My wife Ellen is 35 and 5 ft 8 with long dark hair, riveting eyes, and long sexy legs. When we were married in our late twenties she had done lots of guys in college and loved sex, letting me do whatever i wanted to her whenever, especially outside in risky places.

Ellen sells software in the Boston area and travels some and came home guilt ridden from a sales trip and proceeded to tell me how she had gotten drunk when out to dinner with some clients and one of the guys was very forward with her and she had kissed him and when i pressed her she said she allowed him to feel her tits thru her clothes and reach under her skirt and rub her pussy through her panties. She did not fuck him but she did go back to her room and masturbate thinking about it. I was overcome by lust when she was telling me this and as i slit my cock inside her, i began telling her that if that was what turns my little jewish slut on, that she should have let him fuck her naughty pussy. I pounded into her, making her tell me that was what she wanted and I exploded inside her when she told me that she was sorry she was not slutty enough for me.

That sex play continued for weeks and our fantasies turned to other people who turned us on who she could fuck. If we wanted to do this for real, an obvious candidate was one of my good friend Matt who is single, very tall and slept at my house often on weekends to play golf with me early the next morning. I would tell Ellen how big his cock must be – he is 6 ft 5 — and she would go nuts and come as i teased her.

One night the three of us went out to see a band nearby and she made a comment in the car about how great it was to have two boyfriends to go out with. Matt made a comment about how he did not feel like he had boyfriend status and we all laughed. When we got home a little buzzed, we went off to seperate rooms and I commented that Ellen would be in to kiss him goodnight later. We went to seperate rooms – although adjacent – and i stripped my wife and put her on the bed and began to ticked her clit with the end of my tongue and gently open her folds with my tongue. As i entered her with my tongue, i told her that i was sure that Matt wanted to kiss her this same way. My cock was so hard and although there was definately a feeling of anxiety underneath it all, i told my slutty wife that i wanted her to go kiss Matt goodnight and that she had 30 minutes to do it.

i laid there stroking myself and trying to listed what was going on. She had pulled on string panties and a tiny top and had walked into his room in a sexual haze. I heard her say that she had come over to kiss him goodnight and she said she put a knee on his bed and leand over to kiss him and he grabbed her and rolled her onto the bad as their tongues locked and his hands went to her ass. His kissing was agressive and his hand went whereever they wanted, into her panties and exploring her pussy which i know was drenched.

She wrapped her hands around his hard cock which she said was noticeably bigger than mine and angled in towards her pussy and she pushed it right in with her panties bunched to the side. She said he immediately rolled her onto her back, withdrew and removed her panties, and spread her wide open and looked at her as he slowly reenteed her with his big tool. They had made almost no noise but when he started to rythmically fuck her, i could hear the bed and her moans as he split her in half with thrusts of his cock. I knew she was getting what she wanted and the thought of my wife being this slutty made me crazy with lust.

i wanted other men to want her and i wanted her to be slutty. They fucked for almost an hour before she emerged and apologized for being solong. He took control of her, telling her to kneel on the low platform bed and present her ass to him. He wanted to fuck her sexy ass but she prevented that, having to repeatedly apologize to him “im sorry you cant fuck my ass now” as he pounded her pussy from behind. She came several times as his balls slammed into her and he pumped his come deep into her pussy.

This is all still background to my current story. I can fill in more blanks later but that scene with Matt was the first of may times Matt fucked Ellen over the next five years in addition to several other guys she has fucked once or more.Matt got married and has moved out west a few years ago, my wife had an overwhelming spiritual experience after reading the bible and she converted to Christianity and began attending church and with it went the promiscuos lifestyle. There were many positives to the change – i was raised catholic but i am inactive and was not the cause – but her being bad was no longer an option. She still needed to get it at least once a week but naughty pillowtalk was also out – bummer. It has been over two years now and the subject has been taboo and then she recently mentioned to me that a very powerful corporate wheel had been very forward to her at a technology show and that it had embarrassed her a bit. I was able to bring that up during sex the next night saying you know what he wants to do to you dont you. He wants to do this to you as i fucked her.

The thought of how wrong that would be made her scream as she came. After sex there would be no more talk of Ray. Two days later i left for a golf trip and then to then to the shore. What i did not know when i left was that he had sent her an email saying he wanted to get together with he for lunch and to call him. This was this past Wed. and she called him and planned to meet him in town for lunch on Friday before leaving to meet me at the shore for the weekend. She also let it slip that her husband was away.

I talked to her on Wed night around 9 and she was in bed early had an early morning demo. What she did not tell me then was that she was playing with her vibrator and thinking about her new friend Ray. And, not surprisingly since Ray knew i was gone, her phone rings around 930 and it is Ray telling her that he is nearby and likes to be spontaneuos and wants to stop by her house. She buckled and within 15 min he was at the door and her in pjs letting him in. She smiled and said hi and he grabbed her and kissed her.

He took her hand and put it on his cock straining thru his pants and told her she needed to take care of something first and then they could have some real fun. He removed and folded all his clothes in my living room and had her kneel and take his sizable cock in her mouth. She said it took about three minutes of sucking and scratching his balls roughly for him to explode down her throat. He told her he had been saving that for her and then told her to strip. Here was a big tall man 10 years older than her and naked in her home and she was willing to do whatever she wanted him to do. And that was a lot.

She called me Thursday night as i lay in bed, telling me she was going to lunch with this guy the next day and then she dropped the bomb to me. She told me he had come over the prior night after we had spoken. She told me how he was stern and made her kneel, leaning on the sofa as he slowly visually inspected her pussy and ass from behing. He was infatuated with her ass and tongued it and fingered it as he entered her pussy from behind. As i lay in bed beating off, she told me how he fucked her slowly, he let saliva drip from his mouth onto her ass hole andhe rubbed it in as he told her that he was going to fuck her ass. I almost flipped when she said that to me and when i asked if she let him, she sounded embarrased as she said Yes and that his cock was all the way inside her ass when he came the second time.

He spent 3 hours in my house fucking my hot wife and put sperm in all 3 of her holes. Over two years of being a good girl gone in home nasty act of defiance and boy did she let go. She told me this nasty story as i came all over myself and then proceeded to tell me that her friend has a nice size boat and that he was going to make lunch for her on his boat the next day. I heard her vibrator turn on and she asked me as she began to play with herself if it was alright if she had lunch on her friends boat. I made her masturbate to me on the phone, telling me more abouut what he had done to her and what she wanted him to do on the boat.

My recent desire to tell someone her story has been driven by the excitement and anxiety i have as i wonder what she is doing. Last week i typed as i stroked my cock, knowing she was about to have lunch with Ray on his boat. Tonight i am sitting here passing the time knowing she is doing the same thing right now. I am horny and hard and will be up for hours waiting for her to call or come home. I would be happy to stay on for a while and tell you about what happened last Friday when she went to his boat. It is obvious what they did but the details make it worth telling.

My wife has always loved sex but she is much more energized now. She had not beat off in over a year but made herself come on the phone with me last week telling me what she had done with him at my house and telling me she wanted to have lunch on his boat. She met him on Friday at the marina and he walked her to a slip where what she described as a good sized cabin cruiser was tied. He was dressed in a nice suit and explained to her that the boat was not his but he was able to use it as he helped take care of it for a good friend. She said as they stepped inside, there was no mistaking what they were there for and he grabbed her and lifted her skirtabove her ass as he kissed her. His kissing was agressive and foreceful and she said in fact that he was not that interested in kissing. He wanted her naked and watched her strip.

He told her to undo his pants and to take out his cock. She did everything he said as he told her how to suck it and made her maintain eye contact as she sucked his penis. Then he made her almost choke as he took the back of her head and fucked her mouth forcefully. She said he seemed to get off on disrespecting her, thinking out loud about where he should come first – down her throat or all over her pretty face and tits or whether he should save it for her ass and pussy.

She does not like anal sex but he had fucked her ass regardless at my house not once but twice and she told me she was sore there and he was done putting it in her there. Well she was wrong there as he took his cock from her mouth, rolled her onto the bed on her back, pushed her legs far apart, and began lubing the end of his cock with her vagina juice before forcing the end into her ass. She told him not to put it there but he was already a few inches in when he pulled slightly out then forced in deeper and began to come inside her ass. She said that made her give up resistance and he pushed his cock and come deep inside her bottom.

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