My wife and I have been married for many years and have enjoyed a very hot sex life together but the one thing that we missed was having another join us. We often fantized of another man watching us and then jumping in for sloppy seconds.

We have been looking for a long time for the right male but that is easier said than done. My wife was looking for a fit well endowed mid thirties type who would be her boy toy when she wanted and go away after she had her fill.

Finally after what seemed like years we agreed on one. Susan had met him online months ago and they continued to enjoy each others company. They swapped pics, web cammed and generally made each very horny.

A good looking guy who kept himself in excellent shape working out and by having an active lifestyle. Broad shoulders, slim waist tanned with shoulder length dark hair I had to admit he would look good on top of my wife.

Being married himself we were pretty sure he would be disease free as we really wanted to do this bare back, cream pies are one of my favourite foods.

Sue arranged to meet on Saturday at a local up scale hotel, none of are swingers so we thought that the best way to handle the situation was to have him come straight to the room save all the small talk get naked and fuck, just incase someone got cold feet and called it off. After we did it the first time and it went well we could be more intimate from then on.

It was set up and that is what happened but to back up a few hours I feasted my eyes on Sue getting dressed. Slipping on a garter belt and black hose with a line up the back, her slinky little black dress with a slit all the way up the side and of course her slutty spike heels. A dab of perfume between her ample breasts she is smoking hot. Standing close to 6 ft with her heels, and low cut dress she still can make me cream my jeans after twenty years of marriage.

Arriving at the hotel shortly before my wife’s boy toy we checked in and went to the room. Both of us somewhat nervous, I thought it best if I warmed Sue up a bit, sitting at the end of the bed she spread her legs for me, I kneeled down and proceeded to lick her pussy, breathing in her intoxicating aroma, my cock began to swell, Sue relaxing now started to breath heavily as her cunt started to flow with my favourite girl goo. Face flushed and wet pussy I could see she was hot and ready.

A knock on the door signalled a significant change in our sex life. Sue was a virgin when we married and I believe her when she says she has never cheated. So finally a new cock for her to play with.

Opening the door I let in her new lover. An exceptionally good looking guy with an air of sexuality about him Sue almost creamed her jeans at first sight, this is going to be easy I thought to myself .Mr stud muffin and Sue hit it off instantly, eyes twinkling for each other the room electrified itself

Everyone being true to their word not wanting to waist any time Sue’s boy toy unbuttoned his shirt undid his belt buckle letting his pants fall to the floor.

Sue still sitting at the end of the bed pulled him between her legs, not quite hard yet Sue stroked his cock, then put it in her mouth, my cock throbbed at the sight His dick seemed to fill up with every pump of his heart. He became rock hard his cock was a lot bigger than mine and sort of curved up starting about half way, he must be built for a woman’s g-spot,

My wife undid her blouse reached around her back to undo her bra exposing her full sexy tits

She fell back on the bed and pulled her skirt up, panty less her wet cunt was so inviting Sue pulled her knees up to her chest. Her boy toy undid the buckles on her pumps and pulled them off. I couldn’t resist I reached over to roll her pantyhose down and off.

He leaned over her hands on each side, he put the tip of his cock against her pussy, they briefly made eye contact when he pushed his dick into my horny wife. Sue was so wet she was able to take him balls deep with just one thrust. Her lover began to pound her relentlessly Her moaning was a new sound to me, erotic animal sounding. His hips moving at the waist pushing his cock into her soaking pussy , Sue moved her hips toward him and spread her legs as wide as they would go. I couldn’t resist I grabbed her sexy little foot by her ankle and began to lick her moist toes.

Her stud pulled out of her, and began to eat her hot cunt, I moved up to kiss her open mouth, she was breathing so heavy now. Squeezing her tits and kissing , our new friend lapping her hot pussy was more than Sue could handle, breathing heavy her tummy moving up and down she exploded into the biggest orgasm she has ever experienced

Since we have been married, as soon as Sue orgasms is when she really wants cock, moving our friend onto the bed on his back she straddled his ample cock and began to ride pressing her tits against his chest and kissing open mouthed . Sue was wild and out of control fucking the poor guy to death. Her body was damp with perspiration , the room was filling with the musky scent of sex.Our friend pinned down was now reaching the point of no return he bucked into her holding her face against his as he came what seemed like a gallon into her soaking wet cunt. Sue stayed onto catching her breath for a minute then rolled off beside him.

On her back she opened her legs, her boyfriendscum leaked from her pussy, an evil smile came to her face as she signalled to me to clean her up with my tongue, of course. We had often talked about this and how hot it would be if ate her sweet pussy after another man had fucked the hell out of her. Not to disappoint her I snuggled between her legs and licked and kissed her pussy it was so good. I couldn’t hold back anymore. Crawling up onto my bride I pumped her till I shot my load into her it didn’t take long.

Our fuck session over now we dressed and went down stairs for a drink. We arranged for her friend to stop by the house next week.

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