This Adventure happened while on vacation tubing down the Guadalupe river in New Braunfels with our good friends Drew & Janet from an earlier adventure titled “Parking Lot Fun”.

We had all planned this trip for sometime and looked forward to the relaxation as well as the fun that might happen.

We met up with Drew and Janet at their home and Leslie (my wife) and I loaded our luggage up in their suburban and off we went for a 4 day weekend in San Antonio and down the river. We all sat and enjoyed the ride and talked about all the fun we would be having and looked forward to just getting away. We decided to eat in San Antonio on the boardwalk then travel on down to our hotel located not far from where we would be “floating” down the river.

The girls had pack champagne and orange juice to make mimosa’s and also had cut up some pineapple and watermelon to soak in vodka overnight for the trip down the river. So you can see right now that it would be an eventful trip down the river.

As morning broke, we got up and all of us showered and got ready to go down the river. Being in adjoining rooms and leaving the access doors open to go back and forth in the rooms made it very appealing watching the wives running around in their panties as they got ready. Drew and I just smile at each other as we watched our wives beautiful breasts bounce as they walked and got ready.

Drew looked at me and said, “This is a great start to the morning.”

I just laughed and said I couldn’t wait till the day really began as I continued watching Leslie and Janet get dressed.

Leslie chose to wear a neon yellow brazilian bikini that was somewhat see through when wet. It did very little to cover her beautiful tittys as well as the bikini that Janet chose to wear. So Drew and I KNEW it was gonna be an awesome day watching the wives.

We start our drive to the drop-off point and we notice that the wives had already started eating the spiked fruit and began to giggle a lot.

When we arrived at the drop off point we got out and got our tubes and began to get in the water. Now people who live up near the river knows that even though it may be 98 to 100 degrees outside, the water feels ice cold until you get used to it and this day was no exception. When the girls got in there tubes, both Leslie and Janet’s nipples became ROCK hard and trying to poke out of their suits. Drew made a comment about that and the girls looked down at there tittys and each in unison pulled a tit out to examine there nipples, grabbed their nipples between their forefinger and thumbs and said, “Hmmm I guess they are hard.” and covered them back up, All this in front of a group of people that whooped and hollered at what just occurred.

We progressed down the river enjoying a lazy hot day, Drew and I watching our lovely wives devour the spiked fruit and drinking mimosas and getting pretty drunk. They occasionally gave us a tit flash just to tie us over until we got back to the room.

This went on for a few hours when out of nowhere a storm cloud came over us. Lightning even hit the river and some people got hurt up river from us. Everyone fearing that lightning may strike in our area, got out at the nearest point they could, us no exception. We came around the bend and came upon an old abandoned barn and house. The house’s back door was unlocked when we Drew tried to open it we saw it was vacant inside so we went in and waited for the storm to pass.

The storm was pouring heavy rain and winds and the temp drop considerably, with the wind blowing over our wet bodies it was pretty chilly, especially with the girls. I notice Janet’s nipples were hard, but not as hard as Leslie’s. We all laughed and pointed that Leslie’s were much harder than Janet’s. Leslie smiled and said she couldn’t help the fact that her nipples got so hard when she got cold.

Drew commented on the fact by saying to Leslie, “Maybe they just need warming up, care for me to assist you?”

Everyone started laughing and then Leslie replied, “Well how do you intend to do that Drew?”

“Like this!” he said and walked over to Leslie and began gently massaging her breasts through the suit in a circular motion.

“MMMMM, that’s nice.” my wife said as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

Drew then began to kiss her neck lightly and worked his way up to her earlobe until finally he found my wife’s waiting lips. He then proceeded to plant a very passionate kiss on Leslie that made her moan slightly.

Leslie has commented in the past what a great kisser Drew was and this was definitley a kiss she was enjoying.

Janet moved closer to me and leaned her back into me, wrapped my arms around her and we just smiled at each other and then proceeded to watch Drew and Leslie.

Drew continued kissing Leslie and feeling her tits through her top then Janet whispered in my ear how hot and erotic it looked. We glanced back over at the action our two spouses were doing and noticed that Drew had my wifes tits out and sucking on them as she leaned against the island that was located in this kitchen.

My wife was moaning and kissing Drews head and holding it against her tittys as he rotated from one to the other. Drew then lowered his hand and slipped it inside Leslie’s bikini bottom and found her by now wet, waiting pussy. We both knew when Drew inserted his finger in my wifes pussy because Leslie rocked her head back and let out a loud gasp.

He started fingering her pussy faster and you could tell she was approaching her first orgasm, when Drew stopped sucking her tittys and moved down to where her bottoms were, eased them down her legs and helped her out of them and started to eat my beautiful wifes pussy.

Janet was getting worked up as I was and reached her hand around her and grabbed my cock and started slowly jacking me off from the outside of my shorts.

We watched as Drew lifted Leslie up on the island to give him better access to her pussy and started eating her again. Leslie laid back on the island with her head hanging off the other end and her legs wrapped around Drews head and shoulders.

Janet now managed to get my pants down and now had hold of my rock hard cock. I then grabbed the waist band of her bikini bottoms and started to lower them down her legs which she slowly and willingly started to wiggle to make my job easier. She then released my cock and place it between the crack of her ass and leaned against me and started to slowly go up and down while watching my wife and her husband.

We looked over at our spouses and saw that Leslie was having another orgasm as she let out a moan and said she was cumming, while biting her lower lip. She then looked up at Drew and being oblivious to Janet and I said to Drew, “FUCK ME!”

Janet heard what Leslie said and squeezed my cock harder and whispered back at me, “Oh my, you are so hard!” she then said what she already knew both of us wanted to see , “You want to see her get fucked like I want to see don’t you?”

“Well yes!” I said, “I do.”

“Then lets watch them and do what they do, shall we?” she seductively said.

“Yes we shall.” I grinned.

We looked back at Drew and he had his cock in hand and was nearing her pussy, he pressed it against her and began to slowly rub it up and down her pussy slit. Then from side to side.

“Ohhh yesss!” Leslie sighed as he lightly touched her pussy.

“MMMMMMM” Janet moaned as she saw what was going on and grabbed my cock, guided it to her sensitive pussy and was doing to her what Drew was doing to my wife.

I couldn’t do or say anything, I was frozen at what was going on with pure pleasure.

Still holding his cock in hand, Drew continued to drive my wife to the point of orgasm only to back off when she was nearing it. He was driving her crazy as his wife was driving ME crazy.

We then watched as the muscles in Drews hips flexed and he slowly started to push himself into my wifes pussy. He met a little resistant because Leslie’s pussy gets so tight when aroused that I have a hard time getting in with my 7” plus cock.

Then I felt my cock slowly start to feel Janets pussy engulfing mine like we were watching her husband do my wife. My cock was twitching involuntarily at what it was experiencing.

Leslie pushed her head back and moans of passion escaped her as he slowly and steadily worked his way in until one swift pop made his cockhead disappeared inside my wife.

At that moment I felt Janet slide all the way back against me until I was now fully inside her. We all stood there for long minutes relishing the sensation of each other.

Finally Drew started to get a rythym and began fucking my wife as Janet did the same and started fucking me. Leslie was so hot and looked amazing as she let Drew fuck her.

She finally looked my way and smiled and said, “He’s got his cock in my pussy , hon,” she let out another gasp and said, “He….he’s gonna make me…. cum…..I’m gonna….

And then she started to quiver and gave a shrill cry of ecstasy as she went over the edge.

Janet began to moan louder, she was now rocking against me hard. She let out a shrill cry herself and said she was cumming too. Drew looked over at his wife and smiled as she began to ride her orgasm out.

Drew then raised Leslie’s legs so they were resting on his shoulders and as she started to come down from an awesome orgasm, he picked up the pace. He was pounding her hard, so hard her tittys were swaying every angle they could. Only thing my wife could do was moan, bite her lip and hold on to the island she was on and ride the hard fucking out that Drew was giving her.

“Oh fuck, fu..fuck….” Leslie kept saying.

“Fuck her honey!” Janet cried out, “Fuck her hard!!”

Janet was now trying to slam her ass back into me hard like her husband was fucking my wife. I grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard also. She was leaning over grabbing her ankles and her tits, which are bigger than Leslies were swaying back and forth at my hard fucking, too.

“Oh..Oh…FU-FUCKKKKKKKKK!!, I am CUMMINNNGGG” Leslie cried out as Drew was now fucking her so hard the Island doors that housed this places dishes began to open and slam shut. Her legs were bouncing off her shoulders and her head was moving from side to side at the fucking she was getting from Drew.

The site of seeing my best friend fucking my wife and the sensation of my best friends wife’s pussy that I was enjoying fucking was unbelievable.

Janet cried out to Drew, “Keep fucking her baby, keep fucking HERRRR!!” “I am going to c-c-cum toooooooooo!”

I was now feeling the surge in my balls as I felt Janets pussy muscles tighten around my cock as I began to cum, emptying jet after jet of my hot cum inside her. So much that it began to run down the inside of her leg.

We looked over at Leslie and Drew and saw that Leslie now had hold of Drews head and was leaning into him with her head almost touching her knees and was screaming, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW!”

Drew exclaimed that he was about to cum and we saw that his pace became even quicker than we thought possible.

“Cum in my pussy!!”, “Cum in my husbands pussy and don’t you STOP FU-FUCKING ME!!” Leslie shouted.

She then looked at me and Janet and said, “He is fucking your wife’s pussy baby, he is about to cum in me!”

I smiled and encouraged her on and said, “Let him cum in you baby, let him cum!”

With that Drew tighten up and began filling my wifes pussy with his cum. “Oh yes, YESSSS!” he shouted.

Janet and I watched as both our spouses hard fucking began to come to an end. Exhausted as they lay on the island, Leslie looked at me and said “I love you baby, thank you and that was fucking awesome!”

Laughing, Janet, Drew and I said , “No thank YOU!”

As we composed ourselves we looked out and saw that the storm had passed and as we walked out of the house in each other spouses arms my wife and I could only look at each other knowing that we were not only friends, we were lovers, and our marriage was now stronger than ever before.

Until our next adventure….

Lucky Husband

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