When we got to the room, I wasn’t exactly sure how to start. Steve went to the kitchen to open the wine and pour us all a glass. My mind was still racing trying to figure out what has happened and what might happen. As soon as we stepped in the room, you gave me the deepest most sensual kiss we have ever had and then you asked, “Well, do you like it or is it too much?”

I answered as best as I could, “I wouldn’t say it is too much…yet. It seems the night is just beginning though.”

“So kissing your wife’s mouth after I sucked his big black cock is not too much for you?” you asked as you began French kissing me again. “You would be proud of me, I swallowed every drop.”

It occurred to me that I was behind in this game. I now know for sure that you had sucked him off and I was not sure of what else had happened. If what you had told me was true, I was more proud of you than ever and wanted you more than ever. I kissed you deeply trying to taste any remnants of proof that might let me know if you were telling me the truth or just trying to tease me. I left the next step up to you by asking, “Well, how do we proceed from here?”

“I think we should start where we left off before we went to the beach. Now where were we?” you teased.

I couldn’t believe this was all real and asked, “This is really going to happen isn’t it?”

Steve answered by saying “It isn’t going to happen, it is happening right now.” Steve had taken off his shirt and shorts and was standing at the edge of the kitchen with three glasses of wine wearing only boxer briefs with a major bulge and a smile. He told me that he had started to walk in earlier and had seen Kim on the bed with her head hanging off. He was afraid to interrupt so he backed up into his room but couldn’t get that image out of his mind. He had already told you about what he saw when I went to save the table. You then told me that you had repaid him for the foot rub by laying on his bed with your head hanging off. Steve had fucked your mouth as you lay completely naked on his bed with your very wet pussy getting fingered the whole time. You told me that you could sense when he was about to come and finished him off sitting on your knees in front of him while looking up at him.

I took a big gulp of wine to try to clear my mind of just how hot this whole situation had become and noticed you pulling your dress over your head. You then ask Steve to help you with your bra and turned your back to him. He unlatched it and you let it fall to the floor. You then spun and kissed Steve briefly and then pulled his underwear down and tossed it in the floor. He was not completely hard yet and was already bigger than my dick that was so hard it could cut diamonds. I was the only one dressed and you walked up to me and kissed me once again. You asked me if this was as hot as all the times that I had talked about it as a fantasy. “You are completely dressed, your hot wife is completely naked with a new naked man in the room waiting to fuck her with the taste of cum on her lips. Is it as hot as you thought it would be?”

I felt dizzy. I felt unbelievably horny. I felt proud. I was frozen with lust and couldn’t move a muscle. You led me into the bedroom and pulled my shirt off. You sucked one nipple hard and told me to take my pants off. I was embarrassed to take my pants off with Steve standing so close but did as I was told. Steve was transfixed by your naked body laying on the bed ready but very clearly sized me up to see what you would be sucking on. You then looked me in the eye and said “We have played this out so many times, I think you will know what to do next.”

With that, you laid on the bed with your head off the edge and then motioned for me to come and stand over you. I stayed far enough away so you couldn’t suck me just yet. I wanted to remember this moment. There you were, completely naked, stroking my dick and trying to pull me into your mouth. Your feet were flat on the bed with your knees bent and raised but still together. Steve was just standing on the other side of the bed looking at your naked body. He was now fully erect and I had some concern about being able to please you after he was finished with you. I put a hand on each boob and made sure your nipples were at full attention. You grabbed my balls and pulled me more aggressively now. I entered your mouth and was amazed that this was the third time today that you had been in this position. Even more amazing is that it wasn’t me who got to enjoy the second time and the person who came in your mouth wasn’t me.

I reached down and began to caress your legs and tummy. You parted your legs slightly and I began circling your clit with my finger. You moaned loudly and I leaned forward and sucked your clit into my mouth as I pushed two fingers into you and hit your G spot. Again, you moaned loudly. I went back to fingering your clit and I motioned Steve to get on the bed with us. In all the times that we have played, there has never been a body, only a dick (dildo friend to help us with this little fantasy). This time, it was very clear that another man was climbing his way to your puss. When you felt his weight, you automatically opened your legs wider to accommodate him. I pulled your legs back together and said if this is supposed to be like all the times we practiced, I would like to part your legs for our friend. Steve got very close to watch me finger you. He was so close you could feel his breath on your legs and ass. You were squirming more and more as I fingered you.

I pulled your legs apart and you let out a very low moan on my dick. Your juices were running down your ass and it felt cold. You needed to be fucked but I was going to decide when that would happen. I pulled your lips open to show Steve your puss in all its glory. He never said a word and seemed to know that he was just a bit player in this game we were playing. When I had you fully exposed, I motioned for Steve to give you a lick. I moved my hand out of the way and Steve engulfed your clit and tongued you to an orgasm. I pulled my dick out of your mouth and asked you what you wanted. You grabbed me by my balls again and said “You know.”

I said, “Tell me what you want or you don’t get it”

“Come on, let him put it it” you moaned.

“Tell me what you want” I demanded.

You pushed me back away so we could make eye contact and said, “I want that big black cock in my pussy while I suck on your dick and then I want you to fuck me next. I WANT TO BE FUCKED…NOW!”

Good enough for me. I motioned Steve up and spread your lips for him. He put his cock right at the entrance of your pussy but did not go all the way in. He then took his cock and bumped your clit several times. You could feel the weight of his cock that was about to be inside of you. I did not want to be in your mouth because I was afraid I would cum too quickly as I watched what was about to happen. You pulled and stretched your neck until my dick was back in your mouth. I watched as Steve slowly put the tip in. It put a pressure on your vagina like you had not had in a long, long time. He slowly entered you and then pulled back out. His girth made you moan as he stretched your married pussy. His cock was glistening from your juices and I was in ecstasy. He was fucking you very slowly with about half of his cock and you were squirming like you had never had a dick in you. He began a slightly faster rhythm but was only going about half way in. You were cumming hard and quit sucking my dick altogether. He stopped pumping and left just the tip in your hole. You were thrusting your hips up to try to get him back in again. That is when he asked you if you were ok or if he was too big for you. You assured him that you could take it and to JUST FUCK YOU now! With that, he buried his cock all the way to his big balls and held it there. You came. Violently. As you were squirming trying to get him to fuck you, you reached up and began sucking my dick again. I asked you if you enjoyed being my slut. You moaned and Steve began to slowly fuck you with all of his length. I had to pull out or I was going to cum.

I pulled out and held your head up so you could get a better view of what was happening. I suggested that you reposition to make you more comfortable. Steve pulled out and we both helped you up on the bed at an angle. Steve asked if I would like to switch spots. I did not want to switch just yet, but I did have to have a taste of your freshly used pussy. I only gave you a couple of licks and moved over to let our friend fuck you some more. We made eye contact as he was entering you and you smiled at me. He was not toying with you any longer and began fucking you hard. You looked so great with you flat on your back, legs up to get that dick in you as deeply as you could, tits bouncing and a lust filled look on your face. I commented about how great your tits are and reached out and cupped them both while he was fucking you. Steve wanted to know if it was ok if he came inside you. This is something that we had not discussed. I was about to tell him to pull out when you looked him right in the eye and said “Cum inside me.” That pushed him over the edge and cum inside you he did. Steve didn’t just cum inside you and stop, he continued to slowly fuck you as if he was trying to get every drop of cum inside your pussy. I watched his cock, still stretching your red used pussy. It was almost surreal. The color contrast was amazing with his black dick against your white skin. His dick had a frothy mix of his cum and your juices at the base and his balls were also covered in this mixture of fluids. When he pulled out, cum gushed out of your pussy onto the bed. He moved up closer to your head so that you could clean him up a bit. As you reached for his cock, you looked at me and said, “Well, get down there, this is what you wanted.”

I wasn’t sure what you expected me to do. You definitely had a cream pie for me to eat if I wanted it, but you also had a big dick in your mouth that I could watch you suck. I dove into that cream pie thinking that most of the cum had run out onto the bed. I knew that you must be sensitive after the fucking that you had just had so I was trying to be gentle. I licked all the juices from your outer lips as I could and began cleaning your inner lips. I then buried my tongue in your puss and felt you trying to push the cum out for me to clean up. I was watching you kiss his dick as you pushed his cum out of your vagina into my mouth. I needed to cum soon or I was going to pass out. I climbed up and entered you in one push. Steve’s dick was getting harder by the minute and you were kissing it and sucking it inches from my face. You opened your eyes and looked into mine and then took your mouth from his cock and kissed me deeply. You began alternating between sucking his cock and kissing me deeply. That pushed me over the edge. Between the freshly fucked pussy that had another man’s cum in it and the lust filled kiss from my cock sucking wife, I couldn’t take it anymore and came what seemed like a gallon.

I kissed your left tit and Steve began kissing your right tit. I reached up and kissed you on the mouth and thanked you for fulfilling my fantasy. I told you I loved you and I was very proud of you. I pulled my dick out and again, cum came spilling out. You laid there for several minutes still flat on your back with a puddle of cum under your ass as the three of us talked about what we had just done and where we might want to go tomorrow. Steve got up to go to the bathroom and I asked if you were ok with all that had happened. You told me that you were not only ok, but you really felt sexy and wanted to do it more while on vacation. You then spun around and straddled my chest so I could watch any remaining cum drip out onto my chest as were licking my dick and cleaning me up a bit. You told me it was only fair since you had cleaned Steve up. When Steve came out of the bathroom, he saw you sucking on my cock and commented that his earlier assessment was correct. A woman who gets that wet, can handle two cocks easily. He said he was going to his room and try to sleep. He wanted to know if we wanted to go and have some breakfast in the morning. We all agreed that we should have breakfast together and picked a time. As he left, you told him to come over any time he needed anything, with an emphasis on “anything”. You then asked him to leave the doors open in case you needed anything from him in the night.

Steve just shook his head and said, “Damn, you are so lucky to have such a hot woman!” And then he left to go to his room. We cuddled and eventually dosed off to sleep for the night.


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