When we woke up, we were still spooning. You turned to me and reached down for my dick and asked me how I felt about everything now. We kissed and you laughed and said our kiss tasted like cum. You climbed on top of me and slid my dick into your pussy. You told me you just wanted me in there for a second and the main course would come later. You rode me for a few minutes and then we agreed that we should probably get cleaned up for the day. We hopped in the shower and lathered each other up. You had turned your back to me and I had slowly began entering you from behind. I commented about us saving water for the resort and you said this is the second time that you have conserved water here. So you DID shower with Steve yesterday?! I asked if you had been in this position with Steve and you told me.

“I wanted to fuck him so badly, but it didn’t seem fair to you to not let you watch him stretch me as he entered me. This extra guy was your idea and your fantasy. I didn’t really want anything to do with it until I started teasing you at the airport. When Steve and I talked he asked if you really wanted to see your wife with someone else, I talked openly and began to find myself curious about what it would be like. Steve wanted to know reasons why it is something that you wanted. I explained that you were preoccupied with penis size. Steve asked me how many men had I slept with and what was the largest one that I had ever had. He asked if I had ever had anything bigger than his and motioned to his erect crotch. I reached down and brushed the outside of his jeans when he recommended the blanket. After some gentle teasing from Steve, I agreed that the blanket might be a good idea. I really wanted to let you know that I had his cock in my hand on the plane, but you couldn’t see. The cab was just a spur of the minute thing to try and drive you crazy with lust.” “Well, it worked and it has worked today too. I need to cum now.”

We both came within seconds and you turned to me to kiss me. I told you how lucky I am to have you for my wife and then I stepped out to get ready for breakfast.

When I stepped out of the bathroom, I saw Steve in the living room waiting on us. I was still naked and carried my clothes with me as I greeted him. You called out from the shower asking if Steve was here already and then said you would be right out. Steve smiled when he realized that we had been showering together. I said we were trying to conserve water and he chuckled and said he had noticed how concerned with the environment you were. I told him I knew about the shower but said my shower had a happy ending. Then you walked out of the bathroom too. You were buck naked and had a towel on your head. You walked right past me to greet Steve. When he stood up, you two hugged and shared a brief kiss. You then turned and apologized for not being ready but blamed me for the delay. Then you were off to the bedroom to gather your clothes. You came out naked again with two outfits and wanted our opinion on what you should wear. You held a sundress up and asked if this looked better or should you wear the shorts and polo. We both agreed the sundress looked great. You simply put it over your head and said you were ready once you found your sandals. This whole scene blew my mind. You not only looked comfortable, but you looked proud of your body. I LOVE my new wife even more than the old one. You had more confidence than I had ever seen you have in our 27 years of marriage. I wasn’t sure where all of this was heading, but I liked it. Vacation is awesome!

We had a very nice breakfast and enjoyed our conversation. There was no real discussion of sex to speak of. You did comment very matter of fact that you were a little sore today, but not too sore for any activities that might take place later on. You talked about the cool ocean breeze going up your dress and said it was tickling a bit. You said you wanted to do some shopping because you had not brought enough sun dresses and that you wanted to keep your men happy by wearing what they liked. Steve asked if it would be alright if he joined us because he would like to buy some of the clothes. We of course said yes and decided to go straight to the shopping area so we could get to the beach at a decent time. We sat and waited for you to try on sun dresses, bikinis, evening dresses and cover-ups. True to his word, Steve insisted on paying for all of the new clothes and even picked out a couple of bra panties sets that he thought would look great on you. We tried to decline the very generous gifts, but he absolutely insisted. His thought was that I was sharing my most valuable thing on the planet and it was worth way more than the few hundred dollars that he had spent on clothing. As we were leaving the store, you gave him a kiss and thanked him. The sales clerk gave me the most peculiar look so I looked at her and said, “My wife really enjoys shopping with her boyfriend. Have a great day!” and then walked out behind you and Steve.

We went back to the condo to get ready for the beach. We had been talking about walking up the steps last night and how none of us knew what to expect exactly. We all agreed that it was the hottest thing that any of us had ever done. You noticed Steve’s crotch beginning to bulge a bit and said something about needing to take care of that before we went to the beach and him causing a scene. When we got to the room, you pulled him in our spare bedroom and climbed up on the bed on your hands and knees and told Steve if he wanted to take care of that, to make it quick because you didn’t want to be too sore for tonight. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My wife of 27 years, on her hands and knees with a sun dress pulled up offering a quickie to a man other than her husband. I was hard, Steve was hard, and you were as wet today as yesterday. Steve looked to me to see if I was ok with all of this. I told him to go ahead, but with all the dick that your pussy had last night and this morning, you should make it quick.

Steve walked up and started to kiss your puss and you warned him it might taste a little like cum from our shower. Steve plunged his tongue as deep as he could into your puss and was actually fucking you with his tongue. He then stood up and started fucking you doggy while he was standing next to the bed. You were moaning and motioning for me to come around to your mouth so you could suck me while you were getting fucked. Steve came quickly this time and kept pumping you very slowly after he came making a huge mess on the unmade bed. Housekeeping walked in to see the sight of you sucking my dick and Steve pulling his cum soaked cock out of your puss. We were all startled and she immediately walked back out. We all laughed about it and began getting ready for the beach.


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