Our life settled into a good routine with Jeff. We played together 1-2 times a month as our work and family schedules allowed. I agreed to allow another 1-2 times a month for either a live video and/or filmed session between Vicki and Jeff. I’d occasionally have to “punish” Vicki when the recordings of their taped encounters seemed to omit portions. The stipulations were these also had to be agreed upon beforehand and scheduled. No surprises. They tended to be quickies to keep Jeff from losing his mind between our longer sessions. Jeff had really learned all of the nuances to Vicki’s body over time. He could really bring out the vixen in her. I admittedly was jealous at times but the spectacle they could put on was better than any porn out there. Vicki and I always hosted our play sessions. Sometimes she’d direct the action. Sometimes I would. We tried to change it up and keep it exciting. Sometimes it would go similar to the first time. Sometimes I’d just watch them then ravish her after Jeff left. Sometimes Jeff and I would spit-roast her all night.

At the six month mark Jeff started to request not using a condom. He’d had a vasectomy like me so we weren’t worried about pregnancy but Jeff also wasn’t under any obligation of exclusivity with us so we had disease concerns. Surprisingly Jeff agreed to only sleep with Vicki. We were skeptical. “Sweetie you are a very virile man. You get sex with me 2-4 times a month. Are you really willing to give up the opportunity for any other women?” Vicki asked him one evening.

“I’m 43 years old and am having the best sex of my life by a long shot. It’s worth it.” He pleaded. We had never expressly told Jeff he wasn’t allowed to cum in Vicki’s pussy or ass because it had never been an issue before. Vicki and I discussed the issue at length. We agreed we believed Jeff was sincere and Vicki admitted she would love to feel his cock without a condom on. Jeff was clearly crest fallen when we told him he could lose the condoms but couldn’t cum inside Vicki other than her mouth. He was pretty disappointed but happy to not need a condom any longer. Jeff made the best of the situation though. The man was a heavy cummer to put it mildly. If he didn’t cum in Vicki’s mouth he made sure to cover her face and tits with rope after rope of hot thick cum. Vicki loved it.

Jeff requested a dinner with us shortly before our one year anniversary with him to talk about an upcoming play date. “Listen guys I know this arrangement is about yall’s sex life and I’m just a guest. I feel like we have really grown together and I’d really like to try something different for the next one” Jeff stated. We agreed to hear him out and frankly were curious what he had in mind. Jeff wanted to host the next session and he wanted to direct the action this time. He wanted to introduce some bondage and toys as well. He didn’t want to give away too many more details because he wanted it somewhat to be a surprise. We agreed to give it some thought and get back to him. We talked about it a while that evening after sex. We ultimately agreed to let Jeff give it his best shot with the only stipulation being we could naturally end it at any time.

The evening came upon us and other than a time to arrive Jeff didn’t give us any other instructions. Jeff greeted us at the door and welcomed us in. He offered a drink that we each accepted then walked us back to large room in the back of his home. As we entered it was clear he had put some work and thought into tonight. The room had mirrored glass all round it. There was a large California King bed in the middle with restraining straps at each corner. The room had lounge couches on all sides. There was a chest at the foot of the bed filled with sex toys and assorted lubes. The room was dimmed but had lit candles throughout.

“Wow, Jeffrey you really pulled out all the stops. Looks like you have some bondage kinks we haven’t experienced yet.” Vicki exclaimed. We’ve played with fuzzy handcuffs and the like but Jeff’s collection looked to be of a much more serious design. Jeff stopped her from talking. He handed her a set of crotch less fishnet stocking, fuck-me heels, vibrating butt plug and a harness like device. Jeff curtly stated “Go change in the corner and then get on the bed.” He then turned to me “Take a seat. Undress or not I don’t care. I’ll tell you when or if you can join in”. The “if” was highlighted in my mind. Vicki and I shared a curious look between us but we had agreed to give Jeff a chance so we followed instructions. Vicki changed and took her position on the bed.
The harness was an interesting contraption. It started with a collar that went around her neck. It was furry on the inside and leather on the outside with multiple connecting points. From there a piece of leather stretched from the collar down her back to her ass. There were two leather loops connected to the strip that her arms went through and two her legs went through. The strip and loops had connecting points attached as well. Jeff tightened the loops around her arms and upper thighs. He attached the restraints at each corner of the bed to Vicki’s wrists and ankles but left plenty of slack for the moment. Lastly he put a blindfold on Vicki. I could see the goosebumps on her skin. She was clearly intrigued regarding what was about to happen.

Jeff had a remote in one hand and a riding crop in the other. He stood on the bed and circled Vicki. The remote controlled the vibrating butt plug in her ass. Jeff was adjusting the vibrations up and down while tracing the crop along Vicki’s body. He’d occasionally pop her on the ass with the crop. This would elicit a yelp from her but she was smiling and very into it. Jeff started describe how this was his room and he was in charge. He would control everything that happened. He owned her tonight and she would submit to his every whim. Jeff laid a couple different dildos and anal bead sets on the bed with a bottle of lube. He continued to caress/smack Vicki with the crop but with the other hand reached between her legs and started to play with her pussy. “Oh I think you are enjoying this. I knew you’d be a good sub” He chuckled. Her breath was quickening trying to anticipate the crop, the vibrations and his fingers. Suddenly Jeff tightened the restraints attached to her wrists which pulled her forward and now face down and ass up. He grabbed a large dildo and started working it into her pussy with one hand while still tracing/popping her with the crop. Vicki was trying to fuck back on the dildo but the restraints kept her pretty static. Jeff slowly worked the whole dildo in and out of her. She groaned and squirmed back against it. “You’ll get your chance slut. Tonight is on my schedule.” Jeff left the dildo inserted but loosened the wrist restraints. He moved to her face and started to fuck her mouth. Vicki had enough slack on the restraints she could get back to all fours but not enough to control how much cock Jeff put in her mouth.

He started out fucking he mouth slowly. He egged her on “That’s it my little cock sucker. Feel that big cock in your mouth and throat. Earn it” He grabbed her by the pony tail and quickened his pace; barely letting the head pass her lips before thrusting it back in. She was whimpering and seemed to be really getting off from the butt plug and dildo that was still lodged inside her. Jeff loosened the wrist restraints enough so Vicki had enough slack at least to hold onto his hips. He scooted up so he could reach her asshole while still having his cock in her mouth. He removed the butt plug, lubed up a good sized incremental set of jelly anal beads and inserted them into her ass. He continued to fuck her mouth while plunging the anal beads in and out of her ass. After only a few minutes of this Vicki’s body spasmed hard and the dildo squirted out of her pussy. Jeff pulled his cock out of her mouth and she growled through another ripping orgasm “Oh baby please fuck my ass…pleeease!!!”.

Jeff grinned at this. “You want this cock in your ass slut” he said while rubbing it on her face. “Oh baby please, I need it so bad” she moaned. “Tell your husband how bad you want it.’ Vicki turned her head and looked at me through hazy eyes “Honey I NEED him to fuck me in the ass”. Jeff disconnected the wrist restraints. Jeff then took what looked like a bridle that had multiple connecting points. He attached one to the back of the collar and one to each loop on her shoulders. He could pull the reins and it pulled her upper body back towards him. He removed the anal beads and made her beg and whimper one more time to be fucked. He then roughly inserted his cock in her ass. The initial entry caused another spasm in her. She moaned incoherently. Jeff varied the tension of the reins with one hand and again started with the caressing/popping of the crop with the other as he vigorously pumped in and out of her ass. Eventually he stopped moving and gave Vicki enough slack so she could move her ass back and forth on his cock. She didn’t slacken the pace a bit and fucked his cock to another toe curling orgasm.

Jeff flipped her on her back and tightened the wrist/ankle restraints again. She had enough slack in her ankles to bring her knees up to her shoulders but little else. He started to finger her pussy and utilized the riding crop again. Her body was squirming and undulating with his fingers. Jeff inhaled her clit with his mouth eliciting a high pitched sigh from Vicki. She desperately wanted to grab his body with her hands but couldn’t due to the restraints which seemed to only heighten her sensitivity. “Oooh god I need you inside me again” she cooed. Jeff removed the wrist and ankle restraints completely and got between her legs. “Tell me again what you need?” he demanded while rubbing his cock head on her lips. Vicki lustfully stated “I need that big cock of yours deep in my married pussy”.

Jeff slowly worked his cock into her. Little by little he was working more in with each slow pump. Vicki’s body was shuddering with anticipation of the big orgasm that was brewing. When there was just barely inch to go he pinned her legs down slammed it in. Vicki white knuckled the sheets and wailed in deep ecstasy. Jeff quickened to a hard fast pace. I could tell he was building to his own orgasm. “Whose pussy is this?” he growled to Vicki. “OHH GOD IT’S YOURS BABY, ITS YOURS” she cried as he pounded away. “I’m almost ready to cum” Jeff proclaimed. The humiliation attempts had definitely been going over the line but then the world seemed to turn on its axis.

“OH BABY fill my pussy with your cum. GIVE IT TO ME” Vicki screamed. She wrapped her legs around him and they kissed deeply. Jeff pistoned in and out of her several more times and I saw as her eyes shot open the moment his seed painted her insides. She spasmed hard again as they gripped each other in a vise like embrace. Their grip subsided and Jeff slumped forward. I could see in the mirror as his cock slipped out of her gaping pussy followed by copious amounts of his cum.

I hadn’t disrobed the whole time but did have my cock out. I hadn’t cum yet but it was rock hard. I was really confused about what had just transpired. On one hand I had just witnessed an incredibly erotic moment starring my sexy wife but on the other hand, her and Jeff had just completely disregarded one of our rules. Vicki started to come out of her sex haze. “Baby…uh..I didn’t mean…I’m sorry..are you okay?” She stammered. I looked at her dead panned. “Meet me in the car” and I got up and left. Jeff initially looked pretty proud of himself but when he saw my displeasure tried to stop me as I stood and walked but I brushed him off. I saw Jeff at the front door trying to get Vicki to stay. I thought about intervening but I needed her to make the right decision. Shortly after Vicki got in the car shivering from the raw emotions and no doubt countless orgasms. We didn’t speak on the drive home. I could see her bottom lip quivering as she was clearly distraught over the line that had just been crossed. We got home and she tried to embrace me once inside. “Honey I need a moment, then I will come talk to you.” I said as I kept her at arms distance. Vicki went upstairs and showered. I was waiting on our bed when she got out.

We talked till the sun came up. It took me a while to be able to articulate my feelings about the last encounter. I did my best to explain it wasn’t so much the physical act but the obvious emotions involved and that we were moving away from something we did as a couple to something Vicki did with Jeff. Vicki tried to take all the blame which I wouldn’t let her. We knew in the heat of the moment that things could happen but that is why we had rules built in. Allowing Jeff to dictate the night had somewhat set the stage for us losing control of the situation then you add in the no-condom rule. Vicki also admitted that the long-term nature of the relationship along with solo encounters with Jeff was starting to create emotional ties she hadn’t totally understood until tonight. We cried together then made slow and sweet love till we slept.

We never played with Jeff again. This experience has taught me that on a long enough timeline you can’t separate sex and feelings. Jeff was a hot mess for a month. Calling, texting, emailing and pleading to see us again. He apologized profusely about the whole scenario and embarrassingly professed his love to Vicki while asking her to leave me. Thankfully he moved on.
It’s been several months since the last incident with Jeff. We haven’t included a third party since but the theme still comes out from time to time. We might come back to the lifestyle one day but not at the moment. We flew very close to the flame and escaped without being burnt. I wouldn’t change a thing. We came through the experience with a stronger marriage than ever. Not every couple would have.

I have one more part of this story I’m working on before moving on to some other things. I recognize that this story had the potential to turn very dark at the end of this chapter but that’s not part of my wife and I’s fantasy at all. The cuckold/humiliation/deprivation is not really my bag and I’m not sure I can capture it well. That being said, I know many on this board really enjoy the twisting emotions of these type of things. If there is interest I’d work on an alternative ending that goes much darker for the husband purely just to try out my writing chops on those emotions but also to help scratch the readers itch about what could have happened. Thanks again for the support and I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. I know I’ve enjoyed writing it.


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