We all headed down through the resort and towards the beach. We walked past the hot tub on the way and you commented that you would be using that tonight to relieve the stress of travel. I offered up other possibilities for stress relief and we all laughed as we headed down the beach. Steve was wearing white board shorts and a tank top. After we got all of our stuff settled under an umbrella we headed into the ocean. You complimented Steve again on his physique when he pulled his shirt off and traced your finger over his washboard abs. He stepped back a bit because he said he didnt want to have the same swelling problem that I had.

Steve and I ran into the ocean as you slowly waded in. We teased you about how slowly you were coming in and threatened to pull you in. As we walked into the shallower water, Steve realized that his board shorts were clinging very closely to his body and while they weren’t quite see through, it was very apparent what was beneath the shorts. You commented something about seeing a reason to get in now. He backed up a step to waist deep and you walked towards him. He noticed your very hard nipples poking through your top and asked if the water was really that cold. You smiled and said that the temperature was at least part of the problem.

When we all were done swimming, we went to the umbrella to lay out for a while. Steve wanted to stay in the shade and you put your lounge in the sun next to him instead of next to me. I asked about this and you said that you saw our nosy friend from the plane and thought she would give her something to look at. Sure enough, the wife from the family on the plane was standing at the water’s edge looking our way. Her husband and two kids were playing in the water. You pulled your straps off and asked for Steve’s help applying sunscreen to your shoulders. When he touched your shoulders, I became fully erect. I was sitting in the chair with it partially reclined with my shirt over my lap to try to conceal my erection. Nosy lady walked up to say hi, but I think she was just trying to figure out exactly our relationship and why Steve was in the mix. We all spoke briefly with me trying to cover my erection. When Steve stood up to shake her hand, he was at least partially aroused and did nothing to try to conceal it. It was obvious to everyone that Nosy lady noticed and became flustered when she saw. You still had your straps loose and rose up slightly and accidentally showed us all a boob. I noticed, Steve noticed, and Nosy lady definitely noticed. She was rambling about something and stopped mid-sentence and lost her train of thought. She never got a chance to finish her thought because her kids were calling for her to come and play in the water. When I asked if you were aware of the accidental flashing, you said you were and just wanted to see her expression and hopefully she would leave. You said you didn’t want the competition for your men. We all laughed at Nosy lady as she played with her kids and kept looking our way. She was talking to her husband from time to time and would look our way as she did it.

We all decided we would have plenty of time for the beach over the next week and some dinner would be good about now. You asked Steve to join us since he didn’t know anyone else at the resort and we had been taking all of his time. He agreed to join us and we decided on the resort restaurant by the pool. There would be food, drink, and a band after dark. No need to go anyplace else. We gathered up our things and you put your cover up on. As soon as it was on, you pulled your swim top off from underneath and said it was wet and cold so this way would be more comfortable. Nothing was exposed, but it was clear from your hard nipples that you had nothing on underneath. I pointed out our Nosy friend watching again so you stopped, went back to the lounge, and pulled your bottoms off and stuck them in the bag with the top. The lady was staring now with an open mouth. There was nothing exposed, but if someone was watching, they would have been aware of what you were doing. You turned your legs to face me and slightly parted them and asked if this is how I liked for you to be dressed. Steve missed the show, but was aware of what had just happened.

We all took off towards the rooms. The patio was starting to get crowded with people wanting to eat and get a seat for the band. We all agreed that we should hurry to get ready and come back down so we would get a table. As we walked past the hot tub, you said she wanted to test the water out since there was nobody in it at the time. I knew that you had nothing on under your cover up dress. You asked me to hold your bag as you waded in. As the water got closer to the dress, you looked right at me and raised it as you got into the water. You kept the dress just above the water line but clearly exposed your ass and puss to both Steve and me. This is certainly out of character for you and I am once again, speechless. You tell us how good it feels and that we will have to come back before we all go to bed. When I asked about what you meant by “all go to bed”, you just laughed and said that we would all be going to bed eventually, maybe together, but maybe one person might get left out.

As you climbed out, you left your cover up higher than necessary for several steps as you reached for your towel. Steve got an unobstructed eyeful of your ass and puss this time and whistled his approval. You told me to go ahead and head up while you were drying so that we could get our showers quickly. That seemed like an odd request, but I wanted to see where this was all going. I headed off while you and Steve were talking about the band that was setting up. I walked really quickly when I got out of your sight so that I wouldn’t miss anything that you might do next.
When I got to the room, the adjoining door was still open and I reflected on all that had taken place so far. I wished that I would have fucked you so that I might be able to think straight because I could not even focus right then. I set my clothes out and hopped in the shower and took a very fast shower. I thought I heard you come in when I was washing my hair, but you didn’t answer when I called so it must have been across the hall. I got out of the shower and went through the living room to the bedroom. I thought I heard talking in Steve’s room, but I didn’t have a stitch of clothes on so I didn’t poke my head in. I grabbed my shorts and threw a shirt on and went back to see if I was dreaming. When I pushed the unlatched door open, I was stunned with what I saw.

You were on the bed and Steve was rubbing one of your feet. You still had your cover up dress on and were leaning back on your elbows. The foot that he was rubbing was bent at the knee and slightly raised. The other was flat on the bed and your very wet puss was on display for Steve, and now for me to see. When you saw me poke my head in, you said your feet were hurting and Steve was nice enough to help you out. When I asked if we were still going to go down and have dinner, you responded, “Yes, could you go ahead and save a table? Steve and I will go down and get cleaned up.”

“You mean get cleaned up and go down?” I asked.

“Yeah, something like that. Anyway, could you go and save a table? We will be down very soon.”


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