Her name is Savannah. That was all I really knew about her at first. On the outside she is tall and lovely, with shinning chestnut colored hair that danced around her shoulders and piercing copper colored eyes that gleam of sincerity and foreshadow a quick wit. Her body was proportionate and resembled that of a model. I had to get to know her, and then get to know her better. But there was a problem; actually there were several problems but more about that later.

Savannah and I worked for the same company in different divisions, but in the same city. We had been introduced, exchanged pleasantries on occasion but really never had the chance to just sit and chat. Soon that would all change as we were being sent out of town for ten days of specialized training with ninety eight other co-workers from around the country, just enough of us to get lost in the crowd. Destination Orlando, Florida one of the nation’s top conference cities as well as fun centers.

We were staying at the Marriott World Center (a large convention hotel with meeting facilities for thousands). Just across the Interstate from the Disney entertainment complex. It was August and Orlando it was sweltering hot! I was glad we didn’t have to leave the building all day long. With a bevy of restaurants, shops, and lanais there was just no need to go out into the heat.

Our first few days were hectic by design. This intensive training was meant to get your attention and to refocus people on their bottom line professional objectives. In fact it was exhausting! But along with hard work came hard play. On the third evening, after training, two nights of real homework and numerous breakout sessions we all met poolside at the lanai lounge for cocktails prior to being shuttled off to a private dinner and concert at the House of Blues. The men showed up at the lanai in their linen slacks or shorts and the women in light weight sun dresses or Capri outfits. At first everyone looked thoroughly beat but after a few drinks and some snacks that ranged from strawberries to shrimp and oysters we all started to snap back to life.

Savannah caught my eye as she strolled up to the bar for the first of many frozen Margaritas that night. She waved a shy little wave and motioned for me to come and join her. We were the only two at the seminar from our market and as I explained before we were on different teams; therefore we had not had a chance to even say as much as hello since we arrived on the Sunday prior. I stared at my near empty glass, raised it in her honor and headed toward her. She looked magnificent. Her hair shone in the golden late afternoon sun and framed her beautifully sculptured face. She wore a white cotton sun dress and sandals.

When I reached the bar I positioned myself between Savannah and the sun that was slowly lowering itself to the horizon. Admittedly I did this on purpose to see if I could get a glimpse of her sexy figure silhouetted by the dying rays. My reward for the school boyish tactic was ample. Before me stood this gorgeous creature whose body I could basically see from her toes to the top of her head. Under her dress she wore a white thong and nothing more.

Totally unaware of my adulation Savannah smiled at me and asked what I was drinking. Although I had be drinking a Scotch I was quick to answer as I looked at her glass, “I’ll have a frozen Margarita with no salt and whatever the lady is having”, I told the bartender. “Well thank you”, Savannah replied with a smile that made her nose crinkle a bit. I began melting on the spot. “I have the next round though”, Savannah insisted.

We began to talk about the training and how structured it was. The facilitators would give us ten minutes to read a ten page brief, discuss it with our team and come up with a recommendation for our presentation to the mock client. Then we would role play by presenting the recommendations to the client (the facilitator) in front of the whole group. Best team presentation won all the points for that particular exercise. At the end of our training all of the points were tallied and one team would win a cash prize to be distributed among the team members, however all teams and individual members were graded and the results were sent to our respective supervisors. This made the entire ordeal very stressful. Needless to say that is why the stress relieving events were built into this program and were so important to keep people going.

After three drinks each Savannah and I broke up our little clique and decided to mingle with our fellow attendees before we boarded the shuttle for the evening’s festivities. Our conversation was light and entertaining. The mental image I retained from earlier seared deep into my memory. In fact years later as I commit this story to writing I can still picture her standing there just as if it had happened only moments before. We agreed to catch up with one another at the event and have more drinks as the next day’s training did not begin until after lunchtime.

The bus ride from the resort to the venue was only about five minutes. There were five shuttle buses in all and Savannah was no where in sight. I did not want to seem too obvious or eager, but I did linger outside waiting a bit before entering the club. No Savannah! Somewhat concerned I went inside and took the high ground (the House of Blues is two stories and open in the middle so you can see the stage and the downstairs areas). No Savannah! I asked one of the women on her team if she had gotten on the bus when they left. She could not remember seeing my dream girl get on the shuttle, or for that matter even standing in the lobby before we all left. After a quick ‘once around’ the club to ensure Savannah was not there I headed back out to the parking lot to one of the shuttle buses. I gave the driver a twenty dollar bill to take me back to the Marriott and get the object of my growing desire. The driver agreed and we were off.

When we pulled up to the front of the resort there was a bustle of activity, none of which included Savannah. I asked the driver to wait and went to the house phone to call her room. No Savannah! Next I went back to the lanai area where I found Savannah sitting at the sushi bar finishing hot sake. “Sake and Margaritas’, I said jokingly, “I love a woman that can accessorize!”. “I thought you all had left me so I was going to fend for myself. I guess that will teach me to go to the ladies room at the last moment” she quipped. I threw a few dollars on the table to cover her drink, extended my hand and helped her from her chair. “Miss,” I said, “your chariot awaits”. We walked to the shuttle waiting for us out front and boarded. Within five minutes we had officially joined the party back at the House of Blues.

Dinner was a station buffet style affair where you walked from serving table to serving table to browse the fare. We ran the gamut of delectable items from Stone Crab claws to a Chicken Alfredo dish to chocolate covered strawberries.Along with dinner the evening included an open bar and “surprise special guest entertainment”. We let dinner settle with a few shots of Jagermeister and went straight back to Margaritas. Around 10 p.m. the house lights flickered to signal the start of the show as the announcer suggested that everyone take their seats. Savannah and I were in the front row of the mezzanine on the second floor – close enough to the stage that it felt like we sitting on it. The house lights went all of the way down and we could barely make out the figures of the band as they took the stage. Savannah took my hand and squeezes it. I felt a burning course throughout my entire being. She leaned over and whispered into my ear, “This is so exciting. Thank you so much for coming back and getting me!” I merely squeezed her hand in return and smiled.

The stage announcer brought on the band as the spot light illuminated the performers. It turned out to be The Wallflowers fronted by Jakob Dylan, the son of legendary rocker, Bob Dylan. Being a huge fan of the band I was thrilled. I watched Savannah as the band performed several numbers, “6th Avenue Heartache” and “One Headlight” to be exact and saw that she was really enjoying the show. By the end of the show Savannah was ready to party so we ambled to the bar and did several shots of mescal tequila and ordered two frozen Margaritas each. We downed our drinks and decided to leave the group and forage for fun on our own.

We walked down to Wolfgang Puck’s and had a few drinks at the bar while we talked about life in general, the company we worked for, where we grew up, etc. It was fun. I was getting to know this fabulous creature that had totally captured my imagination. When we left Wolfgang’s it was time to leave the Disney complex and either go back to the hotel or to head to some of the area’s hot spots. We opted to go back to the hotel and hang out at the pool bar.
After we had gotten back, changed into swim suits and all that we met at the pool. The bartender was announcing last call as we walked up. I ordered four shots of Petron Silver and four Margaritas. We took our drinks and walked over to the grotto area. The grotto is a man-made cave with a portion of the pool off shooting into it and a nice size Jacuzzi tucked away from prying eyes. The grotto is located directly under the lanai lounge where we started the evening. Things had come full circle.

Because this is an international resort the pool is open twenty four hours a day and often has children and their parents swimming at any given time. We picked a small table next to the grotto with two lounge chairs. As predicted there were several families swimming in the pool and an older couple sitting in the spa. Savannah wore a sheer wrap around her waist covering her bikini bottoms and legs. We each grabbed a shot glass and toasted each other. Two shots down, two to go. We started getting deeper into personal conversation as we worked on our Margaritas.

Although I was smitten I had not even considered making any kind of advance on the woman. The fact of the matter was that I had a wife and two children at home. I have always considered myself a loyal and faithful man. I was doing my best to maintain that same level of morality as I sat next to an earthly goddess.

It turned out that Savannah was about to become engaged to her college sweetheart and would most likely be married within the next year. She had her reservations and shared them freely with me. Honestly she was not happy with their relationship and was concerned that the signs of complacency were already setting in. Her boyfriend was, as she stated was a totally self-absorbed momma’s boy. The tequila was obviously lubricating her guarded shy demeanor.
Savannah asked me how I had managed to stay married for ten years without straying. My response was simple, “No time actually” I said, “no time.” The reality was that my wife and I had grown apart years ago but were doing the dead-end thing of making it work as long as possible for the children’s sake. That is what we had both been taught as children ourselves. My wife had an affair several years ago and we worked it out. It wasn’t all of her fault; I played a major role in her desperation and need to feel wanted. I told Savannah that I accepted that fact. I also told her that I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ that told that story to other women in hopes of getting laid. Savannah smiled, nodded, and held out the palms of her hands as rain drops began to gently splash off of them.

Savannah got up and took me by the hand. She tugged me under the grotto with her out of the now pouring rain. One thing about a good Florida rain shower; day or night it will usually clear all but the most die hard tourists out of a hotel pool! The pool is gigantic and now it was totally empty, save the two of us.
I dipped my foot into the steaming spa. When I turned to speak to Savannah I caught her dropping the wrap to the decking; stunning, just simply stunning. She wasn’t perfect but just as well might have been. We slipped into the Jacuzzi with two long sighs of stress relief.

My hands wanted to touch her so badly I had a hard time keeping them at my side. Watching her through the steam was amazing. When she would laugh her breasts would barely break the surface of the water showing off her cleavage; not huge, just… perfect. Suddenly Savannah scooted across the tub and sat next to me. “Look“, she said, “there’s a house phone. You’ve been buying all night and now it’s my turn. Let’s call room service”. I had no immediate objection, but I did have my doubts about making through the bottle of Jose Cuervo and six Cerveza Tecates she ordered.

When the room service attendant delivered the alcohol Savannah lit up like a shinning star. “Oh, great timing” she quipped, signed the bill and handed me a beer. Rather than pour shots she opened the bottle and handed it to me. “Oh what the hell” I thought to myself, “I won’t be the only hung over person in training tomorrow.”

We sipped the bottled for a short time, drank half of the beers and decided we would probably drown if we didn’t get out of the pool area. I helped Savannah cart the remaining booze up to her room which was two doors down from my own, on then same side of the hall. She fumbled with her key card and eventually got her door open. We went inside and I put the bottles down on the mini bar.

“Want a nightcap?” Savannah gently slurred. I looked at her and she looked back at me as we both burst out laughing at the mere thought of drinking anything more at that point. “I had a really wonderful time this evening.” I stammered feeling like an awkward teenager. “Me too”, she replied, “but I think we need to go to bed”, catching what she had just said Savannah continued with, “Well, um, you know what I mean.”

As I reached for the door Savannah reached out and gave me a hug. For one brief moment our eyes met and locked upon one another. Screw awkward I leaned in and kissed her squarely on the lips. To my surprise she pressed into my lips and then put her arms around my back and shoulders. It was getting hot in there! When we eventually broke free from each other Savannah’s nipples were hard and my swim suit was bulging out. “I better go before this gets out of hand” I said as I headed to my room.

The next afternoon I looked for Savannah but did not see her all day long until after our last break out session which ended at 10 p.m. She was going to her room as I was going to mine. “Tough day” I said. “Yeah” was her one word reply.

The next morning I ran into my vision of loveliness at breakfast. After some chitchat with some fellow attendees we managed to have a moment alone together before training started. We planned to meet for a quiet dinner in one of the hotel’s many restaurants and skip the evening’s planned function.
When the time came we met in the hotel’s massive lobby and headed to dinner. After we were seated the waiter came for our drink order. With a bit of a shiver we decided to forego liquor and ordered a nice bottle of Calera Pinot Noir ’96. Watching the Food Network was finally paying off! We had a leisurely and relaxing dinner then decided to walk through the enormous property and its gardens afterwards.

Savannah was wearing a pale blue skirt that was cut just above her knees and a sheer white blouse with a camisole underneath. When she slipped her hand in mine I lost all control. I spun her around into my arms and kissed her for all I was worth. She kissed me back, sensuously slipping her tongue into my mouth as my hands began to caress her breasts and trace the outlines of her ass. I pressed her against me. I was so hard there was no hiding it. My linen Savane trousers were straining at the pleats as Savannah slowly, firmly began to grind against them. “This is the wrong place for this”, she said, “Let’s go upstairs and have some privacy”.

A few nervous, silent minutes later we were in her room with the shades drawn against the twilight outside. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and she let it slide into a waiting chair next to the bed. I could feel her taught nipples through her camisole. Savannah undid my shirt and pulled it from my shoulders as she kissed down my chest and began to suck on my nipples; first one and then the other. I had never been so intoxicated before; not ever! She moved one hand to the zipper on the side of her skirt and freed herself from it, stepping ever so delicately from the crumpled center resting on the floor. My finger tips delicately traversed her hips and the edges of the lacy thong that now barely kept her clothed. As I did this I kissed her neck and ear lobes. Savannah shuddered and began to unbuckle my belt and remove my pants. They too fell to the floor with abandon. We were reaching the point of no return and I had no guilt.

With one hand in the small of her back I slid the other around from her backside and savored the complete and total wetness that had engulfed her panties. Savannah’s eyes darted through me, seemingly looking into my very being. I was dizzy with lust. This was the woman of my dreams and she was nearly naked, sheathed in silk and breathing heavily upon my face and quivering in the palms of my hands. Something almost ancient told me this was right, this was a continuation of something strong and powerful that was as old as time itself. Savannah kissed me with her eyes wide open. Mine were open as well. This was my fantasy coming true I didn’t need to have my eyes closed to enjoy it, and apparently neither did Savannah.

I slowly ran my left hand up her soaking wet mound to the elastic band of her panties, trembling as I did so. In turn she pushed her hand into my boxers freeing my peter through the fly which did not have a button. I sprang free from this unimaginable cage and was totally absorbed in the ecstasy of the warmth of her hand on my manhood. I breached the elastic band of her lingerie and plied my fingers through her damp, trimmed pubic hair until I had captured the bud of her petunia. It was hard and slick and desperately in need of attention.

Savannah took a step back and sat on the edge of the bed. I tried to follow her moves with a seamless flow but my hand inadvertently withdrew from its prized position. My immediate goal was to free her from the bondage of damp silk, but before I could make my move she took me deep into her mouth and engulfed me with the hot, burning sensation of her moist mouth. Savannah was obviously a very oral person. My eyes rolled back in my head with pleasure. She made long, deep strokes with her mouth and tongue as her hands gently squeezed by balls. I had to get back into the game; I took her head in my hands and lowered her on to the bed, momentarily withdrawing from her mouth. When she was prone I removed her panties and camisole. She was a vision love indescribable magnificence.
I positioned myself on the bed giving her access to my peter and me to her petunia; so called because it was a lovely as a flower and just as pungently fragrant with the heady aroma of arousal. I could not get enough as I placed my lips to it and planted several kisses prior to slipping my tongue into her. We both became lost at the immediate task at hand.

I was conflicted with giving into the spine tingling sensations or the absolute pleasure I was getting from burying my face in Savannah’s sex. I chose to continue on with pleasuring her. In a matter of moments her hips were thrusting up to meet my tongue’s advances. I supported her back with one hand and reached for her hand with the other. Hand in hand and mouth to sex; we both began to feel the body shocking tremors of impending orgasm. Savannah’s hips began to buck wildly and her butt cheeks clinched in spasms, each more rapid than the last. I felt the pressure building deep inside of my balls as I could feel the back of her throat glancing off the head of my peter. Then it happened. Simultaneously we both succumbed to our bodies’ demands. I released a torrent cum into Savannah’s mouth that seemed to last for several minutes, although in reality it was probably more like several seconds. She stiffened and repaid me by gushing her sweet, sticky juices into my mouth and all over my face. I took a minute to savor the moment; to take in the experience.
Savannah took my chin in her hand and pulled me close to her face. She leaned forward and kissed me, parting my lips with her tongue. I expected to taste myself on her lips, but was unprepared for what she did next. As I took a deep breath and received her kiss I also received a mouthful of my seed from her. Before I even knew what was going on I had swallowed it. I didn’t gag or choke; I was too surprised to. I looked at her more turned on than at any other time in my life. “Sorry”, Savannah said, “that has always been a fantasy of mine and I thought what time better than now.” I just kissed her and held her close to me taking opportune breaks to lick her tummy and her nipples.

We lay there for quite some time before anything else was said. Savannah rose and went to freshen up. This had been the evening of a lifetime so far. I watched as my lover walked to the bathroom naked and sweaty.

When she returned we decided to get into our swim suits and hit the pool. In a way I was sad because I knew that would wash her scent from my face and hands. “Well”, I thought to myself, “with any luck at all this would only be the beginning”.

The next morning after our first round of meetings on the last day of the training seminar we were sent off with our individual groups to prepare for the final presentation. Which it turns out was pitting Savannah’s team against my own. We were numbers one and two respectively, separated by only seven total points. The final presentation was worth a total of ten points and it was a ‘winner take all’ situation. The team with the next closest number of points to ours was twelve points behind and had no shot at the prize money.

We worked through lunch in our individual team conference rooms and I only briefly had a glimpse of Savannah earlier that morning. Since I had seen her from behind I doubt that she had seen me. Our final presentations were made in front of the entire group, the instructors, facilitators, and worst of all… cameras. The entire event was being videoed and was then would be sent to our respective supervisors for their review and later screening to our (peers who would eventually be attending the same seminar). Tensions were high and nerves were beginning to fray. The prize money be damned; even the last place team had better make a good showing during this final presentation. Futures, careers and incomes depended on it.

We drew straws to see who would go first. As it happened my team wound up going first and Savannah’s last. The competitor in me would rather have gone last to play off of the other’s mistakes but that was not a luxury we would be afforded.

As we took the stage in front of the training class and started our presentation all I could think of was the taste of Savannah’s skin, the aroma of her damp sex, the sight of her breasts as they rose and fell in the throes of passion. That was wonderful, but at particular time was probably a bad thing to be thinking about! My timing was a little off until I happened to steal a glance of my dream girl and she gave me a sexy little wink. It stimulated me. It was as if I had been raised from the ashes.

I felt compelled to be at my best and the other members of my team reacted accordingly giving a top-notch performance. We received high marks for our effort. But alas, we came in second to Savannah’s team who each received a cash bonus of five hundred dollars.

When the announcement was made and the prize money distributed Savannah just looked at me and gave me her cute little smile that included crinkling her nose. It got me hard and I couldn’t get up from my seat at the table for a few minutes. When she and her team came over to do the gracious winner thing I managed to stand and shake their hands. When I shook hers I was trembling a little. “Good job”, she said with a laugh, “just not quite good enough I guess”.
That night was the closing banquet and I was beside myself with doubt and desire. Would I ever have the opportunity to be with her like this again? Could I go home and remain even remotely unfazed by this experience? Time would tell, time would tell. We didn’t have a chance to get together that evening, but we did speak and agreed to have lunch together the following week. The next morning we headed home.

When the videos and reviews of our overall performances made it to our supervisors both Savannah and I received high marks and glowing recommendations. However when my boss review the video with me he noticed that I seemed a little ‘distracted’ at the beginning of our final presentation, but seemed to get ‘energized’ and brought it to a grand conclusion. Go figure, I suppose the camera never lies!

The following Thursday Savannah and I had lunch at a nice hotel near our office. We sat in the plant filled atrium restaurant and kept the conversation light. When we were finished Savannah grabbed the check and said, “I have to spend those five hundred bucks somehow, right?” I nodded and grinned at her.
When I thought it was time to leave I got up and helped her from the table, pulling Savannah’s chair out for her. She started walking out of the restaurant area and turned left. “You’re going the wrong way”, I said, “The parking lot is this way” motioning to the right. “I know where I’m going “, she said with a sly smile, “just follow me”. Savannah led me to the elevator area, away from prying eyes and wrapped herself around me and kissed me with her soft, hot lips. She hit the up button, waited for the doors to open, and shoved me into the car. “Press five”, she said, “I’ll see you upstairs”. OK, I was a little confused but was willing to go with the flow. As the elevator started up it became obvious why she chose not to join me; it was a glass elevator and only a large planter shielded the bottom floor from the massive atrium.

I don’t know how she did it but she actually beat me to the fifth floor; probably better not to question I thought to myself. Savannah just smiled that smile that makes me wild with desire, turned and walked with a come hither sway to a door and opened it with her key card. She flipped her head back at me and said, “Coming in or not?” I returned the smile and entered the room.

Savannah was incredible. She had not only rented the room for a long weekend she purchased gourmet food and wine baskets, fresh cut flowers, and two huge bottles of Mescal tequila (which was rapidly becoming the signature drink of our affair!). Best of all she had done this with her winnings from the training seminar we had just attended. No credit cards, no real names, to trace or pesky evidence to complicate either one of our lives.

Her plan was simple; over the next few days we would try to meet here as often as possible and stoke the flames of passion that always come with something new and exciting. Worked for me!

I scooped her up in my arms and dove onto the bed with her. Giggling and squirming quickly became kissing, licking, groping and the ubiquitous shedding of clothes. Much to my surprise Savannah was wearing thigh high hose and a pair of sheer panties underneath the skirt of her business suit. The panties were soaked and I was on fire. Savannah had me out of my pants and in her mouth in record time.

After a brief foray into giving me head she pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me. Savannah grabbed my throbbing peter and guided it inside of her. This was a first for us we had never had this kind of sex before. It was then that I learned of Savannah’s best and most secretive talent.

Savannah had incredible muscle control. She was gripping me with her muscles to the point that I couldn’t pull out of her, even if I wanted to. She was actually lifting me from the bed with her hot, wet love nest. Savannah would let me slide out just a bit and then clamp down on me with her muscles. When she wanted more Savannah would slam he body down on mine and engulf me again. I would like to be able to tell you that this went on for a long time, but I would be lying! I lasted about five or six minutes under this sexual assault on my senses. I began pumping voluminous amounts semen into my lover’s sweet petunia.
Before I could apologize for my selfish act Savannah released me from her custody and flipped positions. Yep, you guessed it; Savannah placed her sweet, sticky labia on my face and began to rock forward and backward as she lowered herself onto my cum covered peter and sucked it back to life. I couldn’t believe it but she had me hard again in a matter minutes. I had become a man possessed!

Savannah sidestepped off of my body getting into the doggie style position. She arched her back and stuck her magnificent ass into the air, presenting it to me. I took my queue and mounted her from behind. Since I had just divested myself of nearly all of the manly fluids in my body just moments ago Savannah got the fucking of her life. I rammed her from behind for nearly twenty minutes as she furiously fingered herself. She began to shudder and shake as her body was taken over by a series of powerful orgasms. When she was finished I managed to cum in her one more time.

We lay there for twenty-five minutes or so, catching our breath, bathed in our sweat and sexual juices. Finally Savannah rose and walked into the bathroom to clean up. I heard the shower start as my little cutie stuck her head around the corner and ask me if I was interested in a little soap and water. I was up in a flash and took great pleasure in scrubbing her back, ass, and breasts with a soapy washcloth. In turn my pleasure princess used the bar of soap to clean my peter and balls. We rinsed off, dried each other with the over-sized towels and got dressed.

“I suppose we should actually go back to work”, Savannah sighed, “ Can you make it back here for ‘Happy Hour’? I promise to make you happy!” “Well”, I thought to myself, “That will give me at least five hours to build up some ‘reserves’”. “Sure”, I responded. Savannah gave me a peck on the cheek and was out of the door, headed for the elevator.

Back at the office Savannah basically ignored me. It was the perfect arrangement. At one point she passed me in the hall and whispered, “You’re still filing out into my panties. I didn’t know that some men came in quarts”. Savannah laughed at her play on words and just kept walking.

The rest of the week and weekend was a regular sex-fest. I told my wife that I was going sailing with a friend (who was really going sailing for the weekend), parked my car at my friend’s house and spent the weekend in Savannah (so to speak). When I asked her what she had told her boyfriend her reply was one word, simple, and final. Savannah’s answer was, “Why?” I asked no further questions!

I had never been so satisfied as I was that weekend. We ordered room service, drank mescal, ate gourmet goodies from the baskets, went swimming in the indoor pool at two in the morning and even went to an all night theater where we made out like teenagers. When it was time to go home I actually had to go to a tanning salon to get some color. My wife was not stupid!

Something had to give. I was falling in love with my beautiful Savannah and would not be able to keep this secret much longer. I returned to work on Monday, spent and happy.

Fast forward about three months from where I left off with my story about my sexy Savannah. We had continued to see each other on a fairly regular basis and things seemed to continue to progress nicely in our clandestine relationship.

As with anything worth having the better it became the more dangerous it became for both of us in terms of getting caught! The risk was being numbed by the intense desire we had for cranking up our very physical affair a notch or two. I had become Savannah’s man-whore; didn’t care then – don’t care now! Shameless I know, but apparently repentance is a very minor part of my psyche.

We were spending almost every lunch together during the week, usually just talking. Sometimes we would find a secluded place and just have sweaty, raw sex. Once, I had Savannah bent over the hood of her car in an out of the way area behind a grocery store when a policeman pulled up on the opposite side of her car to see if she needed any assistance. Savannah just smiled her awesome smile and said, “No officer, my co-worker here was just giving me a little input on a project we are working on. But thank you for stopping to ask!” I couldn’t believe it but the guy smiled back and said, “OK, you all have a nice day now”, and drove off. Savannah was incredible! NO body else could have pulled that off. NO BODY!

The company Christmas party was rapidly approaching and I was trying to get mentally prepared for being in the same room with Savannah, my wife, and Savannah’s boyfriend without being obvious about my growing feelings. I talked with Savannah about it and she seemed unconcerned. That made things a little easier for me so I decided to chill out and not worry about the situation.

Savannah and I were doing an excellent job of hiding our affair from the prying eyes and minds of the water cooler mafia that liked to keep the corporate pot stirred. However, there was one woman named Bobbi who I was sure had a clue, but she never said a word about us.

Now that coupled with the fact that she was one of the office’s biggest gossips really had me puzzled. I asked Savannah why she thought Bobbi was giving us a pass.

“It’s very basic”, Savannah said in an unusually dry tone, “One picture is worth a thousand words. I found half dozen pictures of her in various states of undress taken by none other than our very own Gary (the offices technologies guy, and not her husband). They were on the hard drive of the loaner laptop he gave me a few months ago for our presentation in Chicago. When she started to question me about our ‘friendship’ I simply asked her if she was interested in copies of her pictures, in which, by the way, you could see Gary’s reflection in a mirror. See? Basic!”

“You are incredible”, I said shaking my head in mild disbelief. I was duly impressed!

The holiday season was upon us. We managed to get through the Thanksgiving office luncheon without much fanfare. The company Christmas party would turn out to be an entirely different story!

The party was on a Saturday and most of the women in the office took off a half day on Friday to have their hair and nails done. Most of the guys took the occasion to play golf, go fishing, or just goof off. I stayed at the office to spend a little time with Savannah, even though I couldn’t be obvious about it. She stayed to finish a presentation that was due the following Monday.

Around five thirty we were the last two left in the building and met up in the copy room (I know; I know – how much more clichιd could it have been). I don’t know if it was the fact that we were facing this massive get together the following night or the fact that we had not been able to get together for about a week but the sex was hot and fast and animal like. Since Savannah managed to tear about half of the buttons off of my shirt I had to stop on the way home and buy a new one. I told my wife that I spilled ink on the old shirt and was forced to throw it away.

Saturday afternoon rolled around and my wife and I prepared to leave for the hotel where the party was being held that evening. I had booked a room and we parked the kids with the grandparents. It was just easier to stay there where the party would be than to risk a drunken driving arrest, or worse!
I brought the bags up from the car and placed them in the room. Next I walked across the street and hit the liquor store for a bottle of mescal (yep the official liquor of my affair with Savannah) and some vodka and juice for my wife. I filled one of the two sinks with ice and chilled the booze in it, making a strong drink for my wife and one for myself.

The party started at eight and it was around two so my wife and I took our drinks down to the pool and lounged around, doing a little swimming and a brief stint in the hot tub.

My wife was returning from the pool bar with two fresh drinks when I almost swallowed my own tongue. There next to her stood Savannah and her boyfriend, also in their swim suits. Savannah waved a little wave and walked over toward me with a particularly sassy sway and boyfriend in tow. I had no where to run and no ability to hide from this uncomfortable situation, but one thing was a fact; I was getting as hard as a rock. Thank goodness for extra towels.
The boyfriend was definitely checking out my (now ex) wife’s T&A. She did look great for a woman in her mid thirties with two children. This was not un-noticed by my (now ex) wife and she checked him out right back. I stood as best I could in my excited state and introduced Savannah to my wife. Savannah in turn introduced us to her boyfriend and off they went.

“She’s pretty”, my wife chimed in, “sexy too.” She was trolling for a reaction and I knew it! “Yep, she sure is.” I replied, taking a big sip of my drink. “Let’s go back to the room” I offered.

Now don’t get me wrong, my (now ex) wife is a sexy lady and has a great body. She used to even like to have sex (with me) on a frequent basis but that had all changed over the past couple of years. When she was dressed in her little black sequined dress, three inch heels and black hose she was stunning.
By now have you noticed that I am not mentioning my (now ex) wife’s name? Wonder why? Know any lawyers? She does and probably reads this! ‘Nuff said.
By the time we got to the party the (now ex) wife was about half loaded. Her hair and makeup were perfect though. When we walked into the room she turned heads, and she knew it! As she sat she arranged the hem of her ‘little black number’ strategically so you could barely see the milled tops of her stockings and clasps of her garters. Very sexy indeed!

I went and got us drinks from the bar as the large ballroom began to fill with fellow party goers. Our table sat twelve people and was located near the back of the room. Savannah and her boyfriend (we’ll call him Tad, only because I don’t like the name – so in my book it fit him perfectly) came over and asked my (now ex) wife if they could sit there. She agreed and they claimed the two seats next to us. Tad looked at my wife like she was a piece of candy; he eyed her up and down letting his eyes linger on her thighs and breasts. Savannah, catching all of that action stole a quick glance at me and then smiled aimlessly into space.

Savannah looked absolutely stunning in her shiny tight green mini dress and dark stocking with a thin seam running perfectly straight up the back. I looked to see if I could see any tell tale signs of a garter belt but could not. I hoped she was not wearing pantyhose (I hate pantyhose!), but was rewarded to see that she was actually wearing thigh-high hose, and no panties – a bonus.

We all had drinks, ate dinner, rested a few moments for some conversation and digestion and then began dancing and drinking some more. Eventually Tad found his way around to asking my (now ex) wife to dance. She looked at me for approval and I gave it willingly. Tad had quite a buzz going and kept my (now ex) wife on the dance floor for four or five dances, returning her wringing wet and giggling like a teenage girl. The vodka was kicking in and she had that wild eyed, thousand yard stare going. My brilliant Savannah, who I had shared a couple of dances with, offered to go get us all more drinks and, of course offered my services to help her get them. I jumped at the chance.

When we returned with the beverages Tad and my (now ex) wife tossed them back and headed for the dance floor leaving her shoes and purse at the table. Savannah looked at me and with a twisted little grin sweetly said, “Game on!”

After they enjoyed another set of songs on the dance floor Tad and my (now ex) wife came back to the table totally out of breath. “We’re going outside to smoke a cigarette and get some fresh air”, Tad announced (at that point the best oxymoron I had ever heard). My (now ex) wife said nothing as she got up from her seat, grabbed her purse and slipped on her shoes, then followed him outside swaying a bit from side to side.

“Well”, said Savannah, “that’s the last we’ll see of them for a while. Let’s get a few drinks and go for a walk.” Instead of following our significant others out the same door to the veranda we headed out of the front door of the hotel with our drinks in hand. Once outside we made our way to the walkway that slinked between the hotel and the river. As we came up on the shadowy edge of the veranda we noticed our ‘spouses’ intertwined in a passionate embrace. I looked at Savannah for some type of reaction. She smiled and took my hand in hers. “Let them go”, she said, “First of all we have no room to talk and secondly I have a great idea”. Having seen Savannah’s ‘great ideas’ in action she had my total attention and support.

Savannah and I leaned back into the shadow of the building. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass through her cocktail dress and cradled them in my hand, pulling her into my chest. We kissed and I felt my hard on grow into her. She felt it too and groped me through my pants. Savannah squatted in front of me and released my throbbing peter from its linen prison.

With one hand wrapped around my organ and the other grasping my ass she masterfully slid me into her mouth and all the way back down her throat. The sensation made me moan loudly and I had to catch myself – ‘you know who’ were only a few yards away. Savannah started to make ‘nummy noises’ as she worked me into a frenzy. The thought of her going down on me while my wife was doing the same only a short distance away sent me over the edge. I let loose a torrent of cum as Savannah eagerly took it all and kept going until I had to beg her to stop.

When she was finished with the torture of pleasuring me beyond imagination Savannah rose and kissed me. Then she grabbed me by the lapels of my jacket and spun me around as she leaned back against the wall and hiked her skirt exposing her sweet petunia to my now hovering mouth.

I hungrily went to work pleasuring my lover; lapping her juices, tonguing her lips and swollen clit. She was turned on, but managed to last about five minutes before she was rocked by a massive orgasm. It may have been the nearby spouses, it may have been the outrageousness of the act itself, or it may have been the several couples that walk by as I was performing on her. Whatever it was that sent her off so hard it definitely left her spent!

I took my handkerchief and wiped the sweat from her forehead and then her juices from my face. We just leaned against the wall for a moment and tried to catch our collective breathes. Once we were revived a little bit Savannah peered around the corner to look for Tad and my (now ex) wife. They were no where to be found. Savannah walked to the veranda and through the door to the ballroom and sent me back the way I had originally come outside from. I made a stop at the men’s room to wash the smell of sex from my face.

Once back in the ballroom I did a quick survey to find my (now ex) wife and/or Tad. Nada; Bingo; Zip. They were no where to be found. I got a drink and sat at the table waiting for Savannah or someone to join me. A few minutes later Savannah appeared wearing a wicked smile on her beautiful face.

“My boyfriend is drilling your wife on the couch in our room at the moment”, she said, “whatcha think about that?” My reply was a slight shrug of the shoulders and nothing else. Then I thought about it and said, “How do you know that?” Savannah, still smiling replied, “I went upstairs to check it out and caught them in the act”. I looked at her, took a casual sip from my glass and said, “Did they see you?” “He did”, Savannah said, “She’s in La-La Land; but she does seem to be enjoying it thought. She’s making a lot of noise – which is probably why they didn’t hear me open the door”.

Savannah went on to tell me how she made a point of making eye contact with Tad before she quietly closed the door. He seemed startled but just kept driving his manhood into my wife (I don’t blame him – caught is caught, so why stop at that point!).

Within ten minutes Tad appeared at our table, alone and sporting a sheepish grin. I asked him what happened to my (now ex) wife. He explained that she was not feeling well so he had helped her to our room and then came straight down to the party. I said, “Oh, thanks. Is she OK?” Tad assured me that she was and that I should stay and party. With that he got up to get us all some drinks.

Savannah seized that opportunity and told me in his absence that I should finish the drink he was bringing and then excuse myself for the evening. “Go take a shower and change into some comfy clothes and wait for my phone call in about an hour”, Savannah said under her breath, “This will be great”.
True to her word about an hour after I had returned to my room the phone rang. I grabbed it on the first ring so it would not disturb my (now ex) wife. Disturb her? Fat chance! She was down for the count! “Come down to our room as soon as you can”, was all Savannah said before she hung up the phone. I needed no other invitation as I was out of the door in a matter of seconds.

When I arrived I lightly knocked on the door. As it opened I was greeted by Savannah bathed in the unmistakable soft glow of candles and standing there in a very sexy tangerine colored nightie. “Come in”, she said in a firm tone, “The three of us need to talk”.

Tad was sitting on the couch looking like a kid in the principal’s office. This was great. I said nothing. Savannah glanced back at Tad and said, “Tad has something he needs to tell you. Don’t you Tad?” With a stammer in his voice Tad began by saying, “It was the alcohol, and I’m really sorry, but ***** (ex-wife’s name) and I got a little physical and…” Savannah interrupted him, “A little physical?” she said mockingly,” You were nailing her to the bed like a roofer! Now you listen to me, you worm; it’s pay back time and you are going to pay! You know exactly what you did and so do we; I caught you, and he (pointing at me) knows because I told him all about it”

WOW! The look on Tad’s face was a priceless combination of fear and confusion. I was struggling to maintain a straight face throughout his ordeal, lest I break into a ••••-eating grin and totally burst out laughing at the situation.

Savannah continued, “Now let me explain to you what is going to happen here. I’ve invited Dave (that would be me, your trusty author) to join us in bed.” Tad’s look went from fear and confusion to anticipation and confusion in the blink of an eye. “He is going to pleasure me and I’m going to pleasure him; you’re going to sit on the couch and watch, not touch yourself, just watch!… and when we’re finished with each other you are going to do whatever I tell you to do without the slightest hesitation. Understand, worm?” Tad simply nodded as his expression went back to fear and confusion. “Otherwise, I’m going to leave you and God knows what Dave will do to you for fucking his wife!”

I looked at Savannah like a cow looking at a new gate – I was a bit confused but was willing to go with it. Savannah came over to me and planted a long sloppy kiss on my lips. My hands went straight to her breasts and began to explore them, then moved on to her ass. I looked over at Tad and noticed a slight grimace on his face. I couldn’t tell if that was from the impending impaling his woman was about to receive at the hands of my stiffening peter or the fact that he was not allowed to touch himself.

Savannah and I fell upon the bed and began to undress one another. We kissed and nibbled and ran our hands over each others bodies. She would look at Tad every once in a while and reprimand him if he was touching himself. Eventually Savannah pushed me on my back and mounted me. She took command of my rock hard peter and maneuvered it in inside of her, rocking forward and backward, all the while swinging her head and tossing her beautiful hair all about. Savannah started to make noise as she looked at poor old Tad. He looked miserable!

After about twenty minutes of varying sexual positions Savannah rolled over on her hands and knees, pushing her beautiful ass up in the air and presenting it toward me. I mounted her and easily slid deep inside of her. She motioned for Tad to rise from the chair and come stand in front of her. With broken gasps she told him, “This is not for your benefit! I just need a man in my mouth right now. Don’t you dare even think about coming; in my mouth or otherwise – do you understand?” Tad understood presenting her his manhood.

She took him in her mouth and began licking and sucking him like a starved woman. This created a welling sensation deep inside of my balls and I began to thrust into her harder and faster. My breathing became erratic and my body began to convulse. Savannah began to do the same, however she had the presence of mind to ease off of Tad orally, and to clamp down hard on his member to insure he would not climax.

I began to pump jets and jets of hot, sticky cum into Savannah and she began to buck wildly back against me in return. When we were finished Tad looked like a kid with no money standing outside of a candy store! Savannah showed no mercy however.

She rolled over on to her back and looked deeply into my eyes. “You OK?” she asked. “I’m better than OK, I’m awesome”, was my breathless reply. Savannah looked at Tad and gently barked, “Now, as for you get over here and clean me up with you tongue and mouth. Don’t you even miss a drop mister! …Then when you finish on me you clean him (pointing at me).” A lot of things in my not too distant past with Savannah were beginning to make sense! In particular her fascination with the transfer of male bodily fluids!

I wasn’t so sure how I felt about another man licking me like that. I looked at Savannah with an ‘I’m not comfortable about this’ look. She understood and said, “Or whatever he wants you to do!”

After he was finished with Savannah I admit I was really turned on. In fact I was semi-hard. “Well?” Tad asked me, while looking at Savannah, “What do you want me to do here?” My response was well thought out at this point. “You two are going to follow me to my room. You, Tad are going to make sure I’m hard enough to fuck my wife since I just unloaded in your girlfriend. But, by the looks of things and the mess on your face I guess you realize what I just did. When I’m finished with ***** (ex wife’s name) you’re going to clean her up like you did Savannah, who by the way, I’ll be making out with while you do your clean up duties. You got that?” Tad managed to stammer out a ‘Yeah, I guess’ and off we went.

When we got to my room all went as planned. Tad was worried about having my peter in his mouth, Savannah was turned on beyond all belief and my (now ex) wife was sound asleep. I turned to a nervous Tad and said, “Come over here and get to work!” He looked at Savannah and very hesitantly came to the bed where I was standing over ***** (ex wife’s name). He knelt beside me and started to lower his head onto my semi-hard member. I pointed toward my wife and said, “Not me you moron, lick her and get her ready for me!” With an unannounced sigh of relief Tad moved to my wife and began to lick her folds. Savannah was sporting an ear to ear grin. ***** (ex wife’s name) stirred a little but never opened her eyes, merely reacting to the oral attention she was receiving.

Savannah came up from behind me and ran her fingers down my sides and around to my pubic area. That did it. I was fully erect and ready to go. “Move.”, I ordered Tad as I pushed him aside and entered my wife for a quick round of sloppy seconds. The feeling was incredible as she was still full of Tad’s semen, which was lubricating the way for me. Tad had really unloaded inside of her! ***** (ex wife’s name) barely opened her eyes and saw me there doing the deed. She closed them and I unleashed the last bit of seed I had in me. I withdrew and motioned Tad over to get to work; which he did eagerly. ***** (ex wife’s name) opened her eyes again (probably in shock because this something I had never done with her before!). This time she saw Tad and started smiling and closed her eyes. I suppose in her mind seeing me must have been an apparition she was experiencing while fucking Tad. She was still drunk, but she managed to come at any rate.

I was kissing and feeling Savannah until Tad finished his task. When he finished Savannah walked over and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the door. All the while he was sporting an hard on and seemed to be begging for release. “Let’s go killer”, she said to him, “sorry for any inconvenience”, she said to me. “Don’t mention it!” I beamed cheerfully as they left, “Good night. Great party!”

The next morning, shortly before noon my (now ex) wife awoke, got up and showered. She walked over to me as I was reading the complimentary copy of USA Today that was left in front of our hotel room door. “Give me some more of what you did to me last night.” she said, “That was so hot!” I looked at her with a straight face and replied, “What? Give you some more of what? I don’t understand what you’re talking about. What did I do?”
She looked at me with a minor expression of panic and muttered, “Never mind. I must have been dreaming”. I smiled inwardly and thought about that is exactly the way Savannah would have handled it.

Savannah and Tad checked out of the hotel early that morning. It turns out he was a tiny bit embarrassed, yet really turned on by the future possibilities of the previous evening’s events.

Savannah and I continued our relationship as much as possible, now worrying more about keeping it from our employer more than our significant others. It turns out there was a ‘policy’ that prohibited our activities and someone had mentioned us to Savannah’s boss. If I were Bobbi I would have been worried at that point. If she was involved in the ‘leak’ Savannah would see to it that she was screwed! I couldn’t help but wonder if Bobbi minded ‘clean up’ duty!

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