One afternoon before I left the ship, my Landlord, who also worked on the ship, told me that he was having a party at his house on Saturday night and my wife and I were invited to attend.

He said, “I am having some of the Officers and Chiefs over to play some pool and drink some beer. All the wives are invited also and they will probably play cards, and drink a little beer as well.”

When I got home that afternoon, I awaited my wife’s arrival from work. She was a bit late as she had overextended her lunch hour that day entertaining Raymond for lunch. He was one of our male swinging friends who she occasionally brought to our house for a quickie lunch, and had to make up her time.

I knew that we had plans for the designated Friday evening, but then we had plans most every Friday evening with our swinger friends. However, I was somewhat aware of Shari’s fantasy involving the Landlords young son David. She had a serious case of the “Hots” for him although she had not attempted yet to seduce him.

Shari had asked me to show David some of the pictures that I carried in my wallet of her. I had done as she asked and although young David was 19 years younger than my wife was, he had nearly drooled at the site of her naked breasts in the photos.

Several weeks had gone by since I had shown him her pictures. After which, I had gone home and told my wife of David’s reaction, and I had mostly forgotten the incident. Shari on the other hand had not. When I mentioned to her about the party, she simply replied that she would call the couple that we usually met with on Friday nights. She said that she would explain to them that we had another engagement arise.

That fateful Friday arrived without further fanfare, and Shari tried her best not to appear overly eager. We both arrived home from work at about the same time. Although she was attempting to hide her excitement, I could tell that there was an enthusiastic anticipation in Shari. Something that was usually not present when we were required to attend one of my Ships parties. At this point in the evening, I had not connected the dots.

Shari asked me, “What the dress for the evening was?” I replied that it was casual.

She headed off upstairs to pick out what she would wear to the party. I busied myself with fixing us a couple of drinks. She was fond of Margaritas and my drink of choice was Jack Daniels and coke. I kept a fresh pitcher full of Margaritas just for her. I poured the drinks. With a drink in each hand, I carried them up the stairs to the bedroom.

Shari had laid some possibilities on the bed and then headed off to the shower. I walked into the bathroom and asked; “Would you like your drink in here or on the beside table?”

I could not help noticing through the shower door that my wife was engaged in trimming her kitty. She always kept her pussy clean-shaven, but left a small tuft of hair on her mound. Shari said, “Out by the bed would be very nice honey.”

I took her drink back into the bedroom, and sat it down in the specified location. I selected the clothes that it was my intention to wear, from the closet, while all the while, sipping my drink. Laying the clothes on the bed, I began undressing, so I could occupy the shower as soon as Shari was finished.

Shari finished in the shower, came into the bedroom wearing a towel on her head, and wrapped in a second one. I always found it quiet funny to see any woman wearing a towel on their head, especially my wife. I could not help getting a grin on my face, followed by a chuckle.

I guess it was a regular routine with us. I would chuckle and she would pretend to get upset with me. She would then scold me and send me off to the shower, like a bad little boy.

When I returned to the bedroom, Shari was fully dressed. She wore a white blouse, made of light gauze like material that showed off her attributes without being overly suggestive. She had on a pair of women’s blue jeans that were the hip hugger type. The legs were tight, and it made her look very sexy. On her feet, she had slim strapped, spike heeled shoes, with open toes. She had done her toenails in a dark red. (More maroon than red)
This accentuated her feet and completed the look that she was trying to achieve.

I was fully aware that she was not wearing a bra. However, that was not out of the norm for my wife. Shari had not worn a bra, since discovering how men would look at her when they realized that she was not wearing one. In some ways, she was a true exhibitionist.

Shari was finishing with her hair and makeup as I finished dressing and headed off downstairs to freshen my drink, and give the children instructions regarding “do’s and don’ts”. They were teenagers now and we wanted the house in one piece when we got home.

Shari came down the stairs almost skipping. Her earlier endeavor to maintain her calm was ebbing. Enthusiasm was becoming more apparent on her features as we grabbed our coats, jackets from the hall closet, and headed for the car. I opened the car door for her and she slipped passed me. The air wafting as she passed by created the most lovely and sexy aroma. It instantly grabbed my attention.

I said, “Are you sure you don’t want to just skip this party and we go back upstairs and have a party of our own?”

Shari looked at me with a scowl and said, “I have been looking forward to this party all week. Although you don’t think so Chief, I have several friends in this group, and I have been looking forward to catching up on all the gossip.”

I smiled, having been properly chastised for my libido. “Ready?” She nodded her head in the affirmative, and we were off.

We arrived at the party, fashionably late. We were invited in and escorted up the stairs to the pool hall. The pool hall was an addition, which had been built above the attached garage. Since the garage was a huge, two-car affair, the pool hall and bar were sizeable in area.

It wasn’t long before my friend Donnie talked me into a partners game against two of the more senior Officers that were in attendance. Donnie was a Senior Chief and we had become fast friends on the last cruise. He had a beautiful wife named Karen. Karen and Shari were also friends. I saw that the two of them were sitting together on an area that looked like a stage at the end of the Poolroom.

Donnie and I engaged the officers in a no holds barred game of “Eight Ball”. Donnie was a good player and I was reasonably good as well. With the beer flowing and the game at hand, I lost all track of what was happening around me other than the game.

Soon the beer had made a strong impression on my bladder.
It rapidly became an urgent issue. I really needed to relieve myself. I hung in there as long as I could, because of an old Navy saying that went; “When drinking beer, as soon as you take a piss the first time, the more you have to go.”

I put it off as long as I could. The time had come. I knew from having been in this house on several occasions that there was a “head”, (bathroom) located immediately at the bottom of the stairs.

When I finally started in that direction, it was rapidly becoming a class “A” emergency. It was I get to the head or piss my pants. I almost ran to the top of the stairs. It was then that I noticed Karen sitting on the top step sipping her beer.

As I attempted to push by her, I said, “Sorry, I am in a bit of a rush”.

Karen scooted over to let me by. She looked up at me with a little smile on her lips. As I attempted to get past her, her free hand moved out as though to guide me by. As though by accident Karen’s hand made contact with the front of my trousers and encountered my hard penis.

Being suddenly very embarrassed, as Donnie nor Karen were swingers, I quickly apologized and told her that I was sorry. Karen smiled at me again and said, “I’m not.”

In the state that I was in, I had no time to analyze what had just happened. I was buzzing on beer and I had a super need to urinate.

Rushing past Karen, I headed to the bottom of the stairs and encountered the next obstacle, a locked bathroom door. My emergency was a major issue but when faced with an insurmountable obstacle one has to wait. I waited outside the door for a few minutes. I glanced up the stairs and there at the top, seated on the steps sat Karen with her knowing smile.

She sat there sipping her beer and looking down at me. It then occurred to me that Karen was deliberately showing me her panties and the cameltoe between her legs. I stood there admiring the scenery until the issue became pressing. I could not wait outside the bathroom for whoever was inside to come out. So I launched off upstairs in the main house to find another bathroom.

After frantically searching, I finally located the main bathroom. As I stood there with my dick in my hand and a heavy stream flowing into the commode, I became aware, over my own noise, the unmistakable sounds of a woman in the throws of passion. I could hear her moaning and grunting, and the slap, presumably of a mans balls as they hit. I was unable to determine the direction from which the sound was coming.

After finishing my business, I went to investigate. I looked in all the rooms throughout the upstairs and could find no one. I noted that as I moved from room to room, the sound would either increase or decrease. Finally, tracking the sound to the air-conditioning vent, I decided that it could be coming from anywhere in the house. The investigation of the upstairs had taken a considerable amount of time, yet the noise had continued throughout; I descended the stairs from the upper level.

As I reached the lower level and entered into the living room, Karen came running up to me along with one of the other wives. She said, “Mack, come quick! Shari is sick and she wants you to take her home”.

As I approached the front door, I saw my wife. She was standing with her back to the front door with her arms raised above her head, seemingly steadying herself on the doorjamb. At first I thought that perhaps she had drank to much beer.

“Are you all right?” I asked.

“I am just a little sick at my stomach.” She said.

“Perhaps they have some alka-seltzer.” I replied.

“I don’t think that alka-seltzer will help.” Shari said.

“OK, we’ll go home then.”

I sauntered off to the hall closet where our coats had been hung on our arrival. I obtained her coat and my jacket. When I returned to my wife, she was still standing in much the same position as she had been when I left her. Additionally, she had gained a few more women who were sounding increasingly concerned for her. One of those women was the wife of our host.

I turned to Betty and said, “Please pass along our apologizes for having to leave such a marvelous party so early.”

“I will Mack.” Betty said to me. “Take your lovely wife home and see to her needs.”

I swung her leather coat over Shari’s shoulders. As soon as the coat was around her shoulders, she stepped away from the door so that I could open it. Her leather coat was a full leather coat, which hung to the back of her knees. In the way that she moved away from the door, I noted that there was something peculiar about her maneuver. However, what made this maneuver attract my attention had not registered with me as to why I had taken notice of it.

I escorted her out to the car and opened the door for her to get in. Shari said to me, “Don’t worry, I am all right”. She went on to say, “I am so sorry for having spoiled your party”.

I had placed the car in gear and we were already about a block away from the party. Suddenly all the pieces fell in place. I turned to her and said, “You got fucked, didn’t you”?

Shari began to smile, “Yeah, I did”!

“So if that was all there was to it, why did we have to leave the party”? I asked.

“Because, my darling husband, the back of my pants got soaked somehow in the bathroom, and I didn’t have a good explanation to tell our hosts when I got their furniture all wet”.

“We were all over one another. We tried to fuck in several different positions in that little bitsy bathroom. We finally tried doggy style with me standing in front of the sink. That’s how we managed to get it accomplished.”

It suddenly occurred to me that her movement at the door that had caught my attention was, the first time that she had turned her back toward anyone since my being informed that she was sick.

There was a short pause, and then she asked, “How the hell did you know that I got fucked? I know the stereo was playing in the poolroom and you couldn’t have possibly have heard us there?”

It was my turn to smile. “I heard you through the central air-conditioning vents in the main house”.

Shari turned beet red with embarrassment. “If you heard me, I wonder how many others heard, or know”?

I was able to alleviate her concern by telling her that I had been in a very quiet part of the house using the upstairs bathroom. “I don’t think that the sounds you made would have been heard in their poolroom”.

“You must have been the one that tried to open the bathroom door where we were”? She asked.

I told her that I had come down the stairs. Saw that the door was closed, and tried the handle to see if someone had just closed the door upon exiting. She seemed somewhat relieved at this.

My curiosity was about to get the better of me. I asked, “Who did you fuck”?


“How the hell did you accomplish that?” I asked.

“No sooner than we had arrived at the party, I got myself a beer and Karen and I sat on the stage. David came over and sat beside me. While you were playing pool with Donnie, David was playing with my ass and rubbing my back for me. When I made no attempt to stop him, he took that as his license to continue. He put his fingers down inside the back on my pants and rubbed my ass, and then he would bring his hand up beneath my blouse and rub my back. I knew that he was trying to find out if I had a bra on or not.”

“You mean he couldn’t tell that you weren’t wearing a bra?”

“David is young and for the most part, inexperienced. As a matter of fact, I think that until tonight, the boy was a virgin.”

Shari began to giggle. Then she said, “After tonight, I know that he is not a virgin. He left a couple of large deposits of cum inside my pussy. It’s leaking out right now.”

Shari and I had been in the swinger lifestyle now for about six months. She had been acquiring as many well-endowed men as she could. Shari exclaimed to me, “David has the biggest cock on him for an eighteen year old boy that I have ever seen. I want to have more of that one.”

We arrived home shortly after that. Shari swished off upstairs to clean up a bit while I explained to the children the reason that we were home early. I told them that their mother had taken ill and needed to come home. They immediately wanted to go up and see how mom was.

“I don’t think that now is the time for you to be bothering mom. In the morning will be a better time.”

They both accepted this and went back to watching their programs on television. I managed to break away and head upstairs as my curiosity was nearing its peak. I wanted details.

When I entered the bedroom, Shari was lying on the bed naked. She had turned the covers down so that she was lying on the sheet. With her legs spread wide for me to see, there beneath her pussy was a puddle forming. She looked over at me and motioned with her finger for me to come near her.

She said, “I know you want details, but right now you are letting this golden opportunity for really good sloppy seconds to leak out on to the sheets.”

I rapidly removed my clothing and stood there beside her with a very stiff dick. She took hold of my manhood and guided the head of it toward her gapping pussy. The rest of my body just followed along. She was in need of my cock.

“I don’t think that we need any foreplay.” She said, as she guided my cockhead into position to stab into her tunnel. Indeed, she was right. I lay atop her, and with the slightest push, I was balls deep in her very sloppy pussy.

As I moved in and out of her, I could feel globules of earlier deposited cum from David, as they slithered about my cock and then found there way outside of her vagina. I then felt it as it ran down my ball sack to drip on the sheet below.

Shari was cooing in my ear as I slid my cock higher in her vaginal canal to rub as hard as I could on her clitoris. As I fucked her, I began looking at her neck and breasts. I saw marks that appeared to be hickeys on her neck and both tits. The boy had sucked her tits so hard that he had made marks on them. Soon she was forcing her fingernails into my ass cheeks. “Give it to me baby!” She hissed.

I pumped faster and faster until I finally was able to achieve enough friction from her now contracting pussy to reach orgasm. Happily, a woman’s cunt does not stay stretched for very long. It will soon accommodate the cock that is inside it. That is if you can hold out long enough for her to get super excited about your smaller cock being in her pussy for it to take effect.

Since my wife was in a hurry for my load, I cheated a little and used an imaginary image in my mind of her fucking David. I instantly unloaded a large load of cum in my wife’s pussy, to mingle with her earlier deposits from the teenager.

Shari swooned and said, “You fuck really good. Did you know that?”

“I try really hard where your concerned my lovely wife. But now I would like to hear those details please.”

She pushed me off her and rolled up on her side to face me. Then she said, “Karen and I got our beers and decided to sit on the stage. Shortly after we got there, David came over and sat down beside me. With Karen seated on my right and David on my left, I leaned far over to reach my lipstick in my purse which I knew that I would have to finally stand up to reach my purse. This put my ass right in David’s face. I was in hopes that it would give him the idea that I wanted a lot more from him.”

Shari’s Story as told to me:

David took the bait. When I sat back down, I felt his hand at the waistband of my pants. At first, he moved his fingers back and forth along the waistband. Finally when he sensed no resistance from me, he placed one and then two fingers inside, and as he did, he probed further down inside my pants, into the crack of my ass.

She paused long enough that I said, “Go on!”

I thought that someone might see us. I was getting a bit concerned when he withdrew his hand from my pants and slid it up inside the back of my blouse. He continued upward to my shoulder blades and then began rubbing my back.

I asked, “Why were you not concerned that someone would see that?”

Shari said, Because you and Donnie had gotten a rousing game going and everyone was watching the four of you play pool. No one was looking at us, except I think that maybe Karen might have had a hint as to what was going on behind us.

“Then what?” I asked.

Well I finished my beer and I asked young David if he would please get Karen and I another. He got up and went to draw us another beer from the keg. That is when Karen asked me what was going on?

I realized that Karen had more than a hint so I had to explain a little about the lifestyle that we were leading and I asked her be discreet about whom she might choose to tell.

“You told Karen that we swing?” I asked.

Yes my dear I did!

I looked at my wife and smiled. “Well that explains what happened on the stairs then.”

Shari was not the least bit interested in what I had said; do you want to hear anymore or not?

“Of course I do. Please continue.”

David returned with our beers and we sat there talking and consuming our beer. Finally, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I told them both that I would be right back. As I got up to go down to the bathroom, young David got up and followed me down the stairs. I went into the bathroom and started to close the door, and as I did, I found him standing in the door. He stepped in and closed the door behind him. I told him that I did not know what he wanted, but that I needed to pee. So as a tease, I lowered my pants and panties to my ankles and sat down on the commode. He stood there with his mouth hanging open.

“What happened then I asked?”

I looked up at him and asked what he wanted? He said, I want to see your tits. I simply began unbuttoning my blouse. When I got to the last button, I looked up at him again and said, I will show you my tits, if you will show me your cock.

David began undoing his belt and then the zipper on his trousers. He unbuttoned his trousers and dropped them down, pulling his underwear with them. His cock sprang out of his pants like a baseball bat. I nearly swooned at the size of that monster. I just pulled my blouse off and dropped it on the floor. I took hold of his tool, placed it between my lips, and began to lick and suck it a little.

I looked at her with an upraised eyebrow, knowing her propensity toward the fine art of sucking cock. I asked, “Weren’t you afraid that this young lad would loose it right there and that’s as far as it would go?”

Actually, that was all I had planned to give him. However, just as he was about to bust his nuts down my throat, someone tried the door. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood there with a shocked look on his face. After he realized that no one was going to enter the bathroom, he wanted a little bit more. He wanted to play with my tits and nipples. It doesn’t matter whether a man is newborn or old age, all of you want to suck on a woman’s nipples. When I let him start to suckle me, I knew that I was going to fuck his cock.

“So how did you get your pants all wet?” I asked.

I really don’t know. It was sometime between our standing and kissing, and his fumbling around thrusting his fingers in and out of my pussy. I know that I removed my pants and panties from my ankles, and I kicked them away. Perhaps they landed in a puddle on the floor, or perhaps in all of our gyrations we bumped the tank on the back of the commode and knocked some of the water out.

We tried to fuck with him sitting on the commode and me straddling him. Neither of us could get a good enough movement that way. My leg would not fit down the one side between the wall and the commode. Besides, his cock did not go as deep that way as I wanted it too.

We tried to lie down on the floor and the bathroom was not big enough to accommodate us. Finally, I decided that if I stood at the sink, and bent forward that he could stand behind me and enter me that way. That was the position that got the job done. He stood behind me with his hard penis rubbing up and down my slippery lips. I reached back, took hold of it, and guided it in.

He began thrusting that monster rapidly into me, filling me with an overwhelming fullness of him. I didn’t think that he would last past about ten strokes at the pace he was fucking me. Surprisingly enough, he lasted about five minutes. Then as I was having my fourth or fifth orgasm, I felt his cock get even bigger and I felt his hot cum splashing all over my cervix. David pumped quiet allot of it inside my pussy.

I thought that he would pull out like most men do, and then I got the surprise of my life. He kept fucking me. His thrusting was a little slower but he continued for about another fifteen minutes. During that time, I had several more orgasms and a huge one when he let another load go deep in my pussy. When he pulled out of me finally, he still had a hard-on.

As we started getting dressed, he was sucking my nipples and playing with my tits while I attempted to get my clothes back on. It was then that I discovered that my pants were all wet in the back. I finally finished getting dressed after coaxing him to get dressed also. We opened the door slowly to see if anyone was outside of it. I came out, went straight to the front door, and stood with my back to it.

I sent David to get you to take me home. I told him to tell you that I was sick. When he got upstairs, you were not there and Karen asked where I was. He told her that I was sick and waiting at the front door. The rest you know.

“Are you planning to fuck him again anytime soon”? I asked.

We have a date for next Saturday afternoon. He is coming over to the house.

“Do I need to make myself scarce”?

No, he knows, I told him. We will just go upstairs and play awhile. Perhaps one of these times, you may even get to join us. In the meantime, I want to see if I can fuck that boys cock enough to make it get soft. When we left tonight, he still had a huge boner in his pants.

“By the way honey, you might want to consider wearing a turtleneck sweater around the kids in the morning.” I said.


“To cover up those monkey bites on your neck!” And I began to laugh.

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