A week after our visit to Rodney’s house we were going to return to his house and pick-up my wife’s video of her gangbang the previous week. As we talked she asked if I would call Rodney and see what if anything he had planned.

I called Rodney and talked about our last visit, I told him that she wanted to return to his home and pick-up her copy of the video of last Saturdays Fun. Rodney said that that was fine and that we could stop by almost any time over the weekend. I asked him if he had planned any surprises for my wife. Rodney said that he had not planned anything for her but that he was having another lady over for some fun with the guys. I asked Rodney if they could handle another lady. Rodney said sure, he did not have a problem with it but that this was going to be a different kind of party from last weekend. I asked how so and Rodney responded that this lady was going to put on a show for the men using toys, vegetables and other large objects to masturbate. He said that the men would be stroking their cocks and cumming on the lady’s face. He told me that the lady would not let them fuck her but she would suck some and jerk them off. He said that it was something called bukkake, and that there would be many more men there than the was last weekend. I told him that I thought that my wife would be interested, and asked him when the party would start. He said that they would be starting at about 7:30 or 8:00 pm tonight. I told Rodney that we would be there.

I told my wife about Rodney’s plans and that he had invited us to join them. She immediately said that she wanted to go and participate in the goings-on. She began to talk about what had happened last week and she said that she had really enjoyed herself, particularly when she had the two big dicks in her pussy, but that for her the hottest thing had been lying on the floor playing with her clit, and looking up and seeing that group of men standing around her and beating off on to her body and face. My wife told me that she was very surprised that a group of men like them would be turned on by looking at her (she has always had a low opinion of her self). She said that every time she felt a drop of cum hit her anywhere she felt like she had an orgasm, and that it was mind blowing for her. I told her that she was a beautiful lady and she would be able to turn on almost any man who was in his right mind.

I helped her get ready for the party giving her a bath and massaging her with skin lotion. When she was ready I helped her dress for the party, She picked a black garterbelt and black lacy stockings. She also picked a long black silk skirt that was slit to her hip and when she moved the skirt opened up enough that it advertised the fact that she was not wearing any panties. She finished the outfit with a white sheer see thru blouse that clearly allowed her nipples to be visible at all times.. I commented on the fact that she was really going all out to make sure that the guys noticed her. She said that if there is going to be another woman there I want to look my best for the guys. I told her that she looked very hot and not to worry the guys would be crawling over her and cumming over her soon after we arrived.

We hopped in the car and drove east toward the city. We didn’t talk much as we headed down road, but my mind was going a mile a minute. I was thinking of how this started just about two months before, and how my wife would do just about anything I asked her of a sexual nature, as long as it seemed to be my idea. It seemed to me that she would do just about anything as long as she could say she was doing it to please me. She could be a little whore and enjoy herself as long as she could believe that I was responsible for her actions. Now don’t get me wrong, I did push her to do the fucking and sucking that she had done over the last two months. In that time she had fucked about 18 to 20 men and sucked about same number. You might wonder how a husband could treat his wife this way. It’s really very simple, I truly love her and I am most satisfied when I see that she is satisfied and let me tell you that she has been satisfied and satisfied and satisfied by dick after dick after dick. Now watching her sucking and fucking is undeniably hot but, I don’t just want to watch her, though watching her is great, I to love to fuck her. All I have to do to get a hard on is to think about her or look at her. I have been with other women and never got hard just thinking about or looking at any other woman. I drove down road with memories of her recent activities flooding my brain and driving my sexual urges to a fever pitch.

We arrived at Rodney’s apartment at about 7:30 p.m. We parked the car in front of the building and walked hand in hand to the entrance. When we entered the lobby there were three couples coming off the elevator. As we walked past them, the men and the ladies were all staring at my wife’s clearly visible breasts. We entered the elevator, I pressed the button for the 20th floor, the door closed and up we went. Upon arriving at the 20th floor we exited the elevator turned right and walked down the hall to Rodney’s apartment. I knocked on his door and a few seconds later the door was answered by Mack the guy with a huge cucumber sized dick. Mack invited us in and closed the door behind us. He reached out and took my wife’s hand and pulled her toward him. When her breasts were touching his chest and leaned over and kissed her hard on a lips while his left hand went through the slit in her skirt and appeared to be massaging her clit. After a short time they broke the embrace and Mack told her that he was glad to see her, he also told her that he was sorry that he hadn’t had the opportunity to fuck her during her last visit. She said honey I think I would like to have your dick all the way up inside me. They smiled and each other and began walking down the hall to the living room.

In the living room we saw a large blue tarpaulin spread out over the carpet. On her knees naked in the middle of the tarpaulin was a blond lady with rather large breasts and a tight body, she was surrounded by about seven or eight black men who were also naked. As we watched she sucked one dick and played with the dicks on either side of the one she was sucking. She would suck for about a minute and then move on to the next dick going around the circle sucking each one in turn. My wife stood there and watched as though she were hypnotized. I looked around room, into the kitchen and out on the terrace there seemed to be many more black men than had been here last weekend and there was one other white man besides me. Mack told us that the blond lady was Sandy. Now Sandy seemed like she was in heaven as she moved from cock to cock. Mack asked my Sweetie if she would like to join in the fun with Sandy. My wife said that’s what I’m here for, I’m ready if you are. Mack began to unbutton her blouse, then he turned her around and unbuttoned the back of her skirt, pulled the zipper down and pulled the skirt and down around her ankles. She stood there wearing only her black garter belt, lacy stockings and her fuck me heels. Mack who had been wearing shorts since he answered the door pulled his shorts down and threw them in the corner with her clothes. My honey immediately reached down with her hands and began to fondle and stroke Mack’s cucumber sized dick. Mack bent over and began to kiss my wife, he ran his fingers down her belly and began rubbing her clit. They stood there rubbing stroking and fondling each other for a short time.

They broke the kiss and Mack led her over to the tarpaulin and told her to kneel down back-to-back with Sandy. She took a few steps forward to kneel down and faced the black man who was behind Sandy. Mack called to the men in the kitchen, there is another bitch here who needs some dick. In an instant Mack stepped right in front my wife, placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled her mouth forward towards his uncircumcised cucumber sized dick. She opened her mouth as Mack place the tip of his dick in her mouth. She began to suck his dick at first tentatively but soon tentatively became greedily she used her left hand to stroke his dick as she sucked while her right hand played with his balls. The more she sucked a harder and larger Mack’s cock became. Mack began to fuck his dick in and out of her sweet lips. One the other men took her right hand and placed it on his cock and then moved her hand up and down the length of his dick until she began to do it on her own. Rodney on her left waved his big black dick in front of her face and she reached out and began to stroke it. Just 90 days ago I never would have believed that I would see her doing one black dick let alone three dicks at once. After several minutes of sucking and stroking Mack pulled his dick out of her mouth and stepped to his left, then Rodney stepped to his left and placed his Dick in her mouth. The man on Rodney’s right stepped to his left and she began sucking Rodney and stroking this new man and Mack who was now on her right. My honey who really liked Rodney began to work his dick in and out of her mouth going deeper and deeper with each stroke. After a short time she had worked the whole length of Rodney’s cock into her mouth. Each time she pulled back I could see his cock glistening with some type of spit from the back of her throat, when she pulled back there were strings of this stuff hanging from his cock stretching out to her mouth. She continued sucking Rodney’s cock deep into her mouth.

Leroy walked over and told her how nice she looked with a black dick in her mouth. He then asked her if she was ready for her first cum. She grunted and tried to shake her head yes while her mouth was still impaled by Rodney’s dick. Leroy told her that he would help her to get her first orgasm of the night. He walked behind her and tapped Sandy on the shoulder. Sandy looked him and he made a licking motion with his tongue as he pointed toward my wife. He told my honey to hold her knees apart and to keep on sucking Rodney. As she continued sucking and stroking, Sandy lay on her back with her mouth directly below Wifey’s pussy. Leroy told my wife to sit back and continue sucking Rodney. She sat back and her ass landed on the top portion of Sandy’s chest, her pussy resting on Sandy’s mouth. Sandy began to lick and suck on my wifes clit. All while the wife is looking up at Rodney and as she sucks his cock, she has no idea that it is Sandy who is pleasuring her cunt. After a few minutes Rodney begins to moan and buck his hips as he begins to shoot his load down her throat. When she sensed that Rodney was about to come my honey began to come. While she choked on his dick and his cum she was quaking and shaking in the throes of her own orgasm. When she was finished, Leroy told her to look down and see who had been sucking and licking on her clit. Still stroking the two dicks in her hands she looked down and was shocked to see that it had been Sandy who had been giving her the pleasure.

Sandy asked my honey if she was ready put on a show for the guys. My wife said lets go for it. Sandy told my wife to lay down on the tarpaulin which she did as Sandy walked to the bedroom. Sandy came trotting back caring a big black gym bag. She unzipped the bag and turned it over emptying it onto the tarpaulin. Out tumbled a large collection of dildos ranging from and eight incher to a huge one that looked to be about 20 in. long and 8 in. around. There was even one that was shaped like a fist, and another that looked like a horse cock. Sandy picked one that was about 10 in. long and 2 1/2 inches wide. She coated it with some Astroglide, then rubbed some on her pussy. She placed it against her cunt lips and slowly teasingly moved it in and out of her cunt, moving in an inch or so more with every few stroke’s. When she had worked about 8 in. of it into her cunt she asked my wife to move over and help her. The wife moved closer to her and Sandy took Wifey’s right hand and placed it on her dildo and told my wife to stroke it in and out for her while Sandy played with her clit. After a few minutes of this Sandy reached over and got another large dildo, she leaned forward and placed her lips on my wifes clit. Sandy motioned for one of the guys to put some Astroglide on the second dildo and he did, then she licked my wifes clit she began to insert the second dildo into my wifes pussy. Sandy slowly worked the dildo into my wifes cunt. Slowly and teasingly she rubbed the dildo against the wifes pretty pink pussy lips then the lips parted and Sandy began stroking in and out, moving in a little further with each stroke. While my wife worked the dildo in and out of Sandy’s cunt, Sandy licked and sucked her clit while stroking the dildo in and out of my wifes cunt.

After a few minutes, I can see my wife is getting hotter and hotter. My wife then reaches over and grabs Sandy’s hip with her left hand and pulls it toward her face. Still stroking the big dildo in and out of Sandy’s cunt, my wife leans her head forward and begins licking and sucking Sandy’s clit. As the girls licked, sucked, and stroked each other, the men had formed a large circle around the girls. The men stood around the girls stroking their dicks as they watched the show. They fucked each other with the dildos for several minutes while the guys stood around them and beat off. Sandy stopped and looked up and said guys I need something bigger. Quickly one of the guys grabbed a large black dildo that was about the same length as the previous one but it was about 3 1/2 inches across, he lubed it up with astroglide and handed it to my wife. Wifey began to work the larger dildo into Sandy’s cunt. Sandy who had gone back to licking wifey’s slit suddenly said, I wanted a larger one for her. Again one of the guys picked a dildo from the pile lubed it and handed it to Sandy. She the pulled the 10 incher out and inserted a dildo that was shapped like a fist. Sandy slowly worked it in past wifey’s sphincter, as it passed the muscle, the dildo seemed to be sucked into wifey’s cunt.

They continued to fuck each other with their dildos as the licked each other’s clits. After a few minutes it seemed like wifey was pushing her cunt down and enveloping more and more of the fist shaped dildo. I noticed my wife’s toes begin to curl and then she just kind of quaked, her whole body shook and she began to moan. She took her lips away from sandy’s clit and said in a very quiet voice, I’m comming. That was all that it took because Sandy also said I’m comming and she too began to shake and buck her hips. Now the guys started to come two or three at a time were shooting their come over the ladies faces and necks. This continued for several minutes until a dozen or more men had come on their faces and necks. When every one had finished comming, Wifey turned around and lay face to face with Sandy and began to lick the come off of her face and neck swallowing string after string of come , when Sandy was cleaned off my honey opend her mouth to show the guys that she had swallowed all of the come that had been on Sandy. Sandy began to lick Wifey who still had the arm shapped dildo hanging out of her cunt. Sandy licked her clean and when she was done it was obvious that she had also swallowed all of the come on Wifey’s face and neck. When Sandy was all finished she says to my honey we aren’t done yet, there is lots more come to collect before we quit.

Sandy then picked up the horse cock shapped dildo and carried it over to my Sweetie. Sandy told her to lie down and get ready for some big dick. Sandy grabbed the lube and lubed up the horse cock and Honey’s cunt. Sandy the began to slowly work the horse cock up and down Wifey’s slit. When everything was sufficently slippery, Sandy said Sweetie I’m going to work this into you very slowly, let me know if it hurts. The business end of the dildo really wasn’t much bigger around than the last one so it slipped in rather easily. As Sandy slowly stroked the horse cock into my wife’s cunt the guys stood around and stroked their cocks back to hardness. Sandy stroked and stroked ever so gently allowing my Honey’s cunt to open wider and wider. When Sandey had about 7 or 8 inches in my wife she asked how it felt. Wifey said it feels like I’m being fucked by a horse, but it doesn’t hurt. Wifey is now rubbing her clit as Sandy slowly moves the stallion in and out of her pussy, slowly in and out 1/4 or a 1/2 inch further every few strokes. For those of you who have not seen a horse cock, when it is erect it has a raised area that looks almost like a piece was welded on about half way down the shaft. In and out in and out Sandy passes the joint in the middle and now has about 10 inches of the horse cock dildo buried in Wifey’s cunt. Again Sandy asks if it is OK and wifey replies I’ll let you know if it hurts now please bury it in me. As wifey says this, her left hand (she’s a lefty) is going light speed strumming her clit. The guy are oohing and ahhing as they watch Sandy pack Wifey’s cunt with the horse cock, and their hands are also going light speed stroking their cocks.

Sandy continues to work the horse cock in and out until she has inserted about 12 inches of it into Wifey’s pussy. Wifey is arching her back and moving as though she wants more she begins to whimper and shake as she continues to stroke her clit. The guys sensing that she is about to come begin to kneel down around her head and one by one begin to shoot their loads all over wifey’s face. After about 10 loads are dropped on her face she yells, I’m comming, and five or six more guys shoot theit loads all over her face. She is shaking and crying, I asked her if she was alright and she said I’m fine but the sensation was so intense I didn’t know if I could stand comming again. Sandy began working the dildo in and out taking it out about 1/2 on each stroke until it popped out with an audible pop. I looked at my Honey’s cunt and it stayed open and looked as wide as the Lincoln Tunnel. Rodney was busy recording all of this on video tape, while Leroy took Polaroids. Now It was Sandy’s turn and she took a large dildo which was about 6 inches across and about 8 or 10 inches long and set it on the mat. Sandy kneeled on the mat with one knee on each side of the dildo which was standing on end she coated the dildo with astroglide and slapped a hand full on her cunt and she began to squat on to of the large toy. She moved up and down for several minutes until she had worked the mushroom shapped head into her cunt.

A few of the guys wanted to fuck my wife but she told them that there was no way, not tonight. She said she was stretched and a little sore, she did say that she would be glad to suck them or give them a little help with her hands. Her face and neck still covered with copious amounts of sperm got up on her knees and began to suck off several of the men who had crowed around to watch Sandy put on her show. Sandy continues to move up and down on her dildo until she had it almost completely into her pussy. She began to stroke her clit and continued to work the giant into her pussy. Meanwhile Wifey is still sucking off black men. She must have taken at least 20 loads thus far but she was still sucking like a trooper, dick after dick. Her face covered, much of it dripped down onto to her tits and pussy. With all that come on her she sucked at least 11 more that I counted and she sucked them all to orgasm and and swallowed each and every load. Sandy was still stuffing her cunt with the huge dildo and soon she began to come again. When the guys realized that Sandy was comming, they too began to shoot their loads, those that could, shot their loads on Sandy’s face, and those that couldn’t shot their loads on Wifey’s face. My Sweetie was covered in white with come dripping off of her face on to her tits and down her body to her cunt and legs.

Mack walked up to my wife as she sat on her knees and asked her if she would finish what she had started a couple of hours ago. She reached out and grabbed his dick and pulled it toward her mouth. She began by licking around the head and gently stroking it . She continued licking and stroking for a few minutes and then she began to suck his dick into her mouth and she bobbed in and out taking more and more of his dick in her mouth until she had encompassed the whole thing. She played with his balls as she sucked him off. After a few minutes of her sucking Mack grabbed the back of her head and began to fuck his dick in and out of Wifey’s mouth. Mack shouted I’m comming, I’m comming and he began to blast another load down her throat. She swallowed and swallowed but he must have come like a race horse because she couldn’t swallow it fast enough and it began to leak out of the corners of her mouth. When Mack had finished comming he pulled his dick out her mouth, he bent down and whispered something in her ear, then she whispered something to him and he walked away.

It had been about 3 hours since we had arrived, and after 3 hours almost everyone was worn out. Wifey excused her self and said she was going to clean up. She headed off to the bathroom. About 15 minutes later Wifey and Sandy came out of the bathroom all fresh and clean. My honey found Rodney and Leroy and thanked them for having her. She told them that she had a fantastic time and that we should do it again soon. As we headed for the door we passed Mack and as we did I noticed that my wife had passed mack a slip of paper. We left Rodney’s and headed for the car.

Once in car I asked her what she thought about tonight, she said that she had never in her wildest fantasies dreamed that she would actually do what she had done over the last couple of months. She said I love the attention, I love the contrast in the skin colors, I love the sensual feeling of lots of hands on my body, but most of all I love making all of those me come. She said again that she couldn’t believe that those men found her attractive. I reassured her that she was a very beautiful and very hot lady, and that she should be proud of herself. I told her that I was proud of her and she knew how sexy I thought she was. It should be obvious, because all I have to do is look at you and I am aroused.

I then asked what the paper was that she had given to Mack. She said I gave him our phone number, he said that he wanted to set something up for the near future since he had not fucked me yet and would I be interested. I told him I was interested and please call if he wanted to do something.

She was silent for the rest of the drive home except for the sound she made as she sucked my dick, working to get her last load of sperm for the night.

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