“I had three aces. There was no way I could lose.”

“But you did.”

“How was I supposed to know he was going to draw a straight flush?” my husband replied pathetically. This was so like him, to bet his wife in a card game. He could be such an asshole.

“I can’t believe you expect me to follow through on this Ted”, I shot back.

“Well, a bet is a bet”, he said meekly while looking down at his feet.

That was when I made up my mind to not only pay off his stupid bet but enjoy myself doing it. I had met Scott before, the guy who won, and he wasn’t half bad. In fact, he was younger than Ted and seemed to be in pretty good shape. This was starting to develop some potential. But it wouldn’t due to let Ted think that I was anything but revolted by all of this. He should never have made this bet because now he was really going to pay. “OK, I’ll do it”, I said. “But before I do you are going to trade in my crappy car for something new.” “How about that Nissan we looked at?” Ted was stunned. He paced and stammered for a while but finally gave in. This was great! I got permission to fuck around on my husband and a new car. Ted should play more poker.

About a week after the new car arrived in the driveway, Ted told me it was almost time. Scott would pick me this Friday at eight and I could expect an email before that to tell me how to dress. The message was short and to the point, “Skirt and heels high, neckline low and panties optional.” I knew what he meant. This was going to be interesting.

I took my time getting ready Friday and made sure to rub Ted’s nose in it the whole time. A long hot bath was followed by a lengthy make up session. I needed plenty of dark eyeliner and some well painted lips. Ted watched intently as I pulled my stockings on one at a time. The skimpy thong I put on was the one Ted had gotten me last Valentine’s Day. I made sure he noticed this too. Then I stepped into my skirt and slid it up my legs. It seemed so short. It was a plaid school girl number so I wore a low cut white blouse with it. I didn’t even bother with a bra. Ted couldn’t keep his eyes off of me while I dressed. However, it was almost time for Scott to arrive. I touched up my hair and make up and was ready.

Not five minutes later the door bell rang. I made Ted get it. I heard him mumble something to Scott and say just a minute. When I walked in the room Scott just stared then he looked over at Ted and said, “I am really going to enjoy this!” He obviously thought it was funny to taunt him. “Come on sexy, I have a lot planned for you tonight.” Scott patted my ass as I walked out the door and then turned to Ted to say “Don’t wait up”. Then he laughed and shut the door.

As soon as we got in the car Scott put his hand on my knee. He didn’t say much, but rather just drove and stroked my leg. I really didn’t know Scott at all. We had only met a couple of times before. Finally, he announced that we were going to get some drinks first, to relax a little bit. At that point, it seemed like a fine idea but when we pulled up to a busy hotel bar, I was beginning to have second thoughts. I didn’t realize I would be out in public dressed like this. The bar was crowded and I was attracting stares right and left as Scott guided me toward a row of rounded booths in the back.

We arrived at one that was occupied by three guys. Scott was greeted by them right away and I was now starting to get nervous. This wasn’t what I had in mind at all. He didn’t even bother to introduce me, he just had me slide in between him and his buddies. Scott immediately put his hand on my thigh and said. “Here’s my slut for the night boys, told you she was hot!” His friends agreed with a bunch of rude comments. For the next half an hour the guys laughed and joked about sex and about me. Then Scott started to become more aggressive. He kissed me and rubbed my legs up to my pussy. He showed his friends my stocking tops and even rubbed an ice cube over my nipples causing them to harden and show through my sheer blouse. As Scott became more brazen, I couldn’t believe how hot I was getting. This was really turning me on. Soon I was practically begging for Scott to get on with the evening. I didn’t have to wait long. Not long after, Scott announced we were leaving. As we got up, he had me raise my skirt to show the guys a last glimpse of the slutty pussy he was about to fuck.

Thoughtfully, he had already secured a room upstairs and in no time the door was shutting behind us. Right away, Scott told me to take off my shirt and panties but to leave my skirt on. When I stood before him as ordered, he inspected me. Scott softly stroked my breasts and then ran his hand up my leg to my now very juicy pussy. He inserted his finger in me as his other hand reached up and grabbed my hair. He held me firmly as he finger fucked me for several moments. His control over me was so erotic that I nearly fainted. Scott then instructed me to get on my knees and pushed down on my head. As I dropped to the floor in front of him, he told me to put my hands behind my back and hold them there. Scott dropped his pants and stepped out of them. His cock was straining against his tight undies. “Lick it”, he said. So I did. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along his bulge. I worked it up and down until his briefs were soaked. Scott decided that was enough and pushed my head back. He then pulled down the wet fabric and out sprang his huge cock. It seemed enormous as I stared right at it. “Remember, keep your hands behind your back”, he chided and then grabbed me by the hair again. “Open wide sweetie”, he said with a mocking tone.

What he did next shocked me. He actually started slapping me in the face with dick. Scott moved it from side to side and teased me with before finally jamming it in my mouth. Then he released my head, backed away and said, “OK, now suck me off!” I had to lean forward to reach his cock and just as I did, the bastard moved. Now I saw his plan, he was going to make me work. And that is just what I did. He teased and prodded me with his tool. He would let me suck it for a while and then pull out and rub it all over my face. Scott laughed and then barked, “Look me in the eye you little slut.” When I did, he stuffed his cock back in my mouth. The he grabbed my head with both hands and fucked my mouth. I felt so used as he humped my face. Helpless as my lips and tongue were just for his pleasure. Scott rubbed the underside of his cock head over my tongue furiously and then growled, “Here you go slut.” Just as he started to shoot he pulled out and blasted on my lips and into my open mouth. Then he jacked himself and came all over my face in huge gooey spurts. The cum dripped off of my chin and onto my breasts. Then stuck put his dick back in my mouth and told me to clean him up. I licked him free of any trace of his seed and until he was hard again.

Scott then had me get on all fours on the bed. He lifted my skirt up over my ass and climbed up behind me. “Tell me how much you want me to fuck you. Tell me how you want to be my cheating slut.” Scott said in a taunting voice. Then he rubbed his cock against my open pussy.

“Please fuck me Scott, make me your whore.” I couldn’t believe the words were coming out of my mouth. “Take me with your huge cock.” “Please fuck me any way you want.” I begged.

He laughed again and said, “You are such a slut, begging for cock with cum all over your face.” Then he slid into me, gently at first but soon he was fucking me hard. He pounded me like mad for some time and then turned me over. He fucked me with long, slow strokes and teased me with his long dick for a while. Then Scott pulled out of me and moved up to my mouth again. He had me suck him and lick his cock and balls. I licked him clean. Now it was time for me on top. Scott wanted me to do all the work. He reached up and pinched my nipples as I rode him. He rubbed my tits hard as I worked my pussy over his cock. I gripped him as hard as I could and fucked him with all of my might, from the top of his dick until I ground my pubis against him.

“That’s it slut, now take it!” Scott yelled. He thrust up into me and came hard. I could feel him shooting into me as his cock throbbed and drove me into a tremendous orgasm. I came so hard that I couldn’t even hear all the nasty things Scott was saying. I just loved the way I felt, so stuffed with cock, so dirty. “Wow, you are a slut.” Scott said with a grin as he looked up at me, impaled on his cock all covered in his dried come.

Scott fucked me twice more that night. Once in the shower, after blowing him to another erection, and another time in the chair next to the bed. He got into me telling him about being married and how he was fucking another man’s wife. I truly was his slut.

I got home about 4:30 and Ted was wide awake. I was exhausted but all he had to do was look at me and he practically came right then. Over the next few days I told him everything and about how hot it made me. It seemed to get him excited too, which is good because now I am hooked. The whole thing gets me off and I have had several more adventures with Scott since. Maybe I will tell you about them sometime.

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