My wife and I went to a lounge for drinks. I was checking out the cocktail waitress and my wife made a comment about getting even with me later. She went to the Ladie’s room and on the way back she sat accross the bar from me next to a handsome young guy about 25 who had been earlier giving her the eye.
I could see the two of them smiling, talking and carrying on like they were having a good time. About 30 minutes later my wife walked over to me and told me she and “Hubert”, (her new “friend”) were going to our house for drinks and I was to follow them.

I couldn’t beleive it, but I did as I was told, and had a hard-on while driving behind the two of them. We got to the apartment and she told me to fix some drinks, which I went to the kitchen to do. My wife and the guy were on the sofa, and upon my return they were both naked on the sofa, making out passionately. She told me to set the drinks on the coffee table and to sit accross from them and watch. I couldn’t believe I was allowing this to happen right in front of me, but I did, and what was even more amazing is that I was enjoying it tremendously. Before this I had been the jealous type. That night my jealousy went out the window!! My own dick was incredibly hard, and I wished they would have invited me to join in with them, but they didn’t. I was a good husband and waited patiently while I got the best erotic scene I had ever witnessed: “My wife with a stranger…for my eyes only!”

They fucked and sucked each other in every position imaginable, and later they moved into the bedroom, but she said I could not go there, and she was going to do him in “private”. She said “If you behave and don’t bother us, I might give you some pussy later after he leaves”.

I waited until they were done, and then her bull left, not even thanking me. He left his phone number with her and she saw him to the door, kissing him passionately good night.

She later fucked my brains out as well an told me I had been a “Good Boy”. She had me eat her pussy before she washed it. She said she wanted me to taste his cum. She asked how I enjoyed it, and I had to be truthful and told her I loved it, except for the part when they had left me out of the room, and I could only picture what was happening instead of being right there to watch.

It wa my first inductrination into a new lifestyle which I have come to love thanks to my great wife. This woderful girl knew what I secretly needed and gave it to me without my even asking. I didn’t even realize that I wanted this until it actually happened, and I found myself loving it. If someone was to tell me I would be cuckolded like that before it actually happened, I would have sworn they were crazy. I still don’t know how she pulled it off, but I’m certainly glad she did.

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