First a little background. Like many men who frequent this sight I have long fantasized about sharing my wife with another man. My wife Jen is a beautiful blue-eyed blonde. She’s 5’7” tall; about 135 pounds with 34 C breasts with pink nipples that always seem to be hard. She doesn’t look anywhere near her 40 years of age.

We have been married for just over 4 years. She has 2 kids from a previous marriage so when we get some time to ourselves we always try to make the most of it. Jen is a very sexy dancer, and loves nothing more than strutting her stuff on the dance floor. She always wears a short skirt or dress with stockings, thongs, sexy heels, and usually a low cut top that shows off her cleavage. Recently this lead to the hottest night of our lives, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

When we are fu#*ing I love to talk to her about my fantasy. At first she probably thought I was sick, but as time went on she began to enjoy the fantasy. As she gets more and more exited she will start to suck and lick my nipples (which are very sensitive) like a cock. She is one of those rare women who actually love sucking dick, and doesn’t like to stop until she has drained me completely.

A few months ago we took the kids to grandmas house and then rented a room in a nearby town. We got there early and went to the hot tub. Soon we were fooling around under the bubbles and decided it was time to get back to the room. When we got back she wasted no time stripping off my swimsuit and getting my cock in her hot mouth. She does this thing with her tongue, fluttering it on the underside of my dick as she slowly slides it in and out of her mouth that would make a 90 year old cum in no time.

It wasn’t long till I had to pry her off my dick to keep from shooting down her throat way too soon. I pushed her back on the bed and dove between her legs to taste the wettest pussy I’ve ever seen. She was having none of that though, she begged me to put my cock in her. I sill teased her a bit, licking her hot pussy and flicking her clit with my tongue. Then I slid up her body slowly licking my way past her naval, pausing to lick and suck those pretty pink nipples, and finally kissing her. My face was wet with her cum and I could taste my cock and precum on her breath.

She was raising her hips and trying to get my dick in her, but I made her wait as long as I could stand it, before sinking it deep in one stroke. She started sucking my nipples, and when she does that my mind goes right to my fantasy, and I’ll usually start talking to her about sucking cock. I said “mmmm don’t you wish that was a big hard dick in your mouth right now? She’ll just moaned and licked and nibbled harder. I was trying my best to go slow but she was so hot, she kept hunching, and begging me to fu*# her harder. I was saying yea baby that’s it, suck that big dick. I asked her again if she wanted a cock to suck while I was fucking her wet pussy and she moaned mmm hnn around my nipple. I said, “do you want some strange cock in that pussy tonight baby”, and she started fucking me harder and whimpered yeeeessss as she started to cum. This was all I could take and I started to pump my cum deep inside her at the same time. I could feel her tight pussy contracting around my dick while I unloaded inside her.

Afterwards she was still hot. She kept casually licking my nipples and playing with my dick until it was semi hard again. I asked her again about my fantasy, thinking that as usual she would say, “It’s only a fantasy. I only want you,” but she surprised me. She said, “How would we do it?” I was immediately stiff as iron. I said” I‘ve always fantasized about you going in and sitting at a bar by yourself. I would sit a few seats away and just see what happens. Then she really shocked me, when she said “ok.”

It was time to get showered and ready. She put on a glittery black dress with stockings, strap heels and a see through black thong. She looked like a wet dream with her long blonde hair and long sexy legs. We got to the bar about 9PM and I kissed her long and deep in the car. She said, “Are you sure?” And I said, “Yes, lets just see what happens. I love you, and just want you to have the best night of your life. You can do as much, or as little as you want to.” Then I got out and went inside.

About ten minutes later I saw her come through the door. Every guy in the place turned to look. She walked up to the bar and took a seat around the corner from me. By the time she got her first drink a tall dark haired guy of about 30 had already approached her. He sat down beside her and started a conversation. I could tell she was nervous because she killed her sex on the beach and reordered in no time. Soon the bartender brought two 1800 shots for her and the guy. They toasted and did the shots. I knew from experience that tequila would get her going, and she’d loose her inhibitions in no time.

Soon the guy asked her to dance as a slow song started. He took her hand and led her to the dance floor. It was getting crowded, and I couldn’t see them well, but I did see him pulling her close, and his hand was roaming across her back and down to her ass. She had her head on his shoulder, and he was whispering in her ear and kissing her neck. I new that would make her hot. Soon a faster song started to play but they still danced close. Now it became more of a grind. His leg was between hers, and his hand was on the small of her back. She was rubbing herself on his leg, and I could tell the 1800 was working it’s magic.

A pretty brunette came up and started talking to me, and I was distracted for a bit. When I found them again, they were sitting down at a table with another guy. They were all doing 1800 shots and laughing. The other guy was about 6’2” tall and built like a running back. He was probably about 30 too, and he was black. I knew Jen had always fantasized about fucking a good-looking black man, and this guy certainly fit the bill. Soon they were up dancing too. He was a good dancer and she was really strutting her stuff. She would hike her skirt just high enough for the tops of her stockings to show, and both guys were definitely looking. Soon the other guy got up and they had Jen sandwiched between them. They both were sporting large bulges, and they were rubbing them on Jen. The white guy was behind her grinding on her ass while the black guy was pressing against her stomach. The white guy soon had his hands on her titties, and she was just letting them guide her around and do as they pleased. The black guy started to kiss her, and I watched as she opened her mouth and accepted his tongue inside.

My cock was about ready to rip my zipper out by this time, and I could feel a growing wet spot in my underwear. When the song ended she headed for the bathroom and I followed her. When she came out, I could tell she was pretty drunk. She saw me and came up and gave me a big wet kiss, and reached down to squeeze my dick. I said “It looks like you’re enjoying yourself and she just smiled.” I said “Do you want to fuck them?’ She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said “Will you hate me if I say yes?” I said, ”Not as long as I get to watch.” She took my hand and led me back to their table and introduced me as her husband. They seemed a little shocked, and a lot disappointed, until she sat down in Johns (the black guy) lap and proceeded to kiss him. Then she leaned over to Michael (the white guy) and took his hand, and put it on her leg just above the stocking top. They both looked at me and I just winked at them and said, “Enjoy!” Both guys broke out in a big smile.

Soon I saw her hand disappear behind her into Johns lap. At the same time Michael was sliding his hand further under her skirt. Her eyes closed and a low sexy moan escaped her lips as his fingers touched her panties. She was grinding her ass on Johns huge bulge while Michael slipped his fingers inside her. Other people close by were watching her play the slut, but with the tequila and her level of horniness, she didn’t seem to care. I said” We’d better get out of here before they throw us out, and all enthusiastically agreed.

Our motel was only a mile or so away, so she climbed into the back seat with John, while Michael followed us in their car. As soon as they were in, they were all over each other. He had her dress pulled up to her waist and her panties pulled to the side before the car started. His thick black fingers looked solo hot disappearing inside her juicy pussy. I set the rear view so I could watch on the way. She soon had his big black dick out, and then her head disappeared into his lap. I couldn’t see very well, but the way her head was bobbing up and down, and the moaning and wet slurping sounds told me everything I needed to know.

All too soon we were in the parking lot. Other partiers were out too, but she didn’t care. She was slobbering all over his cock, and he was moaning louder and louder. He started talking to her, saying, “You’re a hot little slut aren’t you. You can’t get enough of this fat black dick in your little tramp mouth.” She just sucked faster. Michael came up to the window and said, “Hey, I want some of that too!” We got out and walked to the lobby and pushed the elevator button. As soon as the door closed both guys were all over Jen. They had their hands on her ass and pussy, and she was stroking both of their cocks through their pants.

We walked to the room, and as soon as we got inside Michael had Jens dress over her head. Her nipples were standing up like two pencil erasers, and there was a wet circle on her thong. The crotch was pulled up tight so you could clearly see her lips. Both guys started licking and sucking on her nipples. John had his fingers inside her panties and Michael was squeezing her sexy ass. They picked her up and carried her to the bed. John stripped off her panties as Michael quickly undressed. His cock was already hard, and dripping precum. It was about 7” and pretty thick. John had moved between Jens legs and was busy licking her sweet pussy as Michael positioned himself on his knees by her face. Jen reached out and pulled him to her, and hungrily lapped up the precum dripping from his dick. Then she opened up and swallowed as much of his cock as she could. John was stripping his clothes off while still trying to lick Jens hot pussy. She was moaning around the fat dick in her mouth as Michael pumped it in and out.

John was sliding up her body as I got my first good look at his cock. It was at least 10” long and about as big around as a red bull can, with a mushroom shaped head that was even bigger than the shaft. It was dark as night with a long string of precum hanging down. I pulled out my dick as he started to rub the big head up and down her wet slit. I watched, amazed as her lips opened up and swallowed the big knob, and then the shaft. A loud moan came from deep in Jens throat, escaping around Michaels shaft, as John pushed deeper. He pushed in about half way then backed up and pushed again. After about six strokes I saw his dark balls press against her ass. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Michael was moaning and pumping his dick in and out of Jens mouth faster and faster. as John started really pumping her hard. Suddenly Michael stiffened and his balls drew up tight. Jens titties were bouncing from the pounding she was getting, and she had a hard time keeping him in her mouth as he started to spew his hot cum. She swallowed as fast as she could but his cock slipped out and the last couple of squirts splashed onto her face. She started to cum as his cock finally stopped squirting. John was fucking her hard and deep, and he never let up during her orgasm. She was literally screaming “FUCK ME!!! GIVE ME THAT BIG BLACK DICK
I guess the contractions from Jens tight pussy were more than John could take, because he shoved his cock in deep and held it there as his ass cheeks clenched, and his body jerked. I knew he was pumping a huge load of hot cum into Jens swollen pussy. His large balls drew up inside him as he shot streams of sperm into her belly. When he was done, he pulled out and flopped onto the bed beside Jen. She was on his cock in no time licking and cleaning it up. As she was on her knees sucking him I could see inside her stretched out pussy. Johns cum was dripping out of her swollen hole, and I couldn’t help but stick my tongue deep inside and lick and suck her pussy while she cleaned his cock. When he was clean she laid back on the bed and held her arms out to me. I wasted no time sinking my dick into that juicy pussy. The feeling was unbelievable as I experienced my first sloppy seconds. Her pussy was so stretched and slick that I slid in easily. I wish I could say I fucked her to another orgasm, but I was just too exited. I could taste Michaels and Johns cum in her mouth as I kissed her. She had been such a hot little slut and I loved it. After about ten strokes it felt like the marrow was being drained from my bones, as I unloaded the biggest load of cum of my life into her freshly fucked pussy.

Michael and John were already getting dressed when I rolled to the side. They both came over and kissed Jen, and thanked me for sharing her hot body with them. They asked for our number, but Jen said, “This was a one time fantasy, and she didn’t want to risk our relationship.” After they left we made slow leisurely love again.

That night has fueled many more hot nights for us. If Jen wants to get me going, all she has to do is mention it, and I’m ready to go. Recently she has been talking about trying it again when we go on vacation in Florida this summer. I can hardly wait.

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