Well, hell, now what do I do? I put my shoes on while you were still on Steve’s bed, told you both goodbye and headed down to get a table, not really sure of what I had gotten myself into. When I got there, Nosy was there next to the only open table in the place. They must have left the beach and come directly to the patio restaurant. Crap! How do I explain why I am alone and where you are or what you might be doing? I sat down with my back to the family and acted like I was enthralled with the band when she called out to me.

“Hey Rod, where’s Kim? We have two extra chairs if you would like to join us.”

I told her no thank you, and that since Steve didn’t know anyone at the resort, he would be joining us. She then asked me if he was staying with us in our room. ”Oh, no, he has his own room. We just met him at the airport” I said trying to leave out the part about you with no panties on, in his room doing no telling what right now. She seemed to smirk a bit but at least she stopped talking to me.

It was at least fifteen minutes before you showed up…on Steve’s arm. You looked super-hot in a short sun dress and your face, chest and shoulders were slightly pink from the beach. You gave me a more than passionate kiss as you walked to the chair that I had pulled out for you. Nosy acted like her long lost friend had showed up and got up to greet you and Steve as you were about to sit down. She asked if you two had just bumped into each other on the way down or if you needed a bodyguard for looking so hot. You thanked her for the compliment and said, “No, since we have adjoining rooms, we just walked down together after we got ready.”

“Great, that is going to start a torrent of questions” I thought and then sure enough, it started.

“Adjoining rooms?? Wow, what are the odds of that happening? We don’t know any of our neighbors around us. Don’t you feel lucky to have someone right next door that you know?” Nosy was trying to pry and also making fun of the appearance of this whole scenario. You didn’t miss a beat and said, “Oh, the odds were pretty good since I requested that Steve be moved to the adjoining room. A girl has to keep her options open. Besides, I like to be a good neighbor and if Steve doesn’t find any new friends, then I can be there for him. Oh, and Rod likes for me to flirt with other men so everyone wins for a whole week.”

Nosy had the most shocked look on her face. I was hard as a rock, embarrassed and wanting to be anywhere but at that table right then. You helped me out and shocked me even more you said, “Rod, I left my phone in the beach bag. Do you mind running up and getting it? I think I left it in Steve’s room. The doors are still open so you can just go through our room. Oh, and hurry up because Steve and I have worked up quite an appetite.” Nosy just turned back to her table and I got up to go get the phone. I nearly sprinted to the room.

The bed was still made in both rooms. I could see where you had been laying on top of Steve’s bedspread, but it didn’t look like too much had taken place while I was not there. That is good. I
looked next to the bed and sure enough, there was the small beach bag that you had carried up. As I reached down to pick it up, I noticed the cover up in a pile right next to it. I nearly came from simply seeing a crumpled cover up. I looked around for any other evidence that something more happened and found nothing remarkable. I did see Steve’s swim trunks hanging in his bathroom. I wanted to ask you for all the details but I didn’t think I would be able to find out what happened while we were eating dinner. I raced back down to the patio to have dinner.
You thanked me for getting your phone and for a great vacation with a passionate kiss when I returned. I asked if you had anything that you wanted to tell me, but you simply smiled and said that you didn’t know what I was talking about. We all ordered drinks and dinner and had a very nice time.

As we talked about everything under the sun, I realized that Steve was just a good guy. He was obviously up for anything that might happen, or anything that had already happened. He was a complete gentleman to you and everyone else around us. When we were all done eating, Steve excused himself to use the restroom which left us alone for a short time. As soon as he was away from the table, I asked, “Ok, you have to tell me what took place while I left you two alone.”

“Why, nothing of course. I am married to you.” You said. “Oh, he rubbed my feet…and legs because they were sore, but nothing more.”

“Why was your cover up in the floor in his room then?” I asked.

She continued with her teasing tone, “Because I took it off before we showered of course. We were in a hurry to go down…to eat. Remember?”

“So you showered together? You showered in his room? TELL ME!”

“Oh don’t you worry about it. You will be very happy when we get to the room tonight. Just sit back and enjoy vacation. I know I am so far.”

I HAD to know, but you were not telling me anything yet. I leaned in and put my hand on your knee just below the skirt. You looked at me and scooted up closer to the table and farther under the tablecloth. You then pulled my hand up your thigh and to your crotch, all the while maintaining eye contact. I tried to be as discreet as possible and slipped one finger inside you. You were so wet and then it occurred to me, you had no panties on! As soon as I figure this obvious fact out, you told me that Steve asked you to not wear panties. You then pushed my hand back. When I asked if that was all that wetness you, or you already been fucked, you assured me that it was all you, but you were definitely going to be fucked tonight and I had better be ready for whatever happened. That is when Steve reappeared.

He smiled as he sat down and complimented my beautiful wife. He thanked me for sharing all of our time with him and said he has really been enjoying this vacation more than any other. He then asked me if I really did enjoy this game that we seemed to be in the middle of. I tried to explain to him how hot I think you are and how sexy I think you are and letting you strut your stuff was hugely exciting to me. He agreed with everything I said and then told me how I was lucky to be married to such a hot, sexy woman. He then leaned in close asked me if I thought I would be jealous watching my wife with another man. A black man at that, and a black man with a bigger cock than what she was used to.

He told me he would be very interested in letting me watch him with my wife as long as I wouldn’t get mad or cause a scene. He said he thought it was very erotic getting his dick sucked in the cab while I watched. I promised him that you could do a much better job than that given the chance and I believe I would like to see more tonight. I thought I would be able to handle the jealousy but wasn’t sure if you could handle two dicks in one night. Steve then said he already knew how good you sucked dick and he was confident that you would be up for whatever dick you could get tonight. “Any woman whose pussy gets as wet as Kim’s is right now can easily handle two dicks. You then pulled my hand back up your thigh to show me that Steve’s hand was already there and then quickly pushed my hand back. I assumed that Steve was leaning in so that we could have our discussion more quietly. Boy, was I wrong. Steve smiled and asked if I even heard what he said. Apparently I had not. He made it all very clear to me then, “She already sucked my dick when she sent you off to save a table and she is great at giving head. I can only imagine what this pussy will feel like as I stretch it out tonight. Kim tells me that you aren’t exactly hung and she is a little bit afraid of my length and girth. Should we go up and see if her fears are justified or if she is going to have the time of her life?”

With that, we all three stood up to leave and Steve signed to put the tab on his room along with a bottle of wine that she handed him. I thanked him and told him he didn’t have to do that and he insisted, thanking me for what has already been a great vacation and what will surely be a fantastic week if things keep going so nicely. Steve and I both took one of your hands and we walked towards the steps to go upstairs. As we passed the lawn checkers, we saw Nosy playing with her kids. She practically ran to her husband to nudge him to look our way. I wasn’t sure if I was proud at how sexy and carefree you were or if I felt shame for the fact that I was walking upstairs to watch my wife get fucked by basically a total stranger. My dick revealed my true feelings because it was as hard as it has ever been. You blew the husband a kiss as we passed him just for fun and we all laughed at the looks on their faces.


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