Life again reverted back to our normal routine. We again had several long talks about the encounter. The guilt/angst of the previous encounter were still a little present but not to the same degree. Mainly Vicki was concerned that I was actually upset about Jeff fucking her ass, particularly how much she loved it. I feel like finally I was able to convince her it didn’t bother me and in fact I could hardly think about the encounter without getting aroused.

Interacting with Jeff was thankfully not awkward moving forward. We all acted just as before. Vicki would still flirt but that was also her personality. Jeff did inquire regularly about when we’d like to get together again. We intentionally were vague about a future engagement. Partly we wanted to see how discrete Jeff was going to be but also scheduling just didn’t work for anything in the near future. Neither Vicki nor I heard any rumblings about the tryst so it seemed Jeff had proven trustworthy.

It had been almost a month since our encounter with Jeff and Vicki was stating she’d like to get something on the calendar again for us three. She had asked to do some dirty texting with Jeff and I had agreed. It was pretty hot and we often reviewed it as foreplay and/or she would send screen shots to me at work. Despite all parties anxiously awaiting another go around the earliest we could find a weekend that worked for all of us was three weeks away.

It was a Saturday two weeks out from our next fuck session with Jeff. I was at the house watching a game and Vicki was at Costco shopping. I got a text from her and it was a selfie of her and Jeff at the store with his hands on her tits over her shirt. The caption read “Look who I ran into”. I responded that looked like trouble. Over the next half hour she and Jeff sent me random text photos with alluring captions. Jeff would text a picture of Vicki bending over to pick up a box captioned “I can’t wait to mount that again”. Vicki was sending cleavage shots telling me how hard her nipples were thinking about getting fucked again. Occasionally there would be one with Jeff’s hands on her body. Finally several minutes passed w/o a text from either and I returned my aroused focus back to the game.

Then another text came. It looked to be a picture from inside Jeff’s SUV. It appeared Jeff was in the driver’s seat and had his cock out with Vicki’s hand around it; I could tell by her wedding set prominent in the picture. The caption read “Mind if your wife suck’s me off?” I was somewhat conflicted. The texting exchange had really turned me on but we had pretty specific rules about no solo or unplanned encounters. Suddenly I was getting a video call from Vicki. I accepted it and looked like her phone was on the driver’s side arm rest. She was sprawled across the passenger seat and console and had Jeff’s fully erect cock in both her hands and was slowly stroking him. “Baby, I know this is somewhat outside our normal boundaries but Jeff was all over me in the store and it’s been weeks since we played with him. I’m so turned on right now. Can I suck this big cock then come home and take care of you?” Her lipstick looked a little smudged. It’s possible it was from kissing but I was pretty sure she had already been sucking on his cock. I didn’t like the fact we were outside of our agreed upon rules but I couldn’t deny how horny the whole thing had made me.

“Ok my little porn star; let’s see what kind of show you can put on”

She didn’t need any more encouragement and hungrily started licking up and down Jeff’s shaft. She spit on it a couple times to get it good and wet so she could jerk it off. She then moved up to his head. “God I love this big cock head. I could suck on it every day” she moaned. She twirled her tongue around it kissed all over it. She paid special attention to the opening. I could hear Jeff tell her what a good looking cock sucker she was. She inhaled his cock head and sucked on it with reckless abandon. She was pumping her hands up and down his shaft that was growing even slicker with copious amounts of pre-cum that was oozing out of his cock. She then took him all the way to the hilt. Previously his cock head had prevented this from happening but she had been determined to deep throat him and had finally succeeded. I heard Jeff groan “Oh fuck that’s good, you dirty slut”. She alternated deep throating him and jerking him off while sucking on his head. Occasionally I could catch a glimpse of Jeff fingering her and her moaning around his cock was growing. Vicki had taken Jeff deep again when he pushed her hands away, grabbed her pony tail with one hand and her forehead with the other then started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. He was grunting and totally fucking her mouth. I could hear her moaning and gagging. Jeff growled “Oh fuck I’m coming” and pushed her down on to his cock as he pistoned one last hard time into her mouth. I could see her eyes bulge and some cum seeped out between her lips and his shaft. It had obviously been a huge load. Jeff released his grip and Vicki resumed slowly sucking his cock then still seemingly hypnotized by it started to lick his cock clean. “Fuck that was intense” she whispered. The camera panned and I was face to face with Jeff. “Hey thanks for being a good sport and letting me fuck her mouth today. I just couldn’t wait until our next go around. She’ll be home in a bit. Have fun with her.” Jeff stated. Then the call ended.

Vicki pulled in the drive way a half hour later. I had sent the kids to play at the park down the street. She came into our bedroom upstairs looking a little unsure of the situation. I was standing between our bad and the master bath. She stepped in front of me and put her hands on my hips. “Baby, I know that was not a pre-scheduled event and I know it was not necessarily something we did together. Are you mad at me?” She asked curiously.

It would be inaccurate to say I am not assertive in bed or can’t be an Alpha in bed but I do struggle with playing a real authoritarian role. Mainly I often feel like its cheesy which makes me laugh and then Vicki laughs and the whole roleplay scenario we were going for falls apart. That wouldn’t be the case today. I placed one hand firmly on her throat and reached under her skirt to grab her by the pussy with the other. She was sopping wet and also initially a little shocked by the sudden movement.
“We have rules we abide by. You have broken a rule today. Slut wives that break rules get punished.” I said through gritted teeth then pushed her backwards onto our bed. The look on her face was first a little scared but then it turned to wanton lust.
“Oh baby, I like where this is goi…”

“Shut your mouth slut” I cut her off. I pulled my shirt off and kicked my shorts off. I pulled her towards me by the neck. “You like to have your slut mouth fucked, then let’s fuck it.” I pushed my hard cock into her mouth. She got up on all fours to accommodate the angle. I put my hands on either side of her face and started to fuck her mouth much the way Jeff had. I normally am very careful not be too rough when doing this but not today and Vicki was loving it. She gagged occasionally but had moved one hand to rub her clit and was moaning what sounded like “Yes, yes, fuck my slut mouth” around my cock. I stopped and held her to my pelvis with my cock all the way in her mouth. She deep throated but when she tried to take it out to catch her breath I briefly held her in place. I finally released her and she fell back on her ass gasping a bit. I flipped her over into doggy position in front of me. “God baby you are really taking this up a notch” she gasped. I slapped her hard on the ass which caused a short cry out of her. I put one foot up on the bed and plunged into her pussy. I got my thumb good and lubricated from her juices and plunged it into her asshole. I had the other hand on her shoulder and was pounding her pussy and grunting loudly. She cried out “Yes, YES, punish my slutty pussy”. The arousal from the day’s events and the pounding pace had me close very quick. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and plunged it deep in her ass, now grabbing her by the shoulders with both hands. It only took five or six strong powerful pumps and I came deep inside her. She convulsed and came hard around my cock. I could feel her sphincter pulsating around it.

“Goddddd I love a good anal orgasm” she said as another minor orgasm shivered through her body. I rolled off her. “Get me a warm towel woman” I commanded. She popped up and returned with a warm wet towel.

We snuggled on the bed and discussed the day’s events. She apologized again. I told her my issue wasn’t that what happened today was wrong or upsetting but that we agreed on the rules to ensure the lifestyle stayed something that added to our sex life versus getting out of control and threatening the marriage. I told her I was open to adjusting rules but once we had them we needed to abide by them. She agreed but gave me a wink and stated “If bending a rule here or there brings out the hardcore Alpha like today I can’t make any promises” as she went to take a shower.


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