My wife and I are in our mid 40s and have been married for 22 years. My wife is very attractive; tall, blonde, great shape, she was a sexual dynamo in her younger days, but for several years now has been uninterested in sex.

About 5 years ago a young married couple moved into the house across the street from us. They were both very attractive she was about 5’4” slim reddish blonde hair, he was about 5’9” rugged looking, in great shape. SHE was very friendly but, HE was loud, nasty and basically a real jerk. While HE never thought twice about walking around shirtless showing off his ripped abs and tattoos, SHE dressed very conservatively, usually wearing baggy clothes with oversized tops. From the day that they moved in you could sense that their relationship was strained. He was constantly yelling and she always played the part of the obedient wife often apologizing for his antics to the neighbors.

One morning after getting out of the shower, I noticed that she was walking to the street to get the newspaper in a little nightgown. He looked very hot. I stayed several feet away from the window to avoid being seen and enjoyed the view. The next morning I observed the same thing, but this time without thinking I started masturbating. To my horror she looked up and I thought she saw me. She almost seemed to smile as she picked up the paper and went in the house.

The next morning she had a big smile on her face as she walked out of the house and instead of bending down to pick up the paper she squatted down to get it revealing her pantiless crotch. I immediately stepped up to the window so she could see that I was completely naked. She again smiled and turned and went back into the house with the paper.

Later that day her husband left in his pickup and I approached her as she worked on the plants in front of the house. She was wearing one of those big t-shirts and a pair of baggy shorts at the time. As I walked up she smiled and said “I see you got some clothes on”. Embarrassed, I said that she just happened to catch me walking out of the shower. She gave me a doubtful “OK”. Without pulling any punches, she said that her husband would be away for a few hours, and asked if I would like to join her in the Jacuzzi. I immediately got an erection as I agreed and we walked to the back of her house. I advised her that my wife was at home so I couldn’t stay long. As we got to the Jacuzzi she immediately took of that big t-shirt revealing huge breasts in a very plain bra. She removed the bra quickly almost as if it embarrassed her. Her breasts were gorgeous. She then walked up to me topless and took my shirt and shorts off revealing a full erection. She gave my cock a few strokes before she took her shorts and underwear off. She was completely shaved, and looked unbelievable. We both stepped into the tub and she was all over me kissing me and rubbing my cock. I could have cum in a second so I stopped her and had her sit on the side of the tub so I could eat her. She had an orgasm while I ate her, then I put it back in to finish off. I shot my load in her. It was the best orgasm I’d had in years. From that day on we had sex about 3 or 4 times a week.

A few weeks later she advised me that she and her husband rarely had sex. She hated to have sex with him. She advised me that he has a huge cock and he fucks like an animal. He likes it rough and treats her like a slut. She said that when they first met she thought that was hot but now wants to be treated like a lady, but as much as she asked him for that he was unable to have sex any other way. He always leaves her sore after sex. Because of this she had agreed to let him have sex with other women but she wasn’t allowed to have sex with other men.

Then she really dropped a bombshell on me. She advised me that for almost a year her husband had been having sex with my wife while I was at work. Most men wouldn’t take kindly to that but I found it to be a real turn-on. The thought of that Neanderthal pounding my prim and proper wife’s pussy made me soooooo horny! I didn’t want to approach my wife about it because I was afraid if I did she would either stop doing him, which I didn’t want, or say that she was in love with him and wanted a divorce which I didn’t want either. The two affairs went on for almost a year before her husband got a job in another state and they moved away. As far as I know, my wife still has no idea of my affair, and I haven’t asked her about hers yet.

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