As soon as we got into the corridor to get to the steps, I asked you if that was really nice to do to that man. You simply said that you thought his vacation could use a little spicing up so you decided to give him a cheap thrill. We kept walking and as we went up the steps, Steve had his hand on your ass fully exposing you to anyone who might have been walking up behind me. He kept his hand on your ass and complimented you on how sexy you are. When we were on the landing to our floor, Steve cupped your ass and slid one finger into your very wet puss while you were trying to open the fire door. He did remove his hand when we were almost to our room because someone was coming out of their room. Once we were inside our room, his hand went back to your ass, but you had spun to face him and had a very lustful look in your eyes. You kissed Steve very deeply as he felt of your body and you rubbed his cock through his swimming trunks. You said you wanted to shower before anything happened and recommended that Steve do the same thing.

As he ran off to his room to shower, you took off your cover and went into the bathroom with me only steps behind you. We both hopped in and you lathered me up first. You washed my dick and said it would need to be clean for what was about to happen. I started to lather you up and you asked me to instead, go and fix a glass of ice water for you. I went in and got the water and put it on the bathroom counter for you and told you that I would be in the bedroom waiting for you. I turned the TV to a music channel, darkened the shades and got on one side of the bed under the sheet to wait. I must have nodded off for a few seconds because when I woke up you still weren’t there beside me and I never heard Steve come back over. I flipped through the channels and found something to keep me occupied until we got started. I couldn’t hear the shower any longer, but you had washed your hair and you were probably fixing it before you came in.

I waited probably 10 minutes and finally got up and walked to the bathroom where I had left you. You weren’t there. I stuck my head in the spare bedroom and you weren’t there either. Hmm, you must have gone next door. I was starting to come to my senses and looked at my phone. It had been nearly 40 minutes since I first went into the bedroom to wait on you. 40 minutes is a long time to leave you with another man, especially when you have been drinking all day, you are naked, and you are very horny. I walked to the door and while ours was open, Steve’s was latched. I was instantly pissed off and afraid the door was going to be locked. I reached down and tried the knob trying to be quiet but also testing to see if it was open. IT WORKED! I slowly cracked the door, trying to let my eyes adjust to the light and trying to hear any sounds that might indicate your presence. I couldn’t hear anything but it looked like Steve was sleeping on his bed. I opened the door a little more and some light shone in. Steve was in his bed with a sheet on and he was spooning you.

I crept in and got in on your side of the bed. You woke up enough to ask me if I was still tired or if my nap helped. You kept your eyes closed and said that you had tried to wake me, but I was fast asleep. I asked if I missed anything and you said, “Steve left you a present to clean up…but not yet. Give me a twenty minute nap and then we fool around. Lay down with us.”
I crawled into bed with you and leaned in for a kiss before I joined you for a nap. You kissed back and tasted like a mixture of alcohol and sex. I turned my back to you and you were sandwiched between your husband and another man. My dick was hard as a rock and I had already taken a nap so sleep did not come instantly. I laid there trying to determine how much time had passed. I eventually nodded off and when I woke up, I was flat on my back with a still very hard dick. That is actually what woke me up, you were sucking me so good. You were still naked, sitting next to me sucking my dick and fondling my balls. I noticed Steve on the other side of the bed watching you sucking me. I reached up and stroked your ass and you stopped and looked up at me. “You awake now?” you asked. “I told you Steve left you something for you and it is time for you to clean me up like you always talk about.”

With that, you swung your leg over my chest and squatted your puss just above my mouth. I had watched Steve fuck you twice so I knew that he probably slowly pumped you after he came which empties all the cum out. Between that technique and the nap, I would have little if any cum to clean up. I was completely wrong. There was a huge gush of cum that landed right on my nose and mouth as I was licking your clit. You looked down and saw cum on my face and told me I was going to need some practice because I was just making a bigger mess. I dove in at that point and tried to get every drop of cum out. Another bit slid down my tongue to the back of my throat and I hungrily swallowed it down. You began to moan and talk to me about being a cum eater and thanked me for finding you some strange dick. You reached down and grabbed my balls and gave them a squeeze. You said I was twitching and that I had better not cum from eating pussy because you wanted more cum inside you. I really think I could have cum just from eating your freshly fucked pussy if you wouldn’t have given my balls a squeeze. You leaned down and put my dick in your mouth. You moaned with my dick in your mouth and then hopped off, swung around and stuck your tongue in my mouth. You were sharing my own pre cum with me.

We kissed for several seconds and I looked up at you expecting you to sit down on my dick so I could get a release. Instead, with your puss only inches from having my dick in you, Steve was now in position to enter you from behind. As he entered you for the third time that day, you looked at me and said “This is a nice surprise!” and then moaned as he entered you. He was fucking you very slowly as we were kissing and making eye contact. He continued fucking you very slowly until you began to moan. I asked if you could tell the difference between the two of us. You told me “Of course I can, Steve is filling me up so much right now.” You began to cum and kissed me hard. I told you how nice it was to hold you while you are getting fucked by a bigger dick. You leaned back into Steve a bit giving me access to your very hard nipples. I rubbed them both with the palm of my hand and asked you if this felt as good as when they rubbed against the beadspread. I then asked you if you could feel his balls hitting your clit because I could feel them hitting my balls sometimes. You came hard then and collapsed onto my chest. I just held you tightly until Steve emptied his balls again.

As soon as he came, I rolled you off of me onto your back. I kissed you deeply and then kissed my way down to your very used puss. It was red and swollen and Steve’s cum was dribbling out now. I kissed you very gently and cleaned the whole mess up. I let all of the cum dribble out onto the bed, but I cleaned whatever didn’t drip all the way out and was still on your lips. While I was cleaning your puss, you were busy cleaning Steve’s soft cock off. You were almost making love to it. You were caressing it and licking it while he stroked your hair and traced circles around your nipples. The contrast in skin color really stood out in this dim light. Steve then commented, “Damn, Rod, you really like to eat her pussy, and I can honestly say that Kim has some of the best pussy that I have ever had.”

I stopped licking your puss and climbed between your legs. Steve stepped out of the room and we were alone. You looked like you could fall asleep in seconds. Your hair was a mess, your mouth smelled and tasted like sex, I noticed you had a small hickey on your right tit, and you had never looked more beautiful. I asked if you were up to one more for the night. You said that you owed me two now that Steve snuck up behind you, so please go ahead, but take it slow. I entered you easily and went in balls deep. I told you that as horny as I was, I might not have to move too much and it definitely wasn’t going to take very long. I stayed still and you gave my dick a squeeze with your cunt. You asked me the normal questions that you ask when you are trying to make me cum fast, but this time they were legitimate questions. “Do you like having sloppy seconds? I guess it is not seconds, I have been fucked four times already today and three times it was a big black cock fucking my white pussy. Steve said I have a very tight pussy for someone who has been married for over 26 years. Do you think he has stretched me out? Can you feel anything? Your dick isn’t quite the same size as I have had today. I hope I am not too sore to fuck him one more time after we listen to the band and before bed. He fills me up better than you or anyone I have had in my past. You know that I plan on fucking him all week. Thanks for taking me on vacation”. I had not moved a bit. We kissed deeply and between you smelling like sex and you squeezing my dick, I came.

“Well you really do like this don’t you Hun” you said as you embraced me through my climax. I could feel your puss milking every drop of cum out of my dick. My mind was racing with what all had happened over the last 24 hours. Just today was enough to blow my mind. We had sex twice today, you had sex five times, I had eaten two cream pies, and it was barely sunset. I wasn’t sure if you could keep this up and I was pretty sure that I was starting to lag behind.

“I really do like this Kim. I think you are so damn sexy and it seems that Steve does too. Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy, I know that you have been doing this for me and I appreciate it more than you will ever know. You don’t have to keep having sex with Steve.” I went on, “When we got married, we talked about my fear of commitment and that we would do what we have to do to stay married. What you have done this vacation will hold me over for another 26 years.”

You smiled and asked “Are you afraid you have awakened a giant? I appreciate you allowing me to stop having sex with Steve if I like, but Im not so sure that I am quite ready for that yet. Steve is a great guy and fun to be around. I am sure we will spend a lot more time with him this week. However, he is also a great lay and I have already fucked him….several times so what is the harm if we have sex again. We’ll see how it goes, but my bet is that we have more times like this on this vacation. The important thing is that we do stay together…through everything” Then, you pushed my dick out using your vagina muscles and said we needed to get ready for dinner.


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