Last month, after one of my postings, I received a couple photos from a Dallas couple saying they were interested in meeting me. I could tell, that they were wealthy from the clothes in the shots and the rooms in the background. They wanted to meet me in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. He stated he was looking for a hung man to fuck his wife while he watched, and to later occupy her while he was downstairs gambling. We made arrangements. They would either pay for my room, or I could stay with his wife, in their bedroom. I opted for the latter. Sean was wealthy. I think in real estate. Ronnie, his wife, was one of those high maintenance women you see in a blue moon that makes your cock stand on end!! She was VERY well sculpted; blond hair, big tits, tiny waist, and had a fetish for satin. Every shot of her that they sent, had her in satin, or on satin sheets.

Sean met me at one of the bars. We had a drink and told me what he’d like from me. I had come dressed in a suit, as he requested. He told me he likes to see hung guys fuck his tiny wife while he jerks off and he likes to tape the action. Fine with me! Been there before! He told me to come up to their suite in 10 minutes. I knocked on the door, and there was Ronnie. In a satin red corset, black hose, no bra, 6″ red spiked stilettos!! She’s seen many of my pics and knew what to expect. She smiled & lead me into their bedroom, where Sean was sitting, naked, with his camera. Let me add, that she was made up to kill… perfume.. bright red lipstick… hair perfect!!!

She began by kissing me and feeling my 9 incher start to grow! Soon, my clothes were off, and she was on her knees giving me some smooth head! Each time she got me in her mouth, I let out a moan, it was soooo good! I placed her on their king-sized satin covered bed and tasted some real sweet, expensive pussy!! I must’ve eaten her for a half-hour. Sean was moving all around us, taping and jerking his cock as he moved.

Now I had her moaning…it was fuck time!!! I got her into the doggy position and slid my cockhead up & down her hole. When she was begging for it, I slid it in. Now, when I slide into a pussy, I can tell if she’s had big cock or not by the room that awaits me…Ronnie had had big cock before… a LOT of it!! She was laying her big tits on the bed with her ass sticking in the air as I began working a rhythm. Soon, I was piston-fucking her!!! Each time I pulled out, my cock was covered in thick cum. Sean was now laying in a chair, taping with one hand, jerking in the other. Changed positions…she was riding me, telling me I had the biggest white cock she’s ever fucked… slamming down on me. She was HOT! After fucking her (and she fucking me!) for over an hour, I pulled out and blew my load on her tits as she hungrily licked up as much cum as she could. I fell beside her, my cum on her mouth, face, and satin sheets. Meanwhile, Sean blew his load on her high heels while I was cumming on her face!

Sean, got up, showered (I ate that pussy some more while he showered!) and went downstairs to gamble. This was the part of the arrangement that I liked! Ronnie and I fucked all over that suite! By the time we were done, I’d cum 3 more times… twice in her pussy and once in her ass!! With the fucking being done for the moment, she told me we were going to dinner & shopping (Oh NO!) downstairs. However, she wanted to buy me a new suit; said she loves doing that for a man…. OK… We talked and found out that we knew some mutual friends (who I’ve swung with) in Dallas. She plays the part of the pretty little wifey and hubby gets off on seeing other mens’ cocks in her pussy. I told her that I get around and get with many couples in that same situation. We got along great.

After taking her to one of the sexier bars in Caesars, and showing off her tight short dress to a few guys, we went upstairs to fuck some more. We fucked with such passion that we heard a knock on the wall to keep it down!!! She said that she had seen my postings and wanted to fuck with me! She loves big black guys, but wanted to see what I could do to her! I think we both enjoyed this swap!!! Next day, I left after a long sensuous blowjob. Sean taped that too! I got their number and plan to visit Dallas soon!!!

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