I had been thinking about doing something risky sexual wise for quite some time & eventually came up with an idea that would involve my wife being submissive for the evening.

I left it for an evening when time didn’t matter & after what seemed like an eternity Saturday eventually came. After doing all of the usual chores & having lunch I told my wife that we were going shopping for a few items that were needed for the evening. I still hadn’t told her exactly what I had in mind but she knew I was planning something. We arrived at the store that I had in mind & I led my wife to the lingerie section. I looked around for the things I had in mind & “bingo”, what I found fitted my requirements exactly. I took the set off of the rack & handed it to my wife.

The set consisted of a black half-cup bra, which has some Red lace, matching thongs, which was also sheer. I told her that she was to keep hold of the set while I find the other needed items. Next I led us to the hosiery section & found a perfect pair of hold-ups, which were black & seamed. I smiled at her & said that there was just one more thing that I needed to complete the effect & led us over to the footwear section. I knew that she had never worn shoes with anything more that a 2” heel but what I had in mind were more like 4” heels. I browsed through the lines of shoes & decided on a strappy black pair with 4” heels. I asked the assistant for a pair in my wife’s size & within minutes she was back with the shoes for my wife to try on.

My wife looked at me with that “you know I can’t wear these” & so I gave her a stern look & she knew immediately that she couldn’t do anything but try them on. Once both shoes were on the assistant suggested that she walk in them to see if they fitted ok. My wife steadied herself & carefully walked around. The sight of my wife in these shoes started my cock throbbing & even more so when the assistant who by the way was in her late 30’s told her that she looked great in them & how they would accentuate her calves if she had a skirt on. My wife sat down to take them off & I told the assistant that we would take them & thanked her for her help. I ran through the checklist in my head, bra? Yes, knickers? Yes, stockings? Yes, shoes? Yes. Perfect, everything I needed in one store. We left the store & headed home.

As soon as we arrived home I told my wife that she needed to try everything on to make sure it all fitted my needs correctly & that I would inspect when she was done. I waited in the living room for what seemed like weeks when I heard my wife call from the bedroom that she ready but not sure about the bra. I called back for her to wait a minute & I would come & inspect.
I walked into the bedroom & immediately my cock sprang to attention. What a fucking sight. There was my wife standing tall in her new heels, her thong almost invisible, her legs beautifully covered in the seamed stocking & her bra…well that needed a little attention. I stood behind her & loosened the bra so that it was at its loosest & slid the straps so that they were also loose. I then stood in front of her & adjusted her breasts correctly so that her nipples were nicely poking over the top of the lace cups. I stood back to admire the wonderful sight, telling my wife how great she looked.

I took her by the hand & led her to the hallway. She looks slightly puzzled & so I told her to walk to the other end of the hall, turn & walk back to me. When she did the sight was absolutely amazing. The thong had disappeared between her ass cheeks & her legs were adorable, the store assistant was right, the heels had an amazing effect on her legs. My wife had turned & started walking towards me & the sight was almost too much for me to handle. Her breasts were swinging & wobbling like never before & her stiff nipples were poking out like coat hooks. I lowered my eyes to her pussy & could clearly see her bush through the thong. I had to force myself into not just grabbing her there & then, I wanted to save fucking her till much later on. I led my wife back to the bedroom & handed her a knee length black skirt & a purple almost see through blouse to put on. I stood & watched as she dressed & boy she looked a million dollars.

I told my wife that this was what she was to wear tonight & to change back into her other clothes. I sat around for the rest of the day with a throbbing cock & wishing that the time would tick by faster. Eventually the time came for the evening to get under way. At 7pm I told my wife to go get ready & not to forget to put make-upon. She showered, did her make-up, got dressed & presented herself before me at a little before 8.30pm. I thought my cock was going to explode, she looked fantastic. After picking my jaw up off of the floor & grabbed the car keys & wallet & took my wife by the hand. Kissing her gently I told her that it was time for her to pleasure me & that we should get going. She looked at me with a nervous look on her face & said, “You mean we are going out? Dressed like this? No way!” I laughed & asked her if she thought that all her hard work was for an evening in. I asked her if she had her mobile, which she didn’t, & so off she went to get it. We left the house & my wife asked me where we were going. I told her that all would be revealed & just to relax.

I started the car & off we went. I was having a hard time keeping my hands off of her & eventually we arrived at a lovely country pub about an hour from home. I pulled into the pub car park & my wife looked at me, asking if I was serious & that she couldn’t go into a pub dressed the way she was. I placed my hand on her thigh & told her to relax & reminded her that we were far enough away from home for her to not be recognized. We got out of the car & this was when I explained to my wife what was going to happen.

My wife made it clear that she wasn’t sure about it. I gave her the choice to return home but if we did then she would have to take a damned hard spanking. She thought for a minute & then agreed to whatever I had in mind. I smiled from ear to ear, kissed her & then explained what she was to do. I told her to go into the pub, get a drink & then find herself somewhere to sit that was not hidden from view. I was going to wait outside for 10 minutes & then enter the pub but that we were not together.

I watched my wife walk inside & looked at the time. I knew that these 10 minutes was going to feel like a lifetime. Eventually the time came for me to enter the pub. I ordered a drink & looked around for my wife. I couldn’t see her anywhere & so I went around the other side of the bar. As soon as I turned the corner I saw her sitting in the ideal spot. I couldn’t have chosen a better spot. I waited for our eyes to meet & gave her a huge smile. She smiled back & sipped on her drink. I noticed that she was nearing the end of her drink & so I quickly typed a text message. The message was for her to undo 2 buttons on her blouse & walk to the bar for another drink. When she read it looked at me with those “no way” eyes but knew that she had to do it.

She looked around & carefully undid the buttons. This was amazing; I could clearly see a huge amount of cleavage from where I was standing so anyone standing close would get an eye full. Sure enough heads turned & my cock was straining against my jeans. I noticed one guy in particular paying my wife a lot of attention & so I sent her another message telling her to undo another button. She looked over to me with a frown & so I discreetly nodded for her to do it. What I saw nearly made me shoot my load in my jeans. I could just make out her nipples showing as her blouse opened. This got the attention of the guy at the bar & he must have stared for 5 minutes before looking away.

I sent another message & told her that if he approached her she was to invite him to go somewhere with & that she would be his & only his whilst I watched. I could see her breathing getting quicker & deeper & noticed that she was typing a message. I waited & sure enough I received a message asking if I was sure & that she did actually find him attractive. I was shocked by her message & sent a message back simply saying yes.

About 30 minutes before closing I was just about to give up hoping when the guy approached my wife with a drink. My heart started pounding as I watched very closely. This guy was a fast mover. Within a couple of minutes of sitting down he had his hand on her thighs. I saw him look my way with a smile on his face & figured that my wife must have told him what I wanted. This appeared to be a good sign as he looked over to me again & continued working his way up my wife’s thigh. He appeared to be up for some fun, which was outstanding.

We left the pub at closing time & all headed back to ours in our car with my wife sitting in the back with our new friend. It was going to be a long drive & so I knew that they would have time to explore each other in the car. Before long John had his hands all over my wife & kissing her like he’d never kissed before. I was busy watching the road & when I looked up again my wife was lying back with her hands on the roof of the car & John sucking & nibbling on her nipples. I couldn’t wait to get home & the more time went by the longer it seemed to take. When we were about 5 miles from home I looked in the mirror to see my wife & Jason had swapped position & my wife was now stroking John’s cock & balls. I pulled up outside our house & hurriedly opened the door.

My wife instructed me to go into the bedroom, sit on the chair in the corner & not move. I did as I was told but my wife & John didn’t follow as I expected. After about 10 minutes they both entered the room, my wife stripped me naked & tied my hands to the chair. She giggled & turned her attention to John. After a lot of kissing & caressing John had my wife naked. Standing before him. This was the very sight I had in mind, awesome. John told my wife that she was his slut for the night & he was going to show her how a slut should behave.

It didn’t take John long to strip naked & he instructed my wife to lay on the bed, on her back with her arms & legs spread. She did as she was told while John explained very carefully to me that my wife was going to be used for his pleasure & his pleasure only. He explained that he would do exactly what he wanted until he was satisfied. A million things were racing through my mind at this moment…what was he going to do? What if she didn’t like what he was going to do to her? After all I was tied to the chair & wouldn’t be able to help her. John turned to my wife & told her to get onto all fours with her face facing me. When she had done so she looked up at me & mouthed “are you sure” I nodded “yes” to her & looked down at my throbbing cock.

John then told my wife to keep her eyes fixed on me & reached down to remove his leather belt from his jeans. John stood to the side of my wife & I with the belt in his hand. My eyes opened wide partly in excitement & partly due to not knowing how my wife would react if John was too rough with her. My wife looked at me with a puzzled look on her face & I told her to relax. What else could I say? John raised his arm & let the belt slap onto my wife’s ass. My wife jolted a little, her eyes wide & let out an “ouch”. At his point John told us that if there was any more communication between us then my wife would get further punishment. He asked if we both understood. I nodded yes & my wife answered with a gentle yes.

Again his arm raised & the belt landed harder on my wife’s ass, “I didn’t hear you slut,” John said. With tears in her eyes my wife said yes again but this time a little louder. John told my wife that she was to count the slaps out loud & continued to slap her ass. Keeping her eyes on me & with tears in her eyes John continued the spanking until my wife got to 12. I could see her trembling all over. Without a moment for thought John told my wife to lie on her back with her legs spread wide & to hold the headboard with both hands. She immediately did as she was told. John told her to keep her eyes tightly shut & with a smile he looked over to me.

He remained standing at the side of me & with the belt in his hand he raised his arm. “Oh my god I thought” what is he going to do now. My thoughts right now were that I was going to be in deep s**t for this later. He let his arm fall & the belt slapped across each breast right over both nipples. My wife screamed out loud & her eyes shot open. John told her in a very stern voice that if she dared to make another sound or open her eyes she would regret it. Once again another slap across each nipple but this time, somehow, my wife managed to bite her lip & not let out a sound. There were another 4 slaps across each nipple & to my amazement my wife’s nipples were standing upright, about half an inch tall. John dropped the belt & started sucking on her left nipple. I could see my wife biting her lip, which I figured was down to the soreness of her nipples. John then turned his attention to my wife’s right nipple & eventually worked his way down to her cunt. He paid a lot of attention to my wife’s clit & just as she was about to cum he stopped.

John stood at the side of the bed & told my wife to come & kneel before him. As she got off of the bed (very slowly) I couldn’t take my eyes off of the red marks right across her breasts. She turned her back to me to kneel in front of John & the red marks from her spanking were redder than I have ever seen. If I hadn’t witnessed the spanking for myself I would never have believed she could have taken so much. I guessed at this point that my wife was going to be sore for a few days. When my wife was in front of John he ordered her to suck his cock. I knew she wouldn’t like this as she doesn’t like sucking cock but she opened her mouth wide to take his thick cock. When the head of his cock was inside her mouth John grabbed the back of her head & pushed himself in.

My wife gagged at first but after a while John was fucking her mouth building up quite a rhythm. I kept thinking that at this rate he was going to shoot in her mouth & that she would hate it but just as John let out a moan that he was cumming my wife pulled off of his cock & John’s cum shot all over her face. John made it very clear to my wife that he hadn’t told her to pull off of his cock & therefore she needed to be punished. My wife tried to explain that she can’t swallow cum but John stopped her & told her to stand at the window, looking out so that she couldn’t see what he was doing. He went to our wardrobe & took out a clothes hanger, the kind that has pincers at either end to hold clothes tightly in place. He took the hanger & told my wife to turn & face me.

I stared at my wife’s used body while john told her to bend over. With my wife’s breasts hanging low John place a nipple in each pincer. My wife was biting her lips hard & I could see her legs shaking. John told her to stand up & put her hands on her head. I could see that she was not enjoying this but she did as she was told. John now went to his jeans & took out a heavy bunch of keys & hanged them from the hanger, which really pulled the hanger down, stretching my wife’s nipples. John then told my wife to walk slowly around the room while we both watched carefully. After 4 laps of the bedroom John told my wife to stand at the side of the bed & lean onto it. He positioned her in such as a way so that her breasts were hanging free with no obstructions & the weight pulling down on her nipples.

I was amazed at how much my wife was taking from this guy while I just sat & watched. I had the most amazing sideways view of my wife leaning onto the bed. John took a step back & used the belt to spank the top of her thighs. The first slap took her by surprise just as it did before & as she moved forward with the slap the hanger on her nipples swung. I could feel myself cumming but managed to hold it off. She took six of the slaps & was then told to lie on the bed on her front spread eagled as before.

My wife did as told & spread herself on the bed. John kneeled between her legs & unclipped the hanger from her nipples & as he did so my wife bit hard on her lip but I do have to admit her nipples looked amazing. John now started to kiss & lick my wife all over. He paid particular attention to her nipples & worked his way down to her cunt. I knew she would like this & watched her face very closely. John parted her lips & licked her clit extremely gently & as he did I watched the excitement grow on my wife’s face. Before long my wife was writhing on the bed & gripping the headboard.

As I sat starring my wife surprised me by saying, “ Sir, may I ask something please?” in a low moaning voice. John looked up long enough to say “Yes slut, ask “. “Is it ok for me to make any noise or should I remain silent?” She was now behaving like a true slut. John told her that it was ok & that was a good slut for asking. As he continued licking & sucking on her clit my wife started moaning louder than I have ever heard her before. Quickly she screamed that she was cumming & squirted onto John’s face. John continued licking her cunt until he had cleaned it up.

John told my wife to remain in position while he climbed on top of my wife & positioned his cock on her cunt. He held my wife by the wrists & thrust his thick cock into her in on move. She let out a loud moan followed by “Sorry Sir”. John told her that it was ok & to carry on. When John had built up a rhythm he moved himself up & with each thrust into her cunt her slapped each breast in turn gradually making the slaps harder. My wife screamed very loud that she was cumming & begged John to please fuck her harder. Sure enough John was ramming into hard enough to make the whole bed wobble & they had an orgasm together. John flopped down onto my wife & held her tightly as he kissed her passionately.

After what seemed like a week but was probably no more than 10 minutes John whispered something to my wife & she got off of the bed. She stood at the side of the bed with his cum dripping down her thighs & did a slow turn around, stopping to face me. John stood behind her & asked her what she was. My wife said that she didn’t understand the question & could John please explain. He told her that she was a slut & again asked her what she was. She replied, “I am a slut Sir”. He then told her to tell me & she looked straight at me saying, “I am a slut”. John then told her to untie me.

Once untied John told me to stand up & feel my wife all over while he watched but I wasn’t allowed to kiss her. I was so close to cumming just as John said that my wife was to lie on the bed on her back in the same position as before. When she was in position he told her told her legs up high & wide. My wife did as instructed & then John told me enter her cunt. I slipped in extremely easy as her cunt still had John’s cum dripping from it. He told me to hold still & I looked at my wife with a puzzled look. She just starred at me & before I had another chance to think I felt John kneeling behind me.

John placed his hands on my ass cheeks & spread them wide. I couldn’t believe what was happening but held in place as I was told. Next I felt a cold hard cock pressing against my ass. John held my hips & started to push inside me. I screamed loud as his head popped inside me. He held still for a minute & began pushing again. Eventually I had taken all of John’s cock inside my ass. My wife & I use a Butt Plug on me during sex but this guy was fucking huge compared to that.

With John deep inside my ass he told me to start fucking my wife. As I did so John joined the rhythm & was fucking my ass. My wife was screaming in ecstasy. She screamed that she was cumming & as she did I shot my load deep inside her. It took me a few seconds to realize that I could feel John’s hot cum inside my ass. Never before had I had a guy in my ass let alone cum in my ass but I have to admit that the feeling was so intense. I collapsed onto my wife & held her tight.

John climbed off of the bed & said that he needed to go clean up & so I led him to the bathroom. As he left the room he told my wife to stay naked but I was to get dressed. Whilst he was out of the room I held my wife & told her I was sorry. She pulled away from me & instead of the ear bashing that I expected she looked at me & said that somebody needed to bring the slut in her out & that she enjoyed the whole thing. I was too shocked to say a word. All I could do was smile.

John came back into the room fully dressed so now the only one naked was my wife. John & myself sat on the bed & my wife was instructed to stand in front of us. He told my wife to turn around & to face away from us. She did as she was told & then he told her to put her hands on top of her head & turn to face us. Again she did as she was told. The marks on her breasts & ass were still clearly visible. After a minute of silence John asked my wife what she was & what her duties are. She thought for a minute & asked by saying, “I am a slut & my duties are to serve Sir”. John looked at me & then looked back to my wife & said, “Well slut, your husband is going to use you while I watch”. This took me by surprise & quickly I thought up what I wanted to do.

John sat in the chair & I stood up, telling my wife to bend over in front of us. I ran my hands over her ass & without warning I slapped her ass with my hand & told her that she is a slut & that she will be used in any & every way that I choose. I asked her if she understood me to which she replied “Yes Sir.” I figured that as we were nearing the early hours of the morning I would bring things to a close & so I told my wife to drop to her knees in front of John & suck him off. She dropped to her knees immediately & pulled John’s cock out.

She sucked him slowly into her mouth, taking her time. Soon enough John was solid & fucking my wife’s mouth. I told my wife that she wasn’t to pull off of his cock & she was to swallow all of his cum. I could see that she wasn’t keen on this but nonetheless she continued with the face fucking. I could tell by the look on John’s face that he was about to cum & watched very closely. He tensed up & I watched his cock twitch. My wife gagged a little & only spilled a little of his cum but on the whole she did very well.

This night was the making of a new slut.

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