First off allow me to give some background on us.

Jenn (wife) is a 35 year old natural red-head. I have a few extra pounds but after 2 kids I think I look OK. My breasts are a large B small C with the usual ravages of child bearing. As for my other my other assets, child bearing as taken my once tiny cute kitty and turn it to a large dumpy house cat. I do my best to keep it trimmed and shaved, but time being what it is. Things do not always get done. We have discussed Plastic surgery to correct and tighten things up, but the time thing… again. I at one time had an unstoppable sex drive, I would have fucked 6 times a day, but this has fallen off also. I still love it, it just take the exact environment, timing and an extended warm up.

My Husband (Stan) has always had the same sex drive, and like most males, is ready to go at the drop of a hat. He has an average body, although has started gaining extra weight with age also. His appendage is a little over average, form my experience, at about 8 inches and just over a handful. He is obsessed with body hair and shaves everything except legs and arms and keeps VERY clean.

Our sex life has always been great and we have always been adventurous. We have talked about inviting others but have never acted on it. We are very open about most everything, we masturbate freely. I don’t even blink to walk into our bedroom to find him jacking off and playing with my toys. We even film each other occasionally for when one will be away. I think we both have some Bi tendencies. He enjoys me mounting him with a strap-on or my double ended dildo and I always enjoyed observing other women’s lips and shapes in locker rooms and such. I still enjoy trying on cloths with my friends Just to see them; at times the smells and tension are intoxicating. So I think we have a pretty open and healthy relationship. Enough about our history and one with my story.

We were vacationing in Hawaii and having a grand time. We had been seeing the sites sleeping in and partying. After a couple days we had finally gotten loose enough to start letting go. I stopped wearing cloths unless we were leaving and he followed suit. We had a couple nights of great sex followed by some mornings of even better sex.

About mid week we had seen it all and were looking for something new. My hubby drove me to a little turn off and we followed a trail to a beach. Looking about most folks were without their cloths. We had hit a “Nude” beach! Initially, I protested and wanted to leave, but I was passed by a young girl and her man, this changed my mind. The girl looked like an islander. She was very curvy, beautiful breasts, and completely shaved. I could see her lips protruding. My pulse quickened and I found myself fixated on them. I was force to move my gaze, as to not be obvious.

My sight moved to her man that had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I honestly have never seen anything like this; it looked like a bat swinging between his legs. I couldn’t imagine those little lips taking all that. With this I felt myself begin to heat up and agreed to stay, but not remove my suit. Stan smiled and we found ourselves an area to sit up. He wasted no time and dropped his suit exposing his pale white ass and semi-erect cock. I think we has watching the couple also.

We laid in the sun and relaxed for a while. The vision of those lips and that cock kept replaying in my head. I could feel my slit moisten. To hide my growing dampness, I talked my hubby into getting in the ocean. He agreed but under the condition that I loose the suit. We compromised and I agreed to take it off once in the ocean. We waded in to knee level and I was knocked down by a wave. I was beginning to see that I was not going to be able to hide in the water, as I had planned.

After some prodding and coaxing I removed my suit and tossed it up on the beach. Feeling the waves lap against my swelling lips was exhilarating, not to mention the fact that I was naked in front of many people. This all was just too much. My juices were flowing freely as my nipples became erect and tender. We frolicked for a while in the ocean enjoying our new found freedom and sensations. We returned to our blanket and dried off. We sat back down chatting and soaking up the sun.

We repeated our dips and chatting for a couple hours and decided to leave. I was gathering our gear when I heard Stan snicker; I turned to see what he found amusing. I found him staring straight at my ass. I was bent over picking things up and had forgotten I was wearing no cloths. I could feel my juices inching down my inner thighs and my lips swollen from excitement. I knew what we was looking at. I decided to give him a better view and spread my stance and bent farther, this opened my slit wide to the sea air. I wiggled in the air while pretending to gather things. I rose to find a couple other guys staring with him. The smiled and moved on. I could see the effects on him as his prick was rising. We decided it was time to leave. Stan grabbed the blanket and displayed the wet spot where I had laid and made some comment about “how excited are you?” We got dressed and made our way to our hotel.

I wanted to fuck so badly, but was afraid to do so. I wanted to shower the sand and sea water from me before any activities so I would get sore. I called for 1st shower and ran directly in once in the room. The warm water was refreshing; I wanted to make sure to remove all traces of the beach so I splashed plenty of water around my pussy. My finger slipped across my clit and sent a knee buckling ripple thru my body. My thoughts instantly flashed back to the beach and to beautiful couple. I hesitated on my clit to long. I day dreamed of watching the couple fucking as I stroked my swelling clit. I tilted my head back allowing the water to trickle down the front of me tickling my nipple and lips as it dripped. I gasped as I orgasmed and squirted cum down my leg. I loitered a bit more enjoying the tingling aftermath of a great orgasm. I turn the water off and open the door to chat with Stan as I got ready.

I was greeted with a site to behold. Stan was on the bed doggie style with my largest dildo completely in his ass. I could clearly see he was very into it and didn’t even caring or noticing that I was there. I watched intently as he slammed the dildo in him. He bucked back against with every thrust. He breathing increased and I noticed his balls tighten. I move to side of the bed catching his attention. I took over the dildo and fucked him like he assaults me with it. He clinched hard and grunted; I didn’t want him to waste his load so I slid my hand under him and tried to catch it all. I pulled back a thick cum puddle. I began licking my hand clean, savoring his seed. I left my middle finger dripping with cum and fed it to him. Stan licked my finger clean and kissed me before heading to the shower. As he got up I teased him about his wet spot, a smear of KY on the bedspread.

We were headed out for another night of dinner and drinks. So I wanted to dress up a bit. I decided to wear a short sundress with nothing under it, though maybe I could tease Stan throughout the evening. I laid out for him a pair of loose Kaki shorts and a T. Thinking this may give use easy access if needed.

We had an uneventful dinner full of small talk and the usual. I had my first Mai-Tai and loved it. So I had a few more and was really beginning to feel them. I was getting very tipsy and the booze was racing thru me. On one of my return trips from the ladies room I stopped just shy of the table and lift my dress to show off. Stan smiled and licked his lips playfully. I sat back down and ordered another drink. I slipped my slipper off and began kneading his already hard cock with my toes. He slouched in the seat and was enjoying the treatment. With some effort I managed to get my foot into his short to massage his dick directly. While I was doing this our waiter returned with our drinks. I found it to be arousing to have contact with my hubbies cock while talking with another. I think the waiter knew something was up. Stan rose up and slid his foot under my dress and directly between my legs. I was soaking wet and his toes tickled me…. A few drinks later we decided to move on. As we stood I noticed a wet spot of cum where his cock rested. I teased very quietly about it, snickering as we left.

We had been out most of the week and decided to keep pretty calm this night and returned to the hotel lounge. I continued the Mai-Tai binge, and Stan just sipped his beer. There were only 3 of us in the lounge Stan and I and this guy at the bar. I was retrieving drinks on one trip and talked briefly with the other guy (Mike). He seemed like a nice guy and was very easy on the eyes. He was about 6-3, 200 lbs, very athletic and short blonde hair. We chatted for a few and I invited him back to our table. We all sat talking and sharing stories, turns out he was a Marine. Stan Was in Army for years so this gave them fuel for many conversations that seemed to leave me out. After many more rounds, I got tired of hearing them trade war stories and slipped my hand up stand shorts. He tried to maintain his composer as I milked his flaccid cock. I played while they talked.

At one point Stan “accidentally” dropped something on the ground as Mike and I talked. I felt him push my dress up exposing me and spread my legs… He sat back up and slid his hand up my thigh; no it was my turn to act as if nothing was happening. We all chatted as Stan fingered me to near orgasm a few times. Mike excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he returned I notice him hesitate and look directly true me. In my intoxicated state I didn’t realize that as he came up the steps he had a direct view under the table, where Stan had left my soaking cunt open for all to view. Mike didn’t seem to be affected by his free shot and the conversation went on for many more rounds. Finally the bartender called for last call. Mike nor Stan were ready to call it a night, I on the other hand was ready to fuck then and there. Stan’s finger had whipped me into frenzy. I was crushed when Stan invited Mike back to our room to share some drinks and tell more war stories.

I was very drunk by this time and the rest of this story is spotty in my memory. Stan had to fill me in the next day. This is a mix-mash of what I was told and what I remember. We were all waiting outside the room while Stan unlocked the door. Once inside the room Mike immediately excused himself to the bathroom. Stan was fixing drinks and I tripped and fell. Here I sit leaning against a dresser knees bent in the air showing it all as Mike walks out of the bathroom. He had a perfect view as I fumbled to stand up. He reached down and helped me to my feet, where I stumbled and fell into a chair. Mike once again didn’t even make an indication that he had seen anything. We all shared some more drinks and conversation. Apparently during the conversation I had propped my leg up on a bed giving a good show, I guess I forgot I was wearing a dress or maybe in my state I thought it was fun.

A few drinks later, I apparently went to the bathroom and came back out without my dress. Stan said that I was looking for my PJs. I had forgotten about our guest. When I realized he was till there I tried to cover. I think I just laid down at that point as it all seemed pointless, I had been naked most of the day in front of strangers why be shy now… I don’t remember what I was thinking. I passed out while they chatted. Some time later I was woke up by a familiar feeling… That of a finger caressing my thighs and pussy. I lay on my belly enjoying the rub. I began to move against the hand as it probed me. I could feel my wetness grow and my lips swell. I spread my legs a bit to invite the finger into me. With one quick movement I felt a finger dive in. I moaned and pushed against it. I felt a trickle of juice drip from my cunt across my tender clit… I swayed and gobbled the finger into me. I hissed for more, and slammed back on his hand. I felt the finger withdraw and I started to purr. Then I felt more slam back into me. The force pushed me forward on the bed. The sudden intrusion caused me to gasp and “eek” with pain. I heard a noise, looked up to find my husband standing beside the bed clothed. I looked behind to find Mike finger fucking me with 3 or more fingers. Mike was thrusting so hard I couldn’t get away. I gasped with every thrust.

I looked to my husband. He leaned over and asked if I liked. I tried to reply but my words were interrupted by grunts and gasps. My pussy slurped and sloshed with every insertion. Stan told me to enjoy it and began taking his cloths off. I began to adjust to the girth and settled into a rhythm. I felt the swelling inside me. My juices were flowing freely now and I tried to meet each thrust with my own to take as much as I could. Our pace quickened as I moaned in ecstasy. I spread my legs and came to my knees thrusting my ass in the air for the most access and freedom of movement. My head resting on the bed and pussy wide open I began to quicken my pace, Mike followed. The swelling orgasm creped on me. I was moaning loudly, the sounds of my sloppy hole filled the room. I quicken the pace again as I announced that I was going to cum. The orgasm burst thru my body as I shot cum, everywhere. My cum splattered on the bed, Mikes shirt and jeans were damp with my juice. I collapsed, quivering. Mike didn’t stop. My body convulsed and I tried to jerk away but found myself held in place. Stan was now naked and holding me down while Mike assaulted my tender slit. I had 3 more orgasm in a roe, leaving me nearly drained and helpless. I gasped for air and pleaded for him to stop.

I raised my head to find Stan’s hard cock hanging in my face. I could see pre-cum dripping down the shaft, glistening in the light. Stan tilted my face up to look me in the eye and asked “did you like that?” I mustered a smile and nodded. He then pushed his cock into my mouth, ordering me “Suck my cock then, you slut!” I took the tip of his dick into my mouth and tried to enjoy the taste of his pre-cum. I lingered licking the small slit at his head. He thrust forward driving the full length into my throat. I began to gag and pulled away, Stan grabbed my hair and thrusted it in gain demanding I take it all. I nearly puked this time, but refused to quit. A few more thrust and I was able to take it. I was trying to rotate my head and add friction, his balls slapped on my chin and nose bumped his bald skin above his cock. The taste of his dribbling cum filled my mouth as I noticed his breathing increase as did his speed. I could feel the head swelling in the back of my throat. He jerked suddenly and stopped with his tip resting on my lips. Stan grabbed his cock and jack it one time inducing a spray of cum. I opened my mouth trying to catch his loads, as he continued jerking more shots onto face. I don’t think I have ever seen him cum this much. I had cum dripping from my mouth as I was gagging from the volume and thickness. Cum clung to my eyelashes and rolled down my neck.

I began to move to wipe the seed from my face when I was pushed to the side to find Mike standing naked and erect in front of me. His cock was huge. It seemed to be double the size of Stan’s. Stan pushed my head toward it. I reached out to try to control the situation. I touched his huge member and it jerked at my contact. I couldn’t wrap my hand completely around it. It seemed to be about thee size off can of soda and maybe 10 inches. His veins were very pronounced and made for a very textured surface. The head, at this, point was a deep purple and larger than the rest. I began jacking him off as I knew I couldn’t fit this in my mouth. I slipped my finger over the head watching it jerk, and then letting it part my finger as I slid down the shaft. I was enjoying the show doing this looking up at his well defined six pack abs and sculptured chest. Watching his muscles moving mesmerized me; all the while I continued milking his cock. Stan watched in anticipation. Mike began thrusting into the air trying to get more movement. He then lifted my head and kissed me deeply. His tongue parted my lips and danced with mine. Mike pulled back and licked his lips that were now coated with Stan’s sperm. Mike leaned forward and lick the spew from my face and kissed me again sharing the cum between us. We kissed for what seemed an eternity the taste of cum and the feeling of another mans lips on mine, reignited my fire. Instantly my pussy began to throb and moisten.

I felt Stan move behind me and his hands slid around my waist. Both hands instantly were on my pussy. His finger slid between my folds and found my clit. He began tapping his finger on my clit while his other finger slid into my wet hole pulling gently forward pressuring my G-spot. I backed my ass against is hardening cock and began grinding against it. Mike force my head down to his cock, where I licked his head and worked it with my hand. Stan’s tip was tickling the entrance of my cunt, but he would not satisfy it. He would brush it against my lips and feel like he was going to fill me, but then withdraw. This excited me even more. I tried to thrust my ass into him to take him in me, but he continued teasing. My attention was drawn to Mike’s engorged cock. I have never held such a large unit. I caressed the head and the would slid my fingers down the shaft and knead his balls and then repeat. I would occasionally lick his split hoping for a taste of him. Mike arched his back pushing his monster toward me as I backed away. As I backed up I felt Stan’s cock poking into my ass. I jerked back forward to catch Mikes thrust in my face. Mike grabbed my hair and pushed my face to his groin, I licked the head and followed my hand down to his balls and began to lick and suckle them to his delight. Mike moaned and thrust beginning a rhythm. I obliged allowing him to fuck my hand while I spattered licks about it.

Mike moaned lightly “Suck me” and I pretended that I didn’t hear him. I knew I couldn’t get that tube in my mouth. Mike asked again “suck me, take me in you mouth”. I again failed to comply. Mike straightened up and pulled my hair very hard and moved my face to his cock. In an attempt to appease him I began licking the tip feverously. By this time he had a small trickle of cum emerging from his hole. I eagerly licked it up and milked his cock for more. Mike raised his voice more and demanded “Suck my dick, you slut…. SUCK IT…” and pushed my face on it. I tried to resist but he pulled my hair harder. I shrieked in pain and fell back toward him. I felt Stan’s hand holding my head, while Mike poked his rod on my lips. Mike hissed loudly “open you mouth whore, open it.” I parted my lips allowing the tip to begin to enter. My mouth was stretched and it was hard to breathe as he finally worked the head in. I tried to pull back but he pulled me face back by the hair to slam his cock into my throat. I gagged and began coughing and he pulled as my mouth watered profusely. He slammed it back in, this time wasn’t as bad. I felt each thrust get deeper until I gagged again. He again pulled out as a coughed spit up all over his cock. I licked as streams of saliva dangled from my chin and his balls. His pre-cum was flowing and I could taste the salty cream dribbling. I increased my pace taking as much as I could and he met me with every bob. Stan had moved back and was watching as I tried to take all of him. My entire body was moving back and forth as he fucked my face.

I felt Stan moving on the bed and wondered what he had planned. Next I know I felt Stan’s wet tongue lapping my juices from my wide open cunt. The room was filled with slurps and moans and the smell of sex. Stan moved his attention to my other hole; I jerked forward at the contact and nearly gagged myself again. It felt foreign, it felt dirty, but then I rationalized dirty. Thinking that’s dirty and I am here with another mans cock in my mouth. I decided to enjoy it and allowed things to happen as they may. Stan had finger in my slit and was ramming his tongue as far as he could in my puckering little ass hole. Mike was still hammering away at my face. I could tell Mike wasn’t going to last long as his pulse had quickened and his dribble had turned to a stream. Stan got me closer to and orgasm and my movements quickened. Mike tightened quickly and spasmed as loads of cum exploded in my mouth. I swallowed twice and he slammed more in as I pulled away coughing up loads of his jizm. Cum ran from my mouth as more emptied on my face and hair. I felt drops land on my back too. I grabbed his cock and milked more cum from it drinking as much as I could. His cum was nothing like Stan’s, Mikes cum was creamy with just a hint of bitter salty taste. Stan’s is usually thick and very pungent, usually in globs not streams. I continued licking what seed I could find and returned to the head and suck very hard try to pull every drop.

Mike smiled down at my cum cover face as his softening prick fell from my mouth. He helped scoop cum to my mouth with his finger and I willing licked them clean. Stan was still tongue fucking my ass, and fingering me. I lowered my head to enjoy his work. Soon I felt my orgasm building. I asked Stan to go harder and he obliged, we moved in unison weaving and slurping. My dripping wet cunt gobbled his fingers and slurped as he pulled them back. I could see my lips dangling, enlarging as we quickened. Finally I locked and Stan moved faster. I eeked and bucked as my juices squirted. Stan didn’t stop and I continued to cum. As the waves lessened I looked back to find a puddle of my juice on the bed and Stan’s face soaked. Stan pulled his finger out and force fed my cum to me. The taste was exciting and an aphrodisiac, wafts of my scent intrigued my nose and filled my mouth. I was completely spent and daintily licked his hand clean, collapsing in the wet spot. There was cum everywhere on the bed between my legs, Stan’s had coated the other side of the bed and Mike goo glistened under my face.

Stan moved from the bed and Mike slid behind me. Stan quickly Straddled my back and parted my ass cheeks exposing my soaked cunt. Mikes monster lived and he advanced it into me. I couldn’t move at all. Mikes cock inched forward. I gasped and try to pull away. He kept constant pressure on me and it felt like I was going to rip in half. I begged for them to stop. I began sobbing as his head hit my cervix, the pain was too much. He backed his huge tube back out and then slid forward again. Stan still splitting my ass to allow him deeper. After a few rounds the pain subsided giving way to a feeling I had never felt. The feeling and being stretched to the max and filled to cervix was so great. I wiggled under his cock and began cooing. Stan leaned over and lightly licked my asshole as Mike plowed his tool into me. Stan moved off me and I began to take Mike more and more. I raised my as more and spread my legs as far as I could. Mike slowly drug it in and out. I could feel every vein of his cock pass my lips. We settled into a nice rhythm. Mikes balls slapped against my bald pussy, creating a clapping sound. Our pace increased. Mike slowed and asked if I wanted to be on top. I quickly agreed. When Mike’s dick withdrew it made a popping sound and he laid on his back.

I raised to my knees and gazed upon Mike, his features, his texture and his cock shined wet with my cum. I stood above him giving a small show. As I lowered myself to a squat I peeled my lips open showing by swollen clit. I grabbed his cock and slid it easily in to me this time. This time I felt void without his meat stuffed in me. I kept on my feet impaling my pussy on him. I hit bottom and he had a few inches outside of me. I wiggled and bounced trying to take all of him. Every impact with my cervix caused me to eek in pleasure. My breathing quickened as I suddenly came with out warning. My cum squirted just slightly and made for some great lubrication. I looked down to find that I had his entire cock in me. I moaned and rocked back and forth enjoying the cum. I leaned back biting my lip as another orgasm tore through my body. I moved slightly and another. I could barely breath with out cumming. I was in ecstasy. I didn’t notice Stan. He moved behind me and between Mike’s legs. I felt his prick poke at the edge of my asshole. I tried to move forward and came again. Mike grasps me tight and Stan forced his tool in my ass. I gasped with the insertion and came again when he pulled back. I couldn’t even speak. Stan rocked his cock in and out of my ass. I came and came again. Stan pulled out and went to clean up as I continued to rock and wiggle on my new found cock. Mike broke his spell when he announced “My turn” I stood his cock fell from me with a plop.

Stan laid beside me and Mike told me to 69 him. I agreed and climbed on top of Stan who buried his mouth in me. Stan’s cock was pointed directly at me. I took it in my mouth and begun working it. Mike slipped behind and buried it in my snatch in one stroke and we were off. Between Mike cock and Stan’s tongue I lasted about three strokes and started cumming. Stan drank my cum and licked my clit. Mike hammered my gaping cunt with force. Mike jerked and moaned and I knew his load was there. I felt a gush of warmth fill me. I felt stream run down my thighs as Stan licked my pussy. Mike came more, causing a stream to flow from me. He pulled his cock from me and drained on Stan’s face and hair. I spun quickly so I could lap up his savory juices. I licked the cum form Stan face sharing kisses occasionally. Mike presented his dick and I licked it clean. I hadn’t noticed that Stan’s cock was in me until I leaned back. As I did I felt his head touch my G-spot and I shuddered. I rocked a couple more time and began cumming again. Stan rolled me over and began fucking me like a mad man. He slammed his cock in me with everything he had. I felt his familiar rhythm start and thrust back against him. Accepting his cum. Stan gasp and I felt his cum erupt in me. His thrust more pumping more seed in me. He finally collapsed. I fell fast asleep.

The next morning I awoke with a horrible hang over, and barely able to move. I lay in bed trying to figure out why I was so sore. The memories came back. The sheets were glazed with cum. Stan lay next to me smiling his hair still globed with goo. I stood to go to the bath when I realized what had happened. I stood and a flood of cum flowed from my open cunt, I had never seen so much drop from me. I tried to seal it and make the bathroom but it ran down my legs and I left trails. Once in the bath I sat to pee and globs of cum fell from me. I cleaned as best I could without a shower and returned to the bed furious. Stan lay there naked and hard waiting on me. I was ranting and he asked why? That is when I informed him that I had forgotten my pills. Stan looked at me in astonishment. “Forgot? What do you mean forgot?” I replied “I forgot them. And now I have a gallon of cum running from me!!” We both stopped as we both knew what was to happen would happen. We went on with our day. The rest of that day I could barely walk and cum dripped from me occasionally. Well… I gave birth to a baby boy about 9 months later. Needless to say we haven’t repeated this, at least with a guy.

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