My wife Karen and I have been married eleven years and it has been a wild ride from the time we moved in together (actually a year before we tied the knot). We have made love in places as wide ranging as the volcano on Maui and the second level of the Eiffel tower in Paris. We are not swingers by any means as we are too wrapped up in each other, but our sex life has provided a variety of imaginative experiences.

I have sometimes wondered what it would she would be to with another guy. She had only had three lovers before we got married. The fantasy appealed to her, but setting up a threesome with another male was problematic (who do you know well enough to ask and trust and can that person be discreet ?) and despite my reassurances she was nervous about how it might affect our relationship in the long term.

The idea might have remained in fantasland but for a strange series of circumstances on a recent hot summer weekend. We live on the west coast and I had invited Brett, a guy my wife knows through her work (she’s an IT manager and he owns an equipment supply company)to assist with crew duties on our thirty foot sailboat over the weekend. At the end of the day’s sailing found we couldn’t get hotel rooms so opted to go for a restaurant meal and overnight on the boat The food was great and the wine was pretty decent too. By the time we got back aboard we were pretty relaxed and due to the heat all three of us were soon drinking Corona stripped to our shorts (not in itself a big deal as my wife who is half French had sunbathed topless earlier in the day).

It shortly became apparent that both of us guys were getting aroused by the sight of Karen’s near naked body. She is slim and athletic with the most delightful chocolate drop nipples I have ever encountered. As Brett was on the point of discreetly retiring for the night Karen gave him a peck on the cheek and then , to our mutual amazement, slipped her hand down the front of his shorts and grasped something hard. He immediately looked at me with an almost plaintive expression but was equally nonplussed and could only return his wide eyed gaze. Within seconds his shorts were down at his ankles and his rising shaft was in Karen’s mouth. This was the first time I had ever a male member, other than my own, in the erect condition and I was quite shocked, particularly as my wife was making quite a meal of it.

After a minute or two of this activity with me watching in spellbound fascination, Karen rose from her kneeling position,removed her own shorts and reclined on the bunk. She took out two condoms and handed one to each of us. “I guess you have figured out what I want tonight guys. Our visitor should go first” were the only words spoken.

Wordlessly Brett looked to me for approval but my mind was in turmoil. Did I have the courage of my convictions ? I held my wife’s gaze for what may have been seconds or minutes. Then I kissed her passionately, and gently opened her labia as I nodded to Brett. The dear boy had his condom on in record time and he now moved between her legs with confidence. She moaned as he entered her and I held her hand as the two of them writhed in unison, his scrotum slapping against her bottom with every thrust. Karen was soon practically screaming with pleasure and I soon recognized the guttural sounds she makes as orgasm approaches. Soon after she climaxed Brett also released with a long muffelled shout.

After giving Karen time to compose herself I took my turn, taking her doggy fashion. It seemed to take me longer to bring her to the point and I only just managed to hold on for what was probably the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced.

We had a second round later that night. This time she rode him in the female superior position and (by prior arrangement) I held the base of his member at his moment of ecstasy.

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