Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Jess, and I am a forty year old mother of three. I’m quite tall, have long legs, large breasts, nice bum and I suppose I have put on a little weight since the kids were born.

My hubby is a lovely guy but he works away for weeks at a time and with the kids at school I find I spend a lot of time on my own in the house.

A few weeks ago we had a massive water leak in our house which caused a lot of damage. I ended up having to get a local building firm in to do the work.

They sent two guys round and they were here on and off for nearly a month. Because I was on my own a lot I spent a fair amount of time talking to them and making then tea and generally getting to know them. George was sixty years old, average height, and by the shape of him he obviously liked his beer. He always wore baggy jogging bottoms and scruffy pullovers but had a lovely sense of humour. Danny on the other hand was 21 years old, tall, obviously worked out, tanned, and had the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen. He always wore vest tops that showed of his tattoos on his upper arms and jeans that clung to his cute arse. He was very, very handsome.

One day George was talking about when he was young. He was telling Danny that in his day women dressed like women. They always wore skirts or dresses and high heels. He also said that they had curves in all the right places not like modern day stick insects. I commented that I would love to be as slim as some of the girls are these days. George told me not to be silly as I was just right the way I was. I could feel myself begin to blush. It had been a long time since a guy had paid me anything close to a compliment. Danny noticed me blushing and said that I must fancy George to go so red. George laughed and told me it was Danny I should worry about as he had a thing for older women. I asked Danny if this was true and he said it was and then asked me if I had a thing for younger guys. I was getting out of my depth as far as this conversation was going so I told him I was a happily married woman, smiled and left the room.

I walked into the kitchen and my heart was pounding, my nipples were hard and my pussy was starting to tingle. My legs were like jelly. I needed to sit down. I sat there and reasoned to myself that I quite liked the attention I had received. I reached for a bottle of brandy I keep in the kitchen for cooking and quickly poured and drank a large glass to try and calm me down. At that moment I was startled by the two guys shouting that they were going to lunch and would be back in an hour.

The brandy had gone to my head and had given me some courage. I’ll show them how a woman should dress. I wasn’t going to dress tarty, just smart and sexy.

I went upstairs and started hunting through my wardrobe. I fished out a white blouse, knee length black skirt with long split at the back, and a pair of high heeled strappy sandals. I then looked through my drawers and took our a black suspender bent, sheer barely black stockings and a black thong.

I started to get dressed. I hadn’t worn the blouse and skirt in a long time and it showed. They were both very tight. When I was dressed I put on my makeup and then I put my hair up. Next I put on my jewellery. Long gold ear rings, bracelets, necklace and anklet. I then put on my shoes, some heavy sexy perfume and as a finishing touch I put on my glasses.

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. The blouse hugged my breasts and without a bra my nipples could be clearly made out. The skirt clung to my bum. I have to admit that I looked good. Sexy and classy.

George and Danny would be back soon so I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen where I downed another large brandy.

As usual they let themselves in the front door and carried on working. I shouted through from the kitchen and asked them if they wanted a cup of tea. As usual they said yes.

As I carried the tea into them they were standing with there backs to me. “Tea up boys.” I said. As they turned round their jaws dropped. “Is this how women should dress George?” I asked.

“Sure bloody is” George said. “Pity you’re happily married,” he continued.

Up until this point I had been quite content in my marriage. I don’t know if it was the brandy talking but I passed the point of no return when I blurted out “Happy, yes. But am I satisfied?”

That was is. At that moment I knew I was going to be unfaithful. I knew that the marriage vows I had taken fifteen years earlier were going to be broken beyond all recognition. My heart was beating like a drum. George told me to turn all the way around and the two of them looked me up and down as I did.

George stood behind me and stroked my bum through my skirt. “How many cocks have you had girl?” he asked. “One” I stammered. He laughed and said “It’s gonna be three by three o’clock”.

He grabbed my arm and led me over to a tressle. He placed my arms wide apart on it and then stood behind me. I was trembling. He then lifted my skirt up and then rubbed his hands over my bum. He had been plastering that morning and his hands were very rough but that just turned me on even more. His hands were all over me, over my bum, down my legs and after about ten minutes of this I was moaning and wriggling and my pussy was dripping. Eventually he moved his hand up between my legs and cupped the wet gusset of my panties and my dripping honey pot in his hand. I ground myself against his hand. I heard him say Danny’s name and was aware of Danny moving about.

Danny appeared in front of me. He had taken my wedding photo off the TV and was holding it in front of me.

“Does this man in the photo know how much you crave cock?” George said. “No, no he doesn’t” I cried. “You sure you want our cock and our spunk girl? There’s no turning back once you say yes”

“God George, I don’t just want that, I need it.” I cried.

“You do realise that I’m old enough to be your dad and Danny here is young enough to be your son, don’t you?”


George walked around in front of me and put his face right in front of mine. His breath smelt of beer and cigarettes but that just turned me on even more. He ripped open my blouse and said “You ready for the kinda fucking you have only ever dreamed of?”

As soon as I said yes he grabbed my tits and kissed me deeply. “Come on Danny. Let’s take her upstairs and fuck her in her marital bed.” Then next thing I knew, I was being led upstairs and into my bedroom.

As soon as we were all in the bedroom Danny closed the door and pushed me up against it. He took my head in my hands and looked me in the eyes. “Relax Mrs Palmer and I guarantee you will enjoy this.” He kissed me and as our lips met my pussy twitched. I could see George out of the corner of my eye. He was rubbing his cock through his jogging bottoms. Meanwhile Danny was nibbling my neck, kissing my ears and telling me how hard I had made him. I reached down to his crotch but he pushed my hands away and told me I would get that later. He continued kissing me, down my neck, over my shoulders, down my chest and onto my breasts. He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them firmly while sucking my nipples really hard. I was really moaning by this time.

“Please Danny, please lick my pussy.” I begged. With that de dropped to his knees and pushed my skirt up around my waist and then with one hard tug he had ripped my soaking thong off and through it to George. For a moment Danny just knelt there staring at my pussy. I could feel his warm breath on it.

“Has this dripping cunt really only had one cock Mrs Palmer?”

“Yes Danny, just one.” I said.

With that I felt his tongue run the entire length of my pussy and then flick over my clit. WOW it felt good. It was all I could do to stop my legs from buckling under me. I ran my fingers through Danny’s hair and then pulled his face right into my pussy. God this felt good. I was moaning and squirming. My head fell back and as I opened my eyes I saw the wedding photo I had hanging over the bed. I should have felt guilty, but I just looked at my husband and thought “Please forgive me.”

Then George called over “Come on Danny. I need some pussy. You know I don’t get any at home,”

With that, Danny led me over to the bed and George ordered me to get on all fours. Danny stood at the foot of the bed and stripped and I looked behind and all George did was pull his jogging bottoms and pants down. His cock looked pretty average but Danny’s was something else. Danny’s must have been ten inches long and so thick that is was almost obscene.

Danny grabbed my hair and fed his knob into my mouth. I had to strain my jaw just to get my lips around it. At the same time George was feeding his cock into my pussy from behind. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me. It felt good, but I couldn’t help but wonder what Danny’s would feel like.

“You enjoying this girl?” George asked.

All I could say was “Mmmmmmmm” with a mouthful of cock.

“What’s she like at sucking cock?” George asked Danny.

“Fucking brilliant. What’s her cunt like for fucking?” Danny asked.

“Fucking dripping Danny. She can’t have had it for ages.”

Hearing me being talked about like I was a piece of cheap meat was really turning me on. George’s tempo was speeding up and he was moaning a lot.

“Come on Danny, let’s get her on her back. I’m ready to cum and I wanna see her tits wobbling as I Fuck her hard.” said George.

The next thing I knew I was on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed. George climbed on top of me and starting pumping away as hard as he could. At the same time, with my head hanging upside down over the edge of the bed, Danny dropped to his knees and fed his cock back into my mouth. Then he placed a hand on my throat and started to fuck my mouth. Having his hand on my throat was a strangely erotic feeling. He was in total control. With each stroke he made me gag, but only ever so slightly. He was in total control and what’s more, I trusted him.

By this time George was ready to cum. “Take this you bitch” he cried as he emptied his balls into my womb.

He got up, told Danny he had to be somewhere and to ring him when he was finished and he would pick him up. “You’re not a bad fuck at all are you girl?” he said as he walked out.

I don’t think I was the only one who hadn’t had it in a while. George had pumped a huge load of spunk inside me. I realised that when I stood up and it started dribbling out of me.
Danny got up and lay on the bed. His cock standing up like a flag pole. “Want to climb aboard Mrs Palmer?” he asked. There was something horny about the way he would formally address me as Mrs Palmer and not Jess even when he was fucking me. I climbed up on the bed and knelt astride him with my knees either side of his hips. I took hold of his thick cock and positioned the tip against the opening of my pussy. I slowly lowered myself down onto it biting my bottom lip as I did. God this felt good. I could feel this beautiful cock stretching my pussy and filling me up. I’d never felt so full of cock. I started to ride his cock and he pulled me forward and kissed me. God this felt fantastic. When we weren’t kissing he was playing with my breasts and looking at me with his piercing blue eyes.

After a short while he said “You need to cum, don’t you Mrs Palmer?”

“God yes I do. More than anything else I need to cum. Please make me cum Danny.” I pleaded.

With that, he positioned me on all fours on the bed so that my mirrored wardrobe doors were to the side of me. He climbed on the bed and I watched in the mirror as he lined his cock up with my pussy and then eased it all the way in. He reached for his mobile phone and rang George. “Here, listen to this mate.” He placed the phone in front of me on the bed. He slowly built up a rhythm getting faster and faster. The thickness of his cock was stretching my pussy and the length of it meant that Danny was fucking parts of my pussy that had never felt cock before. The site in the mirror of his cock slamming in and out of me faster and faster and his balls slapping against me was a real turn on, but the biggest turn on was making eye contact in the mirror.

When this happened I cried out to him to fuck me as hard as he could. As he obliged, I felt the biggest and most violent orgasm engulf me. At the same time, Danny cried out and I felt his cock twitch and he emptied his young spunk into my womb. I collapsed on the bed.

He picked up the phone and told George to pick him up. I started to feel guilty as I saw Danny rushing to put his clothes back on. “Bye Mrs Palmer, and er thanks.” He left, taking my panties with him as he did.

I looked up at the alarm clock to see it was 3 o’clock. I had to pick the kids up from school in fifteen minutes. I got up and looked in the mirror. I looked just like I had been fucked which of course I had. I threw on my long mac and headed off down to the school with two loads of spunk running down my thighs.

That night I had a lovely long soak in the bath to ease my pussy which by now was beginning to feel a little sore. I felt very tired but also very invigorated. I felt like a new woman.

That night I slept very well. When I awoke, the previous days events were spinning around in my head. I was trying to make sense of things. The weird thing was that I didn’t feel anywhere near as guilty as I thought I would. The thing I kept wondering was had I been used. I lay there for a while pondering this until there was a knock at the door. I grabbed my robe and rushed downstairs as fast as my sore pussy would allow me. I opened the door to be presented with a huge bouquet of flowers. The card read “Thanks for the most perfect experience, Love,Danny XXX”

Maybe I hadn’t been used after all.

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