It had been over a year since we had broken things off with Jeff. Over the last couple months we had started discussing trying to play again. We reactivated some of our personals accounts and started taking suitors. Vicki was pretty gun shy from the Jeff situation and was being very picky. She chatted with some fellas but just wasn’t finding someone that she felt met our expectations. We even tried visiting a couple swingers bars looking for a third but didn’t find anyone to her liking. Vicki was growing somewhat frustrated with the process and had just about given up when I had an idea.

“Let’s take a vacation and get back to where it all began.” I suggested. I saw Vicki warmly remember Dave. “That’s a great idea” she said and I was off planning.

We booked a seven day/seven night all-inclusive in Ocho Rios. We did some internet searching for a gentleman that either lived there or would also be on vacation but on the day of the flight had no responses. Sadly, no strapping young “Dave” joined us on the plane either. We arrived at the resort and started to enjoy ourselves. We were optimistic early on but a survey of the bar, pool and night club revealed no single gentlemen. We decided to put the whole thing aside and just enjoy each other’s company for the week. The security situation had degraded a little bit since our last time in the Caribbean so when we took day trips the resort provided us a guide. We took lots of day trips into the markets, hiking, fishing and snorkeling. We had two gentlemen Glenmore and Akoni that showed us the island daily. They were both charming and wonderful fellas. They worked very hard to make our time enjoyable and safe.

I spent most of the last day doing some fishing while Vicki did a spa day with some ladies she’d met in the resort. Following dinner that night Vicki said she planned to meet the girls for a drink. I was pretty bushed from being in the sun all day. I told her to go have fun and I’d be waiting for her when she got back. “Maybe you’ll even find a fella tonight” I joked. “Not with our luck lately. Love you Baby. See you in a while” she said as she skipped out the door.

A couple hours later I got a text from her:
K – Hey are you up to play with others tonight?
V – Sure. Looks like your luck turned around
K – Okay be up in a minute. Put some music on and pour some drinks.

Shortly after I heard the key in the door and turned to see what lucky gentlemen Vicki had found. Vicki stepped through the door but stopped. “Baby, it wouldn’t be vacation if we didn’t break some new ground” she said with a twinkle in her eye. Then she led Glenmore through the door. This was interesting then the other shoe dropped as Akoni followed Glenmore in.

The guides had been doing a dance class in the bar for the resort patrons. Vicki joined in and after several drinks was thoroughly enjoying being spun around the dance floor by two strapping black men. She could tell they were talking about her body between songs. That’s when she realized the opportunity. She also knew they’d never make a move on their own. After the dancing ended she asked them both to walk her back to her room. They agreed and she took them both by the hand and led them towards our cabana. She told me later that she could tell they were aroused by the bulges visible in their pants but also unsure what this little white married hottie had in mind. Once in a dark area adjacent to our room she stopped and put both their hands on her tits. “Gentlemen, I’d like to invite both of you back to my room. My husband will be there but loves to watch his wife be a little slut. What do you say.” She purred. Vicki said they nodded excitedly. That’s when she texted me.

I guess I should describe these fellas. Glenmore was tall and lean and reminded me of Usain Bolt the famous Jamaican sprinter. Akoni was about my height but built like an NFL linebacker with big powerful arms and legs. They both were clean cut looking, in their early 30s and I imagine didn’t have much of a hard time with the ladies.

I should note that despite our playing with others Vicki and I had never discussed men of other races. Her “type” had been a “Captain America” sort of fellow so that’s what we had looked for previously. She came from an upper society family in the South where a white woman and a black man together still might raise a few busy bodies’ eyebrows. I wasn’t sure if these to fellas were just an opportunity she pounced on after looking for so long or if there was an itch she was looking to scratch. Never mind we had never got two partners for her in the past. Needless to say I was intrigued by what was going to transpire.

Vicki had the guys sit on the couch in the cabana and got each a drink. She went over some quick ground rules but the long and short of it was these two studs had free reign to fuck her senseless. Vicki put a bottle of lube and several condoms on a nearby table and stripped down to her g-string and heels. “Okay gentlemen let’s see those cocks” she said cheerfully. Glenmore and Akoni were naked in a blink of an eye and cocks in hand. Glenmore had a big 8-inch cock that looked the width of a coke can. Akoni lacked in his friends girth but made up with it at what seemed 11+ inches. Vicki fist pumped in the air “Man I can pick em”. It was great seeing her having fun again.

She positioned herself between the guys and started to jerk them off together. She looked over her shoulder at me with glee in her eye. I had to admit the contrast of her petite little light skinned hand running up and down their dark shafts was very erotic. It had me wondering why we hadn’t considered this before. She worked their cocks expertly while slowly telling us what she wanted.

“Oh fellas I can’t wait to wrap my lips around this big thick one. Ooooh this might be the longest I’ve ever had. I bet it can hit some spots never touched before. You two are going to fill me up so good in a minute.” She said with intensity. I could tell Glenmore and Akoni were getting hot and bothered. Their hands were running through her hair, caressing her tits and body like dark shadows teasing a sunrise. She leaned in and kissed Glenmore deeply. He’d had enough. He grabbed a condom and rolled it over his thick cock then picked her up and started to lower her onto his coke can shaped dick. Playing with two black pythons had clearly gotten Vicki dripping wet. Despite his girth Vicki was able to accommodate him with minimal effort. She slid down onto his cock and I could see her lips clinging around his thick shaft as she started to rise and fall. “Oh GOD that is THICK. Baby he is filling me totally up” she hummed to me.

She had never stopped jerking Akoni off and now leaned over and inhaled his cock. His length was truly a spectacle and even after improving her deep throat game had ample shaft to use her hands on. Glenmore had let her set the pace initially as she got used to his girth but now held her by the hips with one hand while pumping hard into her. He used his other hand to rub her tits. Vicki was in heaven. She was so dedicated to blowing Akoni she couldn’t say anything but moaned and groaned loudly around his cock. Vicki tensed up with a buzzing orgasm but Glenmore was having none of it and just pumped harder and faster. Akoni got up on knees so he could fuck her mouth. He expertly fed his long dick in and out of her mouth knowing just when to stop so she didn’t gag. They came within seconds of each other. Akoni blew deep in her mouth. She did the best she could to swallow it all but a large amount dribbled out of her mouth onto the couch. Glenmore growled loudly as he came powerfully in her.

They extended the couch into its sleeper position and laid her back. They ran their hands up and down her body, teasing her nipples and neck with the occasional nibble. They alternated slowly finger fucking her then Akoni went down on her. He placed his thumb on her clit and ran his tongue between her lips. “Oh god baby even their tongues are huge” she stuttered. Akoni was a skilled oralist and with his fingers and tongue brought Vicki to multiple orgasms that racked her body and seemed to just run together. Glenmore had been kissing her and sucking on her nipples which could almost bring her to climax on its own if done properly. He was a skilled lover.

Glenmore moved up to her face and started rubbing his growing cock on her lips. Vicki teasingly darted her tongue out to meet it and took it in her hand. It grew back to its full size from her expert hands and she adoringly started to suck on it. Where she couldn’t handle all of Akoni’s length she was much better at dealing with girth. She couldn’t quite get all of Glenmore inside her mouth/throat but it was damn near close. His eyes were rolling back and he was moaning deeply. He was putty in her hands, or I guess mouth. Akoni coaxed one more orgasm from her with his tongue. He donned a condom then started rubbing his cock up and down her drenched slit. Vicki took a moment to break away from Glenmore’s cock and looked Akoni in the eye. “Come on lover, I want you to fuck this white married pussy with that long cock of yours”. What a vixen! I thought. Akoni obliged her and started to insert his first few inches into her slowly. She was impatient and was trying to buck back against his cock while maintaining a rhythmic sucking of Glenmore. Akoni finally obliged and buried himself into her. He seemed quite pleased, looking at me and saying excitedly “Most women can’t take the whole thing”. He didn’t know my Vicki. The plunging of his cock made Vicki release Glenmore’s cock from her mouth and screamed loudly “Oh my god YES. Fuck me. FUCK ME.” Akoni obliged with a strong sawing fuck back and forth. Her juices coated his long shaft and a pool was forming underneath her. Glenmore was clearly getting close to another orgasm himself from her pumping hands and expert mouth. He gave a loud grunt and came thunderously. Some in her mouth and some on her tits then collapsed back onto the bed spent. My little southern belle had bested one black stud.
Akoni took the opportunity and flipped Vicki over so he could fuck her doggy style. She grinned and told him over her shoulder “oooh yes, fuck me hard lover”. Akoni followed her instruction; he rammed his cock into her over and over again. Vicki moaned louder and louder. She had the sheets gripped tight in her hands and was fucking back on Akoni aggressively. She groaned “Yes, Yes, Harder, Faster” over and over again. Akoni’s large curved cock must have been hitting her g-spot just right from that angle. Vicki’s arms gave out and she convulsed hard against him. Her eyes went wide and her lip quivered then she let out a primal moan from deep within. “Oh GOD YES, SO DEEP, SO FUCKING GOOD”. Akoni grunted and shuddered as he came himself. They collapsed on the bed and attempted to catch their breath.

I gazed upon my heavenly wife laying between her two dark lovers. I watched her chest rise and fall as she came down from her high. She looked so pleased with herself. “Thanks gentlemen, that was everything I needed but my husband has been waiting a long time for me.” She stated. The guys were very understanding, thanked us profusely, gave her a parting kiss and left. I snuggled up to her feeling the post-sex glow still radiating off her body. “Well aren’t you full of new tricks tonight. I didn’t know you had a thing for black men” I whispered as I nibbled on her ear. “I didn’t either and I don’t think that will be the last time”. She quipped back. I pulled her in for a deep kiss. It was good to be playing again.


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