From 1999 through 2001, my wife and I took advantage of her “mid-life reawakening” and expanded our sex life to include others. We had a variety of experiences including three couples and a number of single men, as well as a trip to the famous Las Vegas Red Rooster. However, after tons of fun experiences, and some very regular multiple encounters with a couple of our favorite, well-hung single guys, life got complicated by careers, teenagers moving into high school and a couple of our favorite playmates relocating to other towns. For the most part, we were resigned to great memories, and ton of hot videos and pictures that archived our exploits.

This past month however, everything suddenly went back into the “fun zone.” One of our daughters departed for college, and the remaining two at home both entered into the “independent, too busy to hang out at home” stage of their lives, and we started getting a look at the empty nest syndrome first-hand. One night in bed, we talked about the possibility of “getting back into the swing of things” again, but weren’t sure how. That’s when timing and fate stepped in.

First, through a series of casual conversations, we ended up having our first FMF with a friend of my wife’s (that is another story). And then, last Friday, one of our favorite playmates from the “good old days” called to say he was coming into town for the U of Oregon-USC game…and before we knew it, we were flying zero-to-60 down the “swinging lane.”

Rick is a very attractive, very well-hung, Latino friend who helped me give my wife hours and hours of pleasure in our “previous life.” He called, and then e-mailed to say that my wife was always the prettiest, and sexiest woman he had ever been with. Of course, compliments like that is all it takes with my wife (or any women I imagine), and she was suddenly fucking my brains out in anticipation, for the two weeks leading up to the big event.

We got a hotel room and met him in the lounge. My wife was wearing a new black dress, with a very low-cut neckline and a bra that made her already incredible breasts look even more amazing. She is a very natural blonde, with beautiful hair that is reminiscent of a 50s Marylyn Monroe poster, with the curves that go along with it. She has great legs, a nice round ass, and the firmest breasts I have ever felt, capped with the perfect suckable nipples. She turns heads everywhere she goes, and tonight was no exception.

We talked, laughed, and caught up as Rick commented that Deb was even more beautiful than he remembered. She smiled, and said that he looked good as well (he was a little grayer, but is a nationally ranked Senior Swimmer at the age of 46 so is still in great shape). She then said, “OK boys, you know the drill…I’ll go get ready and call you.”

My wife went back to the room to get ready, and we did our best to distract ourselves by watching Cal beat up on some hapless victim on a special Friday night game on the television in the lounge. When the phone rang about 20 minutes later, Rick and I just about ran from the lounge to the room at the other end of the building.

When we entered the room, it was lit only by a handful of candles. And there, on one of the two queen-size beds, was my wife, in a beautiful blue nightie that offset her blue eyes and blond hair, spread back, in a classic pin-up pose that accentuated her breasts and curvy legs. Rick and I just smiled and said, “what do you want us to do?”

“Well, there are two beds… I would like one of you on each one,” my wife purred. We moved like well-trained dogs to our places at the foot of each bed and sat down. She immediately went to work.

She slowly started to open Rick’s shirt, kissing his neck, his chest and then moving back to his mouth with a long, wide-open kiss that seemed to go on forever, as her hands began to work at his belt. When the belt was loose, she popped open his pants and pulled his cock from its confinement. Rick was going “commando” (as was I) so in no time at all, his huge cock began to twitch to life. She rubbed it like an old friend…massaging the shaft as she continued to kiss him deeply…then playing down to his huge balls. After a minute of this, she murmured “mmmmm…. I think I missed this big thing…” and immediately went to her knees and took the head of his cock in her mouth. Rick’s cock is thick, long and is capped by a nice mushroom head that is very sensitive. She made short work of working her hands and tongue over the head and shaft, until is was hard and throbbing in her hands… and then she stopped.

“Time to see how you are doing,” she said to me, as she headed over to my bed. “You wait here, I’ll be right back,” she said to Rick. She then proceeded to duplicate her actions with me and my already rock-hard cock. While not quite as big as Rick’s 8-plus inches, my 6 inch cock has been affectionately named “old reliable” by my wife, because it can get erect in seconds, and stay hard for hours, even after cumming, with the right motivation.

I enjoyed every kiss, tease and lick she laid on my, as I received “my turn.” I made sure to reach up and caress her incredible breasts through her silky nightie, pinching her rock hard nipples. I then reached below her hemline, and slid my fingers between her drenched pussy lips. “Someone is ready to be fucked…” I whispered to her.

She smiled and said, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this…” and moved back over to Rick’s bed as I scooted back, now naked on my bed, to watch the action.

She pushed him back until he was lying on his back on his bed. She pulled up her nightie and spread her legs, straddling his legs and leaning forward to take his cock in her mouth again. When it was rock hard and bobbing in her hand, she slowly slid herself up and over his cock, holding it upright and pointed toward her blonde-haired pussy. Then slowly teasing herself and Rick at the same time, she eased the big mushroom head of his dick into her pussy and began to rock back and forth. Each stroke taking him further into her pussy, her lips spread to accommodate the thickness of his cock. I could hear her breathing already becoming ragged, and heavy.

Then, as if either could stand it no longer, Rick moved his hands from caressing her heaving breasts, to her hips and pushed her down fully onto his cock. She groaned, and almost instantly began working her pussy onto his cock, over and over. Each thrust gained momentum and force. He began to thrust his ass off of the bed, each stroke now slapping up against her pussy and ass.

I could take it no longer…the semi-darkness of the candlelight was incredible, and made their bodies look like a work of art, but I wanted to see more. I moved slowly over to my clothes, grabbed my keys, and unclipped my mini-Photon clip light. I moved over and knelt next their bed and then pinched the light as I held it near her pussy. Suddenly the action was bathed in a focused, light-blue light that revealed the detail of his big hard cock and her now gaping pussy lips working in unison…each stroke driving the air from both of them in a low grunt and groan.

For the next four or five minutes the action continued, almost unchanged, except for the occasional utterance by my wife of “God your cock feels sooooo good… so deep….oh….fuck me…fuck me…” And again, I could not help but want to add to the action and be part of what I was seeing.

I leaned up on my elbows, and moved my face toward the action. Closing my eyes, I gently began to trace my tongue across her ass…first one cheek… then the other. My wife made a small “Oh!…yes!” and I knew that I was adding and not distracting from the action. Emboldened, I let my tongue move along the crack of her ass, and finally directly onto her little puckered hole…just an inch and half away from the constant pistoning of cock and pussy below.

I swirled my tongue harder and harder, and could feel my wife now pushing back against me, as she worked up and down on Rick’s cock. After entering her ass with my tongue, and making her squirm, I sat back up, and let my finger trail along her crack and then into her now slick hole. She began to grunt in pleasure. Then, in one motion, timed with an upward thrust of her body on Rick’s cock, I slid my finger deep into her backside and began to massage her from the inside, as she thrust even harder on Rick.

“Oh God.. Oh Fucking God…yes…yes… Oh Jesus…Oh YESSSS!” she cried out, and suddenly her body began to shake uncontrollably while continuing to slam down on Rick’s cock and work her ass back on my finger. I could feel her ass begin to contract, and could feel Rick’s cock slam as deep as possible into her pussy…as she began to convulse.

She moaned, and wimpered and wailed in pleasure…and then reached for my hand, pulling my onto the bed with her. “Oh…God…I need your cock too…” she whispered, almost in tears. She disengaged herself from Rick, and slid down between us, her back and ass toward me. She reached over and began to kiss Rick again, but at the same time, reached back, grabbing my now-aching cock, and pulled it directly toward her ass. The pre-cum from my cock mixed easily with the juices from her pussy, and after lubricating my cock and her ass, I slowly pushed myself deep into her backside and began moving back and forth until I was buried to my balls. She then threw he leg up over the top of Rick and pulled him toward her, and said, “please…try this…I want this…”

The physical dynamics of a “DP” are always difficult, but somehow the sheer desire of all three of us prevailed, and after a bit of maneuvering by Rick, with my determination to “stay engaged,” (along with ignoring the fact that the two men were now touching one another knee to knee, and thigh to thigh to reach our goal), we consummated my wife’s desires. Slowly but surely, we began to find a rhythm that worked, each of us thrusting up and into my wife, as deep as we could. My wife was almost silent at first, intensely concentrating on accommodating the thickness of both cocks (I am almost 7” around and Rick is 6”) she suddenly started to groan, moan and babble phrases of pleasure and excitement…almost sobbing with the pleasure of each stroke.

I knew I could not hold out…as I could feel my balls starting to constrict, and moaned, “Oh God… I’m going to cum!” My wife began to push back onto me even harder, and started a hissing chant of “Oh…Jesus…that is so fucking sexy… yes…fuck yes… cum in my ass…oh please…yes…come in my ass.” Rick started to groan with a low guttural groan that began to build, and I started to cum. They both followed quickly as my wife seemed to be washed with one continuous orgasm after another, after another, and Rick grunted his release into her pussy.

As we all began to slow down from the height of our orgasmic thresholds, but with our cocks still buried deep within my wife, I reached out, pulling my wife and Rick toward me, and said, “GROUP HUG!” We all started laughing, our cocks slipping from my wife in the jiggling convulsions.

That was just round one, of many that night. We tag-teamed her, got blow jobs, covered every inch of her body with our fingers and tongues and then tag-teamed her again. After almost three and half hours of continuous fucking and sucking, broken only by a glass of wine or a beer for refreshment, it was finally time to say goodbye.

Rick called the next morning as he headed out toward the pre-game tailgater parties to thank us both, and promised to come back again some time this year. We told him we are looking forward to it.

I can only hope that this is the beginning of a new chapter of fun and excitement for us sexually. And if this night was indication, it is going to be a long and eventful future! We are planning a trip to Vegas after the holidays with another couple…I can hardly wait!

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