She did it. After many months, she finally did what I repeatedly asked for. She now belongs to another man, and I couldn’t be happier.

I had begged my wife to find another man who would take her from me. I helped by creating a dating profile for her online. I spent months screening profiles, looking for the kind of quality stud I know she’d enjoy, and finally found him. He was recently divorced, hadn’t had sex in nearly two years, was better looking, better built, and was seeking a couple exactly like us.

It wasn’t easy explaining to my wife what I desperately wanted – I wanted to lose her to another man, and have her relentlessly taunt me with that fact. I didn’t want her to physically leave me, I wanted her to torture me, long term, with her words and with her acts. I wanted to know that she belonged to another, better lover.

He was the perfect match. He didn’t want to date vanilla women. He didn’t want to be in any committed vanilla relationship as he found most woman on regular dating sites to be clingy and wanting exclusive commitments. He wanted a no-pressure, no-commitment woman with whom to enjoy mutual pleasure on an ongoing basis.

They first met for drinks at a local restaurant and spent hours talking and getting to know one another. My wife is a classy, sexy woman who is very selective; she needs and wants to have a real connection with a potential lover. They hit it off, and enjoyed a second date, but no sex. With each meet they were getting closer. The connection, and the desire, grew stronger. The most that happened between them sexually up to that point occurred when he pushed his body up against hers in the parking garage late one night after having drinks as he kissed her good night. She could feel his very large, hard cock pressing up against her, and it made her wet with excitement.

After that it was time for the three of us to meet. We met for drinks at a classy bistro. We sat in a half-moon booth and waited nervously for him to arrive. He did, and smiled big as he caught her smiling at him as he approached our table. It was dim in the bistro, and the bar was empty. He slid into the booth on the opposite side of her, and we enjoyed getting to know one another. I was quite impressed. He was a true gentleman, well dressed, professional, and resembled an actor that I couldn’t exactly place.

He was clearly more than me in many ways, and I liked that. I wanted her to have better, much better, in every way. I know she loves me and her commitment to our relationship as life partners and growing old together is unbreakable. Knowing that, I felt secure, but I really wanted that security to be tested. Although it sounds contradictory, I wanted to lose her to him without completely losing her. I mean, I wanted her to give herself to him, completely, willingly give him her body, her mind, her attention, her passion, and her desire. I wanted her to want him, badly, not just his cock and his cum, but want deep intense passion with him. I wanted her to become totally infatuated with him as her boyfriend and lover, to obsess in her thoughts about him, all day, every day, and crave time and intimacy with him. I wanted her to enjoy that incredible high that having a new relationship and a new lover brings, and make it last as long as possible. More so, I wanted her to torture me with all of that, every waking moment. Why? It makes me want her that much more. Her relentless verbal torture makes me a better man, a better husband, and a better lover. It makes me work harder endlessly to win her affections, which she’ll hold out and dangle just beyond my reach with her constant obsession and taunting about him.

She was now ready to fuck him. She felt the connection, and the powerful desire and wanted to finally consummate their simmering passion. She wanted to feel his lips upon hers, and wanted to feel the hardness of his erect manhood gently sink into her womanhood and engulf her.

They retired to our bedroom where she began to undress him. She held his massive nine-inch cock in her small hands as he kissed her. His hands ran all over my wife’s petite body, gliding slowly down to her back, across her hips, and back up over her breasts. He lifted her small frame up onto the edge of the bed as she guided the tip of his engorged cock against the folds of her married pussy. She was about to flaunt her infidelity right in front of me as I watched another man taking my wife in our marital bed. It excited her even more knowing how much seeing her excited me. His cock throbbed as his manhood slowly disappeared into my wife’s wet tightness while he continued to kiss her passionately.

Her hands dropped to his hips as she pulled him in deeper. She became so wet that her pussy gave no resistance. She gasped as the full length and girth of his tool sunk to her womanly depths. They were one now. He held his bare cock deep inside my wife’s hungry pussy as his massive, hard, cum-filled balls rested against her small, round cheating ass. She looks up at his face from underneath him, and willingly submitted to him. He began to pump his hard cock in and out, slowly and deliberately, pausing only occasionally to kiss her. Her eyes roll back into her head as she wantonly consumed his cock with her tight, pleasure-filled pussy.

His trusts became more steady. Her hips automatically bucked her hips up to meet his with lustful abandon. They weren’t simply fucking, the desire they had for each other was intense – their love making embodying the powerful want they felt for each other. As they approached orgasm he whispered to her “I want you!”. She whispered back, “then take me!” And he did. He wasn’t simply fucking my wife, he had taken her full affection. She desperately wanted him to cum deep inside of her. She wanted to feel the warmth of his cum filling her, making her body his, and he wanted to take her. His cock pounded her relentlessly and his balls slapped loudly against her ass as they reached the pinnacle of orgasm. His cock retracted slightly as a massive steam of baby-making seed prepared to release from deep within his balls and invade her womb. “I love you!” she exclaimed, “Give me your seed, take me and make me yours!”

His body tensed up and his cock swelled large as he took one final plunge into my wife’s small frame, then released his pent-up seed into my her womb. Her eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped as his sperm blasted into her. “I love you!” She repeated as he exploded into her with forceful bursts of cum. She felt his every pulse as she tightened her pussy around his thick member, draining his balls with delight. They grasped each other in a tight embrace as he gave her one convulsive orgasm after another, the likes of which she had never known before. He kept cumming in my wife as if he had an endless supply. As he came I could see his cock fully engulfed in her love nest; I could see the back of his balls visibly pulsating as he dumped load after load into my bride.

They laid together in a tight embrace for a long time afterwards. He had pumped so much cum into her tight, tiny pussy that it gushed out from the walls of her cunt and ran down her ass, forming a puddle on the sheets below. His balls continued to throb for several minutes after my wife had drained them. I could see my wife’s angelic face and chin resting on his shoulder from below, her eyes close in a dreamy state with a gentle smile of pure contentment. His virile sperm was now implanted in my fertile wife, and soon she’d be carrying his baby in her belly – a constant visual reminder of her infidelity.

He got up, kissed her softly while she lay there motionless, put on his clothing, and left. A thick river of cum poured out of her pussy. I knelt between her legs as she spread them far apart to show me her prize. “I’m his now!” she insisted. I went down to see the evidence of her infidelity. As I did, she put her hand gently behind my head, and then pushed my face deep into her cum filled womanhood. “He’s better than you” She declared. “This is his pussy now!”. After a few moments, I knelt back up and slid my own erect member into her cum-filled pussy. As I pushed inside their juices gushed out. “I made him cum in me three times” She announced with pride. Under normal circumstances I can usually last a long time and hold back from ejaculating, but feeling the silkiness of their mutual orgasm made that impossible. “That’s it baby, push his baby-making seed deep inside me!” She commanded. I thrust as far and deep as I could, wanting to force his sperm deeper to bath her ovaries. Having been cut, I knew I could only shoot blanks; there was no competing with his sperm, and he was clearly the better man. “I’m such a slut!” she said with pride, “I’m his slut”. Her words made me cum with a force I had never before experienced.

We laid there, exhausted with an indescribable delight and satisfaction. We had both gotten what we wanted beyond our wildest dreams; It was only the start of what would become a frequent and recurring event.

“I’m such a lucky girl!” she exclaimed. Secretly, however, I knew that I was the lucky one.


The next morning my wife was floating on Cloud 9 after her new lover had taken her from me. She had a new bounce in her step, and beamed with an inner shine I had recalled when we first met, and I knew why.

Maybe I should have been crushed knowing the source of her adolescent gushing, but I felt terrific, and love her even more. She had a sexual confidence about her, and her dreamy mind was clearly on the affections of another man.

She has always been beautiful – the cute girl next door type with a youthful, round face, petite, and unintentionally seductive. Growing up, she was the girl that every boy ached to fuck, and now a woman that every man secretly wanted. Seeing her look and behave like a giddy teen made my heart race. I spied her happily doing laundry.

“What has you smiling today?” I asked, knowing full well the answer.

She thought for a moment, placed her index finger on her lip, looked up into nowhere, and quizzed, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe because I have a hot new boyfriend?” followed by a devious giggle.

She was walking around the house wearing only her cobalt blue Victoria Secret lace panties and bra set that I had bought for her – the ones she had worn the night before. I could clearly see the cum stains in the crotch of the garment. Knowing that she was still carrying her boyfriend’s cum inside of her made me rock hard; I am certain she wanted me to see the evidence of her infidelity, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the obvious effect it had on me as the bulge in my trousers continued to grow. She stopped and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me in tight to feel my 8-inch bulge, and brought her lips dangerously close to mine, and then up to my ear.

“I can’t want to kiss him again”, she whispered, “I need to feel his strong arms around me”. Her words make me weak, and sent tremors through my erect manhood, then suddenly pulled away, intentionally bending over as if to pick up some laundry, but knowing she was giving me a show of her perfect round ass and the cum-stained panties she intentionally wore just for me. If I could have pulled them down and plunged my cock into her pussy right then I would have, but I was frozen in delight just watching my sexual goddess.

“I have another date with him tonight” she asserted, in a casual tone. “You don’t have a problem with that now, do you?” she asked with slightly pouty lips. No man could deny such a plea.

I slowly nodded in approval, causing her to spring up and throw her arms around me and grind her pussy hard against my engorged cock once again. “I’m so excited!” Glowing with a contagious exuberance, as she wrapped her legs around me and bounced up and down. “He’s going to fuck my brains out, again!” she squealed.

With those words, I didn’t need to have intercourse with her at that moment – I ejaculated in my pants in response to her intense grinding, and her desire for her new lover. I came so much and with such force that my semen soaked right though and wet her panties. She knew what she was doing, she wanted me to cum so that I’d not need to fuck her – she was saving her love nest exclusively for him.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, looking down at the wetness between us, “Now I’ve got the seed of both of my men in my panties. I guess I better wash these too.”

As she slid the panties down her sexy legs, I could visibly see just how much cum he had pumped into my wife the night before – they were loaded. Just as she was about to drop those blue gems in the wash she stopped, panties dangling on her index finger and looked over her shoulder at me with sexually evil eyes.

“Unless you prefer to buy me new lingerie for my date tonight?” she teased, playfully, “And then you can keep these to remember when you lost me to him.” She offered tauntingly.

I snatched my prize, and we began kissing with the kind of passion and desire of newlyweds, after which I shot back my answer.

“Let’s go shopping!”


My wife and boyfriend’s affair was growing more intense in the first short weeks after they met. They fucked as often as they could. My wife couldn’t get enough of her boyfriend’s affection, and of course, his massive cock. She said that the only thing that got her through the day until they could be together again, was her constantly carrying a fresh load of his man seed inside of her, and feeling it drip out into her panties while she worked. She said feeling his warm cum up inside her made her feel owned while they were apart.

My wife and I had attended a few swinger hotel parties over the years. These were parties held in local hotel ballrooms. Sometimes the parties were swanky, and sometime a bit seedy; it varied depending on the group holding them and location. Either way, the socials were hot! Women dressed in the slinkiest of dresses along with hot ‘fuck-me’ heels. Even though there was little to no sex out in the open at these parties, the events were often complete hotel take-overs; a great deal of wild sex went on in the hotel rooms. The most the two of us had ever done sexually at one of these was enjoy the electric atmosphere, the hot dancing, the outfits, and the flirting with other couples. We once did same-room soft-swap with another couple where we had sex side-by-side with our own partners, but didn’t swap. We enjoyed that immensely.

My wife enjoys being a hotwife, every bit for the pleasure I get out of it as much as her own, but she could never bring herself to allow me to be with another woman. In the years before we met, I had attended quite a few swinger hotel socials with a former girlfriend, and we had a blast enjoying full-swap sex with a few select couples. The intimacy I had shared with my former girlfriend after same-room, full-swap was on another level completely – like being two partners in crime with a dastardly secret. When we played with another couple however, I could barely keep my eyes on the other woman; they were mostly on my own partner, enjoying seeing her being taken by another man. That explains why I much prefer that my wife play rather than me play with other women. She is such a goddess to me that I don’t need a relationship with another woman – who could possibly compete? Still, she had never experienced full-swap with another couple and sharing that kind of intimacy with me during and afterward; it really does bring a couple even closer, and something I have always wanted her to experience at least once in her life as I know the pleasures of sharing that kind of experience. I am still a straight and horny male after all. But after much pleading over the years, it seemed like it was never meant to be.

“Honey, can you come in here?” I heard my wife calling from the den. She had been on her cell phone with her boyfriend, giggling like a teenager. She had put him on mute to ask me something.

“Sweetheart, my boyfriend wants me to go as his date to the New Year’s swinger hotel bash. Can I go?”, she asked, with a worried tentativeness, expecting me to say no, knowing that she rarely agreed to attend them with me, let alone the best one of the year.

“Pretty please???” She pleaded. I stalled, conflicted. I knew that with her hot new boyfriend that they’d be pursued by many other couples. I’m no slouch, but she is so much more attractive than me, and her new boyfriend was a female magnet – other couples would be all over the pair, like flies on flypaper.

“OK”, I relented. She sprung out of her chair and threw her arms around my neck and said, “Don’t worry baby, I promise you’ll regret it!”. Confused, I responded “Regret it? Don’t you mean I’ll not regret it?” She firmly grabbed my crotch, gritted her teeth, and confidently asserted, “Oh nooooo, I meant I’ll make sure you’ll regret it, and you’ll love every moment!” laughing as she slipped back into her easy chair and proceeded to tell her boyfriend that they were going to have a blast at the party.

She was right, I was already regretting it, and the regret shot straight to my cock like a lightning bolt. It made me rock hard. Still standing directly in front of her, I dropped my pants, and pulled out my erect 8-inch manhood which she began stroking vigorously, never pausing in her conversation with her boyfriend, but looking up at me with a broad smile plastered on her face. I felt the cum welling up deep inside my balls while she continued to stroke me harder and faster, causing me the ejaculate all over her face and glasses. Dripping with my cum, she looked up at me like an innocent little lamb, and licked her cum-covered lips with her trademark seductive glance. Regret never felt so fucking fantastic!

Several days passed, and New Year’s Eve was finally upon us. It seemed like it took forever to come. My wife had spent days preparing for her New Year’s Eve lifestyle date with her boyfriend. She had been to the spa for a manicure, pedicure, and waxing, as well as shopping for a killer dress, shoes, and lingerie to wear. She pulled out all the stops. Seeing her plan and prepare with such intensity and focus was hot all by itself – I knew she was doing it all to please her boyfriend. I walked into our master bedroom and could hear her happily humming a tune in the master bath; she was enjoying a rich, sweetly scented bubble bath in our Jacuzzi to the sounds of soft music and candlelight.

“Honey, can you help me out for a moment”, she cooed.

I came instantly at her beck and call, and proceeded to scrub her back and massage her feet, before helping her out of the Jacuzzi. Still slightly covered in bubbles, she playfully flung her finger towards me, which sent a dollop of white lather flying that landed squarely on my cheek. She laughed.

“Just wait until I get home baby!” she warned, pulling me close the her. I knew what she meant. She’d be spending the entire night at the hotel, partying and sleeping with him, fucking, and sleeping, and fucking, – repeatedly, until daybreak, after which she’d bring home her cum-filled pussy for me to sink my face into, and enjoy the sweet smell and taste of her wanton infidelity.

Her skin glistened with the oils of her bath as the few remaining suds slid off her sexy candle-lit figure. I looked down and saw the smooth, bare runway between her legs.

“Do you think he’ll like this?” she asked with a failing innocence, while running two her fingers over the folds of her pussy. “Uhhhhh” I stammered, “I, I think so”, quickly correcting myself, “No, I am sure of it.” Her smile turned instantly stern.

“This is his pussy now”, she declared in a harsh, instructional tone, “…and don’t you forget it!” she scolded, whipping my ass with her wet towel. I was loving every word she uttered, eating it up. I wanted more.

“Be useful, help me get dressed for my date, bitch!” she commanded.

She had laid out her outfit on the bed. I helped her with her lingerie. This time she wore sheer hose with a garter belt, revealing her lace panties in-between. I zipped-up the back of her dark blue sequin dress, which was form fitting and tight to the perfect curves of her body. She had packed several outfits to change into for late evening fun. One of them was a super-short metallic copper pattern dress with the slinky top and tiny mini-skirt bottom connected by only a large round metal ring in the middle – it was barely a dress, and screamed “breed me!”

She motioned with her index finder that silently commanded me to kneel at her feet and slip her stiletto heels on each foot. I quickly complied. I am normally the slightly more dominant one of the two of us in our day-to-day life and sex, but I really enjoyed her taking the dominant role sexually. It wasn’t just a massive sexual turn-on, but also a welcome respite and huge relief from always being the one having to be in control. I’ve always been the type of guy wanting to pamper and please my women. I take an immense amount pleasure from it, and this allowed me to an even greater ability to do so. Some men selfishly take pleasure for themselves with their women, but that kind of pleasure doesn’t remotely compare when a man learns how to derive far greater pleasure by giving, and vicariously enjoying her pleasure – both emotionally and sexually. This is the great and powerful mystery the lucky ones discover called Compersion. Fully dressed and ready to rock, my wife stood up and paraded across the room in front of me.

“How do I look honey?” She asked. I was speechless. Standing before me was the most glorious female specimen I had eve laid eyes on – a picture of alluring perfection. Her hair was perfect, rocking back and forth over her shoulders, soft and silky, her sequin dress brilliant and glistening, and her eyes afire with anticipation.

At once she was both a vision of exquisite beauty, impeccably classy, and a cock magnet. She indicated that she was in a hurry and had to leave quickly, gave me peck on the cheek, and bolted out the door. There I stood, watching the woman with whom I exchanged vows leave for the night, ready to ring in the new year in the arms of her new boyfriend, knowing that the party poppers at midnight would most definitely give way to her pussy getting popped by his massive cock, plunging relentlessly in and out of my wife’s hot, wet pussy, and who knows doing what, or with whom else.


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