My wife and I are not in this lifestyle but I did recently express to her my fantasy regarding her and other men. We’ve used erotic fiction in the past so I wrote this for her to explain it better. She is pretty adamant that no third party will ever be involved in our sex life but did begrudgingly admit she enjoyed the story very much. I guess we will just see where it leads us. This is my first real foray as an author so critiques are welcome. I’ve got some ideas for a sequel as well. Hope yall enjoy.

My wife Vicki and I are in our late and mid-30s respectively. We’ve been married for over 10 years and have three children together. Vicki is a brown eyed beauty. She is short but quite curvy. I’ve always found her body desirable but three children had taken a toll on her figure but more importantly her confidence in her sex appeal. Vicki had never been one to wear provocative clothing but lately had become even less so. As sexy as I found her she just didn’t feel that way about herself. We had never taken a real honeymoon and Vicki had decided we were not allowed to until she got to her goal weight. I agreed but told her that I wanted to see her in a bikini and flaunting her curves once she got to the goal. She agreed and after several months of hard work on her part we were off for a week-long vacation w/o children to the Caribbean.

Vicki and I have always had a decent to good sex life. Work and kids took their toll as they do with many couples. We worked to reinvigorate our sex life over the last year by incorporating toys, porn, role playing and public venues. Over the last several months I’d shared a long time fantasy of watching Vicki being fucked by another man. She was originally taken aback by the story but once I convinced her it wasn’t a ploy to have sex with other women she warmed to the idea as a fantasy. It became a recurring theme for dirty talk, role play and Vicki would send me dirty texts occasionally about her and another man. Sometimes when we were out for drinks we’d talk about bringing a guy home with us for her. It added a spark but I don’t think either of us ever really felt it would progress past a fantasy shared between just the two of us.

So here we were taking our seats to fly away for a vacation when Dave took the seat next to us on the plane. Dave looked the part of a young Brad Pitt and was quite charming. We enjoyed chatting with him during the flight. He was 25 and his company had rewarded his performance with a trip to the same resort we were staying at. Dave said he was unattached and hoping to meet some other singles. Vicki is a natural flirt and after a couple complimentary drinks from the airline, commented that she doubted Dave would have a hard time finding a lady friend. Dave, who seemed quite the flirt as well, stated “well hopefully I find as pretty a woman as your husband has”. He gave me a wink and Vicki batted her eyelashes as only true southern belles can. It was nice to see her confidence in her sexiness coming back.

We took a shuttle from the airport to the resort and parted ways with Dave but promised to meet for drinks later in the week. Vicki and I barely made it into the room and she started to make out with me and shed clothing. We had a very hot session and once through I commented that having a young stud like Dave flirting with her must have really turned her on. Vicki just laughed and told me I was being silly. We didn’t see Dave for the next couple days as we did some day trips around the island. On day four we decided to spend the afternoon at the resort pool. Vicki was starting to get dressed for the pool when I noticed she was putting on a conservative one piece.

“You better stop right there, where is the bikini and heels I picked out?” I stated

“Babe, nobody wants to see all that.” Vicki responded sheepishly.

I pulled her into my arms. “You worked hard on your body. You are sexy. I want to see it and I want everyone at the pool to see my hot wife”

Vicki acquiesced and donned the bikini and heels I picked out but demanded to use a shawl on the way down to the pool. We took the elevator down and as we walked through the lobby out to the pool I eased back and pulled the shawl away from her. Vicki has always had average to small-sized but shapely breasts, but her real money maker is her very round ass and muscular thighs. She shot me a dirty look but I could tell she enjoyed the obvious attention many of the men in the lobby were paying her rear end as she walked by.

As we entered the pool Dave was seated alone and motioned for us to sit with him. Dave stood as we approached and took Vicki by the hand and surprised her with a spin. “Lady there is no way this body has produced three children” he proclaimed. Vicki giggled and thanked Dave. Dave was a pretty fit and tanned guy and was sporting a speedo like swim suit. As we sat, Vicki eyed him up and down and licked her lips while winking at me. It was a nod to our ongoing MFM fantasy. I winked back and smiled. We sat around the pool with Dave and had drinks for most of the afternoon. Vicki inquired on Dave’s luck with finding female companionship. Dave lamented the resort was mostly couples and families and that he hadn’t met any interested singles. Vicki and I aren’t normally big on PDA but it was vacation and we were both a little buzzed (and I’m convinced the attention of a good looking young man helped) and through the day we would reapply sunscreen lovingly on each other along with some kissing. Dave commented that we were a sexy couple and he hoped when he got married to have a similar relationship. Vicki laughed it way commenting “What? Us oldies?”

Towards the end of the afternoon Vicki jumped in the pool for a swim. Dave and I made small talk about our careers, sports etc. Vicki swam up to the edge of the pool by us but due to being a little drunk was having a bit of trouble getting her grip to get out. Dave being closer offered her his hand. He helped her out and just has she had cleared the pool Dave’s foot caught the pool side mattresses we had been resting on and they both toppled on to it. Vicki landed on top of him straddling him cow-girl style and in the commotion her tits came spilling out of her bikini. They scrambled to their feet and Vicki frantically tried to cover her breasts. Dave apologized to me profusely. I chuckled and said “no harm no foul bud, besides Vicki hasn’t taken a semi-nude tumble with a young strapping guy in years”. Vicki was a bit embarrassed and shot me an evil eye. Admittedly the encounter surprisingly or maybe not-so-surprisingly aroused me. I told Dave the encounter was probably a good sign for us to get out of the sun for a while and drink some water before dinner.

Vicki and I made it back to our room and this time it was my turn to be all over her. I pushed her onto the bed and started kissing all over her body. “Oh I bet that whole incident DID turn you on you big pervert” she cooed.

“You have no idea. I saw how you looked at Dave and Dave definitely looked at you. I told you how sexy you were. Even 25 year old studs are eye-fucking you”

“Not fantasy, I think he was hard because I’m pretty sure I could feel his cock when I fell on top of him” she purred.

I pushed the bikini bottom to the side and started to finger Vicki. She was sopping wet. “I think maybe the incident turned you on as well” I retorted

“Seeing how hot you are for me is what’s go me going” Vicki stated. She pushed me onto my back and pulled my shorts off. She started to jerk me off while straddling my legs. “You really do want to see some young stud fuck your hot wife don’t you?”
This wasn’t out of the norm dirty talk for us when we were using the wife watching/MFM fantasy but the day’s activities had me highly aroused and I could just barely emit an audible yes.

Vicki started to lick up and down my shaft and suck on the head of my cock. “You’d like him behind me right now fucking this married pussy wouldn’t you”

“God damn you’re hot woman” was all I could think to say.

Vicki continued to alternate blowing me and jacking me off while describing what Dave was doing to her and what she wanted to do to him. I came thunderously then pulled her up to me and we kissed deeply. I went down on her as she continued to recount fictional encounters with Dave. Typically once we got past foreplay the theme/roleplay fell away but I could tell her rekindled confidence in her sexuality and Dave really had her turned on.

We ordered room service for dinner and had sex two more times. The vacation was definitely re-energizing our libidos.

We again didn’t see Dave for the next day as we did some boating activities. On our second to last night we decided to do some dancing at the resort’s local club after dinner. Unlike at the pool, Vicki opted for a slinky dress with a plunging neck line that was much shorter than anything she would normally wear. I told her how beautiful she looked as we left our room. We had drinks and danced for a couple hours at the club and were seated when Dave appeared at our booth.

“Here is my favorite couple!” he exclaimed. We shook hands and he and Vicki hugged.

“Careful, don’t want your tits slapping me in the face again” Dave joked.

“Oh I bet you wouldn’t mind” Vicki said in jest.

Dave joined us for a drink and then we all headed back onto the dance floor. After a couple songs we sat back down at the booth. Vicki went to the restroom and Dave commented to me what a gorgeous wife I had and how much fun we were. I thanked him. Vicki appeared back at the table dancing back and forth.

“Come on honey, I love this song” she requested.
“I need a couple songs off if you expect any more rigorous love making today” I replied.
Vicki wrinkled her nose at me. “Dave fill in for this old guy and give the lady a spin on the dance floor” I said while patting him on the back.

“You don’t mine? I’d be thrilled”. Vicki shot me a knowing look like “I know what you are thinking about” and off they went onto the dance floor.

The song was in French but obviously erotic in nature. The crowd on the dance floor was quite into it gyrating to the rhythm. Dave and Vicki started out facing one another but as the floor filled she turned and had her back to him; both of them were facing me in the booth. Their bodies swayed together. Dave’s hands went to Vicki’s hips, hers up and around his neck. The hours of dancing had put a sheen of sweat on her body causing he slinky cream colored dress to become somewhat translucent where it was pressed to her figure. She hadn’t worn a bra and her erect nipples were just visible and the outline of g-string was also visible. I’m not sure I’d ever seen her exude sexiness more than in that moment. Dave actually looked a little worried in the erotic nature the dance was taking and looked directly at me with a worried look. I gave him thumbs up. Encouraged he allowed his hands to roam over her supple hips, waist and breasts as their bodies stayed attached at the pelvis swaying to the beat.

The song ended and they came off the dance floor. Vicki looked a bit flustered. Dave went to the bar to get a couple waters for them. Vicki pulled me close to her and kissed me deeply. She then whispered in my ear “I think your fantasy is going to happen tonight”. I grinned at her devishly and said “Lead the way sex kitten”.

Dave returned to the table with waters. Vicki sipped hers and then said “Dave how about you come up to our room for a night cap”.

Dave looked a bit confused back and forth between us “Uh…sure ok” he said. Vicki started to skip off towards the club door. Dave paused for a second and stopped me. “Hey man I don’t want to disrespect you at all, so what is going on exactly?”

I grinned amusingly. “Dave, you’re a good looking guy. What usually transpires when a woman invites you back to her room for a nightcap?”

“Really? Are you coming also?” he exclaimed.

“Just follow her lead stud” I stated and we caught up with Vicki.

Vicki was holding both our hands in the elevator and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

When we got to the room Vicki went and turned on some music and I made everyone a drink then sat down.
Vicki and Dave stood at the small wet bar in the room next to each other. Dave tried to make some nervous small talk. Dave is a pretty confident guy but I think he was as new to this type of situation as we were. Vicki put her finger on his mouth to shut him up. She looked fiercely at me in the chair.

“Are you sure this is what you want because I am so turned on right now I’m not sure how this is all going to turn out”.
“I’m not either but you look so hot tonight I’m willing to see where this goes”

The words had barely left my mouth and they were locked in a passionate kiss. Vicki was working through Dave’s shirt buttons and sucking on his tongue. Dave’s hands were roaming Vicki’s supple body. He was kneading her breast with one hand and cupping her round ass with the other. She was moaning deeply. She got his shirt off and was running her hands over his tanned wash board abs lustily. Dave had worked his hands under her dress to feel her body and finally pulled the dress off of her. Once down to just her g-string, Dave held her at arm’s length to take her all in. Her body glistened in the ambient light of the room. Vicki had always tanned easily and just in the few days here had bronzed well. The combination of her tan, toned figure and desiring eyes made me ache for her and I could tell Dave was just as taken by her beauty in the moment. “You are so sexy and I’ve been thinking about seeing you naked since the flight”.

“Well let’s see what you are working with here” Vicki stated as she grabbed Dave by the beltline and went to her knees. Vicki started to take off her heels.

“No, leave the fuck me heels on” I said with force.

Vicki looked at me with yearning “However you want your slutty wife Baby”

She returned her attention back to Dave and removed his pants, shoes and socks. He stood before her in just his boxer briefs. Vicki traced her fingers over the outline of his cock in his briefs. “Okay tiger, time for the big reveal” Vicki pulled the briefs down with one hand and reached in with the other. She pulled out Dave’s very erect and large cock.

I should pause here to say I don’t think anyone would categorize me as hung but I also have never had any issue pleasing a woman in regards to cock size. I have a well represented 6+ inches in length and decent girth when fully erect. I know a cursory history of Vicki’s sex life before me but no details. I have no idea if I’m the biggest she’d had/seen or really any knowledge of size of her previous lovers. Her reaction to Dave would suggest that at least he was the very biggest cock she had ever seen.

Vicki seemed entranced by what looked to be a solid 9+inch and girthy cock in her hands. “Oh my” she said almost hypnotized while moving both hands up and down Dave’s shaft. “Baby, I know this is your fantasy but I’m pretty sure I’m getting the better deal here”. The glint of her wedding set in the light was depravingly sexy to me. She took Dave by the hand and sat him down on the bed and positioned herself between his legs on her knees. From here she could suck his cock and maintain eye contact with me at the same time. During this process I had also disrobed and was working on my own engorged cock while my sexy wife was about service Dave.

Dave seemed somewhat in awe of the experience. “I can’t wait to suck this beautiful cock, Dave” she cooed. Dave simply stammered his encouragement. Vicki looked me in the eye and took Dave’s head in her mouth lovingly. For the next several minutes she gave the most sensuous and erotic blow job I’ve ever seen. She alternated between licking up and down the shaft, around the head and attempting to deep throat him. She couldn’t quite get all of him in her mouth but feverishly moved both hands up and down his cock or cupped his balls. All the while looking me in the eye and talking dirty. “You like this baby? You like watching your loving wife suck this big cock?” I frankly don’t think I was even able to really respond I was so turned on. Dave had initially laid back and allowed Vicki to do all the work. But he sat up and grabbed her hair into a pony tail and started to fuck her face with strong thrusts. It was hot but initially I wasn’t sure she liked it. With her hands free now I noticed one dropped to rub her pussy and the other cupped her own breast. She clearly was getting turned on by Dave taking charge. I could tell Dave was getting close as he quickened his pace and Vicki was moaning loudly around his cock.

“I god I’m going to cum” Dave explained. Vicki generally isn’t a swallower but she had gotten caught up in the moment as well and was raking her hands down Dave’s body as he pumped a load in mouth. She swallowed every last drop it seemed then fell back exasperated from the experience, breathing heavily. I had been jerking off but that exchange had proved to hot and I came as well.
Dave scooped her up and placed her on the bed and immediately went down on her. I moved on the bed next to her and started kissing her body and face. We kissed deeply.

“This is so naughty baby, are you sure you are into this. It doesn’t exactly feel fair” she whispered in my ear.
“I’m so turned on Baby. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever witnessed. You are so sexy” I reassured her.

Not surprisingly Dave’s oral skills were on point. Vicki has always been pretty orgasmic and between his tongue and fingers he had her cumming over and over again. We rarely have had sex where we were the only one in the house so Vicki has become quite talented at stifling her orgasms but tonight she was on fire screaming and moaning like I’d never heard. Uncharacteristically, I was rock hard again within minutes of coming earlier. Vicki took me in her mouth and sucked lovingly while Dave continued to work orgasms out of her.

After what seemed like a dozen orgasms by Vicki, Dave sat up and positioned himself between her legs with his cock newly rejuvenated. “Are you ready for this?” Dave said as he gripped his cock at the base and rubbed it up and down between her labia.
“Oh god yes, fuck me with that big dick” she growled.

Dave positioned Vicki’s feet on his shoulders and started to guide his cock into her. She had returned to sucking me off. I saw her eyes go wide and she moaned deeply around my cock as Dave’s head penetrated into her. Dave started with a slow sawing motion. Earlier I think he was somewhat shocked by the whole experience but he seemed to have grown comfortable in his role and looked ready to thoroughly fuck my wife. As he worked his cock in and out of her with a slow sawing motion, Vicki had to stop sucking me off and just jerk me off she was moaning so much.

“Oh…godddd…..thatssss….sooooo fucking goooood” she whimpered.

Dave pushed her knees up by her ears and quickened his pace. Vicki kissed him deeply and said “I want it doggy lover”
Dave flipped her over and started to line up behind her. I moved to her face so she could resume sucking me off but Vicki put her hand up.
“You wanted to see your hot wife get fucked hard so sit down and watch. I want to give your fantasy my full attention.” Admittedly this stung at first. I did have this fantasy but I wasn’t a cuckold or into humiliation but I saw the lustful look in her eye and realized she was embracing her sexiness and wanted to perform for me as my favorite porn star, just like I’d fantasized about.
“Yes, Ma’am” I said and sat down.

Dave didn’t waste any time. He reached down, picked her up and pushed her onto all fours on the bed. Vicki’s pussy was dripping with her juices as Dave positioned himself behind her and started rubbing the massive head of his cock against her swollen pussy lips. Despite the previous fucking, it was taking him a little bit more of an effort to get it in at that angle.

“Oh, come on Dave, put that monster in me.” Vicki cheered him on.

Then, with the right amount of pressure at the right angle, the head finally slipped in and I saw Vicki’s whole body shudder with an instant orgasm. She had been on all fours but her arms gave out in ecstasy. Dave took one hand and grabbed her by the waist and the other by the opposite shoulder and powered his whole cock into her, balls deep.

“Take it all,” Dave growled.

Vicki’s head popped up as she let out, what could best be described as, an animalistic grunt then collapsed again. Dave wasn’t taking it easy at all, he was pounding away, hard, at her pussy letting the head just clear her pussy lips then hammer it back home. Frankly, I was impressed, not only of his technique but also his stamina. He fucked her pussy hard and constantly for a solid ten minutes and Vicki would vacillate between gutturally screaming “Fuck me baby, fuck me harder” and mumbling, almost incoherently, what sounded like “so much cock….” Dave was hammering Vicki so hard the bed was almost moving and her pussy was so wet that her juices splattering all over the bed. Dave finally seemed to be getting close to cumming as he grabbed her hips with both hands and accelerated his pace while grunting.

Dave grabbed Vicki’s pony tail and puller her head back. He snarled into her ear “You want me to pump your pussy full of my cum?”
Obviously Vicki and I had never discussed boundaries and limitations of this fantasy because we never thought it would actually happen. I don’t know that I would have reacted negatively one way or the other but obviously Vicki had already considered the issue.

Being the devoted wife she is, she said while looking me in the eye “Only my husband can cum in my pussy”

I grinned ear to ear

Vicki flipped back over on to her back and Dave continued pounding her pussy in missionary briefly. Then he pulled out, “I’m almost there” he stammered. Vicki feverishly jerked him off with both hands as he arched his back and moaned loudly. He made one final plunge of his cock into her hands and I saw his balls and ass clench while he pumped his cum onto Vicki’s stomach then they both collapsed onto the bed in a heap of sweaty bodies.

Dave got off the bed and exclaimed “Holy shit you two are fucking something else”.

“Dave, you want to grab me a wet towel from the bathroom please” Vicki requested.

Dave brought her the towel “Here you go”. He continued to talk but I didn’t really hear him. Vicki and I’s gazes were locked into one another. My god my wife was an amazing sexual being. Eventually Vicki cut him off “Dave, that was amazing and thanks so much. You were the best but I think we’d like to be alone now. My husband needs to get in this bed and reclaim his wife’s married pussy.” I don’t think I’d ever heard her say something so sexy. I moved into the bed and we embraced. Dave mumbled something else then sort of embarrassingly got dressed and left.

We had made big plans for our last day at the resort but again didn’t leave the room until it was time to catch our flight!


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