We started drinking as soon as we got to the beach. You looked super hot in your new bikini but had to work on the tan lines from the previous day. Steve avoided the sun again and I laid next to you sometimes, and sometimes not. We had a great day and the sexual edge was dulled from great sex in the morning and several drinks throughout the day. We lounged all day by the beach and drank and laughed and played in the ocean several times. The white bikini did little to hide your erect nipples when you got cold in the water but the drinks made you less self-conscious about it. It was a great vacation day. You and I walked for quite a distance on the beach and talked and met several people. As we headed back to the umbrella, we noticed Nosy lady from yesterday talking to Steve.

She was sitting, facing him as he was facing the ocean. We were far enough away that we couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but it seemed like they had a pretty in depth conversation going. We stayed back at the shoreline to try to avoid her a bit. She was nice enough, but somehow she seemed a bit judgmental and prying for our tastes. I guaranteed that she was priming Steve for whatever details she could get about our relationship with him. We watched for several minutes from the water’s edge and played in the water. We saw hubby several yards down the beach playing in the surf with their kids. Nosy seemed oblivious to them and as we watched, it was pretty apparent that she was into Steve. She was laughing and leaned in and took every opportunity to touch him on the arm or leg during their conversation. We decided we didn’t want to wait her out and we both needed to either get some sun screen or get in the shade. We walked up she greeted us like she had each time. Long lost friends.

“I thought I might find you two with Steve! How is your vacation going? Are you rested up yet? You went up to bed pretty early last night, will you be staying up for the band tonight?” She was rapid fire with her questions like she was really nervous from our appearance. You were rapid fire with your responses as well. “We went up and went to bed, but we didn’t get to sleep for some time and then we started off the morning right where we left off last night. Vacation has been great but very tiring. It is a challenge to keep my husband happy and trying to make a neighbor feel welcome at the same time.”

Wow! While you didn’t say exactly what was going on, you sure gave some major hints as to what was taking place. It seems you had lost the shock factor because she didn’t react to what you said, just smiled and said that maybe we would see each other on the patio when the band was playing later. As soon as she was out of earshot, I asked Steve if she was prying to see what our relationship with him was. He confirmed what I had expected; she started out hinting around and then got bolder. She first asked him if he was looking for women his age while he was on vacation. She asked him if he planned on spending all of his time with us. She asked him if he ever dated white women. She asked him if he ever dated married women and that is when he just stopped her in her tracks. He told her that he did not know us before vacation and we had welcomed him into everything that we were doing while on vacation. Everything. He had planned on looking for women, but he no longer feels the need to find a woman, he is quite satisfied in all ways. She then shocked him by saying, “Well what about another married woman then, would that be something that you might consider?”

She wasn’t judgmental after all, she was jealous of your freedom. We all got a chuckle out of our wrong opinion of this woman. You asked Steve if he thought he would be taking her up on her veiled proposal but he said he was quite happy with his vacation as it currently was. I’ll have to say, I was happy that he kept his time free for us. He was a good guy, and it was really arousing to see you and him together. You told him that you hoped that you could keep him satisfied because you didn’t want to share him with anyone else. With that, you said “Speaking of sharing, maybe we could all go up to the room to rest a bit before dinner.” You then put your coverup on over your bikini and discreetly took the bikini off and sat back down with your legs wide enough to give Steve an all access view and then leaned forward far enough that he could see your tits too. “Would you like to go to bed for a while Steve?” I chimed in and said that I was tired too and I would like to “rest” awhile.

We all gathered up our stuff and headed to the room but you stopped at Nosy’s umbrella on the way. She had stayed out in the water with her kids and the husband was left all alone. You sat down with crossed legs, Indian style on Nosy’s beach blanket facing hubby and asked him if they were going to be listening to the band on the patio tonight. It was clear to Steve and I that you just wanted to give a little show so we had both positioned ourselves where we could see too. All of us could clearly see your patch of hair and your shaved lips. Your juices were actually running out onto Nosy’s beach blanket. You cut the discussion very short and we were back on our trip to the room.


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