Thursday was difficult for me. Every time the phone rang I wondered if it is was my caller again but the only calls I received that day were business related. One of these was for an urgent meeting with our client Justin Harris. The last time we met, I was deeply stressed as I was certain Sarah was going to sleep with Colin Parker the very same day. This time again, I was not much better off.

“I notice that you were in quite a mood the other day. So what did upset you so much you could not even talk about it?”
I said, “I just wanted to get home quickly that day.”
“Can I ask you, as a friend, why that made you so tense? It might help you to talk about it. ”
“I am a little nervous about leaving my wife home alone,” I said.
“Why? Are you two still having the issues about the Colin guy?” He asked.
I said, “Well, you might say that.”
“Why don’t you tell me about it?”

Subconsciously I must have really wanted to talk to somebody about Sarah, because once I started talking I went on not stop right through the whole series of events.
“What are you going to do about it?” Justin asked.
I said, “I wish I knew.”
The waiter had just brought the check and Justin insisted on paying it.
“Let me see if I can help bring things into focus for you,” Justin suggested.

“I’d appreciate that,” I said.
“I think your wife appears to have developed an unconscious interest in sex. It started when she had become extremely aroused by Colin Parker and then was not able to get the sexual release she needed. Most of the times she is in control and can push those feelings out of her mind. But from time to time she does feel the need to know more.”
“What can I do to snap her out of it?” I asked.
“That’s the problem. There’s no simple answer here. I can’t tell you what to do to snap her out of it. The problem will most likely persist until she ends up sleeping with some guy or the other. “
“But I am concerned about you. What you are putting yourself through now is like death by a thousand cuts. You are tense all the time, constantly worried about what your wife is doing, and also about something that hasn’t happened yet. This is not healthiest way to live your life.”

I can’t say that Justin’s assessment of my marriage made me feel good but at least it gave me some perspective that I couldn’t get for myself.

“Just keep in mind that you will have to accept is that this isn’t about you, it’s about her. You can’t fix it, only she can. I cannot advise you strongly enough to keep your emotions under control. “
“You certainly have given me a lot to think about,” I said, “and I do appreciate your input. I can promise you that I will think about what you said.”

Justin took a long look at me as he sipped his drink.
“I know this is not what you wanted to hear but I thought I had to be honest with you.” Justin picked up his glass and drank it and then suggested that it was time to leave.

A few days later, I had to fly to Seattle for two days of meetings with a client. The problem came when Sarah was invited for a party by her boss. Her boss had planned a big dinner party at his place to celebrate winning a major contract. The party was set to start at six o’clock on Saturday evening.

We talked it over and agreed that the best arrangements I could make was to book a return flight at one o’clock on Saturday afternoon, which would arrive in Chicago at 4:45 PM. This would give me enough time to get home and get ready for the party.

“If you can get home before six o’clock,” she said, I can handle the preparations but you have to be here for the party.”
“No problem,” I said. “I should make it in plenty of time. “

The Seattle meetings were successful and we came up with interesting prospects but those were the only good news. At one o’clock Saturday afternoon my plane wasn’t there. I called Sarah and told her I was going to be a little late.

She said, “How late. You have to be here tonight.”
“They haven’t told us what the problem is yet so I don’t know what time we’ll get out of here but I should still make the party on time.”
“You better.”
“I’ll be there.”

At three o’clock they announced that the flight was canceled. I scrambled over to the gate agent to get on the next flight but was told that there was nothing available until the 9:05 p.m flight, which would arrive at 12:50 p.m. I could not believe this was happening. I knew Sarah would be deeply disappointed and decided to call her to inform her.
Sarah said, “You won’t be home until after 1:00 a.m?”
“Sorry, that’s the best they could do.”
Sarah said, “This isn’t fair.”
“Let’s do one thing. Please go to the party, I know how important it is to you. I’ll try my best to drop straight there once I arrive. Ok?”
Sarah said, “I guess that’s the best we can do, don’t we?”
“Yes, I guess so,” I said. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”

I went back over to the gate agent and stood in line behind an angry businessman who was taking his frustration out on the agent. The agent was saying, “I’ll see how I help you.”

I immediately intervened and explained my problem to the gate agent and asked her if there was any other way I could reach Chicago earlier than the 9:05 flight. I told her that I would really appreciate anything she could do to help me. She typed on her keyboard for a bout five minutes straight and then she said, “I can put you on a flight to Chicago that leaves here in thirty minutes. From there we can put you on a 6:45 flight arriving at 9:50. Would that help?”

I said, “Yes. Thank you so much?”

The agent looked at me and then over at the grumpy businessman, then did some more typing on her computer. Two minutes later the agent handed us two boarding passes and I took off running to catch the flight to Chicago.

I wasn’t able to call Sarah before the flight left and decided not to call because she would already be busy getting ready for the party. I would just surprise her when I reach there.

The Chicago flight arrived right on time and I was out of the airport. I was about to board a taxi when I thought I saw the familiar figure of Colin Parker coming out of another taxi nearby. I quickly took out my bag amidst abuses from the taxi driver and rushed after him.

I caught up with him in the hall and called him.
“Hey Colin, what are you doing around here?”
“Hey mate, how are you?”
“I just came from a Seattle, and I am now going back home. I am in a hurry but just thought of saying hello.” Truly speaking, I had no idea why I had chased after him in the airport. Somehow, in a strange way, I could not help relating him to those feelings of insecurity I had about my wife.
“Great seeing you here. I have to tell you I am taking up a job in Seattle from Monday. “
“So, I guess I won’t be seeing you for quite some time. “
“Yeah, but it’s better this way. I think I was hardly done by here. I now know I got fired because of one of the bosses at the company. He set up a trap to get me out of the way.”
“Out of the way …how’s that?” I said, suddenly more interested.
“Well, remember that married woman, Sarah Whitman I was telling you about?”
My heart had started beating very fast. “What about her?” I asked, my voice trembling.
“Well …that day you told me she said she had the hots for me, I couldn’t believe my luck. She is so lovely looking, any guy would love to be in her pants. So, I started pursuing her …but at that time I made a major mistake. I was so happy she was paying attention to me, I went out and confided to my boss, Aaron Baynes, how I was going to get this woman in the sack. He did not believe me at first, but when I told him more, his attitude changed. I think he wanted her for himself and that’s why he got me out of the way.”

I could not believe what I had just heard. So now, there was another guy at the office who was after my wife. But his time, it was her boss …immediately I thought of the night Sarah asked me about me having affairs. I decided to question Colin further.
“But how did you come to know about all this?” I asked.
“There’s one woman who knew this guy well, she told me what happened after I left. “
“Oh …”
“You know how it is with women …this woman was herself having an ongoing affair with this Aaron Baynes, now she is afraid Mrs Whitman is going to steal him away from her. “
Now I knew who the anonymous caller was.
“And you think Mrs Whitman is attracted to this Aaron Baynes …” I said.
“Hey, Aaron knows a thing or two about the ladies. At the office itself, few women would resist them. He would regularly invite them over to his place for parties and they would end up in his bed. Now he knows there is an opening with Sarah Whitman, chances are he is shoving his cock in her pussy even as we talk.”

I had heard enough, there was only one thing left: rushed out to Sarah’s boss’s place. On the way, I kept thinking about the conversation I had earlier with Justin. He was right in saying that now that Sarah’s curiosity had been peeked; she was in danger in falling for some guy anytime.

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