My wife and I have been married for about seven years now and dated for many years before that. We have always had a very satisfying sex life but until recently it had been pretty tame by the standards of this site. She is a beautiful curvy woman who really likes to fuck and suck cock and I love her with all of my heart and soul.

That said, I am a really horny guy who is thinking about sex all day long. I really wanted to expand the boundaries of our erotic life. I have thought many times (with a handful of hard cock) about getting together with other people, of watching her be fucked, and looking into her beautiful eyes while she is winged away by a powerful orgasm.

Like most people that are madly in love, sex was just one part of the greater relationship, so when things inevitably hit a plateau I was not comfortable pushing the boundaries for fear of risking the awesome relationship that I have with this wonderful woman.

And, there was nothing to complain about, the sex was great and never lacking in enthusiasm. As we have both made perfectly clear to the other (usually following a lusty fuck or two) that we really enjoy getting off with each other. I would not say that either of us is particularly kinky (extreme stuff is not that interesting to us), but she loves my cum on her beautiful titties and really cums hard when I play with her ass. That said, she is usually pretty passive, allowing me to kind of guide our adventures into new areas. Trust is such a turn on!

Mutual masturbation and my cum on her tits were fun diversions that started after we were married and were a nice change of pace. Though it might seem tame to those on this board, for us the gradual evolution has been very nice and the lack of pressure has allowed us to be more and more honest as time went on. Things just keep getting better and wetter!

In the past few months I have felt more and more comfortable with sharing my more intimate fantasies with my wife. Though I was nervous I was also confident that she would listen with compassion and treat what I had to say seriously. She knows that I am a horny dude, but trusts that I would never do anything to knowingly jeopardize what we”ve got. And if you knew my wife you would agree that I would be foolish”¦a truly exceptional woman!

One night a few months back we had retreated to our little love nest and were busy getting in the mood. She seemed especially horny (and now that I think about it we had not been with each other for a few days). We both have pretty hectic lives and time is sometimes at a real premium.

So anyway we were both relaxing with a glass of red wine when she asked me to rub her back and feet. Eager to oblige, I quickly grabbed her favorite lotion and began to work on her feet and calves. I like to start with her feet because she holds a lot of tension there and once I am done with her legs the rest of her body is already starting to loosen up.

Laid back against the pillows she was a breathtaking sight”¦her robe was slightly open showing the inner curve of her full breasts, the cotton was stretched tight across her nipples. Her head was thrown back and I could hear her sighing breaths each time I worked my fingers into her tired muscles. When I would hit an especially tender area she would arch her back (almost as if she was coming) and then offer whispered suggestions on my technique.

As she squirmed around her robe fell open a bit more exposing one beautiful breast and the dark patch of her pussy. Watching this was a huge turn on, but I maintained my composure and stayed focused on her muscles. I worked my way up her legs for several minutes using the flat of my hand in a rapid circular motion that warms the skin and muscles. I asked her how she was feeling”¦

“œReally good,” came the whispered reply.

“œWell then you should roll over so I can work on your shoulders,” I murmured. At that she started to rise, and without warning put her hands on my hard cock.

“œI think that you should come kneel right here for a minute,” she cooed patting the pillow with one hand while holding my attention with her lusty green eyes.

Seeing her reclining there with her hair falling down across her face and her body barely concealed by her robe I was actually struck mute (a condition that I rarely find myself in). I knelt there while she adjusted herself and in moment she took my cock into her mouth, slowly sucking me while she cupped my balls in her hands. At first she took it in long strokes and I willingly caressed the curve of her ass and ran my fingers through her hair while fucking her mouth.

Then she grinned up at me with a mischievous look in her eye as she pulled me out and licked the head of my raging cock. She smiled evilly as she played with me and teased the cum out of my dick. My wife loves cock”¦she likes to swallow cum and she likes it on her face, titties, pussy and ass. This realization a few years ago was big step forward in our sex life as I have always had fantasies about coming on her”¦.I cannot tell you what a turn on it was the first time she climbed on top of me and guided my cock between her tits. While I am not huge I am long enough to fuck her tits and have her take me in her mouth. Ahhh”¦.that is a nice thought.

Anyway I had to take my cock away from her and remind her that her shoulders were not going to rub themselves. That set off another frenzied five minutes of cocksucking, but eventually I was able to get her to listen and lay down. I started on her shoulders using the same technique as on her legs and feet, intense deep massage alternating with rapid warm skin rubbing. As she relaxed I slowly let my hands drift south toward her shapely ass. As I began to focus on her lower back I could feel her hips begin to move in response. I was being patient, but it soon was apparent that she was already pretty relaxed. She began to moan quietly and spread her knees slightly. I could tell from her posture that her pussy was wet and starting to demand attention.

Though I had touched her ass many times before it was always in passing and had elicited no special response. I reached beneath her and ran one finger against her swollen pussy and her body jumped. Her legs spread wider and her knees came up slightly raising that hot pussy of off the covers and welcoming my probing fingers. Her moans became more insistent as my fingers delved into her soft folds. Kneeling next to her I could reach her hard clit and run my fingers across her wet pussy. I put my thumb deep in her pussy while my other fingers tickled her clit and lips. She moaned more insistently and raised off the bed again, eagerly pushing against my hand. This is one of my favorite positions to enjoy, watching her throw her body back against me seeking out more pleasure. Fucking her from behind is always a thrill”¦let me tell you.

She rolled half over onto her side and raised her right leg exposing her swollen and wet pussy. Spreading her lips with both hands she begged, “œFuck me. Just put your cock in me.”

Straddling her lower leg and raising the other across my chest I plunged into her pussy with a long slow stroke. She was wet but very tight. As I fucked her I could feel her fingers tickle me as she was stroking her clit. I love to watch my wife’s lovely face as she is fucking. There are few things more wonderful than seeing someone you love experience joy and amazement”¦.that, or come really hard!

Anyway, I was feeling pretty positive about the whole affair and started to tickle her ass with my thumb on every fourth or fifth stroke. Nothing too insistent, just playing but I could feel her tense each time and was not sure what she was thinking. My thumb was wet with her cum though and I thought that I could probably slip it in if I could get her to relax. Now this is another of my fantasies”¦and one that I had never fulfilled. She really went to work on her pussy playing with her clit and really working herself into a delirious state. My wife has very powerful orgasms and once she starts going it gets pretty intense.

So, I grabbed some lube and worked my thumb against her tight ass. By now it was pretty clear where we were headed and she started to really work against my hand. She was feverishly flicking her clit while I was maintaining constant pressure against her ass with my thumb. Then I began to feel her ass loosen up and her moaning was more constant.

“œEasy, easy.” she mumbled.

“œJust relax, honey, we can stop anytime,” I reassured her. “œDoes it feel good?”

“œIt DOES”, she gushed. Then I really felt her ass loosen up and my thumb slid in all the way. From there I could still fuck her pussy really well and she began to really move around enjoying the naughty feeling of her fingers on her clit, and me in her pussy and her ass. I knew that she needed to cum so I pulled out all of the stops and worked her up to a shattering orgasm. Right near the climax I felt her “œmelt” and her ass really loosened up.

For the first time I seriously considered that she might want my cock in her ass. I had fantasized many times about this, but was not sure that my demure wife would be down for letting me fuck her ass. I filed that hot thought away for the future, while my wife recovered.

As I sat there stroking my cock, I asked her how she felt and she told me that she felt great. Then she got that wicked look in her eye again and pulled my cock into her mouth for more naughtiness. By this point I was really turned on and teetering on the brink”¦I tried to hold out, but finally had to ask where she wanted my cum.

“œI want you to cum on my tits”, she said duskily with my cock half in her cum covered lips.

With that she started sucking in earnest, watching me the whole while. Then just as my cock just began to twitch she pulled me free and stroked me right into her open mouth, her tongue tickling the underside of my head. I came hard, the memories of the entire night flooding through me. My beautiful naughty wife took the first two gouts of cum on her lovely tongue and lips. She kept smiling as the rest of my load covered her fabulous tits and belly.

At that point, I have to say I was feelin” pretty good. I sank back on my knees and gazed at my beautiful wife, covered in cum, and just fucked. Her skin actually glows as she quivers I swear.

I am one lucky guy”¦thanks honey.

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