One night my wife and I along with a long time friend of mine (Jim) who was visiting went out to dinner. We were talking and laughing, and the subject matter got around to the size of a mans cock, and if a woman really liked bigger ones.

After we got back to our house, we had another drink and I said that my friend had a big cock that he was always joking about. My wife kind of laughed like she thought that all guys think they have a big cock, so I told him to take it out and show it to her. He wasn’t sure about doing it, so I told him to just do it. Finally he undid his pants and pulled them down a little and then reached in and pulled his cock out of his under pants.

It was soft, but definitely bigger than average. My wife looked at it and said something like “oh real nice” kind of sarcastically. I took her hand and put it on Jim’s cock….she felt it and it started getting harder. The harder it got the more she rubbed it all over until it was standing straight out all 8 inches plus and thick.

She kept touching his cock, so he reached down and started feeling her tits through her sweater, she didn’t pull away, so I undid her pants and slid them down to the floor. She was there in her panties with her pants down. Jim reached down and started rubbing her pussy on the outside her her panties. She started getting hot and panting a little, so he slid his fingers in the side of her panties so he could touch her. I reached up and pulled her panties down and slid her pants and her panties off her feet so she was there naked on the bottom.

I started feeling her ass and pussy, and she was feeling Jims cock and balls. Diane pulled her sweater off over her head and was now in just her bra. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra and her tits were not accessable for us. Jim started sucking her her 36Cs and she was getting hotter.

I then had the idea that I would like to video this and left the room to get the camera and tri-pod. When I came back, Jim and Diane were in the guest room, both totally naked, He had her laying on the bed with her legs over the edge and spread open. He started eating her and she stared moaning like I have never heard before. She didn’t even get hot when we did it….she started humping his face and came.

Then he pushed her up a little on the bed and lifted her legs up high over her head so she was totally spread wife…got on top of her with her legs on his shoulders and started to put is cock in her.

He slid it in and she has not had any cock in her that was as big as his….he started sliding it in and out of her really really fast..she was moaning and groaning like never before….she was really giving it to her, and I was getting it all on video…I was so hard, that I started jerking off watching and shot a big load while they were doing it.

She must have cum 3 times and was more loud about it that I have ever seen her. She really liked it, but seems a little embarassed about how she acted and how loud she was.

I don’t know what will happen the next time he is in town, but I want to see that again

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