparently he wants me too. Hubby squeezed off more that 100 pics….My playmate knows who he is….and thank you lover! We all need to be careful when dealing with folks on the net, but this time worked out GREAT. Hopefully there are many more stories to come with this playmate. I hope to share them with you!

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