It was a Saturday night, and, we were going out for a few drinks in a couple of the downtown bars. My forty something wife is slim with long, slender legs that just don’t seem to stop. Her behind is nicely shaped and firm for her age. Her breasts are 34B, again, surprisingly firm for her age with highly responsive nipples. Shoulder length auburn hair, and, bedroom eyes complete the package.

We were both feeling horny, and, wanting to have some fun while having our drinks. She had a long bath, then, dressed in a silky, black VS matching bra and very high cut panty set. She completed her look with black thigh highs, a short bouncy skirt, blazer, and, very high heels.

Needless to say she turned more than a few heads as we made our way down the street, and, into our first bar. We decided to sit at the bar, and, as she slipped up onto the high stool, the hem of her dress rode up her leg almost to the top of her thigh highs. She slipped one leg over the seat, parting her legs slightly, then, slipper the other up onto the stool. She turned slightly so she was partially facing the bar, and, partially facing the tables in the establishment.

I was watching with great interest as she slowly slid onto the bar stool, and, she had captured the attention of more than one man in that bar. A few openly stared as her legs parted slightly when she was getting onto the stool. There’s no doubt by the contented looks on their faces, they had received at least a glimpse up her skirt.

We talked and sipped our drinks. She had a very naughty smile on her face as she leaned over, and, whispered she thought a few of the guys may have caught a glimpse of her panties. We both laughed. She, in the meantime, was shifting on the stool while crossing, and, uncrossing her legs. The hem of her skirt had managed to ride up a bit more. I could see a hint of the lace top of her thigh highs, and, I’m sure those sitting at the tables could probably see a hint of her creamy white thigh just above the stocking tops.

My usually conservative wife, and, mother of three was enjoying the attention she was receiving. We decided to leave for another bar. She was very deliberate in her movements as she slipped off that bar stool, leaving the other patrons with a little something to remember. As she slid off the stool, her skirt managed to drag on the wood for just a brief second. But it was long enough to slightly expose her panty clad behind to at least a couple of the men sitting at the closest tables. Their eyes were wide, and, they watched her every step as we left. As we walked down the street, she said, “It was fun teasing like that.” I just nodded and smiled.

It was getting later and the bars were filling up. There was a new one down the street which catered to a younger crowd. We decided we would stop in for a look. It was packed, and, the average age was probably no more than 22. It was difficult making our way through to the bar for a drink. As we made our way through the sea of bodies, we caught up in the wave of the crowd, bumping, and, rubbing against one another. I was pushed into a group of girls, their firm young breasts rubbing against me. My wife seemed to be enjoying the way she was sandwiched between the younger men, some almost seeming to deliberately push into her, and, rubbing their crotches against her cute ass. As we reached the bar, she told me one guy had actually grabbed her ass, and, gave it a quick rub, and, squeeze. She told me what she wanted to drink, then, went to the restroom.

After fighting her way through the crowd again, she grabbed my hand, and, pushed something into it. It felt very soft, and, damp. I looked down to see her black panties. I raised my hand to my face inhaling a very familiar heady scent of her sweet sex. She looked at me, and, gave me that extremely naughty smile. I could feel a stirring in my pants. My wife told me to follow her, and, again it was an obstacle course of young hard bodies. I caught her actually rubbing against a few of the young crotches in the crowd. Each time, she would look over her shoulder at me with that look in her eyes. We worked our way to the foot of an open spiral staircase to the upper level.

She turned to me, and, said, “Wait here.” She started to climb that staircase. With each step, it was getting easier to see straight up her skirt. About halfway up, she made like she stumbled slightly, leaning forward, and, catching herself. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Her skirt rode up in the back exposing the tops of her stockings, those creamy thighs, and, a glimpse of her bare ass cheeks. She lingered in this pose for what seemed a lifetime making like she was regaining her balance. I looked around, and, noticed she had captured the attention of a large number of young studs now hanging around beneath the open staircase.

She straightened up, and then continued her very deliberate ascent of the staircase. She paused with one leg up on the next step, looking down at me. She was now positioned in such a way that I could see her neatly trimmed forty plus year old pussy. So could most of those horny young studs. And it was very evident she was enjoying the attention. I was hard as a rock looking up my wife’s skirt, seeing her stocking clad legs, and, her gorgeous womanhood glistening with her own excitement, and, arousal.

She stayed on the upper level for about five minutes, standing at the rail, legs parted slightly, and, one foot on the lower bar of the rail affording those below quite a view. By now she had caught the attention of most of the men in the club. She worked her way down that spiral staircase once again. When she made a move in that direction, the number of guys standing under, or, near the staircase doubled. And she gave them what they were looking for.

I met her at the bottom of the staircase as the adoring crowd moved in her direction. She was as horny as I was, and, we decided we would leave. Trying to get out was twice as difficult as getting in. She was being pursued by those young bodies. We got separated in the crush. I could just see her head as she was surrounded by at least 20 to 30 guys. I tried getting to her, but, it was nearly impossible. Over the pulsating music I heard a shriek. It sound like a shriek of delight, and, it came from the direction of my wife.

After a good five to ten minutes, I finally managed to push my way into the circle where I saw my wife sandwiched ever so slowly inching her way to the door with hands roaming all over her. I looked again, and, saw her blazer open with her bra pushed up exposing her tits with red marks from the rough handling they had received. Her nipples were the hardest I can ever remember seeing them. As she tried to make her way through, there were guys pushing their crotches into her. Her skirt was hiked up in the back exposing her ass, and, I could see hands cupping her cheeks, sometimes, fingers disappearing between her legs. One guy dropped down in front of her burying his head beneath her skirt. As if on cue, one of the men standing behind her, pushed her forward slightly so her pussy met the other’s waiting mouth. She finally squirmed her way to the door, and, I managed to get to her within seconds as the crowd of horny studs started to break up, heading back into the club.

She was pulling up one of her stockings which had slipped down her leg, then, she quickly rearranged her bra. The buttons were torn from her blazer, but, she didn’t seem to care. She grabbed me, and, threw her arms around me, hugging me tightly. She whispered asking me to slip my hands beneath her skirt. It was still crowded enough that no one would really notice, and, I did as she asked. She parted her legs slightly, and, I slipped one hand between them to find one very hot, and, very wet pussy. And, as I ran my hand over her ass cheeks, I could feel something sticky. She whispered she had been finger fucked so many times that she lost count, and, she also said a couple of them had managed to get their cocks out, rubbing them up against her pussy, and, ass. At one point, at least one of the young studs had exploded over her ass then rubbed his cock between her legs, mixing what was left of his juices with her pussy juice. My wife was horny that she wanted to fuck me right there at the front door to the club. I fingered her, rubbing her clit, and, brought her off in an intense orgasm. Her juices were running down the insides of her thighs. Meantime, she was rubbing my hard cock, and, like a 12 or 13 year old, I blew my load in my pants.

We made a hasty exit, and, grabbed a cab. Within seconds we were all over one another in the back seat. My wife took out my cock swallowing me. Just as I was ready to cum for a second time, we were in the driveway. I quickly paid the driver; we jumped out, fumbling for the keys. As soon as we were inside, I bent her over the loveseat, hiked up her skirt, pulled out my cock, and plowed her waiting pussy from behind. We fucked like animals for what seemed like an eternity, her pussy throbbing, her ass covered in some young stud’s dried spunk. She had what seemed like and endless orgasm before I finally shot my load deep inside her, both of us collapsing in a spent heap on the floor.

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