This is a very true story.

Several years ago, I had to have a double herina operation and would have to do without sex for 10 weeks. Had problems with the recovery. My wife was 23 at the time and was somewhat oversexed and loved to fuck. We had done a couple of swinging parties and had a lot of fun. Now I was down and couldn’t give it to her.

I tried a lot of foreplay and fingering her to orgasms, but it wasn’t the same. I had already seen her with another man so I suggested she go out and find her a stud to fill in for me till I got better. She said she could never do that but after a lot of discussion, she agreed. We had a great marrage and and agreed it would just be for sex purposes.

The wife had a good figure, 5ft. 7in. 120lb, and 34C tits with great nipples. We had a year old daughter but she wasn’t on the pill at that time. She had a girlfriend that had tried to ger her to go out with her but had always refused. Her friend would tell her about some of the guys she had met. The wife decided to give it a try.

Kissing me goodby, she was off. The hours went by slowly. I walked the floor and clock for hours thinking about my wife getting fucked by a strange cock. About midnight, she called and told me to go to our spare bedroom and close the door. She was going to bring her man home to our bedroom. I did as she suggested and waited. Soon the car drove up and they came inside. Living in a mobile home and thin walls made it easy to hear some of the talk. It didn’t take long till I could hear her light moans. Then the footsteps down the hallway to the bedroom. It wasn’t long till I could hear the moans again and movement of the bed. I quietly opened my door slightly and could hear the sounds of fucking. My sore balls were killing me but I was loving it. I wasn’t supposed to have an erection but I did. It was great. I couldn’t see who was fucking my wife and it was wonderful hearing her. This went on for about 20 minutes. Then the wonderful sound of her having an orgasm telling him to fuck her hard. She wasn’t as quiet as she had been earlier.

Then I heard him moaning with her. I knew the cum was happening. Then I thought about her not being on the pill. That’s all I could stand, my cock exploded without me touching it at the time. What was this new feeling I was having? The thought of another man fucking my wife without any protection was the biggest turn on I had ever had.

The moans got quiet. I closed the door. Soon I could hear quiet talk and movement. They walked to the front door and he left. I looked out the window and saw a black man getting into his car. What a shock. Now new feelings. She had not only fucked a stranger unprotected in my bed, but it was a black man. My cock was getting hard again. The pain I was having was bad, but I couldn’t stop my cock from getting hard.

She opened my door standing there completely naked with a big smile on her face. I turned the light on looking at her pussy hair matted, wet, and cum running down her legs. She hadn’t even bothered cleaning up just so I could see. We went to our bed and there was this huge wet spot where she had been lying. She cleaned up, we talked about it for some time before going to sleep.

It was great for her but miserable for me getting a hard on. Her night of sex held her over for the next few weeks till I was released by my doctor. We couldn’t get enough of each other for weeks after that.

It wasn’t long after that when we had a threesome with the same black guy. This time I got to watch.

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