As we sat in the airport waiting for our plane to the island, we saw a well-dressed black man at the same gate. When I noticed you glance at him I asked if this it finally the guy that I get to share you with. Like always, you punched me in the arm and assured me that, once again, I am all that you need and you will not be having sex with anyone besides me. Like always, I assured you that if it is something that you would like to experiment with, I am supportive.

I point out his muscular shoulders and well-formed arms and simply ask if you find him attractive. You say yes and then try to turn the tables on me and ask if I think I could really stand to see him fucking my hot wife. We have had this banter back and forth many times and I know that I can take this little game of chicken a little farther than you are willing to go.

“Of course I can handle it, but I think you are too chicken to go through with it.” I say as I lean in to kiss you. You pull back from my kiss and raise the stakes by telling me to get lost for a bit and I can see just how big of a chicken you are. I am sure that you are bluffing and just getting rid of me so that I will quit pestering you. As I get up to walk to the other end of the concourse, I wish you luck and laugh knowing you will still be sitting alone.

Apparently, my laughter gave you the courage you needed because as I walk back after being gone for no more than 15 minutes, there was the black guy sitting where my luggage had been when I walked away. He wasn’t sitting right next to you, but only one chair separated the two of you and you were in a deep conversation. I stood out in the aisle for a couple of minutes and acted like I was on the phone as I took a picture to tease you with later. Oddly, you didn’t seem to notice that I was nearby and I had to walk all the way up before you even saw me. When I got to my seat next to you, finally looked up and said, “Oh, you’re back. I was just starting to think Steve was going to have to accompany me on vacation.”

Steve huh? Already on a first name basis I see. Steve stands up and shakes my hand as we introduce ourselves. I sit on one side and he is on the other of you. You kept your body facing Steve and I instantly felt like a third wheel. You did the normal vacation chatter and found out all about Steve and his travelling alone because he doesn’t have time for a full time girlfriend. You knew that he was from St Louis and was a salesman. You found out that he was 35, two kids, and divorced from a blue eyed brunette that looked similar to you. You knew that he could no longer produce kids because he had a vasectomy. I found out that I might not be as good at this game of chicken that we were playing as I had thought.

As luck would have it, we compared our tickets and he was sitting next to you while I was across the aisle and one row back. Steve offered to change seats with me so that I could sit next to my bride, but you instantly answered “there is no need for that, I get to flirt with him all the time. I don’t get many chances to flirt with younger men. Rod, you don’t mind if I sit next to Steve for our flight do you?”

What was I supposed to say? What was I supposed to do? I looked right in Steve’s eyes and told him to flirt all he wanted because I would be the one taking advantage of any sexual energy that came from the flight. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I think Steve blushed at my forward talk. You were trying to keep the upper hand and instantly said, “Don’t be so sure about that, Whoever does the work gets the payoff.”

What the Hell?! You are supposed to chicken out by now!

Then you really upped the ante. ”Don’t worry Steve, he would love it if you seduced me and I stayed in your hotel room tonight. That is kind of Rod’s thing.” Steve got a much more confident look on his face with that statement.

They called our boarding group and we all started to walk towards the gate right after that statement. You kissed me briefly as you followed Steve to the counter and gave the lady your ticket. I was only seconds behind you and when I looked up from scanning my ticket, you were holding onto Steve’s arm as you walked down the jetway. There was a young family right behind me that had been there since we first sat down. The wife made eye contact with me and had the most puzzled look on her face. She didn’t say a word, but it was as if she knew the game that we were playing. We took our seats and as luck would have it, I ended up right next to the lady with the prying eyes. I had a great view of Steve, but he obstructed my direct view of you.

The flight was uneventful for the most part. At one point, you looked back at me as you leaned over Steve. We made brief eye contact and nosy lady asked me if you were my wife. I explained that, yes, you were my wife but I couldn’t get an aisle seat that was next to you. She then asked if the other guy was travelling with us to which I had no real good answer, but I told her that we had just met him. When we landed, since you were one row ahead, you got off of the plane in front of me. Nosy lady was right behind her husband who was right behind Steve. As we all walked up the jetway, you once again held on to Steve’s arm and the nosy lady whispered something to her husband as they both looked back at me. They kept staring as Steve and the two of us as all waited at customs and visited.

We were staying at the same resort as Steve. As we were getting into the cab that we shared, you looked at me and said, “ I told Steve all about your little fantasy on the flight and if you arent careful, you might just get your wish. Oh, by the way, Steve has a 7” cock, but it is feels lot wider than yours.”

Ok, now I had to call bullshit! ”So you are saying you have felt it? Yeah, right. You are way to chicken to do that!”

We all piled into the back seat with you in the middle. “Remember when I looked back at you? I had put the blanket that I was using over his lap and I was giving him a handjob. You seemed too involved in your conversation with the lady sitting next to you to even care.” Steve seemed uncomfortable and was trying to not make eye contact with me, but trying to see how I was reacting out of the corner of his eye.

I was dizzy from excitement at this point but I still didn’t believe you. I didn’t believe you until you reached over and unzipped Steve without saying a word and your hand went inside to caress his cock. I am not often speechless, but I was certainly at a loss for words now. As you jacked him, you looked me directly in the eyes and asked if this is really what you wanted to see? I saw your wedding band on your left hand that was wrapped around a very large, hard, black cock. You then leaned over and sucked his cock as deeply as you could. You made only one stroke down, then you rose up, started jacking him again and leaned back to kiss me deeply. Again, I saw the glint of your diamond as you aimed his hard cock at your mouth.

You pulled back and asked again, “Is this what you want? Do you want to see me with Steve? We are far from home and will not see any of these people again, you have been begging for so long, and we are on vacation…Do you want to watch me fuck Steve?”

Ok, so I suck at this game of chicken that I started. I desperately wanted to watch you fuck another man, any other man and show off what a great lay you are. But, now that I am faced with the very real possibility, I am frozen with what I want. You kept your left hand on Steve’s dick and reached back with your right hand to rub on the outside of my shorts when you said, “Your dick seems to want to see it. Now is your chance. It is either now, or never bring this topic up again.” I heard my own voice say yes, but I don’t remember actually saying it.

We arrived at the hotel and the cabbie seemed irritated that we weren’t instantly out of the cab. Steve was adjusting his shorts and his belt and I was trying to cover my erection from the hotel
workers that were at the car to greet us. Steve paid for the cab as I was directing the hotel worker that was trying to carry our bags. You asked Steve where his room was. Since we weren’t familiar with the resort, we had no idea how close to us it was. You mentioned that you hope we are neighbors as we walked to the check in counter.

We were in front of Steve in the line so we found out about our room first. We only needed one bedroom, but we had booked the nicer two bedroom unit. We had chosen Ocean View that was very close to the beach as well as the hot tub. You asked the lady how close Steve’s building was. You expressed sadness when she said it was all the way across the property so the lady asked if we would like to have him closer. To my surprise, you asked if there was anything closer. The only thing available happened to be the one bedroom efficiency that was adjoining our unit. Steve was thrilled because of the ocean view and immediately switched rooms. We finished up the check in process and started walking up to our rooms.

Steve seemed like a good guy and we chatted on the way up to the rooms. He seemed only slightly uncomfortable with the situation, but oddly it was as if he had no expectations that anything would proceed any further. We followed the bellboy all the way to the room with Steve and I lagging behind you and the bellboy. When the bellboy opened Steve’s room first, you actually walked into his room and told me to check to see if there was door connecting the two rooms. The bellboy seemed completely confused as you followed Steve into his room. I tried to separate our luggage from Steve’s and place them in our room. With you in Steve’s room, you were out of my view for only seconds as I set the bags down and tried to open the adjoining door. As soon as I opened it, there you were on the other side with a huge smile on your face. You had to ask me why I had opened the door so quickly and then just laughed. Truth is, I didn’t know if I wanted to see you in the throes of passion or if I wanted to see you opening the door to meet me. Steve was talking to the bellboy at the door so nothing could have happened, but my heart was racing. The bellboy left us all to enjoy our vacation and we began putting our clothes into the dresser.

Steve stepped into the doorway to ask us if he could tag along if we go to the beach. We, of course said he could and asked him how long it would take to get ready. He said 15 minutes would be plenty and he ducked back into his room, closing his door as he left our room. You told him through the door to just come back over when he was ready and we could all go. I went to shut our half of the double door when you asked me what I was doing and that we needed to leave it open so Steve could get back in. I explained that I thought you might like your privacy and you explained that I was too uptight and needed to just relax…”we are on vacation”.

With that, you stripped down, as did I, to put on my swimming suit. Or at least I thought that is why we were stripping down. You had different plans as you lay on the bed with your head hanging off the edge and your legs spread. I have seen you in this position countless times, but never in a resort with an adjoining room with the door opened. Steve couldn’t see in, but all he would have to do is open his door and he would see us both in all our glory and you looking very inviting. You asked me to come over so that you could suck my dick for just a second before we got dressed for the beach. I couldn’t say no but warned that we just had a few minutes to get ready for the beach. As I buried my dick in your mouth, you spread your legs for me and I began to finger you. You were as wet as I have ever seen you and showed your appreciation to my touch by letting out a low moan while my dick was still in your mouth. I asked you if you were wet because you were with me on vacation or because you had been touching a new cock. You obviously couldn’t say anything, but once again moaned your pleasure as I rubbed your clit. I had to pull my dick out of your mouth or I was going to cum. Once I was out of your mouth, you asked me to fuck you.

I explained our time constraints and told you I wanted to talk about our plans for the week. I asked if you were just trying to tease the shit out of me or if you were serious about where this all seemed to be heading. You told me that you had originally just wanted to tease me a bit, but found Steve to be intelligent, funny, easy to talk to and not hard on the eyes at all. You said that you really needed to fuck and if I didn’t do it, you were going to go find someone that would do it. The only difference in your statement this time and when you had teasingly said it in the past is that there was a willing participant right next door. I asked you to wait until after we went to the beach and then I would make sure you got your fill. We both got dressed for the beach but you would not quit reaching into my trunks to touch my dick, so I was still hard as Steve walked in to our room.

Steve chuckled when he saw the bulge in my swim trunks. He said 15 minutes should have been enough time to take care of that or for the swelling to go down. You were in the bathroom applying sunscreen with your top untied and pulled slightly down. You complained about getting sunscreen on your top so you pulled it down exposing your breasts. Steve wasn’t in direct line of sight, but could have seen if he would have looked into the vanity mirror. He didn’t. He was being very cool about this and not just jumping on you. I offered to come and help with the sunscreen, but you said that I had better not or the swelling would never go down. You finished applying sunscreen and pulled your top up. When you came out and saw Steve in his tank top, you felt of his muscles and expressed your approval by rubbing your hands over his bicep, shoulder and then his pecs.


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