My wife and I have been married for 5 years. She is a gorgeous woman 10 years younger than I. We have a glorious sex life and she will do most anything in bed. For about 2 years I have been suggesting that in would be exciting to introduce another man into our relationship. She said that she would, but that she could not do it with friends or anyone we know. Since I have no knowledge that any of our friends are swingers, they are probably not candidates either. This I knew was going to be very hard for her, since she is quite shy and really does not express that she has ever had an attraction to any other man than me.She had agreed in principle, but it had not happened, until last month.

She came home late Saturday evening. She always has enjoyed going to movies by herself. She had done so this Saturday while I stayed home. When she came in, I did not notice anything different about her. She gave me a very passionate kiss and went to bed. I followed soon after. When I got to bed she asked me if she tasted different when I kissed her. I told her that she tasted as great as always.

It was then that she confessed having run into one of her college boy friends at the theater. She had gone out with him for a cup of coffee. Afterward, he walked her to her car. There he kissed her and she returned the kiss eagerly. He pressed up against her at the side of he car as they made out in the parking lot. She felt his cock poke through his jeans, just as she had remembered it in college. They never had made love in college, but she recalled for me one weekend when they stayed in the dorm and licked each other crazy. She said that she had thought about having sex with him many times after that weekend.

In the parking lot, she grew hotter and wetter by the minute, she said. His hand explored her breasts just under her bra. She rubbed her hand on the outside of his pants and slowly kneaded his cock and his balls. As they continued to kiss, he shakingly forced his hand down the front of her shorts and rubbed her wet cunt slowly. They kissed for about 30 minutes there at the car. At an opportune time, she told him that she probably should be getting home. He wanted to know if they could get together again. She looked at me for an answer. I was shocked, excited and shaking myself. I kissed her softly, as my hand curiously found first her soft thigh and then her sweet and dripping wet vagina.

My wife, apparently took our passionate sex the night before as an affirmation of her/his request to see her again. The next day, he contacted her at work. They arranged a lunch date and met for lunch at a place on the west side of town. Neither expressed it but each knew that the place was chosen to ensure a little privacy. During lunch, she said that the tension was still there. They touched and rubbed on each other as they sat next to each other in the booth. He kissed her neck which always has a very positive affect on her. They groped, tasted, smelled and nudged each other into a hard and wet frenzy. At her suggestion, they left the restaurant. She called work and told them she had an appointment. I suppose she did.

He followed her in his car to our house. She knew I was not going to be home until much later that night. She invited him. After an appropriate time they resumed the exchange of passion. She led him to the guest room and excused herself for a moment. She called me on my cell phone as I was driving back to the office from lunch. She whispered that he was there and that she was going to make love to him and was that alright. I gulped and gulped again and let her know it was. She said that she wanted me to share in the experience but I could not be there. We arranged for her to secretly take the telephone back into the guest room with her.

When she got back into the room, as she told me later, he was sitting at the foot of the bed with his shirt off. He extended his hand to her to come lie with him on the bed. I heard the sounds of sheets ruffling, shoes falling to the floor, and faint moans of my wife as she pleasured and was being pleasured by this man I did not know. I could only imagine what was happening but at times the noises made it very clear.

I heard her breathing and his get increasingly louder and more stressed. After about five minutes of this indecipherable sounds, I heard my beautiful wife’s faint moans change to the sound of more gutteral sighs and I knew that he was inside her. I could hear the rythmic sound of the bed and my wife being pumped by him. Hardly any words were exchanged except during this last few minutes. He told her that he had always wanted her this way. She squealed through the now intense sex, that she did too.
I could only imagine the sight of my wife, with her legs spread wide, inviting and inticing this man from her past to share her sex, her sweet smells, the feeling of the inside of her body.

I was had so many feelings as I drove down the road. I wanted to say something, but I just listened as he began to breath louder and the rhythem got faster and harder. She began to scream in that way that I thought only I knew as he ground into her sex and she came. I knew what was next and I could not stop it. He growled as he pumped his dick and then his semen inside her. There was silence and the rustling of close shortly afterward. I hung up the phone.

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