Following vacation our lives settled back into our routine. We had long talks about our feelings both during and after. Vicki admitted to some post-sex feelings of guilt and I admitted to some regret/anxious feelings but through talking we both realized how we had become stronger in our marriage and our sexual desires through it. She understood how watching her get thoroughly pleasured was amazingly erotic for me and that she had no reason to feel guilt and I understood that her sex with Dave in no way was a threat to our marriage or my own abilities to please her. We had never really talked about boundaries/rules prior to Dave. Vicki is on birth control but admittedly not having Dave wear a condom was irresponsible. We agreed that any future intercourse would require condoms. We agreed that this was something we did together as a supplement to our sex life and that solo-play was not allowed. We agreed that future partners had to be agreed upon prior to by both parties and that play dates had to be scheduled beforehand. Vicki had not allowed Dave to cum inside of her and asked if I wanted to maintain that rule. I said I didn’t care considering the condom rule. I asked about anal (something we did sparingly) and Vicki said she doubted she’d want to go down that route but we didn’t make a hard and fast rule on the subject. We agreed that there would be no attempts at humiliation of me or disrespect. Lastly, either spouse could end any specific encounter or the entire lifestyle at any time full-stop no questions asked.

Our sex life had stayed at a heightened state following vacation. We often recounted the hottest parts of our encounter with Dave and Vicki would tease me with new fictional encounters with him or talk about being with him during our love making sessions. That being said, we had been back several months and neither of us had actively tried to re-create the scenario. We did create a couple accounts on personal sites and Vicki did a little correspondence on it. We found a couple gentlemen that seemed like good candidates but one thing or another caused them not to happen. The emails and texts with potential lovers was a hot issue for us to talk and fantasize about. One of the things we did for our marriage was set aside Friday night as date night. It didn’t necessarily have to be a big dinner and often it was just a couple drinks at our favorite bar, just the two of us, no phones. It took a pretty big scheduling issue to cancel Friday date night. Vicki would often start sending me dirty texts and screenshots on Friday afternoons about a fictional lover or someone she was chatting with online. By the time we got to the bedroom on Friday nights we were insatiable for each other.

This was our life for almost a year following vacation when Jeff came into our lives. Jeff was a somewhat recent divorcee and single parent. He had lived in our town for years and owned a successful construction business but following the divorce had moved into a home in our school district. Over the last year we would bump into him often at the kid’s school functions, sports practices and social gatherings in the neighborhood. He was a pleasant guy that I enjoyed talking college football and politics with. He was tall and following the divorce had clearly re-dedicated himself to getting back in shape. Vicki and I often saw him at the gym we visited. Vicki informed me that he had been back on the dating scene and some of her girlfriends alleged he was quite the bachelor and known for being great in the sack.

One really great side-effect of our vacation experience was Vicki’s confidence in her sex appeal and willingness to wear clothes that complimented her figure. Her ass looked fantastic in just about any type of pants but at soccer games and practices she’d started to wear revealing shorts that accented her ass and shapely legs. She also spent some money on nice bras which I applauded but demanded cleavage showing shirts. I liked to tell her about the wandering eyes of soccer dads, specifically Jeff. She’d pretend not to notice but I could tell she enjoyed the attention.

We recently were at a pool-party thrown by some friends that Jeff attended. I couldn’t get Vicki to wear the bikini she had worn on vacation but she did wear a cut-out one-piece that flattered her very much. Towards the end of the night Vicki was enjoying a drink and floating in the pool while Jeff and I sat in lawn chair by the pool chatting about work. Vicki exited the pool and I noticed Jeff could not tear his eyes away from her as she walked up the pool steps and toweled off. Once dry, Vicki came over and sat on my lap. She gave me a deep kiss and ran her hand over my crotch (I told you she was incorrigible after a couple drinks). I think she thought Jeff wouldn’t notice her grabbing my dick.

“Damn you two are a hot number. I think I need to stop shooting the shit with your husband here and go find a lady friend of my own before this party winds down” Jeff commented.

“Don’t let us keep you Jeff. I’m sure you won’t have an issue finding an overnight guest. Baby I’m going to grab my stuff and say goodbye to the hostess. I’m ready for us to get home, if you know what I mean”. Vicki said with a wink then was off to gather her things.

“Damn buddy, you really scored an amazingly sexy woman if you don’t mind me saying so.” Jeff said as we left the pool.

“I am lucky and you have no idea, my friend.” I responded with an impish grin.

Jeff seemed a little unsure of how to take the comment but just grinned and said “I bet you have some stories to tell. You two kids have fun tonight; I’ll see yall next week at the practice fields”

On the drive home Vicki put her head in my lap and was massaging my dick through my shorts. I told her Jeff was very complimentary of her tonight and couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her.

“I think he’d very much like to have his way with you”
“I think I’d very much like that as well” she said while nuzzling my dick.

I went from half-mast to raging hard-on. We got home, did a quick check on the kids and rushed to the bedroom. The clothes were off in a shot and I pushed her onto the bed and inhaled her clitoris in my mouth. “Ooooh yes eat that pussy baby” she hissed. “I wish Jeff was here right now so I could suck his cock. Would you like that? Tell me you want me suck his cock.”
“Yes, I want to see you suck him off Vicki” I said between licking her pussy. I pulled one of her dildos out of the bedside table and started to work it into her as continued to lick and suck on her clit. “God I love how being slutty turns you on. You want to see your little wife getting fucked by a big hard cock don’t you? Say it.” She commanded. “Yes, I want to see you getting filled up” I said between breaths. She convulsed hard and clamped her thighs around my head as an orgasm tore through her. I moved up and pinned her wrists above her head and entered her. She wrapped her legs around me and moaned “God I’ve wanted you inside me all day”. The roleplay fell away as we gazed into each other’s eyes lovingly. “I’m so glad we’ve found this place in our marriage” Vicki whispered into my ear. “I love you” I responded. We slowed the pace and made love for the next half hour (I’m not sure how I lasted that long) through several positions.

Basking in the afterglow post-sex we discussed Jeff and the possibility of adding him. Jeff was actually outside of our boundaries. We had agreed that any potential third should not be someone who is already in our personal/professional lives. This naturally limited the candidate pool. We both had professional jobs that could suffer from the wrong type of perceived indiscretion. That being said, Jeff was a prominent sub-contractor and quasi-public figure (Rotary Club, local home-builders association, school board etc) and had every reason to want discretion as well. Vicki said she thought he was an attractive man and the rumors of his bedroom ways intrigued her. She said she was more interested in him than any of the online-candidates. In an uncharacteristically (at least recently) moment of self-doubt, Vicki wasn’t sure he’d be interested. I told her that not everyone is into threesomes but I had no doubt he lusted for her and given an opportunity would probably be game for our situation. We agreed I’d test the waters with some more suggestive comments at the boys’ soccer practice and see where it led.

Wednesday at practice Jeff greeted me with a handshake warmly and we made some idle small talk. “You two looked pretty hot and heavy at the end of the party last weekend” Jeff commented. I saw this as a good opening.

“Yeah, it was a great night. We’ve really been all over each other since our vacation to the Caribbean last year. Really had an eye-opening experience there” I said.

Jeff raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah, I normally wouldn’t pry but that sounds interesting. What exactly are we talking about?”
“A little extra-curricular activity with another guest.” I responded.

“Oh yeah, Vicki brought a woman back to the room for you?”

“Not a girl my friend.” This admittedly was not the subtlety I had planned but Jeff seemed very interested.

“Wow! Really? Most husbands wouldn’t think of sharing a hot piece like Vicki. You’re fucking with me right?”

“Not at all. It was something we did together and watching her get off is a huge turn on. It’s really put a new spark in our sex life.” I stated.

We shifted back to talking sports because a couple other parents were approaching the area on the fields we were standing in. Jeff seemed distracted and a bit bewildered the rest of the practice. I could tell his mind was swimming with the thought of Vicki. When I got home I told Vicki about the conversation.

“Wow babe, you really smooth talked that one didn’t you” she joked with me.

I laughed and said “I’m pretty sure he has been thinking a lot about you because with just a hint he was asking pointed questions and not being coy”. We had a weekend coming up where the kids were all going to be gone with either Grandparents or other activities. We tentatively scheduled that weekend to try to make something happen with Jeff. I told her to leave that part up to me.

I was involved in a monthly poker game that we alternated hosting. The planned weekend was my turn to host. Jeff seemed to find me every time at practice or any other kid/school event we were both at. He wouldn’t come right out and ask about our sex life but he hinted a lot. I never went into much detail but told him we really hadn’t found a situation locally that worked for us but were open to it. I kept thinking he was going to propose himself but he didn’t. Vicki made a point to flirt with Jeff also. Watching her subtlety seduce him was very hot for me and often led to hot pillow talk later. I wouldn’t say Jeff or Vicki was being handsy in public but if you knew what you were looking for you could see an unnecessary and/or lingering touch between the two. Jeff had played in the poker game before but wasn’t a regular. I don’t think I had barely extended the invitation to play and he quickly agreed.

The night of the game came and we had 10 guests for the game. Vicki is an excellent hostess and had snacks and beverages ready for the crowd. She wore a very low cut shirt that showed off her shapely breasts and yoga pants (who doesn’t like those?) and was her charming flirty self. Every guy at the table was eyeing her. I could tell she enjoyed it and it had the added bonus of helping me win some big pots from my distracted buddies. I had instructed Vicki to try to get a moment alone with Jeff to convey some interest but left it up to her. I only heard about this later though. Between hands Jeff got up to get a beer from our garage fridge. Vicki saw this opportunity and deftly followed him out as well. As Jeff turned back from the fridge with his beer Vicki bumped into him and they were face to face. Jeff made a quick inhale; Vicki moved a step closer to him. Jeff was staring down her cleavage when Vicki put her hand on his belt line.

“Hubby tells me you found our vacation story very intriguing” she cooed.

“Oh well yeah that was pretty hot. You are very sexy so uh…wow this is awkward” he stammered.

“Is it? Well hang around tonight and maybe we can intrigue you some more” Vicki responded.

She then reached past him and got a bottle of moscato from the garage fridge and pranced back in. Jeff obviously took a few moments to compose himself and came back to the table a few minutes later. Vicki whispered in my ear “Pretty sure you get to watch me get fucked tonight”. I was instantly hard. The game was winding down and people were starting to leave. “Hey Jeff you mind hanging out a bit, I got some plumbing in the back guest room I’d like your professional opinion on” I asked. Jeff responded almost a little too excitedly “Absolutely friend, anything I can do to help”. As the last guest left I said “You ready to check out the plumbing?”. Jeff just smiled big and nodded agreeably.

As we entered the master bedroom Vicki was laying seductively on the bed wearing a see through corset, crotchless panties and knee highs. She was a sight to behold. Jeff and I just took a moment to gaze upon her beauty. Vicki seductively purred “I’ve been waiting all night. Come fuck me boys”. Jeff looked at me a little unsure.
I gave the ground rules. “She’s the center of attention. You are here to help me pleasure my wife. No gay stuff. It’s all about her. Condoms for intercourse and she’ll let you know if something needs to stop or change. Agreed?”
“Hell yes!” He agreed exuberantly.

We disrobed quickly and joined Vicki on the bed, one on each side of her. We spent several minutes alternating between kissing all over her neck, breasts and mouth. All the while massaging her clit and fingering her. Vicki came hard while Jeff was fingering her and I made out with her. Jeff went down on her and I kneeled at her face. She hungrily slurped on my cock nosily. We had abstained from sex for the past 24 hours to really build the energy for this session. Jeff was really doing a number orally on her as she came again while passionately sucking on my head and jerking me off. The buildup was too much combined with her enthusiastic orgasms I grabbed her face and came deep in her throat. “Wow that was a big one babe” she said between breaths. Jeff emerged from between her thighs. “I think I’m ready for a little bit of the same”.

I got off the bed sat down in a bedside chair and had a drink of water. Jeff looked a bit unsure at first. “I’ll join in again later but I enjoy watching her. So let’s see what you can do.” He didn’t need any more encouragement and started to brandish his cock at Vicki who was seductively watching and biting her lip. Jeff was about the same size in girth as me and maybe slightly longer but the head of his cock was enormous. It was almost cartoonish looking. Vicki sat up and pushed him on his back then straddled him 69 so she was facing me. She took his cock in her hand and looked right at me. “Oh baby I’m going to have some fun sucking on this big cock head tonight” then proceeded to run her tongue all over it. She kept teasing the opening of the head with her tongue which caused Jeff to shiver and pre-cum to come out. “Oh honey this is a wonderful cock. I can’t wait to feel him inside me.” Vicki had really perfected the erotic blow job while, keeping eye contact and adding the well timed dirty talk. I was already getting hard again. Vicki sucked Jeff to the hilt a couple times and I could tell he was really enjoying it from the enthusiastic moaning coming from between her thighs.

She swiveled off him and grabbed a condom from the bedside table and put it on him. “Ok big guy I’m ready to feel this monster in me, how about some cowgirl” Vicki quipped. She was much more in charge tonight than on vacation and it was hot. “I’m here for you sexy” Jeff responded. Vicki positioned herself over his mushroom head while on the balls of her feet. Seeing her up on the balls of her feet, grabbing his cock by the base and lowering her dripping pussy down onto it was extremely erotic. I was a bit jealous. I don’t quite have the length for her to ride me up on her feet without slipping out. As she lowered and the head started to spread her lips I could see the look on her face turn from determination to shock and awe. Jeff’s cock head was spreading her in a way I don’t think she had been before.

“Oh my god this cock is filling me up” she moaned deeply. I could already see the orgasm building in her. She put her hands on Jeff’s stomach and started to quicken her pace. “Yes, yes, yes, YES, FUCK, SO GOOD” she screamed as she went from a fast pace to slamming down onto Jeff’s cock. Jeff was barely an active participant and was simply trying to maintain a stable base for Vicki to fuck against. Jeff groaned and thrust his hips forward. Then it happened. Remember how I’m not quite long enough for this position? Remember how Jeff is only slightly longer than me? Vicki rose up and slammed down and I saw her eyes go wide and she let out what I can only describe as a primal moan. “Oh god baby he’s in my ass”. I stood up cock in hand not entirely what I should do or what she wanted. Then she started to rise and fall fucking her ass with Jeff’s cock. The look on her face was pure submission and ecstasy.

We do anal occasionally. Vicki can take it or leave it so generally I can as well. She says it feels good after we’ve been having regular sex for a while and as long as she can stimulate her clit with a toy simultaneously. Clearly Jeff’s engorged cock head was hitting her g-spot in way I didn’t. She grabbed him by the face and looked him the eye and said “I know you just came but I want you to fuck my ass right NOW”. I came in my hand.

Jeff flipped her over onto her back and put a pillow under her to better line up with her asshole. “This is so fucking hot and I’m still hard. Hold on”. He grabbed a bottle of lube off the table and applied it generously to his cock, leaned in and kissed Vicki deeply and entered her ass. He started gentle and slowly. It was very intimate and he vacillated between sucking and playing with her tits and rubbing her clit with his thumb. Vicki was groaning loudly but was in such ecstasy couldn’t seem to form words. It looked like one long continuous orgasm for several minutes. As it finally subsided she turned her head and looked at me. “Baby he is fucking your wife’s ass SO good. “ All I could do was nod. Jeff started to get more aggressive. He turned Vicki onto her side facing me to get a better angle. He propped one leg up, and grabbed her by the shoulder and hip and started to really pound her ass. What had started intimate was turning into a hard fucking. “Oh god…. I’m going to cummmmm… again “she stuttered. Jeff was hammering her asshole at this point. Vicki almost seemed to have gone unresponsive as her body was racked with another orgasm from head to toe. As the orgasm ebbed she screamed “OH MY FUCKING GOD DON’T STOP FUCKING MYASS.” Her body convulsed and then Jeff couldn’t take it anymore either and lurched forward obviously coming himself. They laid there together for a moment. I offered both a glass of water as I took in my sex goddess of a wife.

“Fucking wow! What’s next?” Jeff exclaimed.

“Now you leave.” Vicki said while staring at me and holding my hand.

“What???” Jeff said confusedly.

“Honey you were awesome but this experience is about us and I really need to be with my husband now” Vicki said softly.
“Oh ok” Jeff said awkwardly as he robed. I walked him out.

“Hey man did I do something wrong in there?” He asked me.

“Not at all buddy. You performed amazing. Just remember this is something we invited you into but it’s about us. Roll with it man and I’m sure you can get a repeat invitation” I stated. He nodded and we shook hands as he left.

As I came back into the bedroom Vicki grabbed me and kissed me deeply. We crashed onto the bed. I could tell she was really emotionally raw at the moment. She took my face in her hands and asked “We didn’t exactly talk about it going to that level before. Are you okay? Did I ruin this for us?” I smiled and put her hand to my raging hard on. “I’ve already came twice tonight and I’m so hot for you again. Every time I think I’ve seen you as sexy as possible you do something that takes my breath away.” We kissed deeply. “I so want you right now but you are going to have to do all the work. I’m wiped out.” She whispered. “Anal?” I said coyly. She giggled “That route won’t be open again for a week”. I broke out some massage oil and applied it to her body. I massaged her from head to toe and gently caressed her all over. I moved between her legs and entered her. We had one of the most slow and intimate love making sessions of our marriage. I lost track of time then we fell asleep in a deep embrace.


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