My husband has a good friend, we will call him John. John lives about an hour away and is married, and has three girls. Now my husband invited John over one night, because they like to hang out and play x-box. Now John has always flirted with me and has even made references to wanting to fuck me. What he doesn’t know is that when my husband and I are in bed, we fantasize that he is there joining in on the fun. My husband dreams about me getting fucked by big cocks.

Now John was over on the couch playing x-box with my husband. I took my shower and put on a bathrobe and was just doing stuff to get ready for bed because I had to work the next morning. As I walked by the room that they were playing in, my husband reminds me that I had promised to give him a blow job before bed. I told him OK and to get in the bedroom. Just then his friend John says that he would like one too.

Of course he is saying this just joking, like always. But I say OK knowing that my husband would jump up and put a stop to this. He says OK. I stand there just shocked for a second or two, then I walk over to them and say, OK let’s see them. I kneel down between them, because they are sitting on the couch. Both of them have their dicks out now, and I grab one in each hand. I look at my husband and ask him if he is sure…if he is ok with this. He is. I start sucking on his thick cock, while jacking John with my other hand.

Now my husband is the biggest man I have been with, about 7″ but his friend John’s cock must be about 8.5″. I suck my husband for about a minute or two, trying to get up the nerve to put my mouth on John’s huge cock. I finally switch and put John’s cock in my mouth and start jacking my husband. My husband cannot take his eyes off of me licking his friends balls and head, teasing him with my tongue. I continue switching, sucking them both for awhile, thinking about how much cum is going to get on me, and I just took a shower.

Now I am thinking that this will soon be over and I can get to bed, because it’s just blowjobs. While I am sucking his friend John, my husband starts taking off my robe, for some reason I do not fight it. Now I am kneeling between these two guys, completely naked with their cocks in each one of my hands. John opens his eyes and cannot believe that I am sucking him naked. I see him watching my tits bounce up and down.

My husband has now gotten behind me to see how wet my pussy is. It’s very wet and he tongues it, and my asshole. Now I had no intention of getting fucked, but I was now horny as ever. My husband tried to mount me from the rear as I am sucking off his friend. I stop him and say John gets to go first. John is sitting on the couch, so I straddle him, facing him, and start to stick my tongue in his mouth. He is sucking on my breasts and I am rubbing my wet pussy over his cock. It suddenly slips in and we both let out a groan. He slowly moves it in and out, and I feel it hit bottom somewhere deep inside me. It feels unbelievable!!

We must have been fucking like this for a few minutes, no clue what has going on beside this dick in me. My husband loves to take pictures of me naked, and pictures of us fucking. We have never took pictures of me with anyone else, because this was the first time. Anyway, I start to notice the light from the flash going off. My husband had the camera and was taking pictures of me fucking his friend. I decided to turn around on his cock and face forward while he was sitting on the couch, so my husband could get a better view of my pussy.

After that, his friend pushed me on the floor and took me doggie style. My husband snapped off a few more pictures and then got in front of me so I could suck him some more. In my mind I could not believe what I was doing. I had a cock in my mouth and a cock deep in my pussy. It felt so good and dirty. I have had the same cock for seven years.

Anyway John soon interrupted those thoughts, because he turned me around and put my legs over his shoulders, and started pounding me hard and deep. I was rubbing my clit too, when I came I think I might have blacked out for a second. It felt like my whole body was gushing. I screamed so loud, my husband almost dropped the camera. After a few more minutes John let out a yell and then unleashed a huge load of cum into my pussy.

John rolled off me and then my husband started taking pictures of my swollen pussy filled with cum. My lips were so pink and puffy. Then my husband started fucking me, doggie style is his favorite. John got back in front of me, and I licked his dick till it became hard again. He and I could not stop looking at each other right in the eyes. It was like we knew that we had to fuck again.

My husband finally cums in my pussy, and then John finally lets loose on my face and in my mouth. Now I usually do not swallow my husband’s cum, I just spit it out. But, I licked up and swallowed every drop of John’s cum. At that point I finally realized that my husband was licking all the cum out of my pussy. I stop him, and gave him a big kiss, licking off some of the cum. I then went over to his friend John and gave him a big cum covered kiss. After that I said good night boys, and shut the bedroom door and went to take another shower…

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